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"Paranormal" phenomena

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Gagnrad, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    my personal experience, and that of different family members indicate the ability is there.

    when I lived on Okinawa - there was a day we were transferring "hot" cargo over to the ammo storage area - and on that trip I saw an entire Japanese Garrison marching for war. they walked right through our truck. Having seen ghosts before I knew what they were. by my NCO had never seen them before and freaked out. and Kept asking "did you just see that? did you feel that? OMG OMG" all the time crossing himself. Okinawa is full of ghosts - enough so they actually have ghost tours for tourists - they take you to battles and other places and you pretty much see ghosts. There are even times when the Okinawans call out the dead, and celebrate them and feed them in certain ceremonies.

    I've had other experiences. I was living with my grandfather- helping him get back on his feet after my grandmother died. IT was her birthday - and I wasn't able to sleep so I got up and went into the living room to sit. as I walked into the living room I realized the kitchen lights were on. I had turn them off when I went to bed. as I investigated - the oven was on, and in it cookies were baking. there were also fresh cookies on the counter. as I reached for one - to verify that I wasn't dreaming my grandmothers ghost came upon me and smacked my hand and told me to leave the damn cookies alone. needless to say I was quite stunned. I went back and sat in my grandmothers chair. about 40 mins later my grandfather got up in the middle of the night, noticed the light - came in and looked at me, then looked in the kitchen and said the following " I seem MaryLou's been making cookies tonight"

    The next morning I asked him about that - and he said she did that every night before her birthday, when she was alive.

    I've had conversation with other cousins who've been at the house since - and they've had similar experiences with my grandmother, until my grandfather died.

    This is one side of the family. on my mom's side I have a cousin with 2nd sight. she can tell you who's going to win football games and by how much. She knows if things are ready for pick up or if they're not. Whats interesting, is that when people ask her for her predictions she looses her ability. but if its just general conversation say about something she's not interested in, she can give you the score. I've seen her tell my grandmother the total number of wins the cleaveland indians would have in a single season. its crazy.

    So is it the places that make us more sensitive? part of me say yes - there are certain places that its easier for both sides to mingle - the veil is lifted.
    Are some more sensitive? I think so. I think for some it flows through families.

    but I do think all can cultivate this if they choose. The challenge is many don't know how to access this component of their brain. and of course many don't want to for then they'll actually have to see what's before them instead of the reality their mind created.
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  2. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    That's a really interesting post.

    That's particularly telling, since one could well believe that someone seeing a departed husband or wife was a hallucination (and perhaps wish-fullfilment). And maybe it sometimes is. But I don't suppose you were expecting to see the Imperial Japanese Army coming marching through.

    That one is very strange.

    That doesn't surprise me. It seems that perhaps you can't always "use" these things.

    I read a couple of books on that American man -- can't remember the name: I think it was French in origin -- from the South who would go into a trance and give healing remedies. (The WAPF doctor mentions him here and there.) [EDIT: just remembered Edgar Cayce] What was quite interesting was that the healings sound like they did work. Yet he also gave a string of prophecies that seem to be absolute balderdash. He also seems to have come into contact with a man who give him some kind of theosophical explanatory framework and gone off into all that, which one can take ... or more probably leave. But the actual readings, and never mind explanations, do seem interesting.

    Isn't there a George Eliot short story called The Lifted Veil ?

    This is what I'd understood. My father seems to be a little bit so and one of my sisters, too.

    I expect so. I'm not sure how much one should, at least in some respects, if one could ... We already opened that side of the topic with the comment I made earlier about the different views of some of these kinds of phenomena is different traditions, and you do in a way above with the comment on the football games. Some experienced meditators mention stuff like this cropping up and say you should ignore it and carry on ...

    Do you know Dunne's book An Experiment with Time ? He was an Irish areonautical engineer who was interested in dreams and thought there were fragments, sometimes quite small ones, of future events in them.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2014
  3. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I've not heard of Dunne's book. I'll add that to my reading list... :) it seems my list keeps getting longer here.... :)
  4. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    It was quite influential in its day. A lot of writers were influenced by it. C. S. Lewis was one; other names escape me at the moment.

    Dunne also said you can get a kind of prevision with books. I seemed, unexpectedly, to get that the other day listening to an audiobook. It was one of the Gormenghast novels. The narrator said that the old Earl was going to give the child a birthday gift, and I thought, "He's going to give him a pinecone." It just came into my mind. And that was what he did give him. Maybe it was just a coincidence.
  5. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    A bit related to this is my mother's family friend, Perry Philbin. He healed by touch, and saved my uncle's life after their doctor gave up on him. My aunt was uncomfortable sitting next to him at the dinner table, she said her whole side (near him) would go numb. Perry got a lot of suspicion from others, so he never took payments for helping people. My grandparents gave his family food during the depression, and they remained lifelong friends.
  6. Josh

    Josh Gold

    If you are interested in learning techniques that allow one to reliably experience these things, I would recommend studying with Dr. Shannon, he is an ex-marine sergeant and interrogator. It is quite real and practical. I have seen him take a diverrse group of 15 people including me into these things in 4 x 5 day trainings. He is a rare man.

  7. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    That's not surprising perhaps. You'd certainly have to attend to people very closely if you were interrogating them.

    That extraordinary Frenchman who could, apparently, teach people languages in days did that after WWII:


    It was said you couldn't tell Michel Thomas a lie; he would always know. Not that there's anything necessarily paranormal about that: it could be a matter of noticing small cues that would pass most of us by. There's some interesting stuff on that in one of those books Daniel Goleman wrote with the Dalia Lama -- maybe this one:


    It seems experienced meditators can spot expressions that flicker very briefly across people's faces.
  8. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    Here's another interesting story. Does anyone know this one?


    I think I've read that book three times now. It's wholly remarkable. Crane as told by himself I don't like, and he really does himself no favours with the sequel to this book where he abandons his wife and daughter and embarks on a series of drunken wanderings. But Crane's a writer and no doubt. He tells the Ch'an monk's story extraordinarily well. And it's gripping on many different levels. First, it's that as a story of escape and perseverance in the face of hardship -- Tsung Tsai had to flee the Great Leap Forward in China or face state-sponsored murder. And his journey to Hong Kong and escape involved such hardship that it's surprising he survived that. Secondly, you do seem to get some insight into Tsung Tsai's state of mind. Again, Crane deserves some credit for pulling that off, specially as one sometimes wonders how much of this he himself grasps. (Crane describes himself as a Zen Buddhist but says he doesn't meditate. It seems a little self-consciously precious for a Westerner to label himself as a particular type of Buddhist -- particularly when you reflect that Ch'an (or Zen) means meditation! I'm a "meditation Buddhist" who doesn't meditate! ... Sometimes it seems he has that conception that some Westerners have that "Zen" is about smart repartee. But I don't think that's what koans are about at all.)

    Finally, there's plenty in the book that doesn't fit into a post-Enlightenment view of what the world's like at all. I'm not sure how truthful George Crane would be as a writer, but he relates an extraordinary episode where they travel to Hong Kong and Tsung Tsai apparently has some kind of spiritual tussle with a former pupil who's "gone bad".
  9. Josh

    Josh Gold

    I can assure anyone interested that studying Medical Qi Gong is nothing like being or learning interrogation, except perhaps of one's own mind/body....

    all good quests, and life on Earth cost us our lives, it is worth remembering....George Gurdjieff said the constant remembrance of this is the only hope of coming out of mankind's current situation....
  10. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Consider that Buddha and Mahavira and many of the great "enlightened" masters came from the warrior class. The intense crystallization that comes from rigorous discipline and training seems to prepare a being to crack open freeing their mind and heart. A diamond or crystal will crack with one blow of a hammer, mud and softer things will not. Heraclitus said one needs to dry one's soul like a bundle of sticks so that it will catch fire with a single spark.
  11. Josh

    Josh Gold

    And things are only "paranormal" if they are not "normal" for a given individual.....
  12. athene noctua

    athene noctua New Member

    josh, your recommendations are right on, this leads on a path i've found i've begun to follow.

    the crystallization of consciousness really resonates with me - it's like removing entropy or blockages. i first discovered this through intense rock climbing, but it expanded other areas of my life. took away my fears to let me achieve new and crazy things. now i've begun to tap into my sensory awareness (have been classified as a "highly sensitive person" perception-wise. is both bad and good) and use it to paradoxically relax, give up worry and let my connection to the universe surprise me with countless synchronicities!

    would love to train my perception further, though. somehow this fits perfectly with the discoveries jack is giving us. i think meditation and higher states of awareness, for example, are no less a part of CT or magnetic fields and resonances...

    thanks to all for creating this space for thought.
  13. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    I have been told by different people that I have the ability to be a good healer. I'd love to have such a gift, I have no idea how you develop it though or even if it's true. I've been to circles where everyone else is talking about their experiences, I've not been able to contribute, it just doesn't happen for me no matter how much I'd like it to yet apparently I have the gift? Maybe there is a right time and mine hasn't arrived. I've got plenty of dead relatives but they never appear lol.
  14. Josh

    Josh Gold

    If you want a comprehensive understanding, take a look at Jerry Alan Johnson's books on Medical Qi Gong. "The Magus of Strovolos" is a treasure....

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