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Optimal Rod's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Optimal Rod, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Just keep trying, it will get better. I have been at this for over a year and just started to really crank up the seafood and now the brain is getting better.
  2. Optimal Rod

    Optimal Rod The power of knowledge in play!

    @nicld Thank you! I'm glad someone is getting better. Trying my hardest given my constraints

    Today, like everyday is pretty rough, blowing up one of my docs via text as my brain fog and confusion got worse when I woke up. When you feel this sick, you are desperate for anything. It's not ok that I am sick but I have accepted it, it's just when I go beyond functioning and am being "attacked" by what ever is going on. I went to homedepot yesterday to get some stuff for CT and my symptoms got so bad I locked myself in the restroom. I thought I was at Disneyland, the setting and flashback kind of mind state had reminded me of the feeling. My poor mother was just waiting for what ever it was to die down and when it did a little, I just asked to be taken home to down a bunch of charcoal.

    As you can see, I 'm locked in. Reinforced, I'm scared to leave my house because of no optimal foods, brain fog, fatigue etc... yes I know I can take food with me but just the thought of that is stress that feels to much. I have put so many things into action but the ride feels too bumpy.

    I could go on and on really, I just don't get it, after doing everything suggested by many, I'm still really ill. None of my doctors are on this level and I basically feel alone in every which way possible. Only so much a person can take before the perspective shift happens. I'm trying my best to stay positive but even that becomes stressful, again it doesn't make any sense.

    I'm at the point where I don't really care about myself as much as I do others, family& friends. I feel like I been to world war 3-10. It's hard for people to understand my perspective because you need to be in the position I am in to make it BOOM.

    Thought I would share me today, in case anyone is lurking, you're not alone! You must keep fighting! I love you all!
  3. Optimal Rod

    Optimal Rod The power of knowledge in play!

    Ok, wow, so....

    I just had realized that I didn't take my Clonazepam (1mg dailty split into two .5). After about 30 min, my symptoms decreased just enough to where I can handle it. I was forced on them like a year ago when my symptoms were so out of control that they didn't know what to do but to dose me up. Naturally I fought them but at some points, I would be willing to take ANYTHING. I was also refused help by family if I didn't go on them which made things worse because I know they might be adding to the problem. My brain fog made me forget to take it so yea...I might have to just be drugged up till I can get enough electrons into play! Thankfully, it's the only medicine I take. Everything else is supplement/natural i.e MMS, magnesium etc...
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  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    So glad you figured it our, Rod :)
    Slowly you will be able, to drop the meds, but healing sure takes time..... :love:
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    baby steps ........ Dr. K. never said it would be easy! I am pretty sure he didn't promise us a rose garden - lol

    my head hurts all the time........but I have learned to like it!!!!
  6. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Hang in there, you will get there. Sometimes it might be one step back before leaping forward.
  7. Optimal Rod

    Optimal Rod The power of knowledge in play!

    Good afternoon, so it turns out that the med does make a difference. I woke up today semi functional off the bat so that's good. I'm about 2 weeks deep on the Magnetico...see how it goes!

    I have 2 options:

    1) Continue Meds till I feel better till it can be titrated down.
    2) Do a Neurotrasnmitter and Amino Acid profile to check the levels. Start a protocol to balance Gaba receptors. This will cost some money, $450 for test and $200-$300 in supplements. I think I hear Jack telling me to just spend it on Oysters.

    I need a dedicated outside CT Tub or something, any ideas? I was thinking about some kind of Plastic Drum... or large trashcan.
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I think some folks have a big rubbermaid thingy ......I seem to remember them talking about a tractor supply place...

    yep ...oysters and then more oysters!

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  9. nicld

    nicld Gold

  10. Optimal Rod

    Optimal Rod The power of knowledge in play!

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  11. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

  12. Optimal Rod

    Optimal Rod The power of knowledge in play!

    @nonchalant Anytime! I don't know how long it will work for but a little google did a lot :D

    As an update, I have an appointment with my Functional Doc tomorrow. I want to check my Copper levels as last time they were super low. I wonder what he will have to say as far as my progress. I think he was out of ideas to be honest, I think he will just come up with something if he doesn't know exactly what's going on. I need to post some results from tests...

    My sleep schedule is still messed up but I have been doing some CT, keeping DHA in circulation. I am on the computer all day and night though and as much as I want to get off it. I can't because there is nothing I am able to do...work in progress. I'm going to start taking MMS again, it's an electron doner so it can't be that bad for me.

    I'm waiting for Black Friday to get a printer so I can print out the study guide (maybe can get me off the PC) so I can start learning when I am less symptomatic during the pockets of the day. I also want to say I HATE the daylight saving, it's such a joke...

    I am trying to make better moves everyday and I want to move to using less electricity = less emf

    I want to make my room filled with candels, now I had done a lot of research and I got some organic beezwax, but my only issue is the candle wick. I have found some cotton ones but they are soy wax coated ( GMO ) I mean, should this be an issue at all? Burned GMO wax....Any thoughts?

    Love you!
  13. Optimal Rod

    Optimal Rod The power of knowledge in play!


    So my doc said "you should have been cured by now" and the only thing he had left was ODAM or somethign like that, PEMF machine. Told him to hold his horses because I got a Magnetico ( he didn't know what it was) but I told him it was 20 gauss bed. He said "great, that will help to cure you" , "Do you need any meds or labs" and " I don't agree with eating seafood" I said yes, labs pls and orderd a zinc and copper since I was low for now. Told him Dha needs to be in the SN2 position, he said take "krill oil" told him "not enough dha + potential oxidization+ iodine" and he brushed it off. My other doc that has been helping me is not responding to my text so I am concerned about him. This leaves me with just, you....you and me....

    For the fun stuff:
    I finally got the stock tank and I did 2 sessions of CT so far. 1 twenty minute at 74 and after that I did 1 twenty five minute at 64. I'm going to try and do them everyday, it's SUPER cold and I start shivering like crazy for about 10min then it get's easier. I have some questions if I may...

    What hot sauce is ok to use for my oysters? Do I need to do anything in particular after a CT session such as naturally let my body warm up before showering.
  14. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    I love Tabasco sauce on mine. The Mexican seafood place I frequent makes a really good dipping sauce that is spicy and has hints of citrus. They haven't shared it with me...said it was family secret.

    It is best to let your body warm up naturally if you can. Being out in sunshine helps!
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2014
  15. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I was able to get a dozen raw oysters this weekend and I just put a touch of sirachi on them, it was yummy.

    As for the rewarming, I have to get the feet warm them just try to rewarm naturally. I do find that if I try to put clothes on it takes longer to rewarm. Great job at CT, keep it up.
  16. Inger

    Inger Silver

    IDK about sauce on oysters.. I always eat them plain... i am very boring I guess!

    For candles I would not be too picky... I use stearine or beeswax or palm fat. I feel ok from those. From paraffine I feel not ok so I never buy them. Beeswax are my favorite but they are expensive too!
    But it smells divine... I have got me a infrared incandescent lamp for only 9 €, I use it every evening and it is nicely warm too... I love it :) I am testing if it makes me look any younger? :rolleyes:
    I can do anything I need in that red light. I might buy a few more... I really like that lamp. And it was so cheap!

    Yay for the stocktank Rod :) :) :)
  17. Optimal Rod

    Optimal Rod The power of knowledge in play!

    @fitness@home Well, all the hot sauces have all these preservatives or what ever. My question is, it ok to have things like Tapatio, Siracha, you know the one that is like, garlic chili paste. I usually doust my Oyst er is Lemons juice and hot sauce. Also, Do you take a shower right away or do you wait till you are warmed up? Not a big deal?

    @nicld I'm down with that, thanks :D

    @Inger Thank you for the feedback. I have to look into these infared incandescent lamps. I was going to use LED red light strips, I'll look up more info and report back. I have some beeswax but no wick!!! I want to make my own stuff, I'm getting fancy now :D :D :D

    @NeilBB Can't hate on that brother, I might give it another shot! Thank you :D
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2014
  18. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

    Nothing beats Tabasco IMO. Grew up very close to where they make it. Only hot sauce I eat basically...
  19. Optimal Rod

    Optimal Rod The power of knowledge in play!

    It's been a while since I posted, sorry I been trying to execute everything.

    I have been focusing on CT, I been able to do 15-30 min fully submerged in 56-58 F. It's getting easier and easier everyday. I purchased a schumann's generator but something that I read made me question when to use it.

    Jack said " Colder temperatures increase the strength of a magnetic field. Why? Cold can have an effect on magnetism, because cold can have an effect of how fast or slow electrons move. This links the sun’s power to the magnetic field of the Earth. It also links the Schumann resonance strength to the sun. When the sun is shining the Schumann frequency is strongest. When the sun is shining the Earth’s magnetic field is weakest. This implies that the Schumann resonance strength varies inversely with the magnetic field’s strength. At night time, the magnetic field is stronger on Earth. So when you use a fake generator better be well thought out."

    So only use the Schumanns durring the day and turn it off at night because it's telling our body it's still day time?????

    Btw, I got this...http://www.amazon.com/Total-EMF-Shi...sbs_hpc_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1CDW5666PM2ZPWHAE10E

    Some of my current frustration is that I can't dim my home at night becasue I live with my family...I'm still sleeping too late = Circadian Mismatch = everything I'm doing is worthless...idk....

    My docs haven given up on me except 1 and he want's to run a test to see exactly what is still messing me up ( Lyme and or Co...). I get a lot of emotional spells when sleeping, full on roller coaster, idk if it has to do with the magnetico.

    I know when my symptoms increase = the world is ending, rip rip rip and when they are less, " I can make it, I 'll get through this" but I have too much fluctuation..it's too annoying. I am losing fat on my body though ( CT ).

    I hope you have all been well! :love:
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  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Rod ..... please keep plugging away - baby steps.

    Do you wear blue blockers in the evening? Can you go for a walk in the evening? or institute a blue lite free zone in your home ..... somewhere just for you?

    Please think outside the box ..... there are always solutions. It isn't easy for any of us living with others who don't subscribe to how we need to live our life for our own n=1
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2014

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