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P2, Paleo style?

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by jeepifer@gmail.com, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. jeepifer@gmail.com

    jeepifer@gmail.com New Member

    Hi all, I'll be starting HCG soonish, probably next month giving shipping times, etc. So I'd love suggestions for a paleo-style P2. I've already decided to nix the "toast" and fruit, and make up the calories with more protein. Any menu recommendations or other ideas are more than welcome!

    Oh also, I'm tentatively planning on breakfast w/in 30 mins. of waking, then dinner probably around 5pm, so incorporating a bit of the Leptin Rx along with it.


    -- Jennifer
  2. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    There are several on the big forum doing that, jeepifer. I'd try to load as much of the protein for breakfast as you can so you can go through until dinner. Eager to hear how you do!
  3. jeepifer@gmail.com

    jeepifer@gmail.com New Member

    Thanks, I found a P3 group but no one seems to be in P2. Although I'm sure I'll end up coinciding with some people eventually. ;)

    Oh, does the tomato count as a fruit? I know in P&I, it's listed as a veggie. I was thinking ground beef and some tomato (aka P2 "chili") but now I'm second guessing. I don't have any allergen issues w/ eggs or nightshades as far as I know.
  4. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

  5. jeepifer@gmail.com

    jeepifer@gmail.com New Member

    Awesome, thanks!

  6. im sorry i just noticed your post. but i tried this paleo/hcg and thought it didnt work. at least not for weight loss.. i had been doing the reset since nov 10. the end of jan i started an hcg round. eating mostly protein/some veggies. had no trouble with appetite. losses were painfully slow. but then they had been painfully slow the 3 rounds i tried last year that i did in a more conventional style. this was even slower. and by day 12 i had terrible protein cravings. i never had that before on hcg. but then my body may have been used to a lot more protein in recent months. i was down load weight and 5 more lbs. and i was due for dental surgery. so i thought best to eat all the protein i wanted. had the surgery. overate for a total of 8 days. it was a snap. gained some weight and rather than going back to hcg. i just called it quits as of day 12. turned to JUDDD to take off the weight. did it the first week. and of course i only had to diet every other day. so i am now sitting at almost 2 lbs below LIW. you know all that stuff we tell people on the hcg boards? that if you stop before 20 days you regain the weight and more? not so. i think it depends on what you do after. so i am now doing paleo/reset style eating on JUDDD and loving it. i think my hcg days are over.
  7. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    People who lose weight slowly on hcg tend to keep it off, thomasina. That probably helped you. There are always exceptions but it's very rare to keep the weight you've lost off if you stop before 23 days. Glad you did though. What is JUDD?
  8. Xena

    Xena New Member

    I loaded protein in the a.m., sometimes with an allotted veggie, sometimes not. I lost 29.4 lbs in 30 days and ate grass-fed 90-10 hamburger nearly every day. I was thrilled at my losses. Didn't have dinner much because I ate all my food earlier but it worked great. I also took all of Dr. K's recommended supplements for HCG users. I am gearing up for another round in a few weeks and have been doing the reset since I came off HCG Feb. 9 (stabilized like a dream). I hope the next round works well but my losses will likely slow as I near where my body wants to be. I usually do about 30 day rounds--less is not that appealing and more makes me bored and likely to cheat.
  9. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    That's fabulous, Xena! What did you lose on the previous round?

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