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Osmolality Thread

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by chocolate, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Since Dr Kruse posted about the Na pumps and 60 per cent (my lazy senile butt remembers right) DHA power being used by them in the heart and brain, I was hoping some folks besides me might have an interest. All of us with blood pressure and electrolyte issues are heavy players.

    Betaine is the hcl that is the battery acid for our bodies. Just think about a weak battery and how things don't work so well. Thermostats, electrical gauges start responding to the surges and trickery. They do everything thing they can to keep your car safe, as long as the computer is right.

    This is a little, but kind of complicated (to me) article I didn't want to pass by. It relates to magnetics.


    I want to believe that the phosphate is just waiting for magnesium. It seems like everything is just waiting for magnesium.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    This is the source of most cardiovascular issues like HTN. It is damage done to the battery. That battery is the extracellular matrix ion mix and the power loss at the mitochondria. Read Metabolic cardiology. My blog is metabolic neurosurgery.......and since the brain controls it all.........you better get the implications of that for your health
  3. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    I guess we just need to sleep and live keto. Then we can get the magnesium in and the other stuff as well. I think the d-ribose is glycine. I could be very very wrong.

    Anyway, its all the same stuff. I guess I'll just toggle back and forth.
  4. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    I guess the d-ribose is not glycine. Looks like these folks have been paying attention. Its some new product for sports and probably heart folks too. It seems all the fitness stuff really helps illness. Like creatine and sleep/memory. It seems like the sea salt would have everything else.
  5. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    Krill oil

    I was reading that choline could convert to this. IDK how, and give you fishy smelling breath. Its a long haul to fix, but worth it. Now, I swear, I'm having doubts about drinking little dabs of salt water. It has to be correct. You would get it if you were eating straight out of the ocean. TMA is removed from krill oil.
  6. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    Mechanism of hypokalemia in magnesium deficiency

  7. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    continued from above



    At physiological conditions Mg concentration needed for this is 0.1 -10 mmoles (median 1 mol). Since only 2% of total body Mg is in extracellular fluid, intracellular conc is 10-20 mmols, mainly bound to ATP. Only 5% is free

    In kidneys & heart 100% of Mg can equilibrate with the plasma in 3-4 hrs, but for brain it is 10%, muscle 25% Moreover it occurs over 16 hrs.

    What this means is that when plasma Mg falls for any reason, the intracellular levels drop first in kidneys & heart. This damages the inward rectifying nature of the ROMK channel

    In patients with isolated Mg deficiency, hypokalemia not seen why? Two reasons

    1. Because the Na K ATPase is also impaired, this causes less Na uptake by muscle & kidney that will cause K to rise again & become normal..?

    { Doesn’t this also stimulate aldosterone secretion which in turn activates the ENaC in the DCT & CCD?}

    2. Increase in K secretion (caused by Mg deficiency as not enough Mg is around to bind to intracellular side of ROMK) causes hyperpolarization of cells in DCT & CCD driving force for outward K flux is decreased and K secretion is limited.

    Hypomagnesemia alone is not enough to cause hypokalemia

    Additional factors needed are increased sodium delivery & elevated aldosterone levels.

    But these factors can independently cause hypokalemia. So How much does hypomagnesemia contribute? Are we back to square one?




    just add fructose and there's your sodium!

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