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Pablo´s Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Pablo, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    My understanding is
    if you have to have only one light
    black light

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  2. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Aside from getting myself to optimal in the next months... I also want to meet people. Like-minded people. I mean, I have lots of friends and I enjoy been with them but they are not at all into this stuff. I may be able to talk about certain things, but I can never go as deep as I´d like... I will certainly try to get some of them on board with this, but ultimately it is easier to meet people already innately interested.

    This summer I briefly met a group of Biohackers in Valencia (Spain, South East, by the Mediterranean sea). They were really nice and I enjoyed it, though most didn´t know about JK´s work. I also have a few friends that eat Paleo, but really that´s it.

    I will try to meet and connect with:

    1-"Mitochackers", in order to share experiences, ideas, etc... while getting some sun and doing some ocean CT. I´d love that. Meanwhile I´ll be the only "crazy" that swims in the beach in the weekends around my area (it´s getting pretty cold).

    2-EMF concerned people. There are quite a few...many more than "mitohackers". I´ll try to join them and make some hardcore opposition to 5G and EMF regulations in general. There are associatons of affected people, lawyers especialized in "bringing downs antennas" and even some researchers and University professors with papers published (in Spain there are 8 which have signed the EMF ScientisT International Appeal to the WHO an the UN) . I want to meet them all. Probably I´ll also talk to them about JK´s work, if I get the chance.

    Lets get together people with similar values, and not being just "lonely wolfs"!!! :)
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  3. Naghman

    Naghman Silver

    hi Guys
    I am new member. Just wanted to double check. If I write my journal here regarding my health issues. Can anyone access my journaling information or just the members?
  4. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    It is public. Anyone can be here as a ‘guest’ and view posts. You must be a member to reply.

    I was concerned at first but I’ve since gotten over it. This stuff is too important to be shy.

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  5. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Yeah , I was a bit reluctant too, but:
    1-It is really important for me to have optimal health
    2-You can help others in similar situacions
    3- It is not like you are posting it on Facebook, most people here are serious about health and bit here to mock you

    Yeah, some people you know could,very rarely (if they are into this stuff), potentilly see it.

    Me personally I don't care since I have already told some close friends and even plan on sharing it publicly, in FB and such. If I get mocked by 10 and help 1 avoid the hell I went trhough I'll be happy. Take care.
  6. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    I mean, I'll talk about sex, erectile dysfunction and whatever "Naghman". Zero shame.
  7. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Time for an update…


    -I still haven´t got my DUTCH results, hopefully very soon I will.

    -I am still living in the city and spending 35 hours/week in an nnEMF blue lit office. However, I am getting about 30 minutes of morning sunlight (eyes and a little of skin), and other 30-60 minutes at midday. Enjoying CT more and more. 2 cold showers a day and 3-4 cold baths per week. I generally feel quite good. I do feel drained after 7-8 hours in the office, but then some CT makes me feel amazing!

    - Libido is quite high. I´m having "morning wood" more often. However, sexual sensitivity may still be my biggest issue, since I need lots of stimulation. Trying to improve blood flow down there. I know sunlight is key for that, but it´s pretty weak where I live right now. Maybe lots of CT could do the trick, even in this sub-optimal environment? We´ll see…

    In a month or so I´ll finish my law“internship” (I think it is called like that in English, when you work for no money to learn a job… ) so I´ll have plenty of time to live and outdoors life away from the city for a few months. I bet that just been in that environment for a while will take my health to the next level… we´ll see. Also, just to speed things up, as I said in previous comments, I was thinking about getting this done https://www.facebook.com/drjackkrus...pelvis-and-blood-is-93-wate/1298219130242438/ . It is quite costly, but I suspect it would solve all my remaining problems of sensitivity and blood flow… It may give me what I would get in 2 or 3 months of optimal living, I would bet. I don´t know, I´m a bit reluctant about this just because I´d like to get 100% back to normal without any super costly or unnatural stuff, just so when I reach back to the thousands of men who got PFS they´ll be more encouraged to try JK´s stuff and they don´t get lost into spending unnecesary money or distracted about what is important.


    I just got my firs EMF meter. It is an “Accousticom 2”. Yeah, I know it just meassures 200MHz-8GHz, but I have read that it is pretty accurate in that range. I read that the Cornet and Trifield, even though they meassure a wider range of frecuencies, they have so little accuracy in some of them that you should also get more meters to get a good idea of your environment. Been as it may, I am quite happy with the Accousticom… Aside from realizing that we are frying ourselves in the city, it´s a fun toy to annoy your friends and family. In the future I´ll buy another meter for ELF and the other ranges.

    As I said I´d do, I am making friends with EMF concerned people. I already met a guy with EHS who is quite an activist… He is giving talks to people interested in EMF dangers, going to court against telecom industry and trying to be heard by local authorities… I love this guy, he is a total warrior!!! I also spoke with the head of the “anti-EMF” regional organization… this dude knows a lot about the stuff. There are not many people actively fighting this, but the ones there are… they are really commited.

    Also, I feel many people are receptive to the message. Last thursday, I went to a reunión of the neighbors in my appartment building. We were 20 or 30 people. At the end, I took the word and said: “I wanna say something I consider extremely important. In the last few years there are more and more studies showing health effects of things like Wifi. Many scientific experts, public institutions and organizations are raising their voices saing this legislation is totally obsolete… bla, bla… I would encourage people to turn it off when not in use. I am open to provide information to anyone interested”.

    Man, I felt so proud of myself! I was quite nervous beforehand…Funny thing is they really paid me attention. Some of them approached me afterwards, thanked me and basically showed some interest. I thought they would totally ignore me or think I was nuts… It wasn´t the case. People will listen if we know how to convey things. My parents got quite angry with me when I told them, but I think I did the right thing.

    How to convey things? I am really leaning towards what JK says about “first being selfish”. I wouldn´t even state it like that. What I´ll say is you must first fix yourself using the stuff talked about in this site, so then when you tell others you will express yourself with so much more emotion and honesty. You´ll be confident that this quantum health thing works. People will feel that. Then you won´t even need to explain the science in a super detailed manner, you may just say: “Look, conventional medicine didn´t do shit for me, and this “crazy” Jack Kruse´s stuff did. Yeah it also helped many others and there is science behind it, so read about it and apply it. Then come and tell me it´s bullshit”.

    Work/ Career/ Money

    As soon as I get back to optimal (I think that´ll be pretty soon) this will be my big thing. I need to get financially independent. I have several options, but still have no real idea of what I´ll do.

    What I´m sure I do want is:

    1- To stay reasonably (read: “very”) healthy

    2- To do some good in this fucked up world, if posible

    3- To have some time to keep learning about quantum health

    I´ll have to find a way to combine this 3. One option that came recently to my mind was to get a job in a council at a rural area. I think it would be great to get away from the city for a while.

    Too many words...Not that my life is that interesting!!! Haha. Take care people
  8. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Just got my labs...

    Attached Files:

  9. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Some of the disturbing results…I am still pretty screwed, ain´t I?

    5a-DHT: 8,5 ng/ml (9-25 is the reference range for men 20-39 years old)

    DHEA-S: 99 ng/ml (150-1500)

    Creatinine: Morning 0.27 mg/ml, Afternoon 0,22 mg/ml (0.3-3)

    Pyroglutamate 93.5 ug/mg (43 – 85) Above range, indicating glutathione deficiency??

    This holidays I´ll have to study and understand a little bit of my test values… Right know I am quite an ignorant about this, but I have also lost confidence on conventional docs to interpret them… I´ll probably meet an urologist next week but I have no confindence on him either. If anyone knows about good docs in Spain (especially in the NorthWest, but wherever) I´d love to hear any suggestion

    Right now I just know that 5a-DHT is very important and I have it super low, due to finasteride usage for sure. Testosterone is very high 103.0 ng/mg (50 – 115) , which I´m slightly happy for. That would explain why I´m strong and muscular but still have sexual issues.

    Damm it, I thought I would be better!! I have work to do I guess…
  10. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Tomorrow I´m visiting the urologist... I do not think he´s got any good solutions for my hormonal status. I just had the appointment in order to verify any "structural damage" down there. Basically he´s going to stick a needle into my member and check it. My biggest fear in life is probaly needles... Big fobia, I´ve passed out occasionally because of them...Yeah I can´t wait to have this awesome experience... Not that it is any awkward or scary... If I die, I love you all!!! :)

    Jokes and fobias aside... he´s gonna put PGE-1 in there. I did some quick research and I think that´s a pretty common procedure... just in case someonw here think it is a great hazard, I wouldn´t enjoy having another crash like with finas 3 years ago... (In the prospect they talked about Erectile Dysfunction, I haven´t fully recovered from that, so it wouldn´t be very funny to get now full blown ED).

    In other order of things, I am pretty excited... just 2 weeks more in the city. I am fairly confident that in a few months in the country I´ll get to 200%!!! I checked the RF and MW levels there and they are almost non existent. I thought my accousticom 2 was broken cause there were no lights in the right side...It was functioning correctly. My problems were not primarily caused by EMF´S. It was caused by a drug, finasteride, that a stupid doctor recommended and prescribed and an stupid and ignorant young boy (me) took for close to 3 years. BUT, why some men develop horrible symptoms and others don´t? Could lifestyle and environment play a role? I am pretty sure they do. When I "crashed", I was living a super stressed life, studying until very late at night for my law exams, underslept, with lots of indoors living, blue screens even until 3 am, EMF´s, artificially lit gym... What else could I do wrong??? I was eating Robb Wolf´s Paleo miracle diet, how didn´t this safe meee? (irony intended).

    Last thing: supplements. Yeah, I know that word is probably not very welcomed here. I am also moving to a good environment,it is just that I´m just thinking I could improve my hormonal status with some of them WITH lifestyle and environmental changes. I have just ordered: boron, glycine, butea superba, and tribulus. If you think I am stupid doing this you can say, no offense... I just saw that they improve DTH levels and people with PFS have reported success. I just want to improve the process. I am taking Mg and Creatine right now.

    I see the light in the tunnel!!! With what I know right now I feel total recovery is veeery close. And I´ll have some time to read more books and blogs... Good times are coming.
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  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    That is a myth.

    If you go to extreme, we can say that food is a supplement.

    You can find many posts where Jack is talking what to take and what he is taking.

    All you have to do is turn to the proper page on this thick book.

    There is everything there.
    Like in the Bible.

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  12. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Okey, you are right , I should have said focusing only on supplements and not enough on environment, lifestyle,etc.

    @JanSz (or anyone else) would you have any recommendations based on my DUTCH results???

    I just came from the urologist. He said blood flow is ok. I assume that the hormonal imbalance would be my problem... I survived the needle!!! I almost fainted.. haha yeah I´m a coward.

    He had no clue about DHT or interpreting the DUTCH results and suggested me to do... a Testosterone (only) blood test! I was like..."my T looks good, what about the other values? If you want to repeat the testing- I didn´t know exactly why- wouldn´t you like to test for DHT or other hormones?".

    Anyways...stop the ranting. This last weekend I went to the countryside. Lots of outdoors time (some hours with my kiniki) and grounding, took lots of creatine and Mg glycinate and taurate. I have also began doing some interesting/ slightly weird genital exercises... I´m trying a multilateral approach, as you can see. So... this morning I got a hard morning wood, much more than usual... Which of the mentioned practices has been the cause? Difficult to say, but probably all of them in their way.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2018
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  13. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Morning wood will point you in the right direction.
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  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Looks pretty good (to the people from DUTCH).
    Look up bold text on your report.

    You may want to eat more egg yolks or some MSM.

    But myself I would first do


    Micronutrient Test (MNT) $ 390.00
    CardioMetabolic Risk $ 150.00
    Thyroid Comp. Plus Adrenals (Does not include RT3) $ 130.00
    Reverse T3 $ 50.00
    fasting insulin

  15. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    I´m already taking both of those... I´ll amp up my intake and see what happens.

    Okey, I´d love to do more testing right now but it seems to me a bit harsh to ask for more money to my parents... I´ll probably ask in 1 or 2 months, though.

  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    In the mean time you may start on
    one dropperfull/day of this Lugol

    .CROW'S® Lugol's Solution of Iodine 2% Pro Pack-As low as $7.99 ea. bottle + Free US & Canada Shipping!
    Professional Packs: 24-2 oz.($8.49 ea.) $203.76 -----
    ordered 5/30/2018
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  17. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Ok, definitely my big issues remaining are a super defective brain-penis connection and sexual sensitivity. 3 years ago, when I had the finasteride crash, I had a myriad of symptoms and now only these are remaining. The situation is pretty weird, honestly. On the one side, I feel super grateful for having found the info to get my health back in track and feel like a human being again. I felt like I was in hell, it was a nightmare for some good months, maybe even a year... difficult to understand if you haven´t felt something similar, basically I constantly felt like shit for no reason - Many people have even commited suicide for this PFS thing. In the last few months I have heard about 3 suicidal stories in my local region, and my thoughts were: "It was either nnEMF´s or the Finasteride poison"-. I think what saved me was that I was curious. I googled like crazy - yeah, until very late at night with the blue and other nnEMF´s- but yeah, eventually I got in the Sun and eating paleo and began feeling better... On the other side, I am quite fucking damm frustrated. I know things are getting better, but slower than I would like. I´m sure I´m missing lots of important things I should be doing...

    I´d like to write here A LOT OF THINGS, but obviously I´ll have to cut it a bit or else no one will read...hehe

    My issue is basically that I have been regaining my libido/sexual desire , til the point that I feel very attracted to girls again. A while ago - I don´t remember exact dates, and I don´t keep a regular journal- I had 0 libido, beautiful girls had more or less the same effect on me than inanimate objects. My erections were also a 0, so no problem, I want nothing, I chase nothing, I get nothing (well, obviously there was a problem, but of a different kind). Lets say my libido is now a 8-9 and my erections are... it depends. Damm it! Haha, if they were also a 0 I wouldn´t go after girls, the thing is, sometimes, they are quite decent (a 6, lets say). Ok, I have to improve a lot, but I can have some sex with that but maaany times there is a mismatch between my mental excitement and the erection. So that´s the big frustration. I´ll stop dating until I fix things... and I hope that will be ASAP... I´m motivated to do the work, I just feel I need to know the specifics of the needed work. I generally know what I should do.. but in the specifics I´m pretty lost (I´ll put specific questions, but basically I have doubts about: recovery in UV winter in 43 latitude/ chlorinated tap water and decent alternatives / ways to harness grounding, like grounding sheets plugged to the earth directly...). I know I have to elevate my game, I just want to be focusing in the biggest things, and not losing time in minor health practices.

    Here goes a story about the "brain-penis" connection - if that thing even exists... I believe it does - to illustrate my point. It is somewhat explicit... If it is considered innapropiate by admins please delete this part. The forum is +18 isn´t it? If I write about these intimate things is because.. well, obviously my issues are of intimate nature, and I think an example can clarify things.

    Last weekend, barely 48 hours ago, I met with a girl at my home. We were making out, and I got an erection after a while (thinking to myself.."yeah, things are changing for the good!!"). Then lets say I placed my focus away from my sensations and into hers, so to put her in the mood for intercourse. After 10 minutes maybe, she is already in the mood but I am not. I didn´t even panic, I just satisfied her otherwise and that was it. Then, maybe 15´after, I regain hardness. Damm it, but now she isn´t in the mood! And so it goes. And it´s not like it´s all psychological issues, as I was suggested. When I´m by myself it´s the same. Sensitivity is much lower than normal for sure, but I do have pleasure sensations. It´s like I´m recovering from it, but damm, it´s been a good 6 months with not much improvement. I stopped meeting the girl, I´ll be "out of the market" for a while, until a fix everything. And my frustration is not so much cause of my manliness/ego is hurt or anything like that. Well there may still be some of that, but now it´s primarily, cause, as we say in Spanish.."I have the honey in the lips (but can´t eat it)". It´s like a Chinese torture. Otherwise I am pretty optimistic and realise I have improved a lot in my journey. I just want the cherry in the cake - or the oyster in the ocean ;) - and I´ll go for it. I think 2019 is my year.
  18. drezy

    drezy New Member

    If you're still encountering morning wood regularly then I think you have much of the "pre-flight checklist" done.

    Nice of you to ask, but I think this forum is about human situations and (hopefully) resolutions for us to learn from.

    Reading about your experiences and how suicide makes a kind of sense to you relative to when you were at your bottom is very sad. I'm sorry that anyone has to experience that. I'm happy to hear that your curiosity helped you out of that hole.

    If you helped her out and then it was not reciprocal then I really wouldn't worry about that one. Assuming you made the request...

    Getting "back in the saddle" sometimes takes a little time for a cowboy. It's alright.

    If the equipment is there and just off timing by 15 minutes it does not sound like a catastrophe. If 80 year old men were told that they would have to wait 15 minutes and then they'd have a 20 yo style erection, the line would be down the street with old men liking to gain access again.
  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Here goes a story about the "brain-penis" connection - if that thing even exists...
    "brain-penis" come latter, first get
    Estradiol,sensitive --- less than 30 more than 10pg/mL
    progesterone (1- 1.4)ng/mL
    DHT-5a mid range

    DHEAs 350-500 μg/dL
    Then, maybe 15´after, I regain hardness. Damm it, but now she isn´t in the mood!

    First satisfy girl, any way you able atm
    she is impatient for you latter----> look for another girl
    do not even think twice
    it helps to be with girl for a period of time (2-3 weeks + more better) you have a chance to learn details

    @Jack Kruse said
    you worry about your satisfaction
    she worries about hers

    Last edited: Jan 15, 2019
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  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Chart below is mine.

    5b-DHT wonder what to do if it is too high (less androgenic)?


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