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Pablo´s Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Pablo, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    No´I don´t have a dirty electricity meter, just RF meter. I need to buy, though I´m not working and don´t have that much money to spend. Yeah, I have printed many papers and tried to explain, etc, but some people (many people) just won´t care until they get a big diagnosis or feel like absolute shit, it probably is human nature. Did you care about all these things without/ before having health problems? I didn´t and most people don´t. But yeah, I agree showing the numbers/crazy sounds in a meter may make more impact.

    Yeah, it´s good idea the remote kill switch, though I´ve seen videos about dirty electricity getting worse by just switching off some rooms. I´d need to meassure. I probably would need a body voltage meter too to see the effect on my body, and what distance from the wall would do the trick, don´t I?

    Anyways, I feel drawn towards the tent cause I wanted to ground safely all night long too, which I think it´d be pretty amazing. I want to experience that at least for a week, and compare.

    Yeah, cause of neighbors maybe and cause of extended family most probably I´d say. Cause of the fucking "what would other people say/think" that most humans are so absurdly concerned about. Not absurdly, I get that we are social creatures and all that stuff. But truth is too many times most people are even more ignorant and stupid than us at least in some areas where we have some knowledge, and we don´t see it. Maybe also cause if I´m right about all the things I´m doing they are dead wrong in how they conduct their lifes, all this identity protection that we humans tend to be obssesed with. If they don´t call me crazy they admit they are crazy themselves. Shouldn´t be that way, we could just recognize we have different values, perspectives and objectives and live with our differences..I think

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