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Pablo´s Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Pablo, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I am Pablo, a 24 year old boy from Asturias, a region in the North West of Spain, at the 43.3579 latitude. I live in a 250k city 30 km away from the "Cantabric Sea" (in the Atlantic Ocean), though my parents also own a house in a village 1km from the sea in a very low population area, where I spend my weekends and holidays. I still live with them since I am financially dependent upon them. In a few months I will become a lawyer and hopefully this will change.

    I will try not to do this post too long, not to bore too many people. just to say hello and thank you, and tell a little bit of my story. I will expand in future posts.

    Before anything else... Thank you to JK and everyone here, good people sharing vital info!!! ;)

    My Story

    - From 18 to 21 years old (aprox.) I took finasteride for hair loss (male pattern baldness) and it screwed my health and life. I think it progressively affected my health as I was taking it, but it was somewhat subtle and I didn´t notice it at the time. When it really affected me was when I stopped taking it after 2 and a half or so years. I had all kinds of symptoms.. Cognitive, emotional, sexual... (I felt broken from the inside, totally depressed, very emotionally susceptible almost crying for no external reason at all, with almost no motivation to live a live let alone enjoy it....). Difficult to understand if you have not experienced it... But a very real thing. Google: "Post finasteride syndrome (PFS)". JK also wrote a short blog about it some years ago.

    Lesson learned: DO NOT TAKE THIS FINASTERIDE DRUG. This is like a bomb for your body, and doctors are prescribing it like candy

    -From 21 to 24 I have been researching how to fix this mess. I began with Paleo 1.0 Robb Wolf, etc. I read and watched many other online health experts and experienced some relief with things they suggested. About 2 - 3 years ago I watched an interview of JK and my thoughts about him oscillated between him been somewhat crazy and me being pretty ignorant. Now I am pretty convinced the latter was the true thing. So here I am, to become less ignorant and, hopefully, getting optimal health and well being along the way.

    Doing (some of) the things JK suggests I have dramatically improved my health. I am not optimal yet, but I think I am not too far. I want to get optimal and then share all this knowledge to the thousands of people suffering PFS in particular and also with all the people in the world. I really think what you are up to here can be life-changing... Let´s do it!!!
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  2. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    Welcome! Being near the sea with low population density is a good place to start. Means that seafood is plentiful.

    Will be interesting to see how you can combine it with being a lawyer, because I assume that means lots of time in the office. Either way, maximize your time outside, ideally see both sunrise and sunset while grounded to the earth, drink water without fluoride and regularly eat seafood and maintain a seasonal/local paleo diet.

    You won't have UV light year round according to the D-minder app, as opposed to the south of Spain that does. If you go south often, that improves your quantum yield.
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  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Hi Pablo;
    finasteride is 5aR inhibitor
    there is also duosteride (inhibits both, a & b) Avodart

    Testosterone converts to DHT (dihydro-testosterone) with assistance of
    There are two of them, 5aR and 5bR
    so there is 5a-DHT and 5b-DHT
    5a-DHT affect many functions, including sexual

    You can figure out status of your
    Steroid Hormone Panel
    by using DUTCHtest.com

    look up places where you see 5a on this chart





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  4. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Hi WalterNL, thanks for your answer!

    Here I answer some of the issues you come up with and speak my mind a bit… sorry if some of my expressions are a bit strange here haha, English is not my main language. I also get a bit explicit about sexual issues so… you are warned!!!

    Symptoms / Health issues

    As I pointed out previously, I took finasteride and it messed with my health on many levels. I was broken emotionally and cognitively, and I had 0 sex drive and 0 erections.

    Conventional medicine did nothing. I did some testing 3, 2 and 1 years ago, most of it super limited (testing only the hormones T, TSH, T3 and T4) not even DHT which supposedly was the one that the drug would mostly affect!!!

    I paid 300 or 400€ for testing a wider range of hormones that I found somewhere that were important for people with PFS (“Post Finasteride Syndrome”). I believe this was 2 years ago and I had pretty high Progesterone and low DHT. 1 year ago I did some very limited testing paid by public healthcare and it said I had pretty high LDL colesterol. I know that dietary colesterol is actually good contrary to popular beliefs and that ranges should be higher than recommended. I think they still were pretty high, 250 or so… I will soon post the actual values that I had from my tests, since I don´t have them where I am writing this.

    I was clueless about how to interpret all this. So were the doctors I visited. These are some of their “clinical pearls”:

    1-Primary care doctor Nª1: I went desperate with my father and broke in tears. I tried to tell her that I felt like shit because of this drug that I had been prescribed with (and suggested with by my dermatologist). She showed 0 empathy. I usually think high from almost all the people. I remember her as a bitch. It could have been just the emotions I had at the moment, who knows… (I don´t think so). She ordered some very simple tests and sent me to the Urologist and Endocrinologist. She also sent me with a psychologist, who I didn´t went to see. I should have seen him… He probably wouldn´t have solved much, but at least I would have talked with someone about my issues, which I really craved at the moment.

    2-Urologist (6 months later): This morbidly obese doctor grabbed my dick and said it looked fine. I tried to show him the tests I had done in the private laboratory. He looked at them for literally 5 seconds and said it was all fine. He prescribed me a patented formula of L-Arginine and Pycnogenol which I took for 2-3 months.

    3-Endocrinologist (6 months after Urologist… consequences of the Economic Crisis in Spanish public healthcare system…): Ordered some tests (looking again for a very reduced amount of variables, I think, and said it was everything ok. I certainly felt much better cognitively and emotionally but sex drive and erections were still very off.

    4-Primary care doctor Nº 2: I saw her summer of 2017. Like the other doctors she was oblivious to the problem, but at least she showed some empathy, which I am really grateful for. She suggested me using viagra in the next sexual encounters, which I didn´t. I told here about the Paleo diet. She had not clue what that was. Cholesterol showed very high and, this time a substitute doctor, told me that it was a real risk. I reduced a bit the huge amount of butter I was taking, but obviously didn´t get back to eating a low fat diet. I had read a bit of Nora Gedgaudas and Mark Sisson about mainstream knowledge about cholesterol being totally backwards. I also, as I said, had really improved my sense of well being, so I sensed I was “directionally accurate” in what I was doing.

    During all this time frame I got deeper into Paleo and learned and experienced with sunligh benefits. 2 years ago I first saw Jack Kruse in an interview. 1 year ago I became really interested and printed lots of his blogs, but didn´t understand a damm thing. The last 4-5 months I have been listening lots of podcasts of JK, and I am beggining to understand some things, though the deep science is damm difficult, but I am beggining to see some things more clearly. I read 4th Phase of Water, Overpowered, and tried to read Epi-Paleo Rx (it was more than year ago and I didn´t understand almost anything, I will re-read it soon. I am currently reading Health and Light and have purchased Marino´s Going Somewhere.

    During summer I had long holidays, with plenty of sunlight, etc and felt pretty good.

    Right now I generally feel very good emotionally and cognitively. I am usually very happy, though I do get lightheaded when lots of times indoor and around EMF´s, so this next months will be a challenge.

    My main issue right now is sexual. I know that this is kind of taboo, but I don´t mind sharing. I need to. Kids or susceptible people stop reading please.

    I have improved a lot, so I am super happy. There is some work to be done however.

    I do generally have a pretty high libido now (I think it could be higher, but considering that before I had zero interest in girls and now I feel super attracted and love to interact with them, I even like making eye contact with them.. hehe).

    Erections... I had zero morning wood, zero espontaneous erections and almost zero “provoqued erections”, especially by other girls, but also many times I couldn´t even get it up by myself. Near zero sensitivity. I had lots of “failings” with girls so I stopped trying flirt too much. This is pretty hard (no pun intended…this is serious ) for a young boy, you can be sure. But I kept learning and trying to improve. This can really mess with your head, your insecurities and all that. But I see the good side, every hardship can potentially make you stronger.

    Blood began to flow better down there and sensitivity began to reappear. I have been meeting a girl for 2-3 months and have been able to have sex with the condom, wich is pretty amazing if you compare it with past experiences... I have also “failed” so to speak, but really am not too concerned as far as things keep improving. I enjoy been the girl and I am very attracted to girls in general. My main issue is that I still have low penile sensitivity, it takes it time to get up when it needs to and also to reach orgasm. I am giving a lot of details because I feel they are important (at least to me), but please do not show this part of my post if you think I souldn´t talk about it. If I had to give a quick overview a would say that “my brain-penis connection” is kind of lazy or a bit disconnected, though I am confident in improvement.

    I have tried a bit of nude sunbathing and I definitely felt better. CT and saunas, Sprints and Squats feel good too.

    Regarding genital optimization I am thinking about trying “extracorporeal shock wave therapy” (ESWT), as Ben Greenfield did. What do you think about it? In my región there is only one urologist that does that. It costs 2.000€ mínimum (up to 3.000€ I guess). My parents would pay but I would like to know if it would be a good use of our money. I have seen several studies indicating that a continuous deficiency of androgens makes changes in penile structure and, I think, also in local blood flow and arterial plaque. As ESWT is showing pretty good results in growing blood vessels and improving overall erectile function even in hardcore erectile dysfunciton cases (I do not think I am impotent, since I can get it up and gets pretty hard sometimes, I would say it is a minor or at much a moderate disfunction, it simply is not optimal) I am pretty optimistic with this but… what do you think?

    What would be other better and less expensive alternatives, if any? Would this Shock Wave be helpful making a better smooth structure or arterial/endothelial tissue health, or do you think it is just a hormonal issue and doing this would not be a smart move? I think it would probably be an structural issue since libido is usually pretty high, but most of you know muuuuch more than me so… What do you think???

    Office environment

    Yeah I am really concerned with too much indoor time with LED´s and EMF´s from an office environment. I can literally feel dizzy when I am a lot of time there, especially if using the laptop. That is why I can´t wait to leave.

    I have to stay in that “hell” from september to 20 December or so, since it is a preceptive period of “internship” through which all to be lawyers have to go through.

    Temporary mitigation

    So in the meantime… I want to mitigate damage.

    I take regular breaks walking outside and try to offset it with CT (just beggining cold baths) outdoor time, sauna with alternating cold showers (a conventional one, as I do not have access to infrared, I feel pretty good afterwards so I guess it is fine), and “nature inmersión” during weekends. Paleo with lots of seafood. I focus on fish, shelfish, some crustacean… I have tried oysters but do not eat them much since very expensive. Wild raw salmon is pretty good. Smoked cod liver oil and sardines too.

    I am trying my best with the limited knowledge and money that I have. I still don´t earn damm euro, because this office work is assimilated to university clases. I have worked as a waiter two summers, but right now I am totally financially dependent upon my parents. They have money but I am pretty reluctant to ask them for much (they have good souls but think I am kind of extremist with this health thing… “moderation is key”-they say, “you have no f-ing clue, as almost all conventional doctors”- I think, forcing a smile in my face…


    After these 3-4 months I will have to decide what to do with my life. Combining health with making a living will be my biggest challenge, as it is for most people here. My advantage probably is that I am quite young and havén´t invested too much time in my career (well, it is not that 6 years of law studies is very Little, but it is not 20 years mastering a particular job) and I am not attached with kids or long term partner. I can and I am willing to move and/or to switch careers and work an outdoor daytime job, which I bet would be optimal. The question/problem is which changes do I need to go through to be optimal, and how to implement those changes intelligently. I mean, it is not really my dream to leave everything and move to a village in the ecuatorial latitude and live with a tribe, sunbathing totally naked and without shoes. Or maybe it is… hehe actually it doesn´t sound so bad .

    For what I have heard from JK, getting and outdoor daytime job in the Yucatán península would be pretty awesome. However, there may be many good intermediates. We also have to take into account different time frames in the future. Maybe I could thrive as a lawyer in the Mediterranean coast in Spain or in the Canary islands if I do it smartly. Maybe even in the North of Spain where I live, if get to live out of the 250k town and into a small village, with a good EMF environment. Also it is plausible that I need to get an outdoor job, at least temporarily.

    In very little time I will have to choose among a great variety of posible paths in my life. I am here to gain perspective on how to do it wisely. I am open to all suggestions and ideas.

    The 3 main variables I need to think about are:

    1-Environment (EMF´s, Indoor lights, photobiomodulation devices)

    2-Career (Indoor/ Outdoor, Lawyer/Clerk or Judge/ Other non law related job)

    3-Location (staying in the town appartment of my parents that I live now / Countryside house of my parents/ Moving South of Spain / Moving to another country)

    Meeting like-minded people

    I would love to meet and connect with people like you. If you come by or live in Spain (especially in the North West) it would be awesome to meet, chat a bit, and maybe do some CT in a river or the sea!! I know it is strange to meet first time with people you only know from a forum haha… but I am nice , and this is not a regular forum… it is pretty amazing.

    If you came by Spain, I would even invite some of you to my countryside house, provided my family isn´t around. If you organized some meeting somewhere in Europe it would be awesome too… just saying
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  5. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Thanks for the info JanSz!!!

    I have seen you in other forums and threads about PFS, you seem to know a lot about this issue.

    I have looked at the chart, but honestly I do not understant almost anything, rather than taking this drug screwed my DHT level, which is a more potent androgen than T, though I got sexual symptomps even my T was apparently ok.

    My tests where done a while ago and where not very comprehensive. Do you really think running some tests from the company you say will be extremely important? I get that it is always important to know your hormonal values, but right now I am more inclined in using money for other things such as the ESWT I mentioned in the previous comment, good food, maybe a good photobiomodularion device (whole body or intranasal, I don´t know, I guess the first would be better) and especially EMF reduction (I haven´t even purchased a meter... I will next week, I am trying to find a simple to use one and cost-effective one, such as a Trifield or a Cornet, I have to search...) I also will buy ASAP some incandescent lights, but I do not understand if any of them would be good (at least I guess all better than LED´s) and maybe some UVA and UVB bulbs for the harsh winter.... I am trying to figure out the priorities....

    Please correct me if you think the testing or other interventions would be more important...

    My next "hacks" will probaly be:

    1-Sunlight and Cold baths as much as I can (outdoor time is a bit limited for me and sun is getting less powerful as we approach winter, I guess I will have to go full on with CT, DHA and ketosis...

    2-Buying an EMF Meter and incandescent bulbs for my room.

    3-Probably some dirty electricity filters since I have heard it is a great issue, though I want to learn more since I don´t know much about it...

    4- I have been suggested from @Zach Sharp that extended water fasts are good for PFS because of apoptosis and authofagy are very important for this condition... should I try some 2-3 day fast first and if everything goes ok doing some longer ones, or stick to intermittent fasting? Skipping breakfast is ok? I have done it occasionally and didn´t feel bad.

    We have wifi at home, I have convinced my family to at least shut down at night, though occasionaly they forget...and my brother finish using it at 12-1 am many times... Yeah, dealing with family in this regard is not always easy (my mom and brother are totally a lost hope for me. My father does listen and even has read "Overpowered" and seen some videos and documentaries but then he is all the time reading with the phone or tablet, so... low dopamine? Maybe... Probably, I don´t know. I will focus 100% in myself and won´t try hard to convince people about all this, it does drain your energy. I just have to "fight" for some things that indirectly affect my since we are living together, especially EMF-wise. It is difficult indeed to be highly respectful and at the same time trying to improve many things but there is the challenge.. I like challenge. What other option do we have?

    Again, open to suggestions/ guidance in what I should focus on... Thanks!
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Pablo and welcome. I would love to see a better pic of you........
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    your libido is very, very important. It is an important indicator of your health. Please watch Jack's sex webinar and then lets talk!
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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I am not a doctor.
    I am just telling you what I think.
    If I suggest for you something it does not mean that everything else is wrong.
    It just means that it would be my priority, if I was in similar situation.

    Yes DUTCH test above is super important to asses your status.
    I would also add:
    Spectracell Micronutrient Analysis
    you have to call them to figure out how to arrange for a blood draw.

    Instead of Viagra that you have mentioned, I would use Cialis (Tadalafil) 10mg/day (sex or no sex, use daily)

    Many UVa lamps in your surrounding.
    There is LED UVa 50 wats lamp
    UV Light Black Light, HouLight High Power 50W Ultra Violet UV LED Flood Light IP65-Waterproof (85V-265V AC)
    wavelength: 385-400nm, UVA level

    You mention being lightheaded
    That is likely due to low cortisol
    It will be checked by DUTCH.
    NOTE THAT processing of cortisol is affected by your 5Ar use, see part of chart of the chart that you have in me earlier post.

    You mention water fast.
    I would rather stay away from that
    make sure that you test
    fasting insulin
    it is over 5 mg/dL you have a problem that have to be addressed

    Also test
    if it is over 6 μmol/L you have a problem that have to be addressed

    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
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  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I have learned a lot from HAN, HARDASNAILS, The Matrix

    This guy is not a blue but red matrix

    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
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  10. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    Yucatan is unique in a lot of ways. But some of the islands belonging to Spain and Portugal can also work, depending on your N=1.
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  11. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    I'm not a doctor so can't really comment on whether that's a good treatment or not.

    One thing to always keep in mind though, is to not forget the low hanging fruit when trying to get better; if you can spend some time in a high quantum yield area and get as much sun, grounding and seafood + any other biohacks you want to do, maybe you find out that your symptoms will get better without the treatment. You can always decide to go ahead with the treatment later.
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  12. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Hi JanSz,

    Here and in many of my comments I raise lots of questions… I do not expect you to answer all of them, of course. I just like to express some of my doubts and concerns so you can point me what I should focus on first and maybe help me to head into the right direction.

    Indoor light

    I have ordered 6 incandescent bulbs of this kind (https://www.latiendadeelectricidad....illa-125v-estandar-60w-e27-8425998354027.html) for my bedroom and 2 of these UVA bulbs (https://www.miscota.es/reptiles/flamingo/lampara-reptil-rayos-uva-50-w) since I didn´t find the ones you recommended with shipping to Spain. Are these ok or should I try to find something more similar to the ones you said? Could you explain me approximately how to use them? I am still learning about light, if you could point me out to some blog or forum thread about the specifics on how to use them I would be super grateful…

    I know that full spectrum sunlight is best and I have learned a bit about photobiomodulation with red and infrared, I also know about UV-B importance for Vit-D, but I haven´t got things clear about UV-A… How much time to use it? At what specific times and what parameters should we be looking for in a UV-A lamp? What is a “black light”? I am half way through “Health and Light” and I feel pretty excited, but I have no clue about the specific practical steps in regards to indoor lights aside from replacing LED´s with incandescent and that the 2 main variables would be color temperature (better to have full spectrum and more red and less blue as the night sets in) and flicker (better with no flicker such as incandescent) or (I think I heard this from Alexander Wunsch, but I really am not sure if I remebemer this right) with extremely quick flicker so it is almost no perceptible to the human eye, such as some special LED´s, though most are harmul.

    Also… if LED are generally bad, why are photobiomodulation devices such as Joov or RedLightMan´s good, since they use LED´s? Is it the color temperature or what? Damm it, I am so confused haha

    Sun Exposure

    The next 3 months it will be limited for me. Weekends I will be almost all day outside (also Friday afternoons) but weekdays… I can get 1h morning sunlight and 1h noon sunlight, with regular breaks from the office outside.

    I get the importance of this, but I still need to fine tune the details… For example, is it also good, lets say, if I get outside (without glasses) 30 minutes after sunrise? How much benefit would I be losing compared with actually going out in the dark and seen the first sun rays?


    Regarding the Cialis… right now I am a bit reluctant to taking any drugs or pills aside from supplements. However, if you tell me that it is probably a good thing in order to “kickstart” sexual health and it has possitive effects long-term, I could consider it… I just would like to investigate and make sure there aren´t any significant side effects (I have a bad experience with side effects haha). Could it be similarly beneficial taking something like Horny Goat Weed (also a PDE5 inhibitor), Mucuna Pruriens or Pine Pollen? I took the first two a while ago and noticed some sexual benefits.


    These are the tests I did back in the day. It has been a long time ago and probably I tested for very few parameters, so I will promptly look into this DUTCH test and Spectracell… I will keep you informed.

    I haven´t tested again because neither my physicians nor myself were able to make anything useful from them (aside from them saying: “your T is normal so you are ok”). Hopefully you could help me a bit when I get some more comprehensive testing…

    6 August 2015 (Most comprehensive test I did regarding hormones, though 3 years ago)

    Zinc: 75 ug/dL

    DHT: 5 ng/ml (0.25 -0.99) Shouldn´t this be lower and not super high? I was quite shocked and I didn´t know how to interpret this... Maybe an error in the lab?

    25-Hidroxi Vit-D: 50.3 ng/mL

    T3: 0.8 ng/Ml

    Free T3: 4.2 pg/mL

    T4: 8.22 ug/Dl

    Free T4: 1,05 ng/mL

    TSH: 1,73 Uu/Ml

    Prolactin: 5,16 ng/mL

    Estradiol: 21,98 pg/mL

    Progesterone: 1,09 ng/mL (0,1- 0,65) Very high according to reference values

    Total Testosterone: 7,56 ng/mL

    Free Testosterone: 8,81 pg/mL

    SHBG: 53.9 nmol/L

    “Free Androgenic Index” (T/SHBG): 48,67

    Anything strange? What about my DHT and Progesterone? (Again it has been a long time since this, but maybe this could indicate you something nevertheless, I don´t know...)
  13. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    This is the most recent I have, from last summer (21 June 2017), the doctor was pretty concerned with my levels of cholesterol. I saw they were very high, but I wasn´t super concerned as I was learning about the "cholesterol myth" and also I was feeling much better in that moment in comparison with 2015 even though (or maybe precisely because of it?) my cholesterol levels were much higher

    LDL doubled in 2 years: 244 ng/ dL in 2017 from the 122 I had in 2015

    HDL was slightly reduced: 66 ng/ dL in 2017 from 79 in 2015

    Total cholesterol: 327 ng /dL in 2017 from 210 in 2015

    It is important to note that no distintion is made in respect to the kind of LDL particles /size. I had read that the kind of LDL present was very important because one of them is ( or can be if oxidized) harmful as the other is (I think) actually beneficial. I tried to tell the doctor to get this distinction of subclasses of LDL tested but she said she couldn´t do that. I do not know exactly what to make of this numbers... Are these numbers ok or are they indicating some inflamation or some issue?

    During the 2 years between tests I increased a lot my fat intake, especially kerrygold butter, coconut and olive oils, and I did Paleo mostly ( with some cheese or dairy). I began getting more sun, though primarily noon when it was warmer, I didn´t really know the stuff you talk here about AM light, and I was not very consistent. I tried to go to bed earlier and not using to much devices at night, but I certainly was still making many mistakes. I used a lot the computer and mobile phone so EMF´s were there. I practiced handball and gym (inside, artificial lights). Now I am getting into outdoor calisthenics and tennis...it feels better.

    20181001_124652.jpg Test Verano 2017.jpg 20181001_124652.jpg
  14. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    This is the first test I had, several months after the crash and one month and a half before the one I posted 2 comments before. My doctors said everything looked fine, though I was feeling very crappy.

    It is also strange that my Testosterone here is 5,47 ng/mL and in the test I did only 6 weeks later it was 7,56 ng/mL
    20181001_124733.jpg 20181001_175546.jpg
  15. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Yeah, I will try to focus on that for the moment, thanks!!! Let see if I can overcome this office environment with shity lights and EMF´s and the reduced sun power in the following 3 months with CT, diet, etc.

    "High quantum yield area"? What does it mean, a place with strong solar power (near the equator), low nnEMF´s and strong earth´s magnetic power? I am not sure exactly of what are the variables to look for (haha these newbies...).

    5G in Spain is planned to begin working in 2020. In the meantime I will try to oppose it and raise public awareness, of course. In the case it is rolled out... what can I do? Moving to a more rural area where the towers don´t get installed here in Spain / moving to a country without 5G? I have about 2 years to investigate and learn about the best places to live and to figure out a job that allows me to live there. Challenging? Probably... But I think it is kind of a "war" each one of us have to fight. At least we won´t be bored ;)
  16. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    Exactly, high quantum yield means a location where your mitochondria can be charged in an optimal way. So indeed that means strong sunshine and magnetism. Having low nnEMF, food with lots of DHA and deuterium depleted water is a huge added beneift. It depends on your health situation how optimal your environment needs to be, or put otherwise, if you have a good redox, you can deal with a less than optimal environment. It's different for every person how they can maintain a good redox (see redox Rx in my signature).

    Regarding 5G I'm not really sure. It will bring a lot more nnEMF within cities, so cities are best to be avoided, but that's already the case. Living outside of city is much better for many reasons.
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  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Put lots of effort on UVa.
    UVa is also called black light.
    UVa is also called actinic light.

    UVa is very important light,
    important in the morning
    and throughout the day.

    You need lots of UVa.

    Maybe you have or somebody have optical eyeglasses that dim when exposed to sun.
    So they serve as sunglasses.
    That kind of glasses dim not only when there is a sun,
    but also on relatively bright foggy or rainy day.

    You want to have enough UVa around so this type of glasses would react and become at least little bit darker.

    On the other side of spectrum you want red lights.

  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    In this context cialis is not about erection
    it is about blood flow.

  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    If you cannot get particle size for LDL
    next time donot even do any cholesterol test.

  20. Pablo

    Pablo New Member


    @JanSz recommendations

    I just ordered the DUTCH complete, I´ll have results in 1 months or so (yeah it´s quite slow).

    I do have one UVA blacklight 50W and have just ordered a second. However, it almost doesn´t matter since I can´t bring that to the office (I am just a trainee lawyer, they would think I´m fucking crazy).

    Red/infrared: I have this little lamp https://redlightman.com/product/red-infrared-combo-mini/ (620 ◦ 670 ◦ 760 ◦ 830 nm). I bet that is better than nothing... I use it all over my body... nuts included (truth be told... a few minutes after I almost always get an erection, so I guess the hormonal stimulation issue is very real... will keep doing it)

    Heat: I have an infraphil HP 3690 my grandad used for back pain.


    1-Light is key, I take that as a given. But what is the fastest way for me to get the details? Best books or blogs? I have little free time right now... so I am not reading Jack´s blogs. I read alread J.Ott... I am beggining Marino... what should be next? Jacob Liberman? (specifically I am most interested in learning about artificial lights after I finish Marino. What about the flicker effect? I assumed devices like Joov where super amazing for health and was planning to get one, but I read comments in the forum implying that it was not good cause of the flicker, same as other brands. Red leds good or bad??? Only good for therapeutical application in the body but not for ilumination purposes?

    My current understanding is:
    -Red/Infrared LED´s are good for body healing
    -For general illumination: Incandescent

    2-I am using a lot my laptop... is this grounding cord I purchased beneficial or could it somehow be harmful? https://www.proteccionelectromagnet...ca/cable-para-conectar-el-ordenador-a-tierra/

    Personal journey and tough though needed decisions

    Honestly, however, I feel the solution is pretty simple. Changing my environment.

    15 December I´ll finish my period of instruction. I will move from town to my parents country house and do everything you talk about here, hardcore (Grounding in the beach, CT in the cold Ocean, walking in the forest... what I do now the weekends but everyday!!). My bet is that in a few months I will feel amazing, optimal. Then, I´ll find a job that doesn´t go against all the quantum principles laid out by JK. This one I´ll have to figure out, but I am up to do trial and error. My parents will support me financially as long as they see me working hard.

    The next 2 months will be pretty hectic... and pointless in a sense. I am everyday in a hurry to to have some sunlight and grounding (and feel amazing!) in order to right after that get into the office with a laptop and shit light (and, I wouldn´t say I feel super crappy but my brain is pretty sharp when I get there and after 2 hours is reaally slow). In the future, I may come up with some excuse to not get there a few mornings. "Personal issues" or something like that, I´ll say. I don´t get paid so who cares :)

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