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PaleoCowgirl Battles Hashis, Adrenal Fatigue, PCOS Binge Eating With CT/Keto-Paleo

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by PaleoCowgirl, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Paleo, I do a little here and there and know you have to wear form fitting for safety's sake. At least you could get a couple pair of jeans that feel like home. Its all about the pockets for me. That's where my style lay... my fon and my money need to be easy to get to and not fall out. You could just get some coveralls for when you go outside. I have some state prison neon orange ones. I didn't know that til I went to the bank in them. It makes you very popular with the criminals. They don't care how fat you are.
  2. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    I can't always avoid mirrors and what I look like. I really don't care if other people comment about my looks or not. But, I do have to come to terms with my size, especially now that it's a bigger size. I don't know how to love myself with my looks, and I know I have to find worth in other ways...but I still need to find a way to be comfortable and confident in my own skin...or I'll never leave the house.
  3. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Haha! I have plenty of "fat" jeans from my former big days, so I have plenty of chore clothes that fit to wear outside. It's going out in public that's a different story. I'll get there though.
  4. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    No updates here. I keep eating bad (gluten and sugar), so I have been putting off my blood draws. I've been eating clean now for a few days, so I think I'm going to go in tomorrow. I also have a saliva test for hormones and adrenals, plus a blood spot test for LH and FSH to do. I really need to get on it, so I can take the results to my doc appt. next week.

    I really hit rock bottom this weekend. I just didn't want to try anymore. I wanted to give up. I felt sorry for myself, hating the hand God had dealt me. I couldn't understand why other people have it so easy. Why they can eat what they want and not feel/look bad after. I keep reminding myself though that feeling sorry for myself is only reinforcing the depression, the bad eating, the who cares? attitude...and it needs to stop.

    I have serious goals that need addressing:

    1. Sleep all the way through the night.

    2. Get rid of the inflammation from my poor eating choices.

    3. Get my period back.

    4. Have babies one day.

    5. Become LS.
  5. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    I like one of Dr K's mottos (also one of Carolyn Myss's btw)... embrace paradox. When you're feeling sorry for yourself, get grateful. One of my favourite quotes is from Brother David Steindl Rast who says "In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy."

    He says it far better than I can (and I watch this regularly)....

  6. Mandy, I just took myself shopping and was texting pics to tennie leek..lol.. I need a shopping bud. But I was making myself nuts because I tried on a Lauren Conrad dress size 14! And it fit! Then put on Daisey Fountez jeans in a 6 and they were too big. So whats in a number?? Unless it's the winning lotto numbers who the F cares?! :)
  7. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    I'm keeping this video close by to watch. This is an important reminder. Time for me to get outside and smell the fresh air!
  8. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    It's part of my own brain re-wiring. Until it comes naturally for me to feel this way every day, I create practices so I don't forget. It helps.
  9. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    I woke up this morning with a temp of 101.4...yikes! I have a sore throat and a headache but not much else. Could my immune system be weak from eating crap foods in my recent binges? Could I finally be utilizing the t3 I'm taking, instead of it getting dumped into rt3 as Dr. K suspects? I didn't take my t3 this morning because I didn't want to elevate my temp further.

    Anybody have some natural cures for a fever?
  10. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Temp is down to 98.3. Not sure if I should take my t3 today....
  11. freshveggies

    freshveggies Silver

    I would. When you are healthy and have a good T3 level and get a temp, you can't lower your t3 because you body makes it.

    I would keep it steady.
  12. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Thanks! Part of me hopes that one day t3 will be completely unnecessary. Here's hoping...
  13. Sem

    Sem New Member

    Feel better! Get some rest.
  14. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Thanks, Sem. Temp is back up to 99.3. My head is pounding, throat sore, and I'm struggling to drink enough water. Taking it easy today, although I have a deadline at 5 pm for an article that NEEDS to get done. Trying to muster up some energy.
  15. freshveggies

    freshveggies Silver

    your in box is too full.
  16. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Sorry about that! I made some room... :)
  17. How ya feeling today lovey?
  18. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Much better. I was in bed by 9:30 pm and slept until 9:30 am this morning....my husband said I was so sweaty I soaked the sheets last night, but the fever has broke, thank goodness. If that wasn't a wake-up call to eat better and take care of myself, I don't know what is!
  19. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Day 2 Binge Free (wow, that sounds sad, but you gotta start somewhere!)

    I finally went to town and did my blood draw this morning. Working from home and living 15 miles out of town, I rarely make trips to town. I got out of my basketball shorts and t-shirt and put on real clothes to get my thyroid lab done. I'm going to wait until next week to do my saliva and blood spot test. Tomorrow, I have a speaking engagement in town for work, Saturday I have to go to a meeting with my husband and Sunday we are going to the lake, so they aren't typical days to test my cortisol levels. I will probably wait until Tuesday, so I'm good and recovered from all my running around this weekend.

    I tried on my bridesmaid dress for Aug. 4, and a couple of months ago, it was atleast 3 inches too big...now I can barely get it zipped. Talk about depressing, but I know I'm inflamed my from gluten binges recently, so if I eat clean (yet eat enough), I'm sure the damage will go away, and I will find a size that doesn't make me feel like a balloon.

    While I was in town, I stopped at the spa and did a $25 Derma Steam. It's not CT, but it really helps take away the bloating and extra water weight that I've been carrying from my binges. It's pretty affordable and super relaxing.

    My sister owns a clothing company, and she is having a photo shoot (complete with hair and makeup lady) tomorrow at my house. She has about 5 of us models to wear her clothes, and a professional photographer to capture all the outfits. It should be fun; I'm going to embrace my new size and try to feel confident in my skin.

    I'm cleaning house for the rest of the day and then helping my husband tin the barn roof later tonight.
  20. That sounds so cool! All of it ! The treatment and photoshoot. Igloos to see pics! And great attitude :)

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