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Optimized Life Journey

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Jill A., Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Jill A.

    Jill A. Gold

    I have ethe same response but I am able to offer pieces to others. I have one brother in the sun everyday and very minimized blue light.
    Results are beginning to show and I fully expect more transformation. I am sure questions will be forthcoming.
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  2. Jill A.

    Jill A. Gold

    I have followed several gurus who had the answer over my lifetime. I still never felt right. I have thrown so much money at different issues over the years.
    This week I have contemplated simplicity in my life a lot. I am applying it in other areas also. I believe it will free me up to become a Black Swan. I am embryonic but I am determined to live. I am sticking to the sun. My head is clearing. I feel it. This is it.
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  3. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    I never followed any gurus myself. Never bought a diet book or even attempted one. This had been due mostly too my ignorance and fortunate health status and this complete disdain for somebody who claims to know everything and sell me something. This thing Jacks doing is historic. No bullshit not trying to sell me something. He split my wig wide open and shined the light of reality directly in. You go girl take control and never look back.
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  4. Jill A.

    Jill A. Gold

    I understand this post below much better. Thanks Sue. I relate to it.

    I am clearer about what I have been doing wrong and why. Interesting is that I have struggled with metabolic syndrome forever after bodybuilding days. I had a piece of the answer but it did not accurately point to the causes.
    Nov 2016 I broke badly. Overnight. Literally. One day. For a long time I tried all my old strategies to get moving again. They did not work. I knew I was in a different kind of trouble.
    Im beginning to be more consistent in my new disciplines with slips but this is not buying a new supplement or a new gimmick. It is a life change. I am changing my thinking. The more I practice and study execution improves. Immersion is necessary I think.
    My eating is coming online at last.

    For the last year I have felt like I am wearing socks. Its a tightness in the feet. Not painful but annoying. I thought it was because of my work. In my bare feet for many years doing it and very tight calves. I push through it as is my MO. So I looked at it as a symptom this week and researched it.
    It is a symptom of Neuropathy.
    The win here is that I paid attention to it. There is a lot I have not been paying attention to. In many ways.

    So then as I lay in a creek today letting the cool water ease the chronic pain in my right side I decided to research it also. Again I thought it was part of the "work injury" like the foot thing. In the middle of the forest I took out my phone and looked it up.
    It could be liver pain. My enzyme output is 2x what it should be. It could be my liver.
    It is almost 2 years since my crash. I have rested and babied my body a lot. Taking months off. The pain does not go away. I do have times when it is better but I feel its potential for flare up. I have a stomach ache everyday to some degree again with some very good days .
    When I reach up into my R diaphragm it is very very tender. Pain at T-12, T-8 and disc compression at C1/2 with mild foramenal stenosis at C-4/5. Whole right side of my body is unstable. I had 18 clients a week now down to 5 with week long breaks. Sometimes I cant even do that. Good thing I am in demand.
    My body aches. There is a heaviness in my legs and I lose power. I think I am inflamed. It is alarming.
    The time in nature has brought me face to face with just how long I have been experiencing the slow crash and pushing through it all.

    This last week I got 4 days with 3 to 5 hours of sun almost naked and 3 I was able to sun my breasts. I lay in a creek against the earth for hours, cold water, hot sun, magnetism from the earth. Sunrise and sunset everyday. The pain in my side got pretty bad for a few days. I thought with all the sun Ive been getting and fish Ive been eating and better sleep it would abate some. All blue light is out of my house. A couple incandescents for my son with Downs syndrome. He doesnt quite get it yet but enjoys the red light from the Joov. He bathes to it and loves the candles. He is at the beach and in the creek with me. He is falling asleep better but still wakes in the middle of the night. We both have a ways to go.

    This is a time for truth about many things. A time to connect to who and what I really am and what "I" need to thrive. Answering with ruthless honesty the question of who I am being in this world and in this body. This truly is a change of the mind first. I have been hypnotized by a false narrative..... many. New beliefs and priorities are forming. Its hard and I feel uncomfortable in it. I dont feel good and so have times of weakness in my thinking and comprehension. I feel myself searching for old fixes of a damaging lifestyle. Homeostasis is a tough thing to overcome.
    I am progressing but I get scared. The pain in my body discourages me. Cold water helps but it is still hard to get into it for me.. but I am beginning to dislike anything hotter than lukewarm.
    My carb intake is naturally dropping as I eat more oysters and seafood and other proteins. This week I have resolved to get into ketosis at last.

    I will have to search the site for any info on schizophrenia. Jan seems to know where everything is, I will ask him. Im sure everything I am experiencing is here.

    The last 2 years have felt like a very bad plane landing.

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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    nice update Jill.....

    baby steps....
  6. Jill A.

    Jill A. Gold

    Very tough to find out a family member has a mental illness. It explains a lot. It is a paradigm shift.
    I have been taking the sun everyday for a few months now and implementing the other disciplines.
    My boundaries were a lot better. I was rattled but I did not stop taking care to execute each day.
    I found out and the next day I left for the beach at 7:30am and spent 5 hours in the sun, sand, water and air on purpose.
    It really helped.
    I could hear my skin making sucking noises as I lay in the sun. (just kidding) Ha!
    My skin. Vermont 2018. What a miraculous revelation. I have to listen to it several times more.
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  7. Jill A.

    Jill A. Gold

    Meyer cocktails, HBO therapy, and infrared therapy will improve your redox potential. You will need the help of your doctor to gain access to most of these therapies. They need proper context to your specific issues. There are several additional useful biomarkers for identifying patients in whom glutathione is low. One such indicator is elevated Gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT), the enzyme that breaks down glutathione from the blood to allow its importation into the cells. Up-regulation of GGT has been observed in cells deficient in glutathione.

    Does a Meyer cocktail have Tequila in it? Ha!

    My GGT is high but it has gone from 155 to 130 in 3 mos. ,,,,, Glutathione.
    My AST and ALT are both within normal ranges now.

    my LDL is 155 and according to testers judgement it should be no higher than 90 ?????
    But according to excerpt below it appears to me that I am low. Dont understand.

    8. When LDL cholesterol goes below 200, your redox potential usually is low. This is also a sign that you likely are lacking that ability to store infrared spectrum light within your cells and their water micelles. Cholesterol is a polar molecule designed to be surrounded by water and energized by its ability to transfer electrons to the cholesterol. If it is not in a state of reduction, cholesterol can open the “doors to hell” inside your circulatory system. When your redox potential is high, DHA is high and cholesterol becomes sulfated and becomes a life-saving protein.

    Cant wait to talk to the Doc.
    My haplo kit is on its way. Took me a few weeks to choose a company. 23 and me is giving all its collected info to GLaxoSmithKline now for research because we know how altruist drug companies are. That creeps me out.

    Getting lots of sun. Drinking more water. Grounding everyday. Minimal blue light exposure.
    Falling asleep and rising with the sun. A rhythm is developing.
    I slept through the night one night. getting up less. I have begun to dream.
    I am off all supplementation now including estrogen and Progesterone cream. A little terrifying but I am fine.
    I wonder if the terrible painful days in the last couple mos have anything to do with clearing all that out. I wonder if taking off all the bandaids antagonized the wounds so to speak?
    I dont mind laying in the creek under the warm sun but the cold bath still is a challenge. I know I need it.
    I found a beach with dunes and tall grass. I got naked a couple days in a row.
    All skin tags on my chest are gone and one on my face has disappeared with two others diminishing. My skin looks much better. Swelling in my eyes has diminished but still present.
    Ketosis is a challenge also. I keep hunting for carbs but I know why. My redox is not good.
    I am leaking. I expect to get past this as I practice all the disciplines together.
    It is hard for me to eat so early in the morning because of the stomach ache that follows although I can report it has improved.

    I have pain. Right side. Ribcage, behind breast, pinpoint T8 and floaters. Feels like my diaphragm is weak along with internal external obliques. This has translated over time in collateral compensations all over.
    So I had an ultrasound done.

    Result Date: 7/31/2018
    ABDOMINAL ULTRASOUND ** HISTORY **: 64 year old woman, right upper quadrant pain, clinical suspicion for gallstones. Comparison: None. Technique: Multiplanar high resolution greyscale and color doppler images are obtained. ** FINDINGS **: Liver: Liver measures 14 cm in craniocaudad length in the mid-clavicular line. Liver is coarse in echotexture. Vessels are unremarkable including on doppler evaluation. Velocity in the main portal vein is 27cm/second. There is a 2.0 x 1.0 x 1.2 cm cyst in the anterior aspect of the right lobe of liver, anechoic, simple in appearance. A second similar 1.6 x 0.8 x 1.2 cm cyst is also seen anteriorly. Ducts: No evidence of intrahepatic or extrahepatic ductal dilation. Gall bladder: No sonographic Murphy's sign. Wall measures 2.7 mm in thickness. Wall echo shadow sign is seen with proximal echogenic foci the gallbladder consistent with stones with posterior acoustical shadowing. Right kidney: No hydronephrosis. Several clustered or pelvic cysts are
    seen of small size. No solid mass appreciated. No ascites or pleural effusions.

    Gallbladder is filled with gallstones with a resultant wall echo shadow sign. Gallbladder is not tender to sonographic compression. No ductal dilation. Liver is mildly coarse in echotexture, 2 cysts are seen within. Scattered peripelvic cysts are also seen in the right kidney.

    The Dr says that right quadrant pain has nothing to do with the stones but I dont think he is looking at this properly.
    Im concerned but not upset. Relieved to have more information actually.
    As I write this I am remembering something Jack wrote about knowing what we must do and doing it. I will add more fat tomorrow morning and push past the carb cravings.

    I am in love with the sun now. I am watching its movements and tracking ther minutes we lose each day as winter approaches. I get so much less of it in the house and on my patio in winter. I am having a little anxiety over that. I will figure it out. Lots of help and answers here.
    I have begun to think about moving eventually. Thought is where the manifestation begins.
  8. Jill A.

    Jill A. Gold

    I do not have an appendix. Taken out at age 26 when I had an ectopic pregnancy and had to have surgery because filopian tube burst and I was bleeding internally. I am remembering now, with some anger, how sick I was and I signed a paper to let them do it. I was told I didnt need it anyway and I could avoid surgery later in life in case it went bad. How insane is that?
    I am certain this is a piece of my daily stomach aches along with several other things.

    "'Our colon is the anaerobic reactor that reproduces our gut flora. The appendix is the “sperm bank” that keeps a nice sample of our current gut flora in case we get a nasty bought of gastritis that cleans our microfilms and our flora out into the toilet. We eat things under conditions with NO oxygen present in our gut. This type of environment stimulates the gut flora to extract a lot of energy from food because of scarcity. The chemical reaction basically is to extract as much oxygen from the food and leave behind carbon and hydrogen. This is essential what a ‘turd’ is in its basic form. In an anaerobic environment bacteria have an amazing capability to extract energy from food for its host, namely us. Bacteria have little ability to save any of this energy for them. The human body usurps their ability to be great energy extractors and uses it for itself. Your gut flora is what makes you fat and your gut flora is under control of hormones!}
  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Some time I thinking about problems that arise when appendix is removed.
    Good question to
    @Jack Kruse

    One question:
    how to (indefinitely) preserve good turd in the freezer, for use in time of the need.

    Anything else along this theme?

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  10. Jill A.

    Jill A. Gold

    Slept all night again. Waking naturally before sunrise. Very sleepy about a half hour after sunset
    In the redwoods or at the beach everyday now.
    Added several egg yolks in butter to my bacony breakfast. Very satisfying. No stomach ache today.
    Driving to Tamales Bay today to enjoy the sea and buy some HUGE oysters to bring home.
    I am so lucky. I work out of my home. Make my hours. No blue light. Controlling my mornings. A half hour from beautiful nature.
    I was thinking this morning as I watch the sunrise how natural and right this all feels.
    I am so relieved not to be chasing another "program" that doesn't deliver. It feels like freedom. My head is clearing.
    Even with the new diagnosis of gallstones I am not afraid or worried. I am taking action everyday feeling better and looking healthier. It is getting easier.

    I am amazed that I have not had hot flashes even though I stopped the HRT.
    I sense deep changes happening especially in my brain function.
    Feeling peaceful.
    Deep breath and a smile.
  11. Jill A.

    Jill A. Gold

    So much pain in my right side and ribs I decided to do a gallbladder flush consisting of 2 1/2 cups lemon juice and 2 cups olive oil. It wasnt bad actually.
    I passed 26 stones of varying sizes. Pain significantly reduced and I actually felt like being alive again. I will flush again next weekend to be sure I am clear.
    Of course when I got the medical report I was sent a message to discuss surgery. Dont they know anything? I have begun research into liver cysts. The report said I had 2 on my kidney and a few in my abdomen. My research shows they are mostly inconsequential. ???? But can become painful. The suggestion for dietfor both Gallstones and cysts are mostly fruits and vegetables. Minimal fat. Will discuss with the Doc .... if my DNA results ever bloody get here!!!
    6 weeks they say. Geez. I am impatient.

    My body overall does feel better but I believe I have had the stones and building for several years. When I crashed I had so many things going on at once I could not distinguish what was what. Also I was living on Ibuprofen for so long I could not feel. There are several herbal remedies for cleansing and rebuilding the liver. Dandelion Root is one. Lemon juice each morning for bile is another. NAC looks promising. I wonder if the herbs could be considered mismatches for me.
    Many questions. Also my gut is not good at digesting. Right now I dont really want to eat at all. It hurts. not as bad as before but I feel it. This journey is going to be a long one I think.
    My upper back is still weak. Clearing the stones was good but my body is still very stressed. I slept a lot yesterday which messed up my sleep last night. Stlll ... I feel pretty rested.
    I believe my head has cleared quite a bit which is why I went for the ultra sound. I k new something else deeper was wrong. I could not distinguish that before through the fog I have been in.

    It has been foggy here the last few days. I miss the sunrise. Did I read right that we can still get benefit even through the fog? Have to look again.
    The days are already growing shorter. I am sad over this. I miss the hot sun on my body in the salt water and the creek. There is not as much on my patio either. How do I hack this darker time. I have so much to learn.

    I am going to have a tooth looked at. It is root canaled and filled. It sits in a position that is directly linked to c1 and c2. These are the exact vertebrae that are compacted in my neck. It is also linked to the liver and the Lat Dorsi. I have had weakness in my Lats.. For a long time now they burn after I work on a client.
    Step by step I am going to become well again.

    I am thinking I should talk to the Doc haplo info or not. It may be 2 mos before I get the results.
  12. Jill A.

    Jill A. Gold

    I now know why Jack says that in order to understand this you have to have skin in the game.

    It has been 6 mos since I started seriously working with the Sun. It was all I could do and for 6 mos I spent many many whole days in it. I was a deep bronze. Step by step I learned to be in it. When to soak, when to move around in it and when to let it hit my eyes. I never burned once. Grounding in the sand for hours, laying in shallow streams and warm sun. I could not get enough. I was hurting everyday and have in different ways for many many years now. No energy and little motivation to do anything but charge in the sun, do a little work and then rest a whole lot. I have taken a ton of time off and am so grateful I can do that right now.
    Kenneth, my Downs son, has been with me every step of the way. He loves the sun now and takes his glasses off immediately whenever we are in it. He takes his shoes off and touches the ground and says "more vitamins".
    Any light in my house is full spectrum but used sparingly. Blue blockers on even when this light is used and glasses stationed all over the house. Candles at night.
    I have found that I cannot neglect this rhythm with sun at all or it throws me off. Kenneth is much more sensitive to any disruption in this discipline.
    I control my mornings and love the sunrise. Ken and I say goodnight to the sun and say thankyou for its "vitamins". He understands that.
    Feeling and practicing gratitude for this affliction because I have come to recognize it as one of my greatest teachers.
    It has changed me in so many ways.
    I have done some CT with water but have been using cold wraps more. For some reason I can tolerate it better.

    Results to date.

    1. I feel like writing this!
    2. I had a very tight feeling in my feet and ankles which I researched and found it was a form of neuropathy. It is gone.
    3. In the last two weeks my constant stomach pain which flared my whole right quadrant has disappeared. I believe this pain in ribs and
    Lats was also organ pain. I removed 32 Gallsones drinking olive oil and lemon juice which took the knife out of T10 and a Liver putting out 2x the enzymes it should feels quiet now. There is still weakness and the potential to hurt the area but the constant pain is gone.
    4. I get up just once a night instead of four. Sleep is better and I wake up with energy. Kenneth is sleeping way better but as I said, if I disrupt our rhythm he is thrown off easily.
    5. Skin tags on face and chest are gone. My skin looks much better.
    6. I am beginning to feel my intellect being restored. I can think and concentrate better. My temper is quiet. More patience. Better focus. I have the desire to get organized again.
    7. I have learned to be outside.
    8. I have developed new awareness of my environment.. I recoil at blue light and run from it. Ha! Really. I stay away from Wifi spots and groups of people with cell phones. I have removed Youtube app from phone and use text for appts. I use it much less. I actually forget about it and sometimes cant find it. THAT is amazing to me.
    9. I have more hair on my body. Not sure what that means but I am thinking it is hormonal. The nervous system uses hair I think? Will look into it.
    10. I am stronger. I no longer push through my work sessions with fear, I no longer have to go and lay down right afterward nor feel taxed the rest of the day or even days.
    11. I am beginning to lose weight. Yay!!
    12. My teeth are staying cleaner.
    13. I have reconnected to my family in meaningful ways. There were no problems but I just didnt have the energy or will to make the effort. The connection with my tribe has helped me immensly both emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.
    14. I have become spiritual again. 6mos in nature has been truly transforming.
    15. I LOVE my breasts! Im laughing right now. I do. I love them. I sun them and love being naked. I am an older gal and so they are not as perky but I actually think they are beautiful. It may sound funny but even when I was bodybuilding and lean and cut at 130lbs, I never had love for my body. All I did was beat it up. Because of Jacks amazing teaching I have so much awe at how incredibly wonderful it is. This makes me tear up. It is one of my greatest breakthroughs of all. I actually love my body.

    Next steps.

    1. I just ordered 100 bottles DDW. I understand its importance now.
    2. I just started using nicotine with good results. Like the sun I see it as a tool to be used with respect. I can hear my body now and regulate what I am doing for its wellness and benefit. I drank sun for awhile like a drunkard at first but now go out in it for drinks and know when it has collected what it needs. I can hear when it wants more. I am no longer just throwing things at it like pills expecting to get instant results or resolutions.

    I am dreaming of a perfect environment. I mean moving. I do not know how or when but I see it and do not put any limits on how my opportunities will show up.

    Jack. Thankyou so much for your relentless commitment to this work. It has blessed and changed my life and inspired me on multiple levels and will continue to. I hope to meet you one day. I am already bringing others into consciousness of what is happening around them both in my practice and family. They are slowly getting it. They see the change in me.
    The sun woke me up. I can see. Skin in the game.
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  13. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)


    Just yay!

    You are very inspiring. :):thumbsup:
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  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    You are on a way to 130#

    gallbladder flush consisting of 2 1/2 cups lemon juice and 2 cups olive oil.

    I just ordered 100 bottles DDW.
    There is a thread you may want to peruse:
    Nearly 4 hour podcast with Laszlo Boros last week

    Watch from time 1:31:45
    next few minutes or so

    specially statement the makes at 1:36:30 to 1:37:00
    The guy on the left is a dr Boros, professor at UCLA (he have two cancers his brother died of cancer).

    My take is that on top of everything that Jack teaches
    there is a one extra way on how to look at the fat that many of us carry as extra weight.
    Getting rid of that fat should be done in a way that would bring us the biggest profit.
    So we can loose that body fat and be happy that we lost weight
    we can do that in a way that while loosing weight we get a bonus, a healing energy.
    Just watch how dr Boros is doing it.
    He drinks less water
    that forces his mitochondria to make up the water from fat (and the air he breeds) and from that (making water) process additional energy is emitted.
    That energy body uses for healing projects.

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  15. Jill A.

    Jill A. Gold

    Thankyou Phosphene. I have not felt joy in a long time.
  16. Jill A.

    Jill A. Gold

    Hi Janz and thankyou. I will listen and get back to you. I cant wait to see what m body does with Deuterium depletion.
  17. Joyfun

    Joyfun Intuitively curious

    @Jill A.
    Good work!! That's the way to go girl!!:):):)
  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    If that DDW is Qlarivia (1/2L bottles) and you drink 2L/day and you mix it 1 to 1 with other water that water will last you 50 days.

    That may or may not be long enough to see or feel changes.
    But do not give up.
    DDW works for me.

  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    There is discussion on freezing water (properly) on one of the posts.
    Relatively easy process with very low waste in each cycle of freezing.
    tested once
    Assumed input 150ppm
    tested after one freezing 145ppm (D/H)

  20. Jill A.

    Jill A. Gold

    Then I shall order another 100! Boy have my priorities changed. Will listen to whole vid tonite.
    I am not too concerned about feeling anything right away. It took 6 mos in the sun and controlling blue light, grounding, eating fish and Oysters, fat ....which made me gain weight at first....to actually feel changes. I sat on the beach and cried over it but kept going with it. Even if I do not feel changr does not mean my Deuterium levels arent going down right?
    I found I do need some carb. Avacado and sweet potato seem to process easily. My attachment to food is an emotional one but as my head is clearing and my body regulating It is getting easier. I am happier and feel stronger.. Peaceful I have more grit.
    So we shall see what the long term results from D depletion does.
    I will have to order soon since I am putting Ken on it too. I will have to learn to make it if I can. The stuff is expensive!

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