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PaleoSue's weight loss journey

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by PaleoSue, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    Hello, all. I'm a 30-something struggling with sugar addiction, leaky gut and obesity. I learned about Dr. Kruse from Jimmy Moore's podcast, and has been following his blog and Facebook page ever since. I thought I'd join here and see if I can use this journal to help keep myself on track.

    SW: 259

    GW: 180 or less
  2. JeffieJoe

    JeffieJoe New Member

    Best of luck to you!
  3. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    Homemade shrimp/mushroom curry, no rice. This meal was completely spontaneous, and is my first successful attempt at curry. It was unbelievably delicious.

    (I've had zero carbs all day, but this is more carbs than I would have liked.)

    And on another note, there *has* to be an easier way to post pictures. This was crazy. Tim Ferriss recommended photographing all the food you eat in his book, and I'd like to give it a go.

  4. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    (Oops, I got the date wrong in the posts above.)

    Breakfast: Leftover curry, and some tuna. The tuna tasted TERRIBLE. It was very tough. I am guessing I overcooked it. I am not used to cooking fish and have been trying to increase seafood intake in my diet per Dr. Kruse's recommendation that about half of your food come from seafood.

    I put the tuna in the curry, and I could only eat half of it, it was so filling.

    Lunch: Chicken soup and egg frittata

    Dinner: Leftover curry, sans tuna

    Attached files [​IMG]
  5. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    The curry has not been agreement with my stomach. I'm not sure if the coconut milk wasn't diluted enough, if it was just too high in fat, or if there is another food intolerance I don't know about. It's frustrating because the curry was soooo yummy.

    But moving on.

    I really want to be posting photos of my meals in this thread, but I've not found a simple way to get them from my phone to the computer, so that's a bit annoying also.

    Breakfast was chicken sausage fried in coconut oil.

    Lunch was smoked turkey and homemade mushroom soup.

    I went HIKING this afternoon in Vibrams, which I've been wearing for a little over a year. Woot. I had a wonderful time. I have struggled with Achilles pain for something like 15 years, and it is 85% gone following the leptin RX. I will see whether my Achilles hurts tomorrow, but I am crossing my fingers no. The muscles in my feet did get tired by the end of the hike, but I had a good time.


  6. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    Tuna is often better the less it's cooked. I like mine just seared on the outside but still red in the middle. :)
  7. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Good luck. I ended up finding out about Dr. Kruse through Jimmy Moore as well. I'm thankful to these folks for getting the word out to use about the things that will help us!
  8. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    @ealachan, thanks so much for the tip on cooking tuna! I think I'm going to pick up some more paleo cookbooks soon. I can cook well enough to keep myself alive, but maybe not-so-well to keep me extremely happy with food selection. Unfortunately my stomach is so sensitive, that I often cannot tolerate a lot of paleo adaptations, like mashed cauliflower and probably butter. So maybe I just really need a cookbook for making fish. Heh.

    @paulalynn, hello! Yes, I'm so thankful for the Jimmy Moore podcasts, but I have to admit I have not listened as much as I once did. Love that guy.
  9. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    I'm back from a weekend away, and I am SOOOOOOO PROUD of myself. There was temptation everywhere, and I dodged all of it.

    I at an event where there was unlimited food and soda included in the admission. And of course none of the food that I saw was paleo. There were sweet delights, tons of candy, and of course any variety of soda you could want. (And soda is one of my biggest weaknesses.)

    The worst part was one of the people I went with decided to go get McDonald's, one of my previous binge places, and this person even ordered some of the very food I would binge on. He offered me food, and I said, "no thanks," and fortunately he didn't keep pushing so I didn't have to keep saying no.

    I brought my own food for the weekend, and stuck with water. I felt satisfied and full, and I feel so proud of the way I handled things.

    Update: My Achilles both felt tight this morning from yesterday's hike, but the pain went away quickly and they don't hurt now at all. I'm not limping around all day like I would have before starting the leptin RX and giving up soda. However, it's a sign I'm not completely healed yet, either.

    Also my tummy got quick sick this evening. I'm not sure what is causing this. Again, possibly the sausage I ate this morning had too much fat. (It is gluten-, grain- and soy-free.)
  10. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    Still had diarrhea this morning. I had an opposite thought: maybe it's too much protein that could be causing it. I know I have fat malabsorption, and protein as well because my digestive tract is so damaged. I think I might add some easily digestible vegetables a la the SCD diet and see if that improves anything.

    Good news is neither of my Achilles hurt this morning. YES!!!! I can't wait to go hiking again.

    Started watching the documentary "Hungry for Change." I really like this quote:

    "Sugar is without question the cocaine of the food world, but we kind of get away with hiding that drug with 'food,' " -- Hungry for Change.

    Breakfast - smoked turkey, homemade pork "meatloaf," and egg fritata

    Lunch - smoked turkey, pork meatloaf

    No dinner. Got home at 7:30 p.m. from work and not particularly hungry.

  11. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    Another quote - loving this documentary so far.

    "For me, the biggest cause of obesity bar none is addiction. But to understand the level of addiction that we've got might be challenging for some because of course people can understand the addiction to cigarettes, because that has now been proven, and they can understand the addition to alcohol. ... The way that cigarettes are addictive is much in the same the way that certain food is addictive. They know why they shouldn't do it, but they have no idea why they are doing it."

    "The food companies engineer addictions, I believe, into many of the foods."
  12. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    Didn't sleep great last night - I think that's a leftover from being up so late on Saturday and taking a nap on Sunday. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight.

    6:30 a.m. - I had pork meatloaf and a small portion of boiled/mashed carrots. I didn't finish the carrots.

    2:30 p.m. - Tried to eat new tuna I cooked, and it *still* tasted TERRIBLE. I'm so disappointed. That's $20 down the drain in wild tuna. I also brought smoked turkey and ate some carrots.

    8 p.m. - Small amount of coconut water, kombucha and 3 olives.

    Today's big news is I went for another hike. I hiked for an hour at a pretty good pace. It was so amazing and just downright exhilarating to be able to hike without pain. If you've always been able to walk without pain, then I don't think you could really comprehend what a joy it was. I almost broke into a run at some points, but I didn't want to overdo it.

    When I got back to the house, I expected the usual stiffness in my calves/achilles when I got out of the car, but it just wasn't there. We'll see how I feel tomorrow morning.

  13. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    I did wake up with some stiffness in the Achilles. It is going away. I'll need to rest a few days.

    Also, I had another dream last night. I've been having/remembering a good number of dreams in the last week or two. And they are really cool dreams. It's like going to a movie theater every night. I'm wondering if this is also a "side effect" of going cleaner paleo/leaky gut RX.

    6 a.m. - Bristol type 2. Finally not diarrhea. Maybe adding the carrots is working.

    6:30 - Small piece of leftover fish, some boiled/mashed carrots, pork and sauerkraut and coconut oil.

    7:20 - spoke too soon. Bristol type 6.

    12:30 - pork and sauerkraut, carrots, pork meatloaf

    2:30 - Bristol type 6. :/

    6 p.m. - sashimi!

    9 p.m. - 2 pcs. 100% chocolate. It just arrived tonight, and I went to a movie with a friend. I told myself if I didn't have any popcorn or candy or soda, I could have chocolate when I got home. :D


  14. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    I'm in my fourth week, and I'm nearly down 10 pounds. Woot woot.

    I had another really vivid dream last night. I dreamed I was a helicopter pilot in an interstellar war. I have had these vivid dreams nearly every night for perhaps a week. Someone theorized this might be a sign our body is making more melotonin. I'd love to post this to Dr. K.

    6:15 a.m. - Pork and kraut.

    12 p.m. - Pork n kraut, a bit of salmon.

    5 p.m. - Bristol Type 6. What?

  15. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    10 pounds! Awesome! You're doing great!
  16. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    It's official:

    I've lost 10 pounds!
  17. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    So yesterday was super duper awesome. I went to a gathering at my Mom's house, and it has always been near impossible not to binge at her house. It's where I started binge eating, and there is always guaranteed to be tons of junk food of all kinds, even gluten-free junk food.

    She made pork barbecue (with sugar, obviously). I passed down dinner at first because I was so full. FOUR different adults tried to get me to eat dinner. (WTF people?!) I just said I was so stuffed because I had a late lunch, and maybe I'd have some later. Later my stomach did start growling, so I had a little bit of pork barbecue, and I got an instant headache, probably from the sugar.

    They pulled out cupcakes, ice cream, potato chips, pretzels, all manner of junk food. And I wasn't even tempted. I WASN'T EVEN TEMPTED!!!

    I was so full and so satisfied, that it didn't even bother me.


    6 a.m. - Bristol Type 2. :(

    6:30 a.m. - Leftover pork n kraut. Getting sick of it, but planning to make something special tonight.

    1:30 p.m. - pork n kraut. So sick of it. And 1 square 86% dark chocolate.

    3:30 p.m. - Bristol Type 2. :(

    8 p.m. - Portabello mushroom with meatballs and organic tomato sauce without sugar

    So, bad news. The worse of my Achilles is hurting me a bit today. Not a lot, not as much as before I started the RX, but enough for me to notice it. I'm wondering if the tiny bit of sugar I had last night -- less than 1/2 cup of pork barbecue -- has made that much of a difference. In any case no sugar is passing my lips any more.

  18. Woooow!! That was the real test and you did awesome!! :) You must be so proud!

    Funny (I'll stay polite) how people want to force others to eat!! I said I'm stuff, why would I want to eat some more?? It's also hard for people to see others changing for better while they are stuck in their old habits and would love to change too, less the compromises.

    Keep going girl, you are a rock start!! ;)
  19. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Well I think we're all going to finish off March on a positive note! Yeah for us!!! Here's to a fabulous April :)
  20. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    Interesting thing happened last night. I *wanted* a cold bath. I was a bit tired, but I really craved it, so in I went. I had the coldest water I had to date, and it didn't bother me that much. Cool. I'm reading "Game of Thrones," and I enjoy sitting in the tub, reading by candlelight and really relaxing.

    So work called me in the middle of the night to do something, so my sleep was completely interrupted. (I at least knew this was coming, and in the past it caused massive insomnia. I didn't fall asleep immediately last night, but fairly quickly compared with the past.) I woke up not feeling so refreshed though.

    I'm down exactly 11 pounds this morning since I started March 2, although I didn't weigh myself until March 7, so I'm not entirely sure what my "true" starting weight was.

    Plan for the day is to take my bicycle in to the shop to be repaired, and possibly go kayaking. The weather doesn't look great, though.

    10:30 a.m. - Leftover meatballs and sauce. So yummy.

    11 a.m. - Bristol Type 4. Woot!!!!

    6:30 p.m. - Last of the leftover meatballs and sauce. 2 squares 100% dark chocolate. Kombucha.

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