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Discussion in 'The Cave' started by caroline, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    LOL. I am sure it is all done for a sake of science!!
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Has everyone deserted me again??? What's up with that? I guess y'all are so busy doing the oxy dance that you don't have time to post? We need updates people - I know - we all have been busy reading, reading and more reading but .....

    We need updates on how everyone is doing...... this is important stuff....

    Is there such a thing as Quantum Sex???? what about Quantum sex deja vu? I need help here to make something happen and y'all are the pros ......
  3. diane

    diane Gold

    Oh there must be quantum sex. But I think that deserves it's own thread lol.
  4. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I am jealous... I want this....

    as for me the oxytocin train has left the building - E-dominance has reared her ugly head and turned off all desire, E is fighting hard to retain control of my body - now that we're really pushing Pg....
  5. Keep pushing, Shijin!
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Gretch - sounds like you are in the fight of your life - you will get there - no question....
  7. Hope

    Hope Gold

    if you're still on this thread, have you read any of Dr H's books?? If so, which?
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Hope - I have sorta read ..... The Hormone Solution - Stay Younger Longer. I really like Suzanne Somer's books the best I think - but it depends what you are looking for? Ask questions - nothing is off limits here. If you have read thru this thread Dr. K. has made some really valuable comments.
  9. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Hey thanks Caroline, I just now finished to the end of the thread. Great stuff and I definitely need it!! I am behind on this for sure. I definitely have to add SS' books to my reading list, after I finish the EMF blog series (still working through it!). I just want to know more about hormones, period....ultimately, to see if I can help myself get pregnant, despite my low libido (ugh) and advanced medical age of almost 40 and messed up hormones (but super low HS CRP, go figure).

    I definitely LOVE this thread.....I need the encouragement to remember to do it no matter what...or try to, anyway. We have a set of friends that make a lot of O together and they got pregnant twice super easy, on the first and second try despite her AMA of 38 and 40. Whew. We do not. Sometimes it's me (tired, stress, whatever), sometimes DH...he is really struggling and it came to me recently that I need to work harder on getting him more optimal...even if it's just with eating a LOT more seafood which he loves (but he's not into supplements, CT, thinks my passion against EMF is bull etc)....he has issues at times and it makes it difficult...sorta like a vicious cycle in his brain as he is anxious by nature anyway. But it also gives me time to work on my own getting optimal and working on the SO too LOL. My own MD actually gave me a special oxytocin (not nasal, but apparently better absorption than the regular pill....http://www.belmarpharmacy.com/oxytocin.htm but so far I see no difference...will try nasal next :)

    I definitely hope Dr K will do a Sex webinar tying it all together for THAT...I think that could get DH to listen...as he didn't used to have issues when younger and his MD starts talking drugs and age when he just doesn't get the whole hormone thing. So we'll see.

    Anyway thanks for starting this thread and keeping it going. I am taking coriander as my goal :) and hopefully when I am 50 I will feel better than I do now at almost 40, LOL.
    CjHedberg likes this.
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hope - have you had your labs done ? and a consult with Dr. Kruse? If you do that you can figure out what your priorities need to be. Would your DH get saliva/cortisol testing done? Hormones are so important for guys too.

    I think - if I were you - I would get Suzanne Somer's books ASAP - get them at a library and see what you think and which ones to buy.

    Dr. Hertoghe talks about male hormone stuff too [as does Suzanne] - really interesting. It is a really good book.

    Dr. K. says that oxy nasal spray is way better than the pills and so does my pharmacist.

    Actually 40 is so young ... you are in the prime of your life. Does your DH think it is normal to have problems at such a young age???
    maybe you need to take him camping and lay on the grass and swim in a river - all naked of course - and make out like rabbits!

    Remember all the things that JK said - sex should be as natural as breathing ....I hope I quoted that properly!

    I have so many regrets ....I don't want that for you.....you have a whole full life ahead of you ....get moving girl!! You need to strive for excellence and you need to start now....there are no limits on what you can achieve....
  11. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Yes, yes, yes to your questions. My OB (which I fired) tried to get DH on Cortef but he wouldn't take. DH is very against taking any pills of any kind. His ASI was the typical screwed up kind and to me he is so in BO...but he doesn't see it, I think bc he's so used to functioning at his level. I think he was born with it. Last child of a severely anxious mom on different drugs. UGH.

    I am working on myself....have for the past 15 years. I got sick from a Z-pak when I got pneumonia. Killed the gut and I am still working on healing it (with 1,000,000 detours) and hormones etc etc etc. And love Dr K's input, yes. Will redo labs, waiting for some and see what I learn. BUT I realize I wanna help DH too.....while working on me too. I saw some improvement for a while but then lately have tanked again, in energy level so am now pushing more CT, grounding, being outside.....a lot more. Can't wait for spring (on its way).

    Camping would be great if I can figure out a way to use my CPAP there LOL (zombie without). DH has been told by MD's 'it's your age' (mid forties)....a great excuse to not push for optimal. He is in a stressful job, in EMF bathtub....for years.....none of it helps.

    YES I know what Dr K says about it being natural, ugh. It's so not for me....him...us. At least not how it used to be.....but I am getting there. Little by little. Thanks a million for all your input and support......

    And - I feel 80 a lot of times. Just wanna sleep all day. I never do but....we moved to the DC area a few years ago and I have always hated it here....ever since that move I feel literally o-pressed, and I am really getting one big reason....EMF. I am totally affected by it. He too, but he denies it all. Anyway....off to try for some O now.... LOL

    Will get SS books tomorrow. Thanks for that too!
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I guess you know by now that you need to move to get your life back! Can you make a plan and start to make it happen? Where do you want to be one year from now? Follow Gretchen's blog and posts - that is what she is working on.....
  13. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    My husband is like yourS in that he's not into lots of supplements, CT, and also thinks EMF is bunk...but he has learned that Hormones can be fixed.

    Okay, we are older than you and your husband but I can tell you that there are times men also can need hormone replacement therapy. My DH went through a period of time having performance issues. It caused additional stress for him worrying about it and there were times I thought "what's wrong with me".

    His T levels were at the lowest end of the scale and the doctor gave him the T creme. Not much of a help so he found a longevity clinic, had more labs, and started on their program of T shots. Also takes anastrozole and HCG 1x per week. He now orders the T, anastrozole and HCG himself online. It has made a huge difference! In the past year performance issues gone, more interest, energy, and he's lost 30 lbs.

    He's had a slightly enlarged prostate for a few years. At his physical last week, doctor prescribed low dose daily Cialis...supposed to help this and also lower BP? (Should put question in Ask Jack about that). Anyway, he is loving it! Makes him feel young to have morning wood again :)

    I am having a hard time getting out of the house in the morning! I get up first and get ready for work. Have learned it's best not to go back in bedroom if I don't want to be delayed.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2013
  14. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I'm not so sure that anyone is normally anxious. I have seen large changes in my attitude, depending on what I was eating, whether I was sleeping right, etc. And I think CT, sunlight and grounding also affect mood and anxiety.
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Fitness - what a great problem to have - lucky you! Happy for your DH too..... I guess you enjoy your weekends now more too!
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Totally agree with this ... it all adds up and makes a huge difference - slowly at first and then one day we notice - we are smiling all the time for no apparent reason!! It attracts so much positive quantum energy and it is very, very real.....
  17. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Oh, believe me, I KNOW. His mother has an extremely broken brain and I am certain she helped pass on that stuff to her children. What I mean by that, he is an anxious person, period, and hasn't known anything different. It has been very difficult for me at times. Especially since I feel the clock ticking, to try to have a baby...just doing a SA was unbelievably stressful as it took many tries :( Though, HE says he feels much less anxious since we've been married, because before me, he had major social anxiety, trying to fit in with people, etc.....like in HS and college....I've always known it's bad but it's also reality

    Of course the anxiety is just part of a broken brain. But not everyone that is broken has the depth of issues with anxiety that he has....it's also his crazy legalistic perfectionist, inhibited upbringing too which messed up his thinking in different ways than I am messed up etc.

    And of course I want nothing more than to help fix the brain because it would help on SO many levels.....right now it's making everything harder. On every front. But as you know, I can't force him.....I just can make myself better....but sometimes I wonder if it will be enough to actually have a chance to have a baby, and that is what is the most depressing thing for me.....long story.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2013
  18. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Fitness, that is totally awesome and gives me hope. DH actually doesn't have to lose weight at all and thankfully so far has no prostate issues (too young?) and in fact my diet and giving him fats and taking out carbs as much as possible when nature says so has helped him gain some much needed weight. Right now I am working on him to get some labs done....and then see what can be done. I have started giving him small doses of DHEA as I am pretty sure he is pretty tanked in it all....and Vitamin D. Trying to do what I can/he is open to. His T is actually OK too..but clearly stuff is off.

    Him finding his own doctor and ordering his own stuff....WOW! That is something I can dream of. BUT, if I could help him find something that works for him and he had less performance issues, that would totally, I think, help him get on board with some of the other things....
  19. Hope

    Hope Gold

    PS I would love to hear what Dr K thinks about using Cialis to help lower BP.....whew.
  20. Dali Dula

    Dali Dula Moderator

    Dr K likes Cialis.

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