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oysters a key source of 1H.

Discussion in 'Epi-Paleo Recipes' started by Jack Kruse, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  2. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Bingo WOW thanks Jack I have been thinking about Oysters a lot lately and why they are such a phenomenal food :thumbsup:
  3. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    Speaking of oysters... I've tried searching for answers, but to no avail... I have tried canned ones and they were tolerable. I just bought a container of "fresh" raw ones... what do I do with them? You swallow them whole? Any tips? We had mussels tonight- those were easy!
  4. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I bitched and whined to my local grocery manager for awhile. Now I purchase 120+ raw unshucked oysters a week and the grocer seems pretty happy. Apparently other are opting for them now because they sometimes get bought out before I get to them.

    I'm even known as "the guy who always buys oysters" according to one of the off duty cashiers.

    I've been called way worse so I'm cool with that.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  6. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    I consume on average 4 dozen a week Raw this is my breakfast , I have them with cracked pepper , lemon juice squeezed on top I also squeeze an extra lemon and have that in a shot glass . Others may chew but I just swallow down the hatch.
    make sure you have turmeric to help with absorption of DHA into the brain I make Ghee with local grass fed butter and I add liberal amounts of Turmeric Powder to the finished Ghee. Once set I eat a teaspoon with the Oysters each time.

    I notice increased cognitive function and excellent energy levels way into the afternoon.

    Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
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  7. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Explained in that article is how we shut down my wife's perimenopausal crazy brain worrying about 1 million things at once.

    This year she was hit with a shitstorm and told me that she never would have been been able to hold up to half of it in the past.
  8. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    I can't do the dairy, but I'll have to work turmeric in. I tried the oysters today with thyme and lemon juice. Ended up putting them on my homemade almond meal crackers. I'm thinking swallowing whole might be best... with a chaser of bacon :) All the fun oyster recipes use ingredients I can't have so that's a bummer.
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  9. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    How are you storing them before use?
  10. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Watch out I'm going long winded here.

    I used to make homemade kimchi, less these days, but I got voted off the island (or at least out of the kitchen fridge) when our ice started tasting like kimchi (fermented fish sauce, fermented shrimp, bubbling cabbage). I have a mini fridge in my garage because of that and now it has become the oyster fridge for similar ice taste reasons.

    With her noticeable improvements on the diet I'll get frowns if I don't serve up oysters each dinner so I buy 18-36 at a time unless I can snag a 50 count bag. My little garage fridge does the trick. I have it set so that If I place the oysters in the tip-top of the unit they will be slightly below freezing. Oysters where the water in the shell is just starting to freeze is like a little delicacy that emerges in a few of the oysters stored in that area.

    When those little partially frozen gems show up on the serving platter it's pretty much a Mexican standoff at my dinner table and my wife doesn't feel bad at all about leaving me in the dust.

    It's all fine by me because her words have magically changed over this whole process.

    "We need to double check with our finance guy on every investment. We also need to touch base with all of our son's. Oh and let's set a goal for the power bill this month. My boss's daughter is graduating can you find out what's in style in the $25 dollar range. I'm worried about the body language of that lady on the team..." <--- All spoken in under 6 seconds

    "Hey, when are we going to get a little alone time together?"

    I seem to remember you have a husband so it won't surprise you to know that somewhere on that Y chromosome we husbands have evolved the ability to virtually shrink our ears in one of those situations OR virtually grow our ears and become world class listeners in the other situation much in the same way dogs somehow spontaneously become flawless experts at the English language when you say "Who wants to take a walk?"

    Much emphasis heroes on personal optimization and rightfully so. It probably should have been obvious that with us both improving our relationship was bound to improve too. We are both still so surprised though at how much more smooth the whole relationship got all around, not just those areas my Y chromosome is especially attuned too.

    There is a restaurant near you called Shuckers Oyster Bar. If they can get hands on oysters you should be able to find a source too somehow.
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  11. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Dont give up ...there is always a way...when you find out whats best for you report back..I will be keen to hear your findings.
  12. Da-mo

    Da-mo Gold

    Thats how I eat them too if raw - cant stand the taste of them myself but my wife toys with the idea of tying a string to them so she can pull them back up and eat them again.:rofl:
  13. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    Yes! I haven't been to Shuckers yet, but it's about 12 min away! And of course everyone along the coast has Oyster Parties so they're to be had somewhere. And I have two garage fridges! :thumbsup: Course the big one has the beer for my husband's poker nights... he might kick my oysters out! :rofl:
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  14. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    That's hysterical :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  15. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Use your persuasive feminine magic powers
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  16. Billybats

    Billybats New Member


    And this is the result of eating oysters.

    Lieselk.. eat them raw (very Niiiiccccceeee with lemon), way easier. Advise from a verrrryyy picky eater. Yep go raw. .lolhahaaaaa or stay dressed..lol
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  17. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    I was thinking of buying them in bulk but not sure how to store them.

    I have another question. In the morning I have coconut oil, ghee, turmeric, pepper and 2ozs of coffee (I am planning on dropping the coffee) and raw oysters and I feel nice mentally but after about 3 hours I am hungry. Part of me would be fine having this same combo through out the day? It is the only thing that makes me feel good but not full for long. Would it be okay. Then maybe some kind of seaweed salad. I am looking into a different seaweed other than dried. They do come vacuum sealed fresh?. I will check Asian markets.

    I stopped milk.
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  18. drezy

    drezy New Member

    FWIW I keep mine in a small fridge for 3-4 days at a time just making sure they can "breathe" for the last year. My wife has eaten them more often the me. 85%+ of her dinners for the last year were fresh shucked oysters.
  19. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I keep them in my fridge after I have washed and brushed them clean. Make sure to put them the right way so the water cant come out if they open up a bit, because sometimes they do. Then they will spoil faster. Stored the right way and in the fridge they keep at least 2 weeks. I have had 3 week old too.. but it is a bit risky ;). Never got sick from an oyster though! And I pick them all myself at the shore. Very seldom I get one that tastes bad, I just spit it out, thats it. I eat them every day spring, summer and autumn, from 10 to 20 oysters / day.
  20. Inger

    Inger Silver

    PS. you can easily store them a few days just on your terrace / outside too, they can tolerate a few days of summer heat, no problem. At least for me that has worked :) If the weather is colder, I can keep them outside several days. If I am too lazy to wash them immediately ;) They often are pretty muddy here you know!

    Important is, the oyster is never to be stored airtight. It must be able to breath.

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