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PaleoCowgirl Battles Hashis, Adrenal Fatigue, PCOS Binge Eating With CT/Keto-Paleo

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by PaleoCowgirl, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    - Breakfast w/ 50gm of protein Yes, 57.5 grams of chuck steak with 3 T CO.

    - Breakfast w/i 30m of rising No, 40 minutes

    - 5+ hrs between Breakfast and Lunch No lunch

    - 5+ hrs between Lunch and Dinner No dinner

    - Finished dinner by 7 No dinner

    - no snacking Check

    - 3.5+ hrs between dinner & bedtime

    - exposure to morning temp & sun
    Slept in and got right on computer, so I missed the morning sun. Going to go get some Vit. D this afternoon while staining my deck

    - Darkening the house at sunset
    I was still outside staining the deck when the sunset. I will do better tomorrow.

    -CT -
    I did a hot epsom salt bath and did the croak method of adding cold to the tub water. Then, I did 2 hours of spot-CT with compression shorts.

    - 100% primal, whole 30 diet (no PUFAS)

  2. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Just ordered l-glutamine to help reduce sugar cravings, too. Looking forward to seeing how that helps.
  3. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Also, if anyone is struggling with PCOS and disordered eating, I recommend checking out www.paleopepper.com. It's one of my favorite blogs on the topic and is extremely informative.
  4. allison09

    allison09 New Member

    Hey Cowgirl!

    I just started a journal on here too, and it seems like we've got some of the same issues going on. I'm also a binge eater and my main goal is to use the Leptin Rx to end that. And, I also binged yesterday and feel like total crap:( It's funny- here I am sipping on a mug of Smooth Move while reading that you did the same! I guess we both just want the bad stuff OUT. Ha, sorry. Hopefully you're not sensitive to bathroom talk :) Anyway, we can be detox buddies. Right now I'm so bloated I think I might pop. I hate this process!

    There are lots of people who offer great advice around here. I'm not really one of them yet, but hopefully I can get my butt in gear and be one of the success stories one day :) Good luck with the detox, stay strong!!
  5. allison09

    allison09 New Member

    PS- I love Paleo Pepper! She is such a great advocate for Paleo women, and women in general.
  6. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Yes, let's be detox buddies!!! I'm sorry you feel bloated and are struggling with binging, too. I'm not sensitive to bathroom talk; you're okay. ;) How about this for TMI -- I had to stop my husband from getting frisky with me because my stomach hurt to much to have him touch me! That was depressing. For someone who has struggled with libido issues for a long time, it's finally returning, and then I have to say no because I've binged? Sad...

    Anyway, the angry cysts/zits on my face are a good reminder that gluten and dairy are not my friends. I dropped 5.2 lbs. of inflammation from yesterday's steak day. Quelsen has told me I know how to reduce (that's not my problem), but now I need to focus on eating the right kinds of foods in the correct quantities. And, if a binge comes my way, I'm going to take paleo pepper's advice and binge on a head of cabbage instead of a piece of cake and ice cream. LOL!

    I'm really focusing on changing my mindset. I've also gotten rid of most non-paleo foods in my house. I was still accommodating to my husband, making him treats, but I believe having to look at these things day in and day out and say no everyday can be exhausting, so I will limit the mental mind games to when I'm out and about.

    - Breakfast w/ 50gm of protein Yes, 64.1 grams of ground beef (8 oz) with 1 T CO.

    - Breakfast w/i 30m of rising Yes

    - 5+ hrs between Breakfast and Lunch No lunch. I will be in town getting a back massage over lunch and will have an early dinner.

    - 5+ hrs between Lunch and Dinner Yep.

    - Finished dinner by 7 Done eating by 5:30 pm I ate over a lb. of bacon along with my pork burger. I wouldn't call it a binge, but I was definitely wanting more. If I would have had carbs in the house, I would have grabbed them. I was craving pumpkin puree and coconut cream oddly.

    - no snacking
    Check...the urge to snack on carbs and sugar really hits me in the evenings. It's like I feel like I will never get to eat again, so my brain tells me to buckle down and eat, eat, eat! I have that urge right now, so I'm going to go outside and do my cattle chores and hope for a nice distraction.

    - 3.5+ hrs between dinner & bedtime

    - exposure to morning temp & sun
    Didn't get outside again for morning light. Need to improve in this area.

    - Darkening the house at sunset
    Wore my blue blockers for the last hour I was up. I was sleeping by 11. I was still outside doing cattle stuff at sundown. I'm not sure how to get better at this, unless I totally ditch my husband with the work and get inside. Maybe I will wear the glasses outside. What a sight!

    -CT -
    spot-CT for 1 hour this morning

    - 100% primal, whole 30 diet (no PUFAS)
    Check, although my bacon had nitrates...so maybe not?

  7. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Just got back from a one-hour deep tissue massage...so relaxing. Going to spot CT and take a nap. I had some hunger pangs at about 10:30 am this morning, but I think it's the sugar cravings talking, not actual hunger. I ignored it and went to my appointment, ran some errands and plan on eating an early dinner of ground pork and CO.
  8. Sueville

    Sueville New Member

    Good Luck Paleo Cowgirl. Looks like you have a great plan of action and this journal will help keep you on track.
  9. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Thanks, Sueville. I hope so. I've learned a lot from reading other's journals and realizing that many of my issues are similar to what other people are struggling with, too...so I hope that people will weigh in and help me out as I go down this path of recovery. I'm come so far...too far to give up now, so I'm going to keep plugging along and see how it goes.

    BAB...fat and protein...CT...dark...sleepy....repeat
  10. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Breakfast w/ 50gm of protein Yes, 88 grams of ground pork and ground beef with 2 T of CO. I'm really amping up my BAB to see if it stops me from wanting to eat so much at dinner. I wouldn't call yesterday a binge, but I ate a TON of bacon on top of my dinner, so it was a lot of bulk and a lot of calories. I'm going to try to swap the trend and eat most of my food at breakfast.

    Breakfast w/i 30m of rising Yes, 20 minutes.

    5+ hrs between Breakfast and Lunch No lunch.

    5+ hrs between Lunch and Dinner

    Finished dinner by 7

    No snacking Check

    3.5+ hrs between dinner & bedtime

    Exposure to morning temp & sun
    Again, how do I incorporate this in while taking my supplements and readying BAB? I also oil pull at this time, as well. Maybe I should start cooking my BAB over an open fire outside, LOL!

    Darkening the house at sunset

    Spot CT (I wear an ice pack on my stomach that wraps around and velcros on. I also shove ice packs in my compression tights and in my sports bra. I'm quite a sight!

    100% primal, whole 30 diet (no PUFAS)
  11. Keep riding PaleoCowgirl!
  12. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Hi There :)

    I'm also wondering about why we would crave/overeat protein and fat. I understand the biochemistry behind the carb/everything binges but the wanting to overeat protein and fat just really mystifies me. It just doesn't make sense..... we're made to eat this stuff and it doesn't really "set off" anything in the brain that I know of that would lead to uncontrolled eating.

    I do this, too.... wanting to eat way too much protein and fat. It comes in phases, right now it's fat. Coconut oil in particular. Can't get enough of it. I buy bacon one pack at a time b/c I know I'll eat the whole darn thing in one day. It's a treat for every once in a while and I just plan on eating the whole thing in advance.

    I'd say if you can at all, don't worry about overeating the good stuff right now and just focus on staying on AI.... one thing at a time. And I know that's hard if you're afraid of gaining weight from it. But then... the other side of fear isn't so bad I'm finding out.... I'm really liking it actually. So maybe time to let go of some fear.
  13. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Yeah, I really need to dump my scale and my relationship with it. The bacon was a lot to eat, but you're right -- it didn't set off the crazy in the brain, I've got to eat more, more, more feeling that I get with carbs. Thanks for the reminder about AI. I was just pining away after a brownie recipe to take to the lake this weekend, but that would mean allowing eggs and almonds back in, and that, I cannot do.

    I usually plan out what I'm going to eat the day before, and I ate everything I planned to eat all day for breakfast this morning. Maybe I will add something else for dinner, maybe not. I'm not sure how dangerous fasting is for someone with an ED...but it was a lot of protein and fat, so the cravings should stay away.

    Sigh...sometimes I just wish I could be normal. Eat one gluten free treat without needing to eat the whole pan, and then not feeling guilty about that one bar and making my life miserable for days after to try to lose the weight.

    Souldanzer, what was a turning point for you? I read that you made a remarkably fast recovery this time around. What do you think was different this time?
  14. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Cute! Thanks, Jennifer! I read through parts of your journal and see TOM has returned for you! Congrats! I can't remember the last time I had TOM. I bet it was 2010. I got off birth control in Feb. and am hoping to see it's return soon. DO you think there was one element of your routine that helped you out? If so, care to share?

  15. LOL..we're thinking alike. Well, I've been on the elmination diet since June 2, so I've been eating really clean - no coffee, no alcohol, no caffienne, no eggs, no pork, no red meat, no dairy. This is all for my leaky gut. I added in sweet potatoes. And I eat a lot of salmon now. I stopped weighing myself except maybe once a week. I've stopped sweating the small stuff. Added the pregnelone, 7 keto, Phosphatidyl Choline and l-carnitine. I take a lot of fish oil. And the red clover which I read in Dr Lee's hormone book. He also suggested Vitex herb for ovulation but I never found that one so I didn't buy it. And I switched to armour thryoid and did some spot CT on carotids. Or maybe the estrodial has finally kicked in???
  16. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    Maybe there is no "normal" behavior when it comes to junk food like that. How many people can look at a pan of brownies and not want to eat until they're stuffed or beyond? I gave in to GF treats a few weeks back and one begat another and another. Once I finally got them out of my system (brain & body), I'm not craving them anymore.

  17. YES, dump the scale! I'm a lot happier now that I did. Of course, I gained and I'm not thrilled about that but I'm putting health first, so there you have it. I know that I've gained. My clothes can tell me that. Clothes are better than an actual number that you can use to berate yourself with.

    And this may sound crazy, but just give yourself permission to eat the whole pan. See what happens...I gave in to all my cravings for about 10 days solid. I stopped trying to stop myself. Stopped beating myself up. And yes, I gained and it was ugly for awhile but now I seem to be able to stop myself. There are things that I still eat a bigger portion of than my super-uptight personality wants me to eat! But I can pull the plug. Even so, I always did the BAB and ate my fat and protein. It's the nuts that get me, every time. OH and the muffin cups. I could eat a lot of those.

    I think another key is not to tell yourself anything that starts with "never" like "I can never have nuts again". At least for me, the more never something is, the more I want it. Set small goals. Like no bingeing this week. For some crazy reason, doing this elimination diet has been easy, even though I can't hardly eat anything. I think it's because I know it's just 28 days.

    Also, I think realizing that you are normal! As normal as I am!
  18. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Agreed. For awhile, I felt I was too strict, and I needed to cut myself some slack, so I experimented with g-free treats and loved them, but I also noticed that I craved sweets more...I need to focus on just eating real food.
  19. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Ha! That's alot! Well, I'm on the 7 keto, but I may have to look into the other stuff. I had read up on Vitex. I also see a lot of people have success using metmorfin for ovulating and eventually achieving pregnancy. I see my doctor again in mid-July, so I may take a list of supplements that I have read up on and see what she thinks. Thanks!
  20. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    I've tried that method...just eat...and sometimes it resulted in a drop on the scale...other times it lead to a binge of non-paleo foods. You're right about not saying "never;" it seems to restricting. I'm trying to do the whole30...one day at a time.

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