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Pablo´s Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Pablo, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    No´I don´t have a dirty electricity meter, just RF meter. I need to buy, though I´m not working and don´t have that much money to spend. Yeah, I have printed many papers and tried to explain, etc, but some people (many people) just won´t care until they get a big diagnosis or feel like absolute shit, it probably is human nature. Did you care about all these things without/ before having health problems? I didn´t and most people don´t. But yeah, I agree showing the numbers/crazy sounds in a meter may make more impact.

    Yeah, it´s good idea the remote kill switch, though I´ve seen videos about dirty electricity getting worse by just switching off some rooms. I´d need to meassure. I probably would need a body voltage meter too to see the effect on my body, and what distance from the wall would do the trick, don´t I?

    Anyways, I feel drawn towards the tent cause I wanted to ground safely all night long too, which I think it´d be pretty amazing. I want to experience that at least for a week, and compare.

    Yeah, cause of neighbors maybe and cause of extended family most probably I´d say. Cause of the fucking "what would other people say/think" that most humans are so absurdly concerned about. Not absurdly, I get that we are social creatures and all that stuff. But truth is too many times most people are even more ignorant and stupid than us at least in some areas where we have some knowledge, and we don´t see it. Maybe also cause if I´m right about all the things I´m doing they are dead wrong in how they conduct their lifes, all this identity protection that we humans tend to be obssesed with. If they don´t call me crazy they admit they are crazy themselves. Shouldn´t be that way, we could just recognize we have different values, perspectives and objectives and live with our differences..I think
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  2. JPB

    JPB New Member

    Hey Pablo long time no speak, how are you travelling these days with your PFS?
  3. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    I think this is it. The principles and practices Jack has laid out I really feel are key for our condition. I am better, much better, though probably you know this is very tricky in our case. There are ups and downs so we have to analyse your progress. Am I 100% recovered? Nope, but I know this is the way. I think our PFS is a fucking prove of god, nature, or whatever you believe in of patience, consistency and long term commitment for constant improvement. Not sexy at all, yeah, but I truly think so. Easy to get bored, to think it isn´t working, you know. But I think we can learn a ton about ourselves if we use this as an oppotunity for sef awareness. I think it is paramount to be aware of our mental chatter (usually negative) and emotions. I think it is... transformative.

    I am generally feeling best ever in my live. Only symptom remaining I can attest is my erection hardness is not where I want it yet. BUT.... BIG BUT... when I do CT consistently I do get pretty good hardness!! When I miss several CT days I notice it clearly declines. So, if I know I ´m gonna meet a girl,

    As you told me, you felt cold was key for us. I do think so... absolutely. Today, even though I only had 6 hours of sleep, with just a brief 20´10C bath I woke with pretty big ass erection. This mont I´ll CT a fucking lot. I´m in a very peculiar situation cause I´m studying like fucking mad to get a public job here (Spain, in order to live in low pop), so there´s stress and little time, though I can study outdoors all day, provided weather allows (very windy and cold doesn´t allow me to concentrate really).

    I´m still confused about things though. Cold is amazing... but what do you think about the Sun, and grounding? I feel very good, it really improves my mood but I feel FAR from what I get from cold. @Sean Waters told me he thinks the Sun seems to work more in a long term fashion and the cold is much more immediate but the benefits go away quickly if you´re not consistent. It is my experience.

    I´m living 4 days a week in town and 3 in village with low pop. I bough a 40€ tent and have slept 3-4 nights when in village with a grounding mat under my ass. I felt good, but its still early to say. I´ve just ordered a body voltage meter to test grounding and dirty electricity in my body (this one I´m not sure if it does...is dirty electricity = to electric fields?). Or to test something with it, shit I don´t know what lol.

    Mmm... what else... yeah from @Inger ´s journal I´ve tried "inclined bed therapy" a few times (slept pretty good and erection was kind of good with it, but early to say too) and the stuff about introspection. I feel it is absolutely key this "choiceless awareness" stuff. There is so much mental and emotional shit inside us. Well, in me (I just guess in others too). I thought I had my shit together and discovered the contrary, that I was a total pussy. I have ton of fear... of different things, you know. But I´ve noticed something radically changes when you observe/feel whatever there is inside you without escaping. Difficult as fuck, I´d say more than CT when you really have episodes of fear, loneliness, etc. It is kind of all this meditation of spiritual stuff. It does have a huge phisiological response in my experience. Formal meditation / breath awareness /mindfulness is good but I feel the key is tuning in to you sensations throughout your day, especially in your reationships with people.

    Sex? I haven´t even tried for several months... don´t make me count them! hehe ;) . I was meeting a girl but she was kind of puritan you know. She was even not open to kissing in public, and she was "energy vampiring" me. She was hot but you felt exhausted being with her, kind of this low dopamine person that you need to be super careful with what you say in case she misinterprets, etc. So no good vibes and no sex. Sexless winter, and I really haven´t had time to flirt or just even being social you know, this studying has being crazy. But I am open to it and soon I´ll start hitting on girls. It is great...I love just even the flirting, this energy sharing...mmm. And I wanna test the machinery to see how it works. It could fail, but I bet with crazy CT beforehand it could be good. Spring is good for procreation, we´ll see. After all this we may be able yo appreciate sex so much more than the average Joe.

    Just some disorganized thoughts... In essence, I´m feeling good and going for the better. I´ve read you are doing better too, I´m glad man. If you wanna talk whatever pm me or even if you are up to skype. I´m not using that much tech but for this it is well worth it.

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  4. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    By the way, I just reached out last month to Azin, this woman living in Stockholm I met in Polish Summit. And... she is doing ... 35´at 3 celsius!!!! Deep CT, and I don´t think she has long being doing CT. Holly shit. Either she is Wim Hof´s cousin or I need to step my CT game
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  5. Pablo

    Pablo New Member


    I just googled this, I knew it had to exist. It´d be an epic hack to get this and meassure with different variables (with/ without CT, more or less stressed/sun/emf, etc). I probably won´t do it just now cause possible bad EMF´s from it. Only reason

    "Why Is Androerectest Good Choice?
    There are many reasons why Androerectest is good erectile health monitor.

    • It is perfectly safe and easy to use
    • It is based on the DIR Rigidometers which is used by professionals worldwide
    • It measures axial rigidity, the best indicator for erection quality
    • It provides objective and quantifiable unit of measurement (grams of axial rigidity)
    • Various scientific studies show it to give accurate and reliable readings
    • The seller, Andromedical, is a reputable international manufacturer of medical male enhancement products
    • It allows you to measure your erectile health in the privacy of your own home on regular basis
    • It helps you to identify erection problems before they become too serious
    • It can help you to detect various other illnesses early on
    • It is affordable and the price is very competitive
    • It comes with 2 year guarantee"
  6. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    A few recent doubts:

    • UV Blacklights...are they ok for nighttime without blueblockers? I think in Vermont 2017 Jack said they didn´t disrupt melatonin so they´d be ok basically anytime but need to check. Being LED´s I´d bet even if the frequency is benign too much exposure to its flicker it is not.
    • Grounding: Is it ok to use an earthing mat when there is dirty electricity around? I think connecting it to the socket is not wise, but I am talking about connecting it directly to the garden, next to the spinaches (I´m doing it when I can turn the breaker off, but I am wondering about doing it when I can´t turn it off). My body voltage meter does point out a significant decrease of voltage in my body, don´t know if that makes things slightly better. Is there a risk for jump conduction?
  7. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Does UV light exist in nature during and after sunset?
  8. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    1-CT: I´ve hit 2 new CT records, 45´at 11ºC in my tub and 28´swimming in a 8º C river. Is it easier to stay longer while swimming/moving or by standing still? I´d say the former but not sure.

    I´d love to reach 1h at 8ºC... This last two times I felt something different, I felt some kind of peace/bliss while in the cold. I´m seeing hadrcore cold adaptation as something very much within reach. The pitty is that probably the river and sea will begin getting hotter. I need to make the most of next 2-3 months. I´m thinking about getting a chest freezer for summer...

    2-Fasting, emotional eating and money: I wanted to do some long fasting but I´m such an emotional eater that I find it difficult to do more than 24h /OMAD while in somewhat stressed moments. I ´m having a good deal of mostly self-imposed pressure with my studying. Somedays it gets pretty damm crazy (I shout and scream and swear cause I don´t remember the fucking laws, lol, they just won´t get into my head fast enough).

    This year, hopefully after summer, I will be taking an exam to get a job in order to work in councils, giving legal advice, of small towns all around Spain... Chances are I will not get it (this year, next one chances would be higher), but hell, who knows. Next year I could go from having no job and living with my parents, financially dependent, to having a well paid job for the rest of my life, with possiblity to choose to a good degree where i´d work and live in this country (I still dream with the Canaries even tough I have never visited them).

    3- Spiritual, woo woo stuff: Ok, this is no bullshiting. Has anyone of you read "The Power of Now", by Eckhart Tolle. He talks about "feeling you inner body", and that when you do that constantly, you don´t get drawn away by other´s people emotiona shit (their "pain bodies" I think he calles it). I say this abso-fucking-lutely works. I´ve tried repeteadly with my mom lately, and also bith my bro. They are not bad people, but they do have shity emotional states from my view. People that can make you change your emotional states when you are with them... if you let them. I think it is a good and super useful introspection technique this one.

    Whe know for different research such as that done from HeartMath that people´s magnetic fields interact and affect each others. I say that by doing this "feeling you inner body" you are somehow choosing your emotional frequency and not letting other´s affect you (I´m not sure how it all happens, but the feeling is unquestionable for me).

    4-People: Even with my partially monastic life (ciarcadian and studying wise) I still maintain friends and people I can call, be with them, etc. I enjoy being with people but sometimes I feel with many people something is off, something is missing. I´m not sure what, it may be them having the attention span of a fucking snail, or being overly emotionally reactive. Or it may be me. Do you know when you get in that "flow state" with people that it feels absolutely amazing, that sense of "awe" Jack talked about? Your mind kind of switches to another level of consciousness.

    I also miss some sort of open and vulnerable sharing, without masking all the inner shit. It is like, come on, I know I have so much inner shit, and you have it too... lets not mask it anymore. I think people are just not looking inside and total puppets reacting to their minds, to their "programs". True story

    5- Consciousness: It is the ultimate game isn´t it? How do we control/direct/change our consiocusness, our perceptions, our attention, our thoughts? It is talked by Jack, but I´m still not sure how. I guess there are 2 ways (if you consider them separate things) from the environment in (doing all the things talked about in this site) and fron the "mind-out" (Lipton/ mindfulness/awareness stuff), and they go together.

    I´m really trying to be aware of my constant patterns of thoughts and emotions, and kind of disassociate from them. Cool stuff I want to delve deeper.

    6-Books: In my little free time I like to read. I have been reading several books at a time.
    • "Deep work" from Cal Newport (about the value of constant uninterrupted attention in intellectual tasks/jobs)
    • "Making Waves" from Jason Bawden (from this community, very cool guy I had the pleasure to meet in Polish Summit, who is a millionaire and talks about how to consciously make money in this world by doing good and not being a motherfucker jackass)
    • "Reflexions about the Self" from Krishnamurti, with selected talks about the ego, etc. All this inner stuff
    • Another book from an Spanish memory champion talking about studying and memory techniques
    • Paulo Coehlo´s warrior of the light´s manual. Pretty damm inspiring and not intelectually exhausting to read, just what I need right now (sorry but I´ve parked for a while Jack´s blogs and Becker´s Body Electric). They are good for other moment/phase of my life.
    I´m thinking about getting Dan Millman´s "way of the peacefull warrior". Feel free to write about any books, experiences, or just random thoughts!!!
  9. Pablo

    Pablo New Member


    Some cool info I foung in the EMF Warriors library about the woo woo stuff. By "feeling our inner body" we loose less light to our environment, be it other people, be it nnEMF´s. Our attitude also has an effect. The irony is that by knowing that EMF´s are bad I think it also changes our attitude automatically and increases out fear response, and so funny enough the nnEMF´s may be even worse for a person that knows this stuff than to the ignorant. How do weescape this mental trap, this paradox? I´d say with moment to moment awareness and all this inner work, by trascending the mind if you will.

    AND, I do think that this mind stuff works up to a point. You probably can only be inmune to toxic people and toxic EMF environment up to a point. You can heal faster with your mind but if they chop your head no yogi mantra is gonna safe you. You may be able to "believe away" 3 and 4 G, but not 5G, to put a random example.

    Anyways, feel free to say if I´m way off in my thinking
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  10. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    As far as I know not, but check this at the 2h 4´when Jack says: "In 12 years I have not yet found a biological toll to UVA light at night"
  11. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    I recently discovered these guys. Tell me your skin doesn´t vibrate with this. Been all afternoon grounding and sunning in a very low EMF park in town and right now I´m listening this guys before jumping into and ice bath. I feel high as fuck, I´ve been dancing like a crazy monkey around. Life feels good. Damm this music must deplete deuterium or stg lol.

    Did a new PR the other day with 37´ at 9C river. 25-30´feels perfect but wanna push. 1 hour is my goal. I got slightly sick for 3-4 days (just some sneezing, I hadn´t been since a year ago), so I stopped and I´m coming back

    I wanna do some multiple day fasting but I´m such an emotional eater. Lets see how I tackle it,

    I need to hack dirty electricity, it may have been my biggest mistake for the last year.
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  12. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    I´m realizing stuff in a way I hadn´t before. In my life I tend to prefer being alone (even many times feeling lonely, pretty damm lonely) than being with other people, relating with them. I tend to feel drained in a big way relating to others, in this emotional exchange that occurs in every interaction. It depends on the other person and also in my emotional state/ awareness in the moment, but people I used to enjoy more it is like... something in missing there. It is difficult to explain, but it feels exactly what Jack says about your dopamine improving and you separating from people.

    Am I an "energy/emotional vampire" to people with higher dopamine than me? If the rule is just that simple... yeah. Damm it!!

    But I still like being with other people, it is in our nature to crave it. With the ones that I click I can have some hilarious moments. I´d say some people can have lower dopamine or... I don´t know how to call it, lets say "less energy" but they don´t try to steal it from you, so we still can elevate both ourselves (isn´t it the purpose of any interaction?) and others totally try to ump up their emotional state from yours (I´d say this is where awareness/being present kicks in.)

    If I´m aware of my inner state /present maybe, even if I feel like shit inside, I can not tranfer you my emotional shit and end up this crazy stealing of energies.

    I´m still figuring out this stuff... but it is real, no BS
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  13. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    All this cause my family says I don´t talk to them. I do talk to them, but pretty little, or I kind of choose the occasions more. To my brother the absolutely neccesary, to my mom a bit more but not much, and a little more to my father.

    It may seem harsh but my soul makes me behave this way. I hope them the best, love them and appreciate. They´re good people, but it is not about being "good".

    Last week I made my best attempt to explain it to my father, not sure he got it. I sent him this big email about videos and studies on how tech use modifies behaviour, psychologist talking about it, etc. I told him I dindn´t enjoy my brother. I gave several arguments, one of them was asking him... "would you be friends with a drug addict?" A drug addict can and many times will be a "good person" I think this was a perfect way to explain the situation (I also sent videos about how their lifestyles lower their dopamine). My brother is addicted to tech, uses all day computers, takes his phone even to take a shit, and walks looking at it, etc. He his a good person with good intentions but... his behaviors dictated by his neurotransmitters are shit, and we know that with mirror neurons and that stuff we humans tend to mimic emotional states of other people we interact. It´s subtle but I think it is universal.

    I don´t think he got it. It is difficult to see what your emotional state makes you blinded to. Makes me wonder how many things and realities I am blinded to right now, that may be totally in front of my eyes. Wow....
  14. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    I also lately have come to appreciate a bit better Jack´s way of behaving and sharing his info. It can seem kinda harsh and fear mongering to quite a few people. Even to me it felt so, admittedly. I wanted him to share stuff in another way.

    I realized it is the same way my family want me right now to behave. Kinda in a more tactful way cause they emotionally react so much more than me, generally.

    So... is it all about perception, dictated by your hormonal state? (I wanna get away from the deterministic and mechanistic viepoint of reality, which I think I can do just by saying that we can improve dopamine levels trough things like meditation, and from "the inside out", changing our perspective, etc)

    Someone I can consider honest, other can consider a motherfucker without any emotional intelligence and tact, and someone other person may view as a loving person, I may experience as a total emotional reactive and anxious person...

    Last edited: Mar 5, 2020
  15. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member


    I don't understand all the science, :confused: well OK any of it …:rofl: but there's several mentions of UV such as on the page numbered 644. "UV light induced inactivation is caused by photo destruction of amino acid residues of the protein globule (first and foremost, tryptophan and cysteine residues) ..." It was intuitive before I found this paper, but I don't use UV black lights after sunset. Now my question is: although UV may not inactivate melatonin, is it inactivating or activating something else it shouldn't be after sunset ….? :confused:
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  16. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    You seem to know quite a good deal!!! Very helpful. Mmm.... ok so things aren´t pacific regarding UV Blacklights in this community if I understand correctly. I´ve used it many nights without the glasses and I seem to sleep quite good. For sure I sleep better with that than the times (very very seldom) when I get blue light, which is more noticeable.

    So... it looks it could be doing "some weird stuff" to our bodies aside from melatonin suppresion. My next option is using incandescent + bblockers. Also thinking about getting "safe" candles. Safe in the sense that one aunt of mine almost burned her house several times cause candles falling off, so need to prevent that.

    Best light options after dusk/ generally indoors (current understanding)

    1- Candles/ fires (though the other day I heard Jack saying infrared could disrupt melatonin... true story??) Shit!!! So no lights... or not getting infrared directly in our bodies? e.g. having the candles or fire with skin covered... and the glasses too?

    2-Incandescent (better red/ amber, which I need to find) + bblockers, especially if not red bulbs

    3- UV Blacklights without the glasses vs. shitty LED´s or fluorescent with the glasses? (probably both good to avoid I´d bet...) Here one thing I don´t get is... what about the damm flicker?? Even with the glasses it affects our SNC and is bad, especially at night?

    For every answer I get 3 new questions!!!! lol
  17. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Its easy to get caught up in it being people with low dopamine who are making poor decisions, but what was harder for me was realising I can make poor decisions based on too high dopamine too. :)
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  18. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Mmm damm this stuff is complicated lol. There´s no end... Jesus... Shit I don´t wanna get into this nihilism... What´s even a good or a bad decision, to begin with?? Honestly I am really bought with the way people here tend to look at life (more longer term and sustained happiness rather than getting crazy highs which then come lower and lower, below the mind rather than above it)

    But it is difficult to convince logically to someone that´s the way to go. Like I even occasionally think... is it really "bad" to get that high, be it from social media, from alcohol, from porn, and so on...? Having a long term vision yeah, it is good to chase "healthier highs".. but I really don´t know.

    We could get into this meaning of life rabbit hole which gets pretty crazy lol. I need to get again with my private journal to get some clarity lol (and I don´t think that gets away just by improving redox. I think BOTH are necesary. Will tell you when I get crazy redox if I was wrong)

    Alan Watts makes me feel good. When I was in darker moments made me feel pretty damm good.

    Sometimes I like to make fucked up decisions on purpose, to stop that monkey mind. I love it. Perfectionism is fucked up. It is impossible to make 100% good decisions, we act and readjust. Some people call it making bad decisions, others being silly... others fucking learning or living. :)

    Pd: As I am posting this I´m seeing clearly it is better the long term stuff. So damm much, Fuck EMF´s
  19. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    It depends on how it plays out of course, but in a way its like saying someone being drunk led to exchanges in a relationship that wouldn't have happened if he/she was sober. A series of dopamine highs could lead to exchanges in relationships that might not happen with healthier dopamine responses. If those caught in the ripples of the behaviour, have, or develop, better dopamine responses or self esteem, at what point do they walk away?

    I'm going to be a bit controversial here, but I'll risk it ….:D The probability of convincing anyone logically that my lifestyle is the way to go is pretty minimal if what I mirror is lack of control over dopamine. And even if I did convince them, they don't share my context, my age or the fact that my children are now adult, I'm not worrying about how to afford to put food on the table etc.

    When the dopamine receptors get downregulated so that it takes more and more times looking at the blue lit screen to get a dopamine hit, is there a difference at the dopamine receptor level between that and staying outside all day and having a constant dopamine high from chronic high UV? I suspect mother nature would start downregulating the receptors to get an animal to do something else …..Breed, migrate, find food …. Whether its something "healthy" or "unhealthy", if my receptors get swamped for a dopamine high, it can change my behaviour as much as a low dopamine behaviour, but whether it is "bad" could depend on the consequences. :)
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  20. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Okey here we are, all quarantined in Spain. I had really not been following the news at all (I think it is good to get distance from them generally) and suddenly we are closing all commerces unless basic needs. I just has left the city so I m pretty good in village with garden and nature around. I' m not really super paranoic like some, but somewhat confused and imterested to know... what the hell is this virus and hey is this happening? Will i get it and if so how will it affect me? Many say we'll all get it. I don t think it will do much to me cause of what I do, kinda like a little flu.
    My ignorant understanding from some kruse's comments is that it originated and spread cause of shitty inmune systems cause of poor redox, cause of nnemf, polution, indoor lifestyles and shitty vit D. It d make sense, I d Love to see more of jack s comments on this.

    In the meantime I ll keep doing three leeged stool as best i can. I ll let you know. I think I m a beast for this little virus but who knows... if i die remember i deeply Loved you all.lol

    (Vit d winter is about to finish here so i m eager to get some d!!)

    I may not get here much cause Internet is shit ( low signal no ethernet)so don t wanna blast with emf. Take care black swans!! We'll do it!!!

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