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Pablo´s Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Pablo, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Wow thank you so much for both of your answers!! I´m sorry I can´t elaborate much mine, I´m leaving right now for a week or so to the village, super low EMF´s (no internet too)!

    @drezy Yeah morning wood came today and yesterday... I don´t really keep a diary about it (I may begin doing it hehe), but I would say 5 days a week or so, occasionally (lets say 2 a week) I don´t get it. The thing is it doesn´t stay there much time, lets say it needs lots of stimulation. That´s why I think in sex I have troubles... If I´m solo I´m able to orgasm but with the girl, the moment I stop having stimulation for a very short while...down.

    @JanSz Regarding the girl, I had been meeting her for a few months. Nah, she´s a nice girl, she wanted to continue meeting but I said I didn´t want to, egoistically for myself... Even she once told me sometimes you gotta be egoistic, such as JK´s says. I´ll focus on myself next months, lets minimize distractions, then we´ll see.. Funny thing, when I was a teenager I had no opportunities with girls. Now I have.. I´d say a good amount of oppotunities (not that I´m handsome at all haha, I´m just bolder socially I´d say... Funny situation).

    I´ll try to understand how to do that Jansz, I purchased a while ago this DHT manual http://anabolicapex.com/2016/05/23/anabolic-apex-dht-manual/. It´s basically a compilation of studies about what practices raise DHT and also other hormones such as DHEA, DHEA-S, T, etc. I know it may be a bit reductionist, but it may help. Who knew that, for instance, eating garlic and onion raises DHT, but lycopene and rosemary strongly inhibit it? Things like that that I´ll add to Jack´s protocols.

    UV light is pretty weak now. I think there is no UV-B. Would it be wise to do some trips to the mountains for sun collection?. I´m thinking to go these months maybe 1-2 days a week to 900-1000 metres mountains, would that be significantly good? Would it be much better to, lets say, go 10 days to Canary Islands? I assume the latter would be better, but is much less convenient money wise (could try to push it if really needed though).

    Water... I realised I don´t know much. I did read Pollacks 4th phase, but I need to know more about the specifics. Here it is not fluoridated, but it is chlorinated. I mostly drink tap water, how bad is it? What would be the best alternatives? I´ve occasionally bought bottled water, but I´m not even sure if it´s better. Most bottles I found are from plastic, I don´t know.. for example Evian or Pellegrino in plastic bottles would be better than tap? Should I get a carbon filter? My head spins a bit about this... If you could point me to some blogs or books about this would be super grateful!!! I heard Mercola saying that the book "Dancing with water" was better than Pollacks for practical applications.

    Grounding... I just bought a "heel shoe strap" (or something with a similar name..haha). I´m confindent having long walks in the forest with that plus grounding on the beach and the garden when I´m in the village will be good. I was considering other earthing devices for sleep. I know they may be dangerous in moderate-high EMF environments. I was thinkink about an earthing sheet/blanket connected to the ground next to my room. I would pass the cable down through the balcony door and into the orchard, next to the lettuces haha. I´m assuming that would be helpful in super low EMF and dangerous otherwise, correct? I´ll spend next months 30-40% days without other dum technocrazy humans around, so I was thinking in using this for those days, during the night with the circuit breakers off.

    In the end I wrote more than I expected!! I´m leaving, to my village, or else it will get dark in the road. I don´t know what I wrote here makes much sense...thanks again!!!
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Get DUTCH test.
    See the part I posted above.

  3. JPB

    JPB New Member

    Hey Pablo, I'm trying to recover from Post Finasteride myself. Myself and a few others online, as well as some researchers I believe are pretty certain we know what is wrong in PFS. It pretty much comes down to the Androgen receptor, there have studies done which have pretty much found that the AR is astronomically over-expressed (particularly in the CNS I think) in PFS and this has a paradoxically anti-androgenic effect. I think most certainly the case many guys with PFS can experience profound improvement by taking something which lowers DHT, or doing something in general which has an anti-androgenic effect. Sulforaphane which is a HDAC6 inhibitor enhances the expression of hsp90 (hsp90 plays a huge role in regulating the AR) I have found this to be hugely helpful. This theory also accounts for why guys generally get worse when we do/take things which increase Androgens in general.
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  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Finasteride-5aR inhibitor
    Dutasteride (Avodart)- 5aR inhibitor

    Before you start manipulating DHT it would be a good idea to know where you stand.
    There are two flavors of DHT

    After 5aR inhibitor do their work there may be excess of 5b-DHT
    that may be problem causing.

    Also, quite few years back, I think it was at dr Johnathan Writhe site
    where I saw speculations that 5b-DHT may be estrogenic.
    (I can't locate that article anymore) but it was when he was writing about oriental doctor's work at his clinic.

  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I have found my reference.
    While back:
    JanSz, Jul 18, 2012


    EDIT Jan 22/2019


    The Test That Could Save Your Life
    Now that test is available. Thanks to the work of Dawn Huo, PhD, at Meridian Valley Laboratory, you or your physician can request a blood test for testosterone, DHT, 3a-Adiol, and 3b-Adiol (full name: 5a-androstane-3b,17b-diol), check the

    It mentions her name
    but in old article there were some details of attempted manipulations

    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
  7. JPB

    JPB New Member

    What's interesting and revealing in PFS, is that generally not only does increasing T/DHT not work, it often makes men (myself included) dramatically worse. Many report penile shrinkage even after taking DHT exogenously. Extreme intolerance or seeming insensitivity to androgens is hallmark in PFS. There have been studies which have shown, that AR overexpression is not only toxic but can produces paradoxically anti-androgenic effects. There is in fact a 'goldy locks' zone for AR expression too little and too great a level results in a low androgen like symptoms.
  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    If you do not have it,
    it may pay to get DUTCH test.
    That may clarify (somewhat) your 5aR/5bR balance.
    How to adjust it is whole other project.

    Before I was avare of all this;
    I did took rogaine, proscar, propecia and Avodart.
    I consider my self lucky that my 5aR/5bR balance is as it is.
    I ascribe it to the fact that (all the time) while taking them I was also supplementing with testosterone.

  9. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Sorry for the crappy photo, had some technical problems... So yes, I have 5b-DHT preference. Now, what can I do with this knowledge? @Jack Kruse has just posted in the journal of @JPB (https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.p...ecovery-from-post-finasteride-syndrome.22790/) this:

    JK to JPB:
    "welcome. Very common story now. Your transgenerational story is probably more germane to your outcome than you would imagine. I would go deeper into this. If you have a northern European haplotype with a bad SNP profile and you get no or limited sunlight = no sulfated vitamin D3 = altered estradiol = altered testosterone = no progesterone = dehydration due to poor mitochondrial flux = no sex drive = no sex = no oxytocin = Tensegrity 7 blog.
    When you add the baldness drug to this reality your hypothalamus and pituitary are directly under attack via your central retinal pathways = Vermont 2017.

    Do you want to regain it?

    CAREFULLY read the Hormone 101 blog. Get A TON OF sun and lower your heteroplasmy rate to raise free T3 and optimize your Vitamin A levels to convert LDL cholesterol to pregnenolone properly as nature prescribes.

    Your transgenerational story reeks of a huge germ line melanopsin problem which set you up for this result = due to the liberation of retinal in your body before you ever took the drug. This destroyed many of the photoreceptors in the central pathways without you ever knowing about it until you took the baldness drugs.

    Then reality manifested. It was the straw that broke the camels back in you. That die was likely cast in your haplotype and SNP profile = MTHFR profile from 23andme.

    So how does sunlight help blood vessels? In 2014 we found melanopsin in the blood vessels of the eye and skin of humans. Remember that melanopsin is covalently bound weakly to Vitamin A. What else does Vitamin A do to the hormone panel. Well many ways as I have discussed here on the page before but one way you might not know is via the sex steroid hormone pathways of progesterone. In males, luteinizing hormone (LH) causes the production of testosterone, whereas in females it affects estrogen and progesterone levels........There is your link.

    To get better you'll likely need a ton of solar redox and side order of serious CT = likely relocation.

    Damm I don´t really know what all this means!! @JPB has had other issues aside from my Post Finasteride Syndrome, so I´m wondering if JK´s message is equally applicable to me (I´ve already watched Vermont 17 and read Hormones 101... I´ll re-read this one and Tensegrity 7 to see if I widen my understanding... I´ve just finished "Going Somewhere" and I´m begining to re-read "Epi-Paleo RX". It´s fun how I´m find all this quantum health amazing now. I just wanna learn it all!! At the same time I realize I´m still super ignorant in many aspects. But I´m curious and eager to learn, experiment, and implement things, so I guess that is the important thing.

    So anyways...yeah, I need sunligh and CT, I´m sure about it, the thing is.. how much sunlight? This friday I´ll present my master´s degree and I´ll be free to focus 100% in health for a few months (no more fucking law!! Well I still have a final exam in March or April, but I´ll study outdoors..).

    My intuition tells me that I´ll probably get back to optimal by next summer, with the higher UV. But to be honest... I want it before. I feel that in 2-3 months being consistently outdoors, grounding, and with CT I could make it. The question is... will I be able to do it here in 43 latitude Northern Spain during february-april, lets say? Could spending all time outdoors and going to higher mountains for UV collection be enough or would it be advisable to spend, lets say, the whole February recharching in the Canary Islands? I´m considering a trip there for 2 reasons: 1-Speeding up recovery; 2-Seeing if it is a cool place to live, since I´m considering moving in the not too far future...
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2019
  10. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    If you could point me to those researchers, papers, or forums you are referring to I´d be super grateful! You can PM me... That sounds somewhat counterintuitive to me, but hey it could be I don´t know... So basically you say that my dietary cholesterol intake, my HIIT exercising, and other efforts I´m trying to do to improve androgens and especifically DHT levels could be in fact causing more damage? Again it seems weird to me since some people that have recovered from PFS have done these things... Also it is difficult to isolare variables since I am doing so many things... So maybe I could be feeling better because of Sunlight and CT but actually my dietary approach could be wrong, just to put an example. I am open to this idea. I´ve been eating more brocoli these days, by the way ;)
  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Please attach
    complete pdf file of your test results.

  12. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    I uploaded them in my post of 27 November here in this thread. I´m trying to upload again, lets see if you can see them now. Having some tech issues...

    Attached Files:

  13. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    This should be the one!

    Attached Files:

  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Thanks for the file.
    Ok, we are going in circles here.
    PFS-Post Finasteride Syndrome

    I think that PFS and 5b-DHT preference, or low 5a-DHT
    similar or the same condition.

    I have not came across a ways of fixing that condition (in direct ways) (that is, take A to fix B).
    @Jack Kruse suggestions are general and help with everything.

    From my tool box,
    I would do
    Spectracell Micronutrient Analysis
    attempt to correct all that need corrections.
    On post #46 this thread
    Meridian Valley Laboratory
    Dr. Jonathan V. Wright
    was attempting corrections his ways
    using prescription medicine (name of it was included there, I think it started with letter A).
    Unfortunately that article is no longer available.
    I do not know how successful was that attempt.

    It may be a good idea to contact dr. Jonathan V. Wright
    and have consultation with him.
    Also he have (comprehensive set of tests available at his clinic).

    (Make sure that you keep me posted about this subject.)
    There is so many PFS suferrers who could use help.

    Good idea to get peruse available resources on


  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  17. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    @JanSz Woww thank you!! I will study all this super thoroughly after Friday, these days I´m quite busy and I´m just reading a little bit out of pure interest (I should be studing law, I don´t even know how I got the degree, I´ve spent 3x time reading about health stuff LOL). Yeah, I´ve seen that some generally healthy foods such as olive oil, coconut oil, rosemary, even omega-3´s I believe can lower 5a-DHT. I´m eating boatloads of Kerrigold butter as my main fat, which supposedly has the opposite effect. In the DHT Manual I have mentioned are laid out many foods and substances with studies saying that they inhibit or promote 5a-DHT. The thing is there are compounds that may not lower that much DHT but are helpuf for other purposes, so it´s probably an art on how to balance things out. For example, I´m still eating seafood, but maybe too much omega-3´s could not benefit me, so I´m eating some more eggs and butter.

    Yeah, you are probably right about getting that testing done. Right now I´m just guessing. For example, I´m occasionally taking some think 25mg since zinc deficiency can lower DHT, though excessive amounts also have that lowering amount. I have no damm clue what my levels are, so I could be making matters worse. Thank you for your proposed testing. 2 reasons why I´m slightly reluctant to do it right now: 1-Money: Don´t want to ask too much to my parents in to little time 2-Confusion: When I get more data that I don´t know how to interpret my brain just explodes LOL...

    However I´ll probably wait a bit and do some of that testing... maybe the Spectracell Micronutrient Analysis first? In the meantime I´ll focus on the basics, I know thinks are going forward so I´m confident my body will eventually click. One last thing... I´m just super surprised with your implication in the forum JanSz, like, I don´t know, you don´t even know me personally (nor many other people in the forum I guess) and you, along with others, are super supportive and helpful. I appreciate that. I could be a total asshole (not that I am, I´d say I´m a good a person haha) and you are still helping...

    101 Found and Identified 5 Alpha Inhibitors
    1. All hair restoration, acne treatment, and prostate treatment products
    2. Deslorelin
    3. Suramin
    4. Opioids
    5. 3AlphaHSD
    6. Rosiglitazone
    7. Green apples
    8. Curcumin
    9. Salad dressings
    10. Chips made out of corn
    11. Spirulina
    12. Avocados
    13. Canola oil
    14. Vegetable oils
    15. Apricot oil
    16. Palm kernel oil
    17. Borage oil
    18. Perilla seed oil
    19. Sunflower seeds
    20. Fast food
    21. Chicken skin
    22. Margarines
    23. Fava beans
    24. Red beans
    25. Fish oil
    26. Oysters
    27. Coconuts and coconut oil
    28. Olives and olive oil

    29. Lycopene
    30. Guavas
    31. Watermelon
    32. Tomatoes and tomato products
    33. Papaya
    34. Grapefruits
    35. Brown rice
    36. Bran
    37. Most teas
    38. Tea gallates
    39. Nuts and seeds
    40. Fish

    41. Pumpkin seeds
    42. Chia seeds
    43. Flax seeds
    44. Reishi
    45. Mustard
    46. Mayonnaise
    47. Alcohol and ethanol
    48. Soy and soy products
    49. Tofu and tofu products
    50. Hemp, hemp seeds, and hemp seed oil
    51. Marijuana
    52. Mint and peppermint
    53. Polyunsaturated fats
    54. Omega fatty acids
    55. Gamma linolenic acid
    56. Docosahexaenoic acid
    57. Octatetraenoic acid
    58. Arachidonic acid
    59. Alphalinolenic
    60. Linoleic acid
    61. Palmitoleic acid
    62. Oleic acid
    63. Myristoleic acid
    64. Eicosapentaenoic acid
    65. Lauric acid
    66. Azelaic acid
    67. Benzoic acid
    68. Pyrrole butyric acid
    69. Theaflavin
    70. Biotin
    71. Riboflavin
    72. DIM
    73. Zinc in high doses
    74. Isoflavone
    75. Phytosterols
    76. Betasitosterol
    77. Astaxanthin
    78. Saw Palmetto
    79. Cacumen Platycladi
    80. Giant Dodder
    81. Rosemary
    82. Red clover
    83. Pygeum
    84. Fenugreek
    85. Safflower
    86. Urtica dioica aka common nettle
    87. Sulforaphane
    88. Hura crepitans
    89. Asiasari radix
    90. Black pepper leaf extract
    91. Cuban royal palm fruit
    92. Torilis japonica
    93. South African Stargrass
    94. Vinclozolin/mold/fungus
    95. Biphenyls
    96. Pesticides
    97. BPA
    98. Heartwood of a breadfruit tree
    99. Gossypol
    100. Quercus acutissima
    101. Emu oil

    This guy, Marcel from Anabolic Apex, also talks about some cool things that clik with JK´S views, such as walking in forests and in high altitudes increaseing 5-alfa reductase and DHEA-S, both things I think I really want:

    Wild Plan
    The #1 and GREATEST physical activity you can do is walk in the wilderness and preferably in
    high altitudes (walking in forests, jungles, on beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains, hiking, deserts,
    stranded areas, and any other type of wilderness).
    1. Walking significantly increases testosterone and significantly lowers cortisol ( study ).
    2. The wilderness has clean chemicalfree
    air your lungs are craving for. City areas and
    populated areas have dirty air filled with toxins and chemicals, most of which are
    estrogenic and have endocrine disrupting effects ( study ) ( study ) ( study ).
    3. Walking in the wilderness increases DHEAS
    levels ( study ).
    4. Walking in the wilderness lowers sympathetic nerve activity and a lower sympathetic
    nerve activity makes you sleep like a lion. Sleeping like a lion is guaranteed to increase
    all your anabolic and androgenic hormones ( study ).
    5. Walking in the wilderness lowers stress and cortisol levels ( study ).
    6. Walking in the wilderness lowers pulse rate and blood pressure ( study ).
    7. Walking in the wilderness reduces anxiety, depression, anger, confusion and fatigue
    ( study ).
    8. High altitudes increase 5 alpha reductase ( study ).
    9. High altitudes increase androgen receptor activity ( study ).
    10. High altitudes increase DHEAS
    conversion to testosterone ( study ).
    11. High altitudes increase androstenedione and androstenedione to testosterone ratio ( study ).
    12. High altitudes increase thyroid hormones ( study ).
    13. High altitudes decrease prolactin ( study ).
    14. Hypoxia stimulates testosterone secretion ( study ).
    15. Hypoxia increases growth hormone ( study ) ( study ).
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  18. JPB

    JPB New Member

    Sure will PM you some stuff Pablo.
  19. JPB

    JPB New Member

    Alot of those things are doing more things to the body than increasing DHT. But increasing DHT or Testosterone generally makes me or others guys worse, its a hallmark feature of PFS. It is a counterintuitive thought, but the more ive research PFS the more I and others think its ite case. Even a few researchers think so aswell.
  20. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Yeah, for sure it is very difficult to isolate variables. I´m still eating seafood and some olive oil, for example, but I´m reducing nuts, curcumin, tomatoes and avocadoes, for example. Maybe you feel great with brocoli (I think you said so) and I may not feel any difference with that but I do with egg yolks, for instance. In the nutritional side I´m still figuring things out. I tend to think things like egg yolks and butter make things better, but it´s not that noticeable.

    So I would advocate right now to focus on the things that actually make us feel undoubtedly better (to me cold, sun, nature, meditation I´m quite sure), and in the meantime lets find out how other things affect us. Also you and I may differ in some specific micronutrient or hormonal parameters and may have different reactions to certain foods or other factors, so yeah, as JanSz says testing may be wise. Our bodies are so damm complex!

    The one thing that you said that made me a little unease was that you feel better with lowering T and DHT, do you mean naturally trough food and exercise, with exogenous hormones, supplements or how? I hope that doesn´t apply to me... I´m trying to improve T and DHT like crazy LOL.

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