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Pablo´s Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Pablo, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Many many variables.
    Dr Jonathan Wright already manipulated some.

    Fatty acids (that you can test easily)(there are other).

    Octanoic Acid, C8:0
    Decenoic Acid, C10:1
    Decanoic Acid, C10:0 (capric acid)
    Lauric Acid, C12:0
    Lauroleic Acid, C12:1

    Tetradecadienoic Acid, C14:2
    Myristoleic Acid, C14:1
    Myristic Acid, C14:0

    Hexadecadienoic Acid, C16:2
    Hexadecenoic Acid, C16:1w9
    Palmitoleic Acid, C16:1w7
    Palmitic Acid, C16:0
    g-Linolenic Acid, C18:3w6
    a-Linolenic Acid, C18:3w3

    Linoleic Acid, C18:2w6
    Oleic Acid, C18:1w9
    Vaccenic Acid, C18:1w7
    Stearic Acid, C18:0
    EPA, C20:5w3
    Arachidonic Acid, C20:4w6
    Mead Acid, C20:3w9
    h-g-Linolenic Acid, C20:3w6
    Arachidic Acid, C20:0
    DHA, C22:6w3
    DPA, C22:5w6
    DPA, C22:5w3
    DTA, C22:4w6
    Docosenoic Acid, C22:1
    Docosanoic Acid, C22:0
    Nervonic Acid, C24:1w9
    Tetracosanoic Acid, C24:0
    Hexacosenoic Acid, C26:1
    Hexacosanoic Acid, C26:0
    Pristanic Acid, C15:0(CH3)4
    Phytanic Acid, C16:0(CH3)4
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  3. JPB

    JPB New Member

    If I take say a 5ar inhibitor I can feel better yeah for sure. If i take something which can increase 5ar activity (like creatine) it makes me worse. This is pretty common in PFS, the optimizing T/DHT approach doesn't work in PFS in my research and often makes guys worse. Alot of the things guys do in order to optimize T/DHT, are having other beneficial effects on the body, so it may not be directly the increase of T/DHT which help guys recover. Anyway just food for thought.
  4. JPB

    JPB New Member

    Hey Pablo this is a quote from the Post Finasteride Syndrome Foundation:

    'A group of Italian researchers gave finasteride to rats and noticed that the number of androgen receptors in their brains went up. Moreover, the effects persisted long after the drug had been discontinued… [T]hey then called in men with PFS, took skin from the penis and found that the density of androgen receptors in men with PFS was about twice that of those without. Now, remember the idea of the testosterone bell curve and damping effects (little testosterone, little growth, more testosterone, more growth, even more testosterone, reduced growth)? I think this is what we are seeing here. With a greater concentration of receptors, the organ becomes more sensitive to testosterone and at a certain point, paradoxically, that sensitivity may shut down.

    — Charles J. Ryan, M.D., Distinguished Professor of Clinical Medicine and Urology at the University of California, San Francisco'
  5. JPB

    JPB New Member

    But fortunately I find Sun in the AM and PM, along with cold is helping. I did a acouple of ice baths for about an hour each. And the effect has been pretty powerful, towards the end I start to feel euphoric, I start to feel again. PFS for me has cause extreme anhedonia the cold is helping with that. As well as sauna use. The androgen receptor is regulated by sirt1, along with HDAC enzymes.


    'The AR acetylation site is a key target of NAD-dependent and TSA-dependent histone deacetylases [27] and long non coding RNA.[28]' 'NAD dependent histone deacetylase' is referring to sirt1.

    And as I understand it cold can powerfully activate sirt1.
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  6. Pablo

    Pablo New Member


    To be honest, I get quite unconfortable reading all these technical terms (NAD, TSA, sirt1... etc, since I have no idea what most of those terms). However, I am super interested and I wanna have a decent base in biology, chemistry and physics, but I have to admit that I´m totally ignorant. Next months I wanna learn and get at least a superficial understanding of these mechanisms... Recently I finished Epi-Paleo RX and I even understood some things!1 lOL, last year I had read a bit and I just had my head hurting. I also read Going Somewhere. Next al khalili´s Life on the Edge. It is funny how I am super interested right now for these things, compared to my high school years in which I hated biology...
    I´m going for some sea swimming and beach walking, see you!!!
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  7. JPB

    JPB New Member

    Enjoy the beach!
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