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Optimal Rod's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Optimal Rod, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Yep. blueblockers will help a lot. I use them when I am when others that refuse to dim the lights too :)
    I am sure you will be able little by little to change your sleeping schedule :) baby steps as Audrey says :)
  2. Optimal Rod

    Optimal Rod The power of knowledge in play!

    Hi, Caroline, I am, baby steps!

    I wear blue blockers every night when the sun goes down. Sometimes it irritates me, sign of Adrenal issues but will test in future. Spending money on Oysters and Seafood.

    I can't have a 100% blue free zone but i wear glasses and I'm working on getting red led or red light in my room for night time.

    I'm trying to think as much as possible but my illness doesn't allow me to go beyond, I mean to be dead honest, I have already gone way beyond. Sometimes the best isn't good enough, I have to keep trying other stuff and using fundamentals.

    I think if i get more DHA and Cold in me, = more electrons but again, I'm on the computer a lot and that's because I can't do anything else esp when I am too symptomatic. I'm hoping i can get to a certain point where I can like, have the capability to DO other things so I'm not forced to sit and stare at the wall or floor.

    The next thing on the list is to get my neighbors Smart meter shields if they don't buy it themselves. That's about $260... I hope these random expenses go away soon. Magnetico, schumans, smartmeter shield ( I don't have one installed ), turn room faradaycage is after that..

    :love: Love you all
  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    well... Rod.. I am proud of you. :love: I think you are doing GREAT :) :) :)
    Healing will take time, and you are doing a lot of great stuff, so sure it will happen gradually :)
  4. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    I did not know that cold is required to get DHA into the cells. Thanks, Inger
  5. Jude

    Jude Gold

    News to me:confused:
  6. Clayton

    Clayton New Member

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  7. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Aha! It's all starting to come together.
    I'm listening to the monthly webinars over and over again at work and when I'm driving around. You can really absorb a lot after a while!
  8. Clayton

    Clayton New Member

    Electric current is the other way to increase magnetism. So if you add food higher in electrons (fats, lots of them) with your seafood you increase the amount of DHA and oxygen uptake in your mitochondria
  9. Optimal Rod

    Optimal Rod The power of knowledge in play!

    So it's been a while...

    I was being more active on the FB group. I would like to continue my Journal for point of reference and to keep in touch with you wonderful people.

    Though I still struggle with my symptoms, I still have a hard time addressing my Circadian Rhythm. Through out the day I feel horrible (understatement) then at night time is when I get to truly have some kind of downtime. Just to recap things I have implemented.

    1)BAB, everyday and now I can go up to 6-7 hours without eating or feeling hungry. I used to have to eat ever 3-4 hours.
    2) CT, I do this almost everyday using the CFB and CGB, I can go up to 2 hours now but I have problems with some freezer burn.
    3) Seafood, I eat at least 1 meal with seafood, typically wild or farmed salmon, wild out of a can and frozen farmed.
    4) I-F, I usually eat only 2 meals now, 1 BAB and second meal later and I don't eat past 9pm, working my way to 7pm.
    5) Have been on the Magnetico (20gauss) for almost a year now and recently added small amounts of DMSA at night.
    6) Grounding, I have been slacking but when my symptoms are less, I do more of it.
    7) Sourced RO water that has been filtered to 2 microns, no fluoride. I can't afford and or find real spring water. They stay on my Magnetico, 3 glass 5 gal carboy's.
    7) Blocking blue light, always wear my Uvex at night and even during the day. I know I'm not suppose to block natural blue but I have some kind of issue where I am sensitive and dark glasses don't help. It's a double edge sword, often I push the glasses down to my nose so I can see some blue but when my eyes start feeling tangled, I look through the amber part.

    I have lost about 18lbs in 3 months, I was at 240 and am now at 222. My body is starting to look good again despite of how horrible my symptoms are which is weird. I am also when less symptomatic, able to break dance again but for only a short time and only average 1 time a week. I have been recording myself and I can notice improvements in that manner.

    CR is a problem and you can argue that I don't want it bad enough but as if I am being controlled, can't for the life of me nail this part which seems to be the most important of them all. I'm hoping by coming here and posting, praying, what ever, that I can fix this issue once and for all. I end up saying up and listening to videos and other stuff that I should be doing or even playing video games. I have no social life anymore and not much contact with people so I sub it this way, I know, it's not optimal, I do what I can.

    Last night, I was trying to use my CES device I got years ago, I put it on Theta so I can get sleepy and go to sleep. After the 20 min session, my brain fog basically got 1000's worse and it felt like when I first got sick and by brain was being put in a mixer and my eyes were winding up together. I got very thirsty and even was even losing balance, I quickly went to sleep (tried atleast). I woke up today with the aftermath being a horrible unproductive day. I downed a bunch of activated charcoal and bentonite clay, pounded water, got in the sun and just started to pray. I felt additional anxeity so the first thing I thought of was I need Magnesium. I lathered up some mag oil and waited. After 20 min I became a little better, started txting my doctor things and other people, the same that I always do when symptoms flare up. So...

    1) Far-IR sauna for 1 hour causes me to have increase in symptoms
    2) CES causes me to have increase in symptoms

    I was so bad that I didn't even notice that these things made me feel worse and just thought it was the actual norm part of what ever that is going on. Since I stopped using both, going back to them made me now be able to recognize that. It could be the EMF from the IR SAUNA but I doubt that. It goes back again to the whole Lyme thing or bug's etc...I don't want to get you started on that!

    Quick note: I watched an interview last night about Dr.Gordon and this product called Restore4health, it's suppose to fix leaky gut. Only reason for consideration is it has a 90day money back policy. I'm thinking of trying it, if I do, I'll let you know if it does anything. http://restore4life.com/ has some science behind it I guess...

    For my upcoming N=1

    It seems that I have some parasite infestation, apparently, everyone does. Does that actually contribute to my ill health? Some say yes and some say no. But, I do believe if someone is compromised due to nnEMF and bad CR then you may have some bad JUJU build up. I decided to test this, I actually did an enema with some CL02 and out came of what pictures and people told me was biofilm and ascaris (rope worm). I took pictures and everything...

    So, am I chasing the wrong things? Is that a waste of time and resource? It depends but as someone as sick as I am, I must try everything. I assume if my symptoms are as bad as I say and people can't interpret that, then there is something more than just the normal illness extreme that I'm dealing with.

    I have begged to the higher power to save me or end me, no professionals have been able to fix it in one shot, it's all been me and it seems like it might stay that way. The bitter truth and harsh reality of what some people have to deal with. I have done a lot over the last 4-5 months and I only hope to refine more and more.

    Give me liberty or give me death is the title of my life right now. Only god knows my stuggles but a human is only good as its capability's, this, I learned the hard way.

    For now, bye, love you all
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