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Optimum Vit D level

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Cortney817, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Great point and one I apply to myself.

    I f*cked myself over for 38 years.

    By dumb luck I moved within the 30s(lat) and later stumbled across this forum of crazies.
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I note that I have spent one complete year in tropics, 1979-1980.
    The first few months were ok, latter I was not comfortable.
    Analyzing it these days I would put that on not being able to adjust to 12h day/12 hr night for 365 days.
    I was missing sorely long days when sunsets are near 9 PM.

    Last edited: Sep 5, 2019
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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I like that “forum of crazies”. And misfits who are passionate about living our best possible life.

    It blows my mind when we “crazies” are accused of being followers and sheep ....ready to jump off a cliff when told to.

    Some of us have jumped, without wings, and it has taken courage and conviction and a desire to live our best possible life.

    We are all a work in progress..... and we need to show up every single day.
  4. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    I believe healing will always be relatively quick under ideal conditions. He posted "some" exposure three days a week. If "some" nnEMF is in reality massive which is quite 'normal' these days then I wouldn't expect any real healing to occur ever.
  5. Ted

    Ted New Member

    I actually posted that I have been getting a ton of sun 5-7 days per week, including a lot of time around solar noon. I am not around RF for 4 days a week. I know that RF can be a factor, but I can't believe that it can make such a huge difference. Jack works in a hospital and is exposed to massive RF, but his D is high. If my photo receptors are shot do to my past life, will they regenerate slowly? I have been following Jack's protocols for 3-4 years, so I should have had an improvement. Would anyone supplement to get thorough the winter? I live at the 42nd latitude.

    Thanks for the responses.
  6. malc0088

    malc0088 4th dimension

    my understanding was that UV-A/IR wavelengths regenerate melanopsin in the skin and eye. so, if your not getting these wavelengths during the day, couldn't you supplement these wavelengths at your office or in the evening?
  7. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Hmmmm. I don't interact on wherever that is being claimed.

    Because I like @Cortney817 I'm going to go ahead with some drezy reveal and expose myself .....

    IMG_5816 copy.jpg

    I give this evaluation (done in 2010) to every potential business partner. It's a standard DISC assessment that I got in the corporate world because I think I might have been considered for management. DISC stands for Dominance Influence Steadiness and Compliance.

    So, if I'm to believe the assessment, I'm allergic to the concept of compliance. "When told to" doesn't even translate to me.
  8. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    I couldn't sunbathe without burning for a whole decade because RF was dehydrating my skin. I thought everyone has wifi, I'm young and healthy, no damn way my internet could be keeping me from solargenesis!

    Jack lives in a grounded faraday house which probably cost seven figures to build.

    You don't want to spend $200 on an RF meter?

    I'm astonished how few posters here own a meter. The irony of non-believers most likely posting here through wifi asking how to solve their mysterious health problems. The members like Drezy, Sun Disciple, and I who own and constantly use meters are healthy.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2019
  9. Ted

    Ted New Member

    I own an Rf meter and have tested. I have Ethernet cable for internet.I have Iris software on my PC. I keep saying that I don't believe that my RF exposure is large because it isn't when I am home 4 days a week. I can't control my office environment as much, but most work days, I still go outside during my lunch hour wearing only my Cooltan shorts to get full sun exposure.I have gotton a LOT of sun this summer.

    And Jack has only lived in this house for about a year, but he still had high D levels before that.

    And I am definitely not a non-believer. Just this D situation has me baffled.
  10. Ski coach

    Ski coach Gold

    "limited wifi"--why use any?
    VDR snps?
    am sunlight in addition to mid day?
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  11. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Then share your exposure measurements at work?
  12. malc0088

    malc0088 4th dimension

    I believe that jacks oct 2014 webinar discusses this. calcium efflux impairs Vitamin D production regardless of how much sun you get.
  13. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Where you live matters. Obviously you will not be able to achieve the same levels at high latitudes, and that's fine. I think being cold adapted also will alter the VDR to become more sensitive, so folks like me up in Canada who go ALL-in with the cold may not have as high levels, but we may not require it. I'm usually consistently around 130-140 nmol/l irregardless of the season, and I do a lot of naked sunbathing from April until October. @Cindy Domitrovits was able to get to around 180 nmol/l living at the same latitude which is quite impressive, and she got less naked than myself, but didn't go as deep on the CT as I did. So I think there are a ton of factors.
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  14. Ted

    Ted New Member

    Wow! Those are very impressive numbers for someone who lives in Canada. Do you have a job that exposes you to RF and blue light? If yes, then how are your number so high? I am not disputing that RFs are a problem and will effect the D level, I just feel that being home 4 days a week and living in the sun, I should have higher levels.

    My 23andme shows 2 VDR genes that are both heterozygous. I don't burn easily and get more tan throughout the summer. I am very dark now.
  15. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Yes I do, and that could be why my Mother has higher levels than me even though she's less naked than I am, because she's at home and not in an office job.

    But keep in mind, these are nmol/l measurements, which really equates to about 55 ng/dl for me, and about 72 ng/dl for my Mother.
  16. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Think of all the EMF studies done over the past century and how many of them showed compromised health with "only" 5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes of daily exposure!

    If you don't feel ill then maybe not worth worrying about labs too much.
  17. Ted

    Ted New Member

    I feel healthy, so maybe I shouldn't be worrying about it. As I am getting tanner, my body is trying to block me from absorbing more UV, which must mean that what I have is enough. The problem is that soon I wont be able to make more D, so that number is going to drop over the winter. The good thing is that I will be in Florida for two weeks in November and then four weeks in Puerto Rico starting mid-January.

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