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Oxidized LDL levels

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by mamadell, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. mamadell

    mamadell Gold

    Just had a lipid panel done and seems that my Oxidized LDL blood levels are very high....over 100
    my total LDL level is 253 mg/dl
    HDL is 75 mg/dl
    Triglycerides 97 mg/dl
    total cholesterol 347 mg/dl
    CRP cardio is good at 0.7 mg/L

    been following an epi paleo diet for a year now
    and obviously inflammation is key here is my elevated oxidized LDL levels
    just wondering how to address the inflammation or perhaps i need more Vit A ?
    any insight would be appreciated

    also, just read this which is interesting
  2. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Consider today's blog and its implications for people at altitude.....
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  3. mamadell

    mamadell Gold

    thanks Josh...reading it now
    also wondering how estrogen metabolism or lack of....effects LDL levels
  4. Josh

    Josh Gold






    If you have ESS/Pregnenolone Steal and or Depletion/Poor Redox:

    1. Not enough Hormones to start with
    2. Liver becomes overloaded and toxic
    3. High Levels of Inflammation
    4. Tendency to convert Anabolic Hormones to Estrogens and or to bind them to SHBG, etc. to inactivate them to minimize additional inflammation.
    5. Loss of liver function=loss of methylation pathways to detoxify harmful estrogens combines with leaky gut magnifies their circulation
    6. Etc, etc.
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  5. mamadell

    mamadell Gold

    what you think about nebulizer treatment using glutathione and NAC ? as far as another way to decrease my oxidized LDL levels
  6. Josh

    Josh Gold

    No experience with it....would be a challenge if one can not handle sulfur and the UB4 issues are relevant here I imagine.
  7. mamadell

    mamadell Gold

    just had an extensive lipid panel done to further look at other markers around my elevated oxidized LDL levels
    was diagnosed with familial hypercholesterolemia and while my HDL and TG levels are decent ( 70 and 55 respectively )
    the markers for lipoprotein particles and apolipoproteins are quite high
    APO B 169
    LDL-P 2871
    sdLDL-C 57 ( small dense particle )
    APO A-1 149
    APO B : APO A-1 ratio 1.13 ( high )
    Lp (a )-P 150 ( genetic marker-high )
    LP-PLA 209 ( inflammation/oxidation marker--high )
    APO E ( genetic marker at 3/3 )

    METABOLIC MARKERS ( seem to be in range )

    Insulin 4
    C-peptide 1.5
    HbA1c 5.1
    glucose 99.7
    Vit. D 53 ( could be higher )
    Uric acid 3.6
    TSH 1.26
    Homocysteine 8

    test also indicates that i have hyper sterol absorption markers for campesterol , sitosterol and cholestanol

    so , apparently i don;t have enough LDL receptors on my liver and my body is reabsorbing the excess cholesterol
    of course, my doc wants me to take statins , Zetia , niacin and plant sterols

    been following the leptin RX, CT protocol and mitigating EMF exposure as much as possible
    have noticed that as i go thru menopause that my lipid levels have increased substantially and that my LDL particle size has gone from type A to small dense B particles
    and oxidation has increased

    Just wondering what else i can do to increase particle size and decrease LDL-P number ?

    good news is that my Omega-3 index level is 13.4
    Omega-3 total 17.2%
    ALA 0.3%
    DPA 3.5%
    EPA 4.7%
    DHA 8.8%

    Omega 6 total 24.8%
    AA 9.7%
    LA 12.2%

    Monosaturated total 16.6%
    Saturated total 40.5%
    Trans total 0.8%
    Last edited: May 31, 2015
  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Consider taking hiatus in testing cholesterol levels.
    Consider doing correct testing of fatty acids.
    The tests you did are mostly designed to sell statins and fish or krill oils.
    I am not a doctor,
    but I prefer to do testing that suggest actionable follow up.

    For my self I use:
    buy directly------->>>
    Micronutrient Test
    On a slide #12 there is a list of measured items:
    Use results of this test to construct list of supplements.
    Repeat this test every 6-months, revise list of supplements as need.
    After stabilized, do this test once a year or less often.

    After a year consider getting their Cardiometabolic Panel (cholesterol test)

    At LabCorp or Mayo Clinic get:

    58 ------- Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum


    Consider supplementing with Lugol's
    do testing as per list on post #4 here:

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  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    First steroid hormone Pregnenolone
    is made from LDL.
    Low pregnenolone will induce high LDL.
    Supplement with pregnenolone ---> LDL may go lover.

    There is more to it.

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  10. mamadell

    mamadell Gold

    just got some new lipid bloodwork and APO B, sdLDL , LP a are all still quite high and my T3 has dropped significantly which is interesting since i consume alot of seafood, seaweed, etc
    been getting a.m. UV light every morning for at least an hour and my DHA levels are quite high
    seems to still be some oxidation going on and wondering how to increase LDL receptor expression ?
    been taking resveratrol and K2
    any thoughts ?
    thank you
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Alice tells me something is affecting your plasma in the environment.........destructive interference pattern
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  12. recent mexico trip might have oxidised you?
  13. mamadell

    mamadell Gold

    Josh... no, don't think so . If anything, i think Mexico is my ticket to optimal health:)
    I've only recently begun getting extensive lipid blood tests done and found out a few years ago that my oxidized LDL levels were very high...over 100 !!
    I suspect that they have been high most of my life but i never had the proper tests done to reveal that.
    Definitely have the gene for familial hypercholesterolemia and not sure how concerned i should be about that ? meaning, if my LP a is high and that marker is genetic due to lack of LDL receptors on my liver.... will i be able to "biohack" those numbers ? or, is it a mute point because of genetics.
    Can't figure out why my T3 has dropped significantly over the past few months considering i am taking a small amount of cytomel 5mcg for a year now
    SHBG levels are still quite high at 124
    Pregnonelone steal syndrome ..i suspect is part of it but something else is causing inflammation in my body eventho other markers are great
    Vit D 84
    HS-CRP 0.1
    Homocysteine 7
    B-12 824
    HDL 110
    Triglycerides 44
    Ferritin 31 ( range 22-287 )
    Cortisol a.m. 18.4 ( range 6.2-19.4 )
    Leptin 3.7 ( range 2.3-64.2 )
    TSH 1.20
    Free T4 1.3 ( range 0.9-1.7 )
    Free T3 1.5 ( range 2.0-4.4 )
  14. mamadell

    mamadell Gold

    My cardiologist here in Sedona wants me to get injections of Repatha....a PCSK9 inhibitor...which , obviously i don't want to do

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