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Pablo´s Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Pablo, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    :love: :D

    You will be fine Pablo :)

    hier is a new podcast of Jack to the virus;

  2. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Inger I Love you marry me!!! Seriously, thanks, very happy to watch Jack on the corona, I was really waiting for this

    He says D above 60 you re safe. Haven t tested mine, It should ve been through the roof in autumn but I don t know how much of it is used or goes down in winter...

    Me, family and friends i contacted are all feeling good, we re eating like kings, no food supply problems but it is like a zombie movie lol,. Some people's emotions are through the roof (when we hear caughs or sneezes we're joking... I say "burn that person alive!!!", obviously among friends and with tons of empathy.. It s possible to do harsh jokes with empathy, I m learning the art lol)

    Allow me to take it with some humour. There will be tons of anecdotes.

    Obviously i m been very careful and want people to be well but I think we need afterwards to draw the lessons, when we overcome this. My main fear is that we don t get the message and people continúe living same way, stupid way... Even if the truth is harsh it s still the truth. Cowards go away from it and we shouldn't

    It picked my interest when Jack talked about getting plasma (is that just a part of the blood?) from someone who already had overcome the disease and injecting it to susceptible people (i didn t understand if he meant to people already with the virus or just inmune compromised people)

    I wouldn t mind getting diseased on purpose and helping people out there. I shared the video with some md students/residency friends but they usually are veeery closed minded

    Today i couldn t go to the beach or river again cause i risked big fines (I ll cold shower, Sun... at home).

    Take care black swans....Lets learn something here please!!!
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  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    YES!!!! ;) :) :)
  4. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Holly shit this is getting kinda wild. I went to the market and you could feel the tensión.I know jack did a q and a yesterday, in this moments i really envy members.

    I told a shop worker they were my heros. She laughed but noticed i was sincere. I think the shop is the only place where me and my family could get it. We use gloves and keep distance but we lack masks..

    I m listening to any possible suggestions you may have. I was thinking using some scarf or shirt around nose and mouth, but family said wasn t necessary... hmm

    Inger my mom is happy she gets rid of me. I want 10 kids!!!

    Joking aside... colateral damage from health and economic crisis will be "sexual crisis". People who are single will take a while in mating again. Yeahhh it is a minor thing i know!!!

    Take care, lets contend this shit. Mortality just reached 4% in Spain...'
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  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    oh my.. 10 kids...? I am too old!!! But can we adopt...? :D

    who knows.. Also the opposite can happen ;)
    In Germany all bordellos closed. Yeah. Maybe people will have lots of sex when they have nothing else to do...lol If I had a partner, I know I would! :whistle: :D
  6. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Oh no worries, we will just keep trying til we get them... that's the few times in life when just trying is better than the actual result lol.. I m all in for adoption,

    Yeah I m joking with friends about these lucky ones you say. We're wondering if this goes very long about how damm amazing it d be to skip the quarantine with a girl, hidding from police. Mmm... excitement through the roof
  7. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Overmasturbation will be a spanish pandemic i predict. Collateral effects will be big hand calluses.
  8. Teddyjones

    Teddyjones New Member

    Pablo I’m new to this forum and was searching for OMAD threads

    Are you still doing OMAD and if so when do you eat your one meal?

    I’m currently fasting for 20hrs plus and eating fruit and seafood between 2pm-5pm

    I’m also doing urine therapy in the 20hrs fasting as it is the only drink you can take that does not take you out of a fasted state
  9. Teddyjones

    Teddyjones New Member

    Here is my optimal health journey and as my father always said enjoy the journey not just the destination

    So I’m 42 and have lost a lot of weight to my now correct healthy BMI level

    I did this by OMAD and looping my orin. I read a brilliant book about omad Orin looping and it really helped me.

    This time of year I’m getting loads of sun, to the point that people always ask me have I been abroad because I’m so tanned.

    But I live in London for now, but with the Covid pandemic both myself and my wife have lost our jobs due to the crisis. Our government has given everyone a rent holiday so I don’t need to pay rent for three months, and the it’s said to be about nine months before you finally get evicted

    So when we do finally get evicted we plan to move south nearer the equator, maybe Malta or one of the islands off Spain. Or somewhere similar in Europe sort of area.

    Somewhere with no 5G and low pop density and somewhere I can have a little fishing boat:)
  10. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    I think best time to do it is early in the morning, according to Dr. K, via Leptin Rx style. I am doing 1 or 2 meals a day, if I do get hungry (I´m also a bit of an emotional eater) I´m not sure how to fit this OMAD with with exercese, if I´m honest… I tend to prefer exercising either fasted or with very empty stomach The urine stuff seems quite disgusting for me, but I do have seen some stuff about it, haven´t Delve deep there lol. Yeah, London must suck EMF wise, I´d focus on that move you are saying, after all this pandemic goes away…
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  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    This pandemic might have been started naturally,
    it has been taken over by communist/Maoists and other types of interests that mainly are after the total population control.
    It used to be:

    They want to convert it to
    Give me Liberty or give me $1200
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  12. Teddyjones

    Teddyjones New Member

    Eating your one meal a day in the morning doesn’t make sense to me. The best time to burn fat is after 20plus hours fasting, and the worst time is several hours after eating so in the evening is generally considered the best time for your omad
  13. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Just quick update. Don´t wanna be much now cause I´m frying myself in rural area. Just wanted to say I´m so happy that 5G awareness is getting huge thanks to London Real, David Icke, JFK, etc.

    Also that I totally understand when @Jack Kruse seems "harsh" to people, looks like and ungry guyy, talks about deleting people from his life and from social media, etc. I am feeling EXACTLY the same.

    I just watched this documentary on 5G and I think it is THE BEST EVER. Super good compilation of FACTS.

    It is all about risk perception. We feel this is our problem in our hearts and our guts, like an stomach ache. We try to worn people. They think we´re lunatic, 95% of them, but they giva back no satisfactory answers. It´s like if they were brain dead while still alive. It´s crazy, but we need to just take right action, isn´t ir our funcion? We need to detach a bit from those emotions of clinging to old friends and relationships I feel. And basically focus on people that listen, that don´t wanna avoid the PAIN OF THE FUCKING TRUTH.

    Like... this shit is lifechanging, really. It´s like fucking red pill in matrix. And vast majority will rather not take it, they prefer the blue.

    So... my take is... WE JUST NEED TO TAKE RIGHT ACTION. For ourselves and the small number of people that would listen or engage decently in an honest and real argument without deluding themselves. I think there can be happiness in this path. Not only that, I think that this is THE ONLY MEANINGFUL WAY afer "you know". There is not come back or ignoring what we know once we actually know, that´s my feeling.

    We may get all crazy and elevate our tone of voice to other people who are ignorant, but we do so out of a DEEPER LOVE. We know our consciousness, our minds, our perception of the world get srhinked if we don´t go this way, the less traveled way. We become less human, less conscious. I say this as a deep feeling, not just intelectual realization

    Who would have said that taking my first hair loss pill 8 years ago would take me here, at this very point. It´s crazy. But I´m feeling this sense of deep meaning I´ve never felt in my life.

    Literally I´m living in a different world, a different reality, but around people with whom I used to behave in a certain way. It´s funny just to watch everything. If you get caught up in the usual tunnel vision people have it should be dreadful. "Losing" relationships, getting away from people, having what looks like big conflicts and disagreements. But if you detatch a little bit (it´s difficult for me to use words for the experience) you can remain counscious deep inside, and there is this kind of joy /sustained subtle happiness that is there as the whole thing unfolds.

    Call it changing perspectives, for those less poetic. I prefer the poetic language though. You can see things emploding in your life that in the past would be "huge problems" wshile just focking smiling deep down. Being mocked, ridiculed, ignored, attacked... kindda doesn´t matter deep down. Occasionally you get drawn into unconsious reaction and it may matter like crazy, but then you come back to inner stillness and tranquility.

    Then, when your external conditions get stabilized again, you are good inside, but you feel you need more challenge. You go all in in the external worls (okey I may be loosing the few remaining people here lol) and shake stuff and push greater reactions, and get back attacks, etc. And train yourself into stillness again. And you get to a point that, while being totally fine with where and who you are... you don´t give a fuck, so you justy keep having fun playing with the world in a constructive manner, striving for more and more complexity, going for the best but really being ok with the worst. Ultimately you are fucking light, who cares. You become aware of that fact.

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  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Love your inner confessions Pablo. :) :)
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  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Hair loss pill screws your
    Steroid Hormone Panel.
    Sometimes permanently.

    can tell you a lot about your current status and how to re-adjust it.

  16. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    I know Jan thanks I got that a while ago but don t wanna use my little money on that now. Need to buy EMF meter (or repair my broken accousticom if possible) and i ll get silver membership this summer. Feel my hormones are much better but not perfect. Weird cause my libido and erections some weeks seem pretty good and others quite mediocre. I m good environment daytime and bad nighttime (high dirty electr: 0.6-0.7 V in the lowest spot i found, sleeping on the damm floor almost 3 months now). Sun making me feel amazing but Miss hardcore CT probably i ll be in city/town (250k i don t know how you call in english lol) and believe it or not i think is better environment cause of no dirty electr or obedient idiot family + tub and Freezer for CT. Ct going 8-10C was giving good boners.
    Last edited: May 23, 2020
  17. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Lol you love the inner stuff. Yeah instrospection is key i feel. We re so fuckedup even if "healthy" I feel
  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Weird cause my libido and erections some weeks seem pretty good and others quite mediocre.

    My guess is that your E2 may be marginal, or (E1 + E2).
    Or progesterone, E1 and E2
    Or progesterone, E1, E2 and DHT (a or b)
    Without testing (DUTCHtest.com) it will be hard to figure.
    But (if you are lucky) easy way may work.
    Try taking one full Aramidex=Anastrozole) pill, then wait, and see a few days to figure if it makes a difference.
    That would be about erections.

    Libido (being interested in sex or not).
    to high prolactin.
    Slow acting bromocriptine mesylate (Pardolel) may lower prolactin.
    Jack was talking about
    Cycloset----->fast acting bromocriptine mesylate
    That is a relatively new drug meant for diabetes
    that is for people that have high glucose.
    Carefully with Cycloset, indeed it lowers prolactin
    but you may get your glucose to low
    If you would ever try cycloset, have few pockets of easy melting sugar with you.

    If you would find that you have high prolactin,
    depending on how high
    but very high may indicate a pituitary tumor.
    So someone with very high prolactin should get pituitary MRI.
    But, I do not think that is your situation.


    Last edited: May 23, 2020
  19. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Jan I really appreciate your suggestions but I feel nature is the way for me. It has been working wonders, it just do so at its rythm. I still can do much better regarding all the natural practices, especially CT and fasting, among others.

    With limitless money okey, I´d do all the testing in the world. Don´t have that. Also testing is good if you know how to interpret. I don´t. But I´m confident with nature, sun, cold, exercise, fasting......

    Drugs... Actually I´m here cause of a drug/pill side effects. You´ll understand may be a bit reluctant to try stuff, especially regarding most of the drugs.

    Libido... I´ll say is high a fucking rabbit or monkey in procreation epoch. Now I´m back to civilization my eyes go automatically towards many women, I need to put willpower not to look too much as a ravisher lol

    Erections... I´m not porn star level/ teenager level, for sure, though I´ll get there. Haven´t tried sex for loong now so difficult to say!!But I masturbate pretty often. Some weeks every day, other weeks every other day or so. Sometimes I get orgasm quite quickly, as short as 5´up to 10´and dick is well hard. Others, (not that many, I should keep a "dick journal" to asses lol) I have this "whisky dick" and takes long to get into orgasm (15-20+ minutes) I don´t know, roughly speaking lol.

    Compare that frequency with years ago when I masturbated monthly or weekly us much. Other thing is I dont ejaculate everyday, I try to do weekly or so. Yeah I do this funny taoist techniques lol, generally just the manual cause it´s easier, but in future wanna get into this multiorgasmic machine. Also I saw some research about 1 ejaculation a week been perfect for hormonal status, and has been my experience. Also good to asses redox potential (viscosity, color and quantity). Good color, decent viscosity and not huge load but decent, certainly more than in past. I´ll meassure in ml and tell you. Lol.

    Also noticed that with CT erections temporarily tend to get VERY GOOD. CT is my way to go, where I need to get very good and consistent.

    I just tend to feel I´m heading in the right direction in my life, you know? This weird sensation.

    This summer I´ll try some sex and will tell you. I know right know I can have both decent sex or maybe it doesn´t get up. Depends. BUT I WAS TOTALLY IMPOTENT IN THE PAST, HOW IS THAT FOR A CHANGE?? I´ll just make sure when going to see girls I get hardcore CT (i had been all lockdown without the tub, so getting back, yesterday 35´ 11.5 celsius average and good bonner this morning)

    Funny enough, and I´m be interested into what´s the experience of other people here... THE MORE I DO JACK´S PRACTICES, THE MORE ATTRACTIVE I FEEL TO OTHER WOMEN, ESPECIALLY AFTER DOING CT. I´m average looking, good body, but average face you know, not supermodel. And i walk with shity clothing. Tim Ferriss describes this exact observation with ice baths... what´s your experience?? I mean, not every girl looks at me viciously of course.

    Here is my theory: I get this dead in the eye women looks (I interpret as sexual, though could be wrong) especially from women who are more socially sensitive. But that I mean women like waiters or working face to the public, in general. It´s weird. Are these women more tuned into the electromagnetic fields of other people, and feel mine? Are they more empathetic by having more or better wiring mirror neurons? Do the just get the pheromone stuff? Is it just normal in spring? I know it is normal in spring, but my observations tell me there is something more.

    I´ve talked with a few girls on social media, including my ex. After getting consistent CT (cople weeks) I´ll talk a bit more sexually open.

    Also have moderate stress levels from my studying and not that much time, as most in this hectic era. But I love girls lol. It´s just the energy of quite a lot of them is weird you know. I literally feel their brains are a bit EMF fucked, no joke. I love connecting with girls and people in general, but I feel many people are weird lol. Kindda with scattered attention, without their shit together emotionally. We most are nowadays, but the degree is the thing.

    Don´t you feel drained with some people you relate? Big time with my mom and brother. Especially with my brother, it´s like we live in two separate universes. Actually we do, don´t we? Our nervous system deciphers our reality. He´s like this zombie walking in the street with his phone, shitting with his phone, with this nervous, overreacting demeanor. I could make him upset so easily. In fact even I do without wanting to. ¿I do or he does to himself? A whimp you would call him in English?

    Anywayssss love you guys

    PD: tried nicotine gum the other day, for mental ability and memory. It worked, but don´t wanna get addicted. Need to push like crazy in this studying of mine for 6 months or so. I have great oppotunity. I am doing sunrises, sunsets, and all the stuff, but want to push the gas with safe supplements/food/practices

    Any suggestion? I read Jack talking both nicotine gum and methylene blue. The MB... where do you buy it? Is there just one kind? I saw one in amazon but didn´t have the guts to get it. The label looked kindda weird... it´s confussing.

    So what SAFE plants/nootropics would you recommend for brain function?? I´m thinking:
    -Nicotine gum (with good rest periods to evade addiction)
    -Methylene Blue: Learn what the heck this is, how to use, doses, etc...
    -Adaptogens: Rhodiola, Bacopa, Lion´s Mane have worked good in past.
  20. Pablo

    Pablo New Member


    I have zero money, zero btc, but... my parents do have some decent money/cash. Don´t know how much exactly, medium-high class. Couple houses, couple small premises and some cash, my guess is 100.000€ or so at least, still need to confirm. No debts. I sent a message to my dad saying he must get 1 bitcoin this month, that it may be the best decision of his life, or else he may get poor as fuck in the next years. I will see him in person next week.

    I also have an uncle who is quite wealthy, much more than my dad, whom I wanna get on board with BTC this month.

    I´m currently reading "The Price of Tomorrow" from Jeff Booth, many say it is the best financial book of 2020, he argues how the economy is going to massively crash (he wrote in January, before Corona), cause we´re trapped in an economic system based on debt and inflation, while the new accelerating natural trend is towards deflation, so the debt will never be paid. Very, very good read. Jack recommended some of his podcasts early this year, I´m sure he suscribes his book´s thesis. Important shit. Also learning from other guys like Saylor, btc documentaries, Real Vision/raoul paul, etc. There is a small btc shop/place in my town, I need to go there and learn.

    So... debt cannot be paid. To hide that truth central banks will keep printing money, hiding shot term the truth but debasing the currency like mad til it breaks. When is it gonna "break"? What is gonna happen??? I see hyperinflation and lost of purchasing power, but still don´t get the full picture... What will happen to things like real state, will they also devalue like mad?? Shit I need lo talk with people smarter than me asap. I see a massive problem but can´t appreciate the full picture/ramifications...

    My ideal objective is, this January 2021:

    1-- Learn how to buy and safely store the damm bitcoin. I am learning everyday about what is,etc. But I´m no a techie at all so it´s all weird. Need to get the details on the how to, safety, how to not lose or have stolen the code, etc...
    2- Understand also the legallities of btc. Here in Spain I heard you have to declare if you have them, etc. Also I wanna know about the taxes too.
    3- Get myself a 25.000€ loan and by my own bitcoin. Loan probably coming from my parents. I´m a freaking student still, but this year I could get a good income job if lucky. I have trust I can pay back that in 3 years or so. Potential gain is massive, losing all is recoverable with hard work. To much upside. If my family didn´t give me the loan my 2nd option would be to get it from a bank, which I still haven´t thought out...
    4- Get my parents to get their own bitcoin and my uncle to get several of them. He is freaking rich, I just need to get him (and myself) to understand to a great degree the damm system. I also have some family members/friends I would tell them afterwards.

    WISH ME LUCK!!!!. Freaking crazy times...

    This 2021 objectives (some):
    1- Learn about, get my bitcoin, and introduce the problem to family friends (asap, January)
    2- All year: CT like mad, become a freaking Wim Hof in deep CT, follow Jacks autoinmune protocol cause I got some eczema/psoriasis in elbow
    3- By summer: Get my public "secure" job. Then begin making some money with that or elsehow. The exam is hard, not sure if I´ll get it, but keep pushing it til I get it and/or get other jobs if I don´t. Make freaking money however I can, just not destroy mi health (not nights/huge emf)
    4- Leave parents home. Become freaking independent.

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