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"Paranormal" phenomena

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Gagnrad, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    I think it's possible to raise this interesting subject here. I suspect most of the Paleosphere would dismiss it out of hand.

    I find myself bumping into references to these now and then. They often come up in the context of narratives about hunter-gatherers, for example. For example, it's said that the Bushmen women always know when the men have killed even though they might be miles away. I also remember reading of an someone who became interested in and went to visit the Bushmen and was told on arrival, "We've been waiting for you. I saw you before you came." I've also seen a description of an old Bushman throwing the bones for an Englishwoman.

    Similarly, there's a well-known "Captivity Narrative" from colonial North America where a medicine man is described as heating and throwing some bones after two squaws reported seeing hostile Indians on the opposite bank of a river. The narrator says he looked a the bones and said the women were jumpy and it was nothing. The Indians had such confidence in the man that they all went to sleep without even setting a guard. In the morning, they found the tracks of two wolves.

    One can always find reasons for disbelieving such stories, but sometimes they sound far more probable than otherwise. I also think that tribal sorcerers used deliberately to practice deception. If an Australian Aboriginal sorcerer produced a quartz crystal that he said he'd extracted from someone with a pain, then evidently he'd palmed it and was consciously practising deception. But I think there's often more than this going on.

    These phenomena sometimes seem to happen closer to home, too. There's the "second sight" in the Hebrides off Scotland, for example:


    One of the most interesting and persuasive accounts of an unusual and apparently inexplicable phenomenon I've ever read about, however, happened to a young woman from an Irish background in London. This was Dorothy Kerin, who said that she had been the recipient of a divine healing and afterwards went on to found a hospital, still in existence, where conventional medicine and prayer for healing were combined.


    When it says "overnight", that's what is literally meant. Her doctor was called and thought the messenger had come for the Death Certificate. Arriving, he found Dorothy up and examined her, finding her apparently completely healthy:

    She was not only recovered but had, apparently, regained full muscle tone and become plump in 12 hours.


    See also:


    Throughout this woman's extraordinary life, unusual events and odd coincidences seem to happen around her. She'd want to build an extension to the hospital and a cheque for the exact amount they needed would arrive, or unexpectedly some bricks would become available and there'd be the exact number needed to the last brick. And there was also a stream of healings.
  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

  3. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Perhaps read"The Magus of Strovolus" if you are particularly interested in this stuff. It is real for me.
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  4. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    Thanks. That is remarkable. Is Peter perhaps in something of an alpha-theta state when he's running in the wild somewhere remote?

    Talking of seeming to communicate (? if that's the right word) at some level with animals, I've seen one writer state that lions behave differently when the Bushmen are around. He said the lions would "misbehave" in certain ways, do things like foul waterholes, except when the Bushmen were in the area. It was as if the lions knew they were there and were to a certain extent under authority. It's a totally unverifiable claim, of course. Interesting, though.

    On the second sight: I did hear it doesn't happen so much now. I think the people in these remote parts of Scotland said decades ago that there were too many distractions around nowadays -- TV, things like that. Dr. Johnson wrote about the second sight in his Journal of a Tour of The Hebrides, and gave some cautious credence to it, which didn't do his reputation much good in such as sceptical age as the 18th century. I remember Johnson said that the people there seemed very much to live in the present moment.
  5. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I have a list of 19 senses, and I suspect there are more (for example it lists infrared and UV but not the frequencies in between). I believe there are those who can heed all or most of their senses, not just relying on the usual 5 (or 6 if you practice CT!) It can bring in information that would "otherwise be hidden from view". It can be passive or used actively. Then of course there is synaesthesia .....
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Mike - have you read the book ...The cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby

    This is so totally fascinating to me.... I had never thought of any of this until Jack did a webinar ...and then had Erwan Lecorre on the Live Q&A with him. It just blew me away.....

    I have talked about this in my journal .... I went to an evening with a Psychic - about 50 people were there. I have never, ever experienced anything like that....talk about cosmic energy and quantum entanglement!
  7. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    I think it is much simplier. Because i run in a minimum of clothes, shorts only, they see just another animal. When we dress up i think they only see perhaps a head passing by because of the isolation. They have another spectrum of seeing the world. Think again, how would you react if you saw only a head of the person you "know" is a human.

    The other things is that i do not use any kind of gadgets... I have no antennas with me and my field is not looking as bad as the ones of my friends that have GPS or ther smartphones with them.
  8. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    Thanks. That sounds plausible.
  9. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    No, I don't know that book.

    Erwan is great, isn't he? Those videos of natural movement are something else.

    That's interesting. I used to work with someone who was a psychic. She did tell me things about myself that she couldn't really have known.

    But here you start to hit on different view about these things. AFAIK, the "second sight" comes unsought. Offering readings seems, possibly, to be taking a different kind of approach. It's discouraged in the Judaeo-Christian and Buddhist traditions (although Buddhism does, in practice, get mixed up with shamanistic practices in siome parts of the world) -- and I think Mircea Eliade says is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, too -- but is quite in order in Altaic religion, of course.

    There's an ode of Horace's -- it's the famous carpe diem ode -- where there seems to be a suggestion that some things are supposed to be hidden from us. There's a beautiful translation of the ode by C. J. Herington -- at the bottom of this page:


    I wonder if Lynne was someone Herington knew?
  10. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I think that although I am obviously visible,:D I become more not-in-a-good-way noticeable if I appear to be acutely leaking energy ..... Whether at the time that is because of fear, sickness, or the gadgets I carry ....

    Perhaps someone physically, mentally and spiritually at one (or should that be "a tone" vibrationally?) with their environment is more likely to have positive interactions than attract unwanted ones?
  11. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    If you take a 30,000 foot view of humans on earth you find that it's only in the last few hundred years that most of us living in the Western world really separated ourselves from nature and animals.
    Some traditions within this region still maintain a closer connection, but it is the shaping of our thoughts by various cultural, religious, political and economic structures that changed our thinking about the paranormal, communication between species and non-local connections etc.
    Those people whose world view falls outside this construct haven't the same issues and if you think about it, it is really just the quantum world writ large. As we loose our connection to nature we loose the range of sensory abilities and physical capacity that most of us in the way past would have taken for granted. Now it is fragmented knowledge; esoteric and exotic.....
  12. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

    When I am ocean swimming, sticking keto, and lying in the grass under the summer sun with only shorts on, I feel "closer" to my surroundings, if that makes sense... I hear the bees, the squirrels become friends, and the breezes feel alive. Sometimes just being in that state puts my mind at ease, and allows me to drift to a reality where time is irrelevant. (<- I think this is something humans truly lost when we started to live disconnected from nature... to me it feels like the start of the perfect night's sleep or the meditative rhythms our brains are meant to experience)

    I agree PrAna303 is onto something, with the visibility aspect. But to put ourselves in the animals shoes would be more helpful to really understand. Humans have developed excellent visual ability with our complex eyes, whereas much of the animal kingdom relies on its other senses. I'd imagine a human who is out of balance would smell/sound/look/eminate that fact, and stick out to the point that nature knows they don't belong there. In the same way, a human in balance would flow with the environment. This isn't necessarily saying the animals wouldn't still be weary, but they'd be weary in a different way more akin to predator/prey vs being confronted with the chaos of the unknown.
  13. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Another source for perspective perhaps:


    Go to the e-books-"Yoga the Alpha and the Omega-Vol 9, discourse #1". It gives a 30,000 foot view. It is free.

    Animals get to stay at one level for their whole lives that most children are born with, but can rarely express in a way that anyone recognizes anymore.....
  14. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I think each of us has this innate ability to connect on different levels. the problem is that we just don't perceive that it can actually happen. I think deja vous is a remnant of this capability we've forgotten to nurture. We've been taught from an early age in modern society that this doesn't exist. so in our world today it doesn't exist for most. But stop and think about Schrodingers' Cat experiment. is it alive or dead in the box? it depends upon your perception. so society doesn't buy in or think this 2nd sight or senses beyond the "5" exist. Yet there are those who are good at perceiving what's really going on, they can divine the information. Some are more sensitive due to how they were raised (religious beliefs vs encouragement to discover beyond what religion holds - same goes for science as well)

    I saw this great video on FB -but can't find the actual link to post here - of a man "Dancing" with a horse. it was a beautiful their communication was intuitive. they knew each others next step before they executed. Obviously training went into their effort - but you could see the communication. it was like they were connected by nothing, yet they knew everything the other would do.

    Seeing the past or the future is one thing, seeing the entanglement btwn the two and how they lead to one another is critical to understanding where we're at today, where we'll be tomorrow, and where we'll be in the future.

    Grandmother spider weaves the web upon which we walk. The question is how does our action upon the web influence what she weaves, as well as where we walk?
  15. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    There are lots of free, or liberty work videos out there, but chances are this is Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling....he has a huge following around the world....people trying to get what he gets when he is with a horse. There is actually no training involved when he is with a horse...just like when horses are with each other they don't really "train" each other, but they can communicate and their conversation can look like it has been prearranged...but in fact it is always in the present and evolving. (don't know if that was clear) Dancing with horses requires you to be totally grounded and totally open to all possibilities at the same time.....you can't be behind or ahead of what is, but there is always movement even when you are still..and you have to maintain mindful awareness while operating from your heart....no wonder it's the best thing ever! I like Grandmother spider's web walk...more quantum wisdom.
  16. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    That's one thing I do miss from childhood. is getting up and riding on a regular basis. I loved it. It was awesome to be able to get up on a horse and give them 100% trust. especially when show jumping. I road this one horse a big warmblood named Sailor he was a bay with a white blaze and stalkings. He could jump anything. One day we were working in the ring and my trainer told me to start running the course. So I did. I'd only been jumping seriously with Sailor for about 6mths and had graduated up to 5Ft obstacles. well the previous rider had been riding Grand National event hight obstacles and they hadn't been reset. we cleared all the obstacles no rails down. all because I knew he could jump anything and I trusted him 100%. and in giving that trust he trusted me. my trainer was floored. From then on, until I stopped riding, we jumped event hight obstacles.

    its amazing what you can do when you don't have any limitations or restrictions...

    I do love Grandmother Spider. She came and settled in and waited with me, spinning her web with each pregnancy. She still comes when change is on the horizon. We catch and release all spiders b/c we don't want to hurt the Grandmother.
  17. Josh

    Josh Gold

    I never take electronics to the woods and if possible I leave myself home as well...Tom Brown has some interesting suggestions about how to change our awareness in the wild and elsewhere. His stuff on tracking is mindblowing...
  18. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I Now make every effort to limit the use of my cell phone, as well as leave it as much as possible. I can't tell you how many times on the weekend I miss calls from my parents b/c I don't have my cell phone or its not charged...
  19. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Still, I will say that it is worth doing some reading so one does not get lost in preliminary experiences, etc..
  20. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    I think intellectuals tend not to, because it doesn't fit with the dominant ways of seeing in those circles over the past 300 years or so. And you could probably make someone like Richard Dawkins apoplectic by even suggesting such things are possible.

    I'm not so sure abut the average person. Certainly a fair number of bereaved people describe seeing dead spouses. Whether they do or not … I think this kind of question remains where William James left it, that's to say, I've no way of disproving someone else's experience but neither can it be intellectually coercive for me. And some experiences may be illusory, some real, but as for knowing which is which.


    John Tanner's captivity narrative is interesting. In Chapter XI he writes:


    Tanner's scepticism seems entirely justified. And yet it's not that Tanner is sceptical of Ais-kaw-ba-wis because he thinks that there's nothing, as it were, beyond the end of his nose. Turn to Chapter XV and we have:

    And, of course, there is a massive amount of personal testimony for that kind of thing.

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