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Out-of-the-box design ?

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Yac, Sep 16, 2021.

  1. Yac

    Yac New Member

    Hey everyone

    Sorry for my English :) I was wondering if there are graphic designers or/and brand strategists on here that I can reach out to ?

    I’m interested to see your work/portfolio because I’m thinking about reviving my old skate/clothing brand I put aside to go back to school for urban planning. I just graduated and I knew deep down I won’t be having a “career” in urban planning so it’s been a year that the brand’s been calling me... I miss it so much even if it’s been a struggle back then : I did everything myself and I’m not a specialist in every domain (far from that).

    It might sound bizarre but I had difficulties working with designers and strategists in the past. I think it’s because they don’t have the same values or vision or philosophy of life than me / they had a different path which is normal. I was more comfortable with artists and photographers for instance whom I keep approaching.

    I thought, if you are on this forum, it’s because your findings/research led you to it. You’re becoming who you are (as French philosopher Jankélévitch liked to put it :D) and you have a different look on life and society. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

    So please send me a message if you’re interested in the project or just in having a conversation about your inspirations/contacts/how you deal with working with “creatives” yourself (whatever that means) !

    Have a great day :p
  2. Lisa Norton

    Lisa Norton Silver

    Hi Yac, this is a crucial conversation and I'd love to participate in a discussion about the overlaps with lifestyle design affordances, choicemaking and interdependency. I'm not a maker or a builder but my background includes art, design, creative strategy and innovation. Let's talk!
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  3. Yac

    Yac New Member

    Hey Lisa !! Thank you sooo much for reaching out !!

    You have a pretty interesting background !! I'd love to discuss these topics with you because I have so many questions ! I'm curious to know how you see things with your own background and the person you became/are still becoming with the dots you connected/are still connecting.

    The big question I have is : Is it possible and what does it mean to be working in creative strategy/art direction/... in this society with the choices we personally made about health/life which are literaly the opposite of the choices society wants us to make ! That's the big paradox I'm trying to deal with if I want to sum it up. :D

    I'm want to try to make a living on my own (surrounded by people that get it) by having fun creating stuff that have a symbolic meaning for me and for other people basically ! :D that's the genuine intention.

    Does it all boils down to the place (in every sense of the word) where you are ? the people ? ...

    May I ask what do you for a living ? We can go private if you want !

    Have a great day !!
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  4. Lisa Norton

    Lisa Norton Silver

    Hi Yac!

    I used to say I was a coach disguised as a professor :glasses: because I was 'hiding in plain sight' in design education, while developing mutual learning structures and processes for whole people to co-create from a living systems paradigm. In most parts of the world as you know, the academic orthodoxy does not incentivize or reward teaching, learning and researching in this way. As with many expert cultures, the academy is unravelling due to its own internal contradictions. I just left my position in order to go independent as a coach and guide. I'm working with creative innovators who want to create new choices within the paradox/double bind that most professionals find themselves caught in. It's a challenging time but one of incredible opportunity. For example, as you know, the creative industries have an important role to play in cultivating conditions for thriving at the intersection of quantum biology, distributed creativity, DAOS, NFTs, etc. grounded in vibrant health, in place, and in community...

    I just moved from New York to the Florida Panhandle. I'm motivated to leave the US. Looking at El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc
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  5. Yac

    Yac New Member

    Hey Lisa

    Congrats on your move to Florida and your pursuit of your new professional/personal goals :) It must have been a long process to finally accept to step away from academia and realise that it's being a coach/guide that is truly motivating for you.

    I have the same opinion on education in general, and in art/design/architecture/even business schools... in particular. It's what's happening in France. In my opinion, part of the story is : it's simply because the gov is still shaping what "design" has to be, what "art" has to be, ... legitimate art/legitime design/legitimate whatever, so that students have tools that are their own but their visions are oriented (subconciously for the most part) by the education they had, the interactions with other students/pairs/professors of their own school, etc. I don't know.

    But that's the reason why I honestly feel I have to approach people that understand/or try to understand quantum biology so that we can create paths (they create themselves) as you said. It's frustrating because my english is basic so I can't express exactly what I mean but it's like the findings unintentionally radiate irriadiate your psyché and other parts of your social spheres through your behavior and realization so it gives you a new take on life - which has nothing to do with what is taught in schools .

    one of your last sentence is very interesting and important :D

    The end of your sentence is absolutely everything. But regarding the creative industries in general, is it their role to do so ? I mean, is it just for their own best interest to do so (for generating new conterintuitive ideas, product, etc),
    or is it in for marketing and branding, for instance : a new image for attracting new customers that are interested in these topics ?
    Because they're not NGO so their ultimate goal is not the welness of humanity :D

    My idea is to do something small-scaled, honest, apply some of the findings in quantum biology with nods to these findings. So I guess it's a biohacking-inspired anti-nnemf clothing/skateboard company for naturists. :rofl::rofl::rofl: more generally, i want to play with societal schemes/signs and translated them into product and branding (so that I can have fun creating with creative, pay my bills and buy DDW)

    Have a great day !! :glasses:
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  6. Lisa Norton

    Lisa Norton Silver

    Yeeeesss!!! to creative and experimental 'game b' prototypes from which we all learn, share and evolve our norms. Let's jump on a zoom call to explore...
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  7. Yac

    Yac New Member

    Let's go :D

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