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Optimizing for CrossFit

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by SnuffySmith, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. SnuffySmith

    SnuffySmith New Member

    OK, I follow OPT and am pretty pumped up about Dr. Kruse. Someone on the OPT blog posted a link a couple days ago and I can't get enough of the content on here.

    This post is all about trying to understand how to optimize the Kruse prescription for CrossFit performance. I have great coaching from OPT ... actually starting personal coaching with one of his trainers soon. I follow a paleo diet, but I eat starchy carbs and have a post workout recovery shake with variable amounts of carbs depending on workout intensity.

    Piecing the prescriptions on here together, I should do the following:

    Eliminate the post workout shake. Eliminate all starchy carbs. Increase fat intake. Decrease number of meals to 2 or 3. Do a 30 minute ice bath before bed every night.

    Is this accurate? Is there more I could do to improve performance?

    What about working out in the morning? OPT frequently has more than one workout a day ... if there's more than one, I'll do one in the AM and the other in the PM. Does that really matter?

    What results should I expect? From what I have read: the diet changes may help a little (because of similar current diet), and the ice bath can take 24-36 months to show results. Will it really take this long to experience a difference on the ice baths? Any other suggestions?

    Another question about the cold adaptation stuff ... when talking about Phelps and Armstrong, it sounds like they were exposed during training, not before or after. Does the bath after training have the same effect? Can someone talk to this ... I mean, do I need to step up the A/C to get the results?


  2. Dextery

    Dextery New Member

    Dr K has a cold room that has no lights in it except for a red reading light that has no blue wavelength. He drives with AC in his car on full blast winter and summer and he drinks lots of cold water as there is a receptor in our mouths for cold.

    The whole premise is that cold adapted people operate more efficiently with greater clarity of mind when the CT is combined with the Leptin Prescription and the Leaky Gut Prescription.

    Can you do crossfit and be successful in the short term. Sure. You will look really good on the outside...but you will damage your long term survivability by shortening your telomeres. You can do crossfit if you want...but should you is the question...especially when Dr McGuff's Body by Science routines yield better results with 20 min a week work to failure as compared to the WODs 3x per week. It is hard to believe...but it does work. Fredrick Hahn in NYC also imploys this method with great success.

    Good luck on whatever path you take...CW or less is more.
  3. ChristineKleiber

    ChristineKleiber New Member

    I think OPT would be the first one to say that if you are truly dialed in to the entire nutrition, lifestyle realm that you will realize there are choices to be made. One is longevity vs near term performance. You can certainly work with crossfit and many of the optimal principals here, BUT it depends on how you are programming the exercise... more of a traditional crossfit approach with separate strength and metcon days is going to work better than two a days. I so sympathize with you because Crossfit is so amazing, it is hard to see how to dose it to maximize performance. I have had the "benefit" of reaching the point where my recovery sucked and my peformance was decreasing. That forced me to step back and find the balance that is right for me. The Games are NOT in my cross hairs - never have been, never will be. If they are for you... go for it. I found that I as Leptin resistant - and pretty much screwing myself with intense workouts (find Dr. K's post on why Oprah is still fat).

    I am now in the post reset phase where you start lifting heavy again and start to add back HIIT. I'm finding that hard to do in a box right now with so much focus on the Open, peformance, and the "sport of fitness". So, I would say start back at square one and set your goals and then develop the programming that meets the goal. Making a serious run at the Games maybe pretty much like running that marathon... everyone should do it once or twice... and then settle down into fine tuning the body for living a long, strong, playful life. And that isn't sissy play either... look at Erwan LeCorre's videos.

    Love crossfit, love my box and peeps. Loving the optimal approach. It is hard to make it all work together unless the coaches at your box embrace it.

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