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Optimal Lab markers

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by GoldFishie, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. GoldFishie

    GoldFishie New Member

    I am fixing to do another draw and will post my last results (8/7/13) below. I have chronic adrenal fatigue and do not go in fasting as it would be 3-4 hours after I get up before the lab opens and I don't think it would even be safe for me to drive.

    I see from this thread http://www.jackkruse.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Optimizing-Labs.pdf that I need to add the following:

    > sex hormone BG
    > estradiol
    > IGF-1
    > Free testosterone
    > Total "
    > Progesterone
    > Pregnenolone
    > Estrogen
    > DHEA
    > DHT

    Current lab:

    Glucose 86
    Hemo A1c 5.2
    Uric a. 4.7
    BUN 20
    Creatinine 1.11
    eGFR 54
    Sodium 134
    Potassium 4.2
    Chloride 96
    CO2 21
    Callcium 9.8
    Phosphorus 4.0
    Magnesium 2.1
    Protein 7
    Albumin 4.3
    Globulin 2.7
    A/G 1.6
    Bilirubin 0.4
    Alk Phos 61
    LDH 133
    AST 26
    ALT 25
    GGT 13
    TIBC 338
    UIBC 257
    Iron 81
    Iron sat 24
    Ferritin 120
    Chol 191
    Trigly 58
    HDL 64
    VLDL 12
    LDL 115
    Chol/HDL 3.0
    LDL/HDL 1.8
    hsCRP .30
    Homo 6.4
    rT3 26.5
    Free T3 2.5
    TSH 3.020
    T4 6.3 T3 uptake 34
    FTI 2.1
    T3 89
    Vit. D 45
    Fibrinogen 316
    WBC 4.2
    RBC 4.01
    Hgb 12.7
    Hct 38.4
    MCV 96
    MCH 31.7
    MCHC 33.1
    RDQ 13.7
    Platelets 168
    Neut 52
    Lymph 37
    Mono 9
    Eos 2
    Basos 0

    I did not run a Calcitriol this time but it is historically high and the last one was 84.

    Cyrex Array 5: (May '12)

    > Arthritic peptide 1.66 (0.2-1.3)
    > Alpha/beta tubulin 2.80 (0.4-1.4)

    Have not run an ASI in a long time. Last one was a Stage 4. Previous to that Stage 7. Will order from BioHealth to get melatonin reading.

    I've done numerous MetaMetrix gut profiles. Last one I had pinworms but you have to wait 6 months after treatment for a correct reading and have not done that yet.

    Don't know anything about Telomere testing~

    For more historical info, please see initial post on Introductions.

    Thank you to one and all!

  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Jan! Are you going to run a saliva ASI?

    Has anyone got any ideas on these labs ..... please.......
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sorry Jan - I am not good at reading labs ...The values are different in Oz. I do see that your Vit D has to come up...
  4. nicld

    nicld Gold

    If you are still cycling, make sure that you get the labs done between certain days or it will be useless. Go to stopthethyroidmadness.com and check out your thyroid ratios and google the BUN/creatine ratio and see how that is.
  5. GoldFishie

    GoldFishie New Member

    I have a kit on order from BioHealth for the ASI/melatonin. My Vit. D levels are as 'good' as they are from being out in the sun. I do not supplement D due to the high Calcitriol readings.

    I am 61 so not cycling. T3/rT3 = 9.4 and I know it needs to be above 20. Bun/creat. = 20 and that ain't so hot either.

    I really need to know what additional markers to run on my next lab to be JK relevant. I plan on doing a urinary iodine and a serum selenium as well.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I think yo have read Jack's book? He has lots of lab info there.......and I suppose you have read the blog here?

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