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Patty Cakes at the Beach

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Patty Cakes, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. I am finally going to take the plunge (no pun intended) and start a journal. The time is right!

    I'm in my late 50s, and have had asthma since I was a kid but it's very mild and really only exercise induced. I also have Reynauds which really only affects my toes but I do have to keep the buggers out of the cold water or they turn white! About eight years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and that started my focus more on health as an adult. I was raised by my dad and my "health nut" mom who was always trying whacky things when we were kids. She tried things to "cure" my asthma like getting a Chihuahua that I would sleep with so that I could breathe the oils from the dogs skin. I loved that dog but she did nothing for my asthma! Other crazy stuff happened but she was always reading and trying to do the next right thing for the health of her family. We now know that some of the craziness was just that...CRAZY! Everyone wanted my mom to be their mom because she was fun, adventurous, and smart. Most people who knew her saw that I have grown up to be her. Now if they only knew some of the stuff I have done following these protocols they would say I have surpassed her craziness. I am proud of it.

    I started following Dr. Kruse back during his days on MDA. I continued to be amazed by his ingeniousness concepts for optimal living and instituted most if not all of them. I dove in and tried everything I could. I had more energy, felt fantastic, lost weight, and the bonus was that my face even changed to soften up and not look so intense, maybe even a bit younger.

    Then I started working full time again! BAM! With one fell swoop I was overwhelmed by new concepts, pushed by my boss to learn more, and slowly I couldn't keep up with everything that I was doing outside of my job. I made a choice to put the job first. Today I have learned a lot, put in my time, and received my professional certification but in the process I have gained 15# back, feel just OK, have less energy, and I realize I let too many of the protocols slip. But in the past month I have climbed aboard and started to implement all over again.

    For the past two weeks I get as much sun as I can. I get about 10 minutes in the early morning and around 11am I go to the beach and walk in the ocean above my knees to get some magnesium, sun, and a bit of exercise. This has proven to be the best way for me to absorb magnesium. The water isn't very cool right now so I really can't count it as CT but it's something. I get about 30-40 minutes during weekdays. I'm lucky I work about 5 blocks from the beautiful So Cal beach. On weekends I get about 60-90 minutes in the early morning and some during the rest of the day depending on what I need to be doing.

    I'm behind on a couple of webinars and way behind on blogs. But I have already started reading and trying to understand. I am not a sciency person and a lot of this is hard to understand but I put forth the best effort I can to understand the overall concepts and use the info to help my husband and I. In the beginning he wasn't as on board as he is now. The guy goes and sits in the sun now every morning (he works from home) for almost 2 hours. I am so jealous! He is lucky and has been healthy, thin, with no present disease factors all of his life. But he is willing to work the protocols to keep himself that way.

    We eat epi-paleo , although I feel we need more seafood. Currently we eat it about 4x a week. I have a great source for oysters and know I should be eating more of those! YAH!!! But we both hate shucking them. :(

    Although I have been absent from the forums for the past year I have been able to lurk in the background every few months just to get a little bit of info. I feel truly blessed to be a part of such a community with wide-ranging thinkers and just nice people. Thanks Dr. Kruse for your wisdom and the bat shit craziness you have provided to us all!

    Today I am going to get some oysters, buy my Magnetico, do Pilates, and read more blogs. A good day has started....
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  2. I work on the second floor of my office which I know is not good. But my office is very cold so I feel like maybe I am mitigating the non-grounding a bit. In the morning it's so cold in there that it's almost intolerable without a jacket on. I share my office with a male co-worker and he even dons a jacket some mornings due to the temp.

    Right now I think my adrenals have taken a beating and I will be testing them as well as melatonin (which I have never tested before). I have the kits so I'll be doing this next week during the work week. My thryoid and labs seem to be on a good swing right now. I take a Cytomel in the morning and WP Thyroid +Cytomel in the afternoon and they seem to be doing the trick. I want to do as much as possible to help support my thyroid as time goes on.

    I am post menopausal so hormones are shot. I take 200 mgs Progesterone at night but estrogen is an issue as I can't seem to detox and gain weight when I take it. I work out with weights 3x a week and cannot seem to gain any muscle or much strength and since my testosterone is practically nil that's probably why. The recent labs show this all to be true.

    Vit D is in the mid 60s so hopefully all this sun will raise it more.

    Sleep is OK but I wake usually 2-4x/day. My DHEA is low (80s) and need to deal with that as well.
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome to journal land Patty Cakes!
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You might want to start with Ubi 22-25. Then go back and read............
  5. Thanks! I've read UB 22 and 23 so on to UB24. I need to print the blog out and hopefully get a chance tomorrow. I've put myself on restriction - no computer after 7pm and as we loose light even more, the timing will get even tighter.

    I bought the Magnetico on Saturday and can't wait for it to arrive. I'm watching Craig's List for the other piece. I also had some oysters that were just plain too big! Sounds weird but they were so gigantic that we had to chew them into pieces to even swallow them. Did a better job getting the shells open this time. Probably all the practice over the past year or so. We sure did feel good the next morning!

    I can't wait for the Nov Light webinar. I think with all my reading I have figured it out which will make the webinar easier to follow and I can take notes on the things I need to change. It's rather ironic about the morning UV exposure: I had a basal cell cancer found last year and treated it and now it is gone. I'm a little concerned about this and getting sun but not enough to keep me from sun. If the morning sun helps mitigate blue light exposure and basal cell carcinoma is not deadly (or so I'm told) then I choose sun. But there is still a little devil on my shoulder whispering words of caution. More reading obviously...
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  7. WOW!!! I'm shutting that little devil up right now! Thank you for clearing that up. I am so happy....
  8. My Magnetico came today. I got the 10 gauss and will watch on craigslist for another 10. I'm sure I can use it. It's still sitting outside waiting for my guy to come home so we can put it on the bed. I'll report more on how my sleep goes. I wake up 2-3 times a night now but some of that is the temperature (too hot). I'm quite curious to see how I do on the Magnetico.

    So far this week I've had fish everyday. lots of salmon, fresh oysters, and canned to supplement. I feel pretty good.

    I haven't been out to the beach this week. We are having horrible humidity and 90s temps. We are down an AC compressor in our building and I have so much to do that I talked myself out of heading for my beach/water walk. I feel so good when I am outside by the beautiful beach walkin gin the water. It's my happy place so I hope to get out there tomorrow.

    My curfew of 7pm to be off the computer is here and I need to catch up on a couple of blogs I printed out.
  9. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    Glad, you are doing well, Patty Cakes:)!
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  10. Marta - How are you doing?
  11. I have four nights of Magnetico sleep. I have only noticed a deeper sleep and that I want to stay in bed longer. Last night I was in bed almost 10 hours with about 9 hours of sleep. I still wake up a couple of times a night and it's not to go to the bathroom. I don't use an alarm clock and wake up naturally around 530am most days. But today I slept until 7am!

    Investigating some other light sources since it's hard for me to get more than 10-15 min before 10am. I have the SolarGlo light that I want to put in my office. Hopefully I won't get flack for it. And looking into an intranasal light device. I read most of what is on the forum and still curious to find out more.
  12. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    Pretty good, moved out of NY:) down south.
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Marta! please tell us more about how your move has affected you..... Have you moved again since we last talked? I thought you went a little north for some reason......
  15. Friday night dinner...the best ever! Fresh raw salmon, ahi tuna, and of course, oysters. My guy now has the hang of shucking and knows the value of them so is eating them. The fish monger even suggested some raw live shrimp he had in the back. I got four never having them and not knowing if I could peel them alive. While I was slicing the salmon my guy went ahead and cut the heads off and peeled them. OMGosh these shrimpies were amazing with a little lemon juice on them. So filling and rich! YUM! I don't think he enjoyed the fact that they were live and he wanted to be humane but it had to be done somehow. I told him I wanted to save the shells, head, and whatever to make some broth/soup. Somehow he didn't hear me and as I was getting the pot with some celery and onion ready he promptly pushed all the shells into the garbage disposal and GRRRRRRRR...they were gone! So no soup for us. :( I wanted to post a pic of the feast but I have to look up how to do that. Aargh!

    Thursday I was able to get the reptile lamp setup at work. I had it on for three-four hours but not in a good spot. I tried clamping it to my double monitors but then that bright light was shining in my eyes, which I know is good but maybe a bit too much for me right now. My eyes are very light pale green and my right eye has Adie pupil so bright light can be painful. I deal with it when I am outside sans sunglasses getting my outdoor AM UV but being two feet away from that bulb is a bit much. SO I had to take the lamp off my monitor. I have to have a setup that I can easily take down so that I am not "caught" putting my own electrical items in the office. This is against company policy. I have an idea to get an expanding pole and put it near my desk and clamp the light there. Easy to setup and take down after a few hours of UV. My boss could care less and finds my "weird healthy things" amusing. However, he believes the the light issue and how it is a helpful treatment. Ohhhh he doesn't know the half of it.

    The reptile light is the only step I have taken toward getting the right light. I feel like I need more knowledge and am keeping notes on all things "light" so I can pull it all together. I want to do the red and the black but still not exactly sure how to implement it the right way without creating any havoc. I do have red lights in the bathrooms for night time and orange bulbs in the bedrooms also for evenings. We have been avid blue-blocker wearers since they were first mentioned a few years ago. That prootcol never slipped.

    The best thing I can say for this week is that my guy has gone outside every morning (he works from home) and stayed outside for over an hour. I think he probably could use more but this is a huge start. He sits at the computer most of the day so I am going to get him setup with a light as well. He has actually asked for my help in getting him the light he needs. This is more than he would do a couple of years ago so we are making progress with this stuff! He is the healthy one so maybe he needs less than I do but I want to keep him healthy. If I don't who will take care of me when I am old??? LOL

    The other piece I forgot to mention in my first journal entry was that we both had the telomere testing done a couple of years ago. He scored in the 99% and I scored 98%. It sounds like we both may live a long life but I don't want to be cranky and crotchety when I get older. Mostly I don't want to groan when getting in and out of the car!
  16. We have this wonderful deck with a concrete floor directly on dirt. I'm thinking this is good grounding but there is rebar through the concrete and I'm not sure if that is disruptive to the grounding or bad in any way. It's where I like to get my morning sunlight (on days that I can but always on weekends) and I was hoping there was grounding there too.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Can you get your DH enuf cable so he can work from your deck - at least part of the day?
    can you C/T on your deck? and watch the sunrise/sunset????
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I think we all need more knowledge on this lite stuff .... I think maybe the November webinar will answer a lot of questions for us. The quantum FB stuff was driving me nuts and I didn't have enuf time to spend.
  19. Great thoughts Caroline. He uses two desks and two computers with only one being a laptop for portability so I don't think that will happen. We do have tile in our house with concrete below on sand or dirt so I think there is grounding in the house. Maybe that's wishful thinking. I'm curious to see if he continues throughout the winter because he is definitely not going to partake in CT. Already tried that and he won't do it.

    I stopped typing this and have been outside for the last hour +. There's the guy talking about taking his laptop outside to do his research.May miracles never cease. He also said he wants me to figure out what lights to put in the entire house: red, reptile, black, whatever is best and we will start to change them out. YAH...a big win for me!
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  20. I noticed the last couple of days I have been sans sunglasses and blinking a lot to cool my eyes. This works! My car is 3-1/2 years old and I haven't opened the sun roof since the first month because the brightness of the sun hurt my large pupil. Now I drive home with the sunroof open, sans sunglasses, and blinking like a crazy person!

    I've been sleeping quite well on the Magnetico and I'm happy I got it. Something went wrong today but I was super exhausted most of the day even though I only woke up once last night. Solar flares...maybe? Not sure.

    I'm continuing with the sun (not as much as I'd like), UV light in my office at work which I try to keep on most of the day but I move about a lot at work due to meetings (including drive-by meetings) so I'm not with my light the whole time.

    Today I got the book Light in Shaping Life and so excited to spend some time with it this weekend in the sun! I'm hoping it will give me a deeper understanding of using light for the health of my body.

    I realized this week I need to do a better job on weekends of planning my fish intake throughout the week. If I stop by the fish monger on the way home from work it takes me an extra 45 minutes. I've done it before and will do it again but if I plan head I won't have to.

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