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Path To Optimal

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Kate, May 23, 2014.

  1. Kate

    Kate New Member

    I have lingered on this site and forum for over a year now. I finally had blood work done and would love to get some input. I am a 38 year old female starting to work on having children. I won't have lipid and DHEA-S results until next week. I am curious about DHEA after seeing my low testosterone!! Any input would be greatly appreciated!!! I am an athlete that has decreased my activity a bit now that I read Jack's blog! I try to get in a few cold baths a couple times a week and also ground a couple times a week!

    Here is what I have so far:

    TSH 1.01
    Triiodothyronine 92
    Free T3 3
    T-uptake 32
    Thyroxine 7.7
    Free T4 1.4
    Free Thyroxine 2.5
    Reverse T3 18

    Female Hormones (I was day 10 of cycle so follicular Phase)
    Estradiol 155
    Progesterone <0.5
    FSH 4.8
    LH 3.6
    Testosterone 20
    SHBG 103

    Iron (serum) 85
    Ferritin 36
    Total Iron Binding 397
    Iron Saturation 21

    Folate > 24
    Vit B12 1495

    RBC Magnesium 4.2

    I also have a ton of White Blood Cell and Red Blood Cell numbers. They all were in "range" except
    Hematocrit was 46.5
    Hemoglobin was 15.1

    I did the test first thing in the morning with some water in my system, but thinking these numbers are form dehydration and possibly because I live at 6,000 feet.
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Post units, ranges and what was tested (blood, saliva, urine, blood spot)

    If DHEAs,serum comes low,
    eat enough DHEA pills to get it to:
    Women 275-400 μg/dL
    Last edited: May 24, 2014
  3. Kate

    Kate New Member

    It was a blood test and as I mentioned, I was on day 10 of cycle so some of my hormone number are on low side, but they should be in follicular phase. JanSz, I reread Dr Kruse's DHEA blog and he was all about supplementing, but now he always says if the body makes it, you shouldn't supplement. From his blog post, it seems a large portion of people should be taking DHEA! I am half tempted to start taking a low dose before I test and then test in 8 weeks to see where I am at. If I'm high, lower dose or quit and if low, up my dose. I just feel like I am low and don't want to keep paying for blood tests every few weeks. Am I stupid to do that or should I just go test this week and then decide and pay for another test in a 8 weeks?

    These reference ranges are the low risk range on the report. It's from wellness fx and I can't upload it.

    Low Risk Range
    TSH 1.01 .45-4.21
    Triiodothyronine 92 ng/ml 80-181
    Free T3 3 pg/ml <4.5
    T-uptake 32 24-36
    Thyroxine 7.7 ug/ml 4.5-11.8
    Free T4 1.4 ng/ml .93-1.71
    Free Thyroxine 2.5 1.4-3.8
    Reverse T3 18 ng/ml 9.2-24.2

    Female Hormones (I was day 10 of cycle so follicular Phase)
    Estradiol 155 pg/ml 19-357
    Progesterone <0.5 ng/ml .2-27
    FSH 4.8 mlU/ml 1.7-116.3
    LH 3.6 mlU/ml 1-54.7
    Testosterone (total) 20 ng/dl 12-83
    SHBG 103 nmol/L 30-136

    Iron (serum) 85 ug/dl 65-166
    Ferritin 36 ng/ml 10-201
    Total Iron Binding 397 ug/dl 250-426
    Iron Saturation 21 (%) 20-50

    Folate > 24 mg/dl >3
    Vit B12 1495 pg/ml >300

    RBC Magnesium 4.2 mg/ml 4.2-6.4

    I also have a ton of White Blood Cell and Red Blood Cell numbers. They all were in "Low Risk Range" except
    Hematocrit was 46.5 (%) 34-45
    Hemoglobin was 15.1 g/ml 11.5 - 15.1
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    No, you are not stupid, just (quickly) learnig form experiences of others.
    Use the $$ and get IGF-1 & IGFBP3 (using RIA method)
    Procedure, Growth Assessment Test Group V (IGF-I, IGFBP-3)
    Test Code 500894 CPT Code 84305, 83519
    Methodology Blocking RIA after acid: alcohol extraction, RIA in dilute serum
    Performing Location Endocrine Sciences


    DHEA Restoration Therapy
    optimal for Women 275–400 µg/dL

    Ideally, DHEA replacement therapy should begin with blood testing to establish a base range. Since almost everyone over age 40 has lower-than-optimal levels of DHEA, most people begin supplementation and test their blood DHEA-S levels later to make sure they are taking the proper dose (Hinson 1999).

    http://www.lef.org/vitamins-supplements/item00882/DHEA.html?source=search&key=dhea 50 mg

    50 mg 60 capsules, Item# 00882

    Good idea to take it pre-emptively, 1/day, check latter


    What I do not feel comfortable with is:
    Hematocrit was 46.5 (%) 34-45
    Hemoglobin was 15.1 g/ml 11.5 - 15.1
    on top of
    Iron (serum) 85 ug/dl 65-166
    Ferritin 36 ng/ml 10-201
    Iron Saturation 21 (%) 20-50
    you look like a Viking or Celtic to me
    when you donate pint of blood things may look better.
    But eventually you may want to see hematologist, investigate hemochromatosis, polychytemia, anemia.

    Are you loosing blood during menstruation?

    You live at 6000', but at what latitude?
    When higher than 34th parallel north, you will newer get enough D from sun, must supplement all the time.
    What is your vit D level?
    If it is over 50, get lots of sun exposure (to most of the skin) (plus vit D supplementation + K2)
    goal vit 100<D<150
    if less than 50, first supplement (do not have sun exposure until >50, cancer)
    If hard to get sun tan ------>=low MSH, get MT2, 20mg or more per season, 0.5mg/week at first + sun light
    it is better if skin is clear, scars will get dark with MT2

    Since you are venturing into taking DHEA pre-emptively
    your very very very low progesterone indicates:
    leave high estrogens for a time, work on low hanging fruit, progesterone.

    If you are sleepy or low sometimes between 2-5PM, let me know.

    If not, you will need more testing. (cortisol, pregnenolone)

  5. Kate

    Kate New Member

    I live just outside of Denver 39.7. I supplement with about 7,000 Iu's of Vit D plus 1/2 tsp fermented cod liver oil. I am in the sun almost daily with only coconut oil as sunscreen.

    Iron...wouldn't my iron numbers be high if hemochromatosis was an issue?

    I do not get sleepy between 2-5. My energy levels are consistent throughout the day. I get up and feel rested after 81/2 hours of sleep. I go to bed and get up about the same time every day. I where blueblockers every night and have for about a year and a half.

    I am an endurance person and love being active. I have decreased my level of activity over the past year. I'm guessing progesterone is pregnenolone steal issue hence my low T as well! When I look at follicular phase day 10, progesterone seems low but normal. I do not have symptoms of low progesterone? MY cycle is easy, normal and ovulation occurs every month. I am limited on how much I can fork out on testing right now. I am doing a lipid test soon that will include Hematocrit and hemoglobin so it will be interesting to see if levels change. Do I get DHEA-S now or test something else first?

    Thanks for all of your help!!

    PS...That test link to esoterix doesn't work.
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Good Stuff Jansz
  7. Kate

    Kate New Member

    Thanks for chiming in Jack!
    Do you think my iron is an issue? My numbers are in the low end of normal so his thought of hemochromatosis surprised me!
    Is it ok to supplement with DHEA without testing and or pregnenalone?

    Thank you!!!!!
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Before I would jump.........I would preload with a 3 month heavy seafood diet then retest......then decide the next step.
    Regarding iron, I would tell you to read CPC 4 carefully:

    Here is an excerpt from OSF 4 about this very issue: "Remember, blood cells are filled with hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is loaded with another transition metal called iron. Hemoglobin acts like a chromophobe in the brain as well. I told you this in OSF 3. Why is this important? Because it brings optics into the equation of how we generate energy in the brain's microtubules. Iron content affects water chemistry in a huge way. When iron levels drop in the brain, blood flow decreases and we lose oxygen tensions. The amount of protons rise in CSF which increases the temperature and the mass of our CSF. Pollack showed us that warm water has a higher mass than cold water because it has more protons. Consider this analogy to our oceans: When sea water temperature rises for any environmental reason, oxygen diffuses out of it. When your temperature rises, oxygen diffuses out of your tissues, too! These are natural chemical and physical laws of the universe, people. Biology is not immune to these laws. Biologists just act as if it is. When oxygen drops in the ocean, so do iron levels in sea water. When iron falls in you, so does your tissue oxygenation."
  9. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Welcome Kate,

    You can get some labs done without a doctors order from a variety of places. I have got some from Canary Labs, ZRT labs, Labcorp, Accesa Labs and there are many others. Do a google search and you should be able to find some. Living just outside of Denver I am sure that Denver has a bunch of self order labs. I test about every 3 months right now as I am working on getting myself optimal. It can get pricey but it is an investment in your health.

    Suggestion is the next time you do a female hormone panel get it done between days 19-21 of your cycle. That seems to be the best time to see how your Pg/E2 ratio is. You can get a saliva DHEA and pregnenalone test for a reasonable price. I would suggest testing it before starting and then as a woman to use cream. I had a bad experience with oral DHEA but the cream has done wonders. I use Neuroboligix DHEA and well as Twist DHEA (use as my face cream) and Neuroboligix pregnenalone as well.

    So the coconut oil only works well? We were out there last year and I made sure that I wore sunscreen but the DH and DD did not and got a pretty good burn when we biked down Pike's Peak. I did feel that the sun was a little more intense there but felt so good. My oldest daughter is going to Colorado Springs in August and hopefully she comes home (for now). My SIL lives in Denver and we have been out there a couple of times and we LOVED it.

    Good luck.
  10. Kate

    Kate New Member

    I read CPC4 and am still confused! I understand that Hemochromatosis was not always considered a disease, a protective mechanism. As I understand it, my Iron Saturation and Ferritin would be high if Hemochromatosis was a problem. Those numbers are on the lower end of the range! Life Extension's healthy range for hemoglobin and hematocrit suggests being on the upper end of the range. I am so very close to that and still believe dehydration to be the problem...is that what you are suggesting Jack? The quote above from OSF4 may suggest that I am low in iron and dehydrated and that is why my hematocrit and hemoglobin are high? Am I close to getting this or just more confused?
  11. Kate

    Kate New Member

    Thanks Nicole! I am completely aware of wholesale blood testing, that is what I used for the above tests. I just spent quite a bit on all the tests I just ran and am trying to figure out the best way to move forward without paying to test all these markers every few weeks. I am going to do as Jack suggested and eat lots of Seafood!!

    Colorado is amazing and a place I will never leave!!! It is beautiful and has so much to offer...except Vit D since we are above 34 latitude:)
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