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optimal journal Debra

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Debntx, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Debntx

    Debntx New Member


    Mother -mental illness
    Sister - Breast cancer died 9/16
    second child - dx autistic
    first child - large cell bone tumor tibia (had cryosurgery which was new at the time and fully recovered)

    birth - 8yrs: lot of moving around, some outdoor life -

    early childhood 8 to 12yr - outdoor life, access to small lake house in the summer, swimming, fishing, climbing trees, locked outside during good weather and when not attending school, bike riding in the neighborhood etc...

    age 12yr-15yr - major changes to indoor environment, listening to radio, watching a lot of TV, bout of bulimia

    I have about 6 amalgams and i am not too keen on messing with them - I did have an old root canal tooth removed (2005)-it totally splintered - procedure to remove took over 4hrs - just think of all that mercury and blue light exposure - after that had lots of symptoms that I did not realize probably related - most of them mental / emotional -panic attacks, shaking, tightness in my chest

    edit - yeah i was told i had MS but nothing came of it -

    Current issues:
    high cholesterol 551 (per blood CarterBloodCare 1-29-17)
    my cholesterol level when I was 27 was 231 - so it's over double what it was at that time.
    weight issue - I weigh a little over 180lbs and i am 5'4''
    work stress
    low back pain
    tinnitus (no dx- just aware of "noise")

    Things I do: mountain valley spring water green glass bottle, vital choice canned wild salmon, brothery broth, selective vitamin/mineral supplements, Epsom salt baths on occasion, Dry body brushing routine, rebounding, a stretch/move routine, Pocket Sauna for red light therapy using rubylux NIR bulbs, earthing sheet/throw but not as much now- until i can understand where i am at with my EMF situation in the home. Sperti Vitamin D lamp 5min 3x week,Uvex glasses (computer work and home and before bed if necessary) -Iris tech software for eye protection- I have a magnetico which i think can make a difference - probably takes time and is very subtle. minor kettlebell routine - just not doing any strength exercise at this time.
    spend time in the am drinking my coffee and grounding and getting the early am sun when its not cloudy or too cold (i'm just not there yet)

    dminder - great tool that can be used to track the sun and UV strength at my zipcode

    per 23andme - J1C3(D) -

    supplements i take am - LEF Super K, LEF Selenium, Nature's Way Kelp Capsule (stopped), Now Vitamin A, Seeking Health Methy B12 and Methy Folate, Nordic Naturals Fish Oil (started in the last week-now stopped), Thorne K2 additionally

    supplements i take midday: Seeking Health B- complex , NAC edit just learned what i should be taking with it

    things i want to look into:
    will look into getting a filter for shower, hacking my home light environment although i have removed all LED lights and use incandescent lights -ordered some beeswax candles today - and I want to install kill switches for my bedrooms when i can

    Will be receiving my Miami inflatable spa Wednesday - not sure if will use cold or hot probably a little of both after i learn to care for it

    I did purchase a Trifield EMF meter-rec'd today - edit: return meter - i want to actually hire someone and not even do it myself

    One good thing about today:
    getting more sun (edited)

    currently what i have to eat on an average day during the work week:
    Breakfast: start my day 8am w/bulletproof coffee w/1 tbsp raw cacao, 1 egg yolk (down from 3), 1 tbsp kerry gold butter , 1 Tbsp MCT (brain octain)
    Lunch: 12pm'ish either a thermos of broth and a paleo valley beef stick
    Dinner: can of vital choice salmon and a justins dark chocolate peanut butter cup
    Dinner changes to leftovers sometimes: part of ribeye or leftover takeout pizza pie or a bowl of homemade soup - also love pork skins

    Most everything I do in the area of self care is just so I can continue to be able to work - what i would like to see happen and going for is where I am not spending so much time in mitigation/mitogation mode to take the time to really live and not just survive but also thrive but based on my zip code - not sure that is possible - hopefully my next labs will be helpful

    my last lab work i had done 10-12-16 BUN 10 mg/dl
    Creatine, Serum 0.74 mg/dl

    next will be doing LEF female panel
    Last edited: May 24, 2017
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have you looked at the leptin reset? Your diet sucks - frankly!

    C/T protocol?

    Do you get outside first thing in the morning?

    How is your sleep? Libido?

    what kind of water are you drinking?

    Dr.K .is all about the three legged stool .......light, water, magnetism

    Do you have Jack's book? Listen to his podcasts?
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  3. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

    yes, my diet sucks - but, if its true that its not all about food...

    I have read about the C/T protocol and initially did facial dunking - now i do the warm shower then gradually lower the temp to as cold as i can stand but not to the point of debilitation though not the true CT protocol

    i did better for a while getting out first thing in the am to greet the sun- now i sometimes seem to sleep later because i go to bed later (work 12-9 tour) - but i try to get morning sun when it's there to get but cloudy lately - i did get out today- does it matter the clouds?

    my sleep is better- sleeping on my magnetico - just started a week ago maybe .. so really can't comment on the effects/improvements.... libido? hmmm i am sure it can't get any worse and now hopefully can only improve.

    I am drinking Mountain Valley Spring water -edit


    I have his first book on my iPhone but for some reason it's hard for me read on my phone (it's a patience problem not an eyesight problem fyi) - i seem to have a problem reading in general but I have his book and I listen to his podcasts (the idea of just sitting down)- i listen in my car on the way home from work usually.

    We are each our own n=1 , and i have tried to apply what i gleaned from his podcasts and what he wrote as the first post to read: the first is sunshine which i have been trying to get more of since I had been living more of an indoor existence than i even realized - and the #2 unfluordated water which i have been trying to get more of in terms of quality and quantity (i haven't drank tap water in years) and then there's magnetism / grounding/ CT (right now baby CT)- and I have been eating more seafood (canned wild salmon in this case) -
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2017
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    get outside even when cloudy ..... still good!

    No fake lights after sunset?

    electronics out of the bedroom?

    reading on an iPhone or iPad ...... far from optimal - get the paper version!

    keep doing face dunks ....good for wrinkles!
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  5. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

    ok will do - even when cloudy.

    yes i still use fake lights after sunset but have pared down to lower wattage incandescent and red bulbs -use uvex orange glasses - and purchased taper candles today if needed - have salt rock lamps in bathroom and also mclaren red light equine torch if needed in a pinch - my goal is to use them minimally and eventually not at all but i am not the only person living in my house -

    usually phone is not in room but i have been using it for am alarm but have it in airplane mode - is this even okay? i know preferable not to have it at all which i tried - using old charge HR vibration - now have new version and the vibration sound is anemic so now i have the twitter of birds emanating from my iPhone.

    yes, i will keep doing the cold water dunk -

    thank you for your reply
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2017
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  6. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

    trying to fit in more podcasts - i like to listen better than i like to read
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2017
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  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    put indicator on the video rectangle
    press right mouse button
    copy video URL
    paste it on the post

    Dr Wunch was brought to this board by @Jack Kruse
    Dr Wunch published numerous English and German videos discussing light.
    to locate them go to:
    Dr Wunch
    there are also Mercola & Wunch videos.

  8. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Mother -mental illness
    Sister - Breast cancer
    second child - dx autistic
    first child - large cell bone tumor
    dx'd MS some years ago and had some symptoms
    high cholesterol 551

    All of you,
    BodyBio Fatty Acid Report (Doctor's Report)
    all other stuff that doc who will order that test will recommend.

    after that
    there will still be lots of (secondary) work for you

  10. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

    Ubiquinol associated with Q cycle- if you take the supplement does it interfere with that cycle?

    i currently don't have a doctor - my last doctor fired me for? asking too many questions? not taking statins? asking about vitamin D (which is not really a vitamin) uh i really don't know
    this was actually about 5 years ago - i still don't have a doctor -
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2017
  11. Rocky

    Rocky Silver

    Great start to your journal - look forward to your progress!

  12. Debntx

    Debntx New Member


    me too!
  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I do not know.
    I assume that whatever it does is positive.

  14. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

    Edit to delete
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2017
  15. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

    still learning - edit comment
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2017
  16. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

    stopping my FitBit this instant

    edit (6-8-17): the reasons i stopped wearing entirely - was that my life revolved around 10K steps - walking is good but its keeps me in my head too much - not good for me - some loop around some building - previously some hallway - i am very entertained by me and love thinking about stuff - still enough is enough :)

    also whatever jack wrote about it - i forget at this moment

    and when tracking sleep it kept me up - woke me up with that awful green light - i sleep so much better now when i am not so focused on the thing on my wrist - quality of sleep is so much better now - i will never wear that thing agin
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2017
  17. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

  18. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

    thanks for your comment - wish i would have read this before my first airplane/overseas experience

    i recently re-read the above and listened to an older podcast where my question was more or less addressed

    i just feel better when i take it (ubiquinol) - could be habit? working on my environment -

    part of me feels very fortunate - even though i work from 12-9 - i get the chance for sun in the am and at breaks/lunch - i wonder if that offsets the fact that it is shift work or the fact that my
    my office cube is on the 3rd floor - I wonder if the 3rd floor is high enough to make a difference in regards to away from the earth? for example it's ok 1-4 floors but definitely over 5 floors not good! - or maybe i am just kidding myself?

    also, my commute home - i will start wearing light yellow goggles on the way home - similar in yellow to gunnar or gammaray but only slightly darker - i face a lot of led headlights, signs and construction site lights on the way home and maybe this way - i will have an easier time going to bed on time

    last night i did turn off the electric to my room to see if it made a difference to my sleep - not sure - think it will probably take more than one night
    one thing though - i was thoroughly peeved when i found out that i had acquired a smart meter -
    and the reason i felt compelled to experiment is my tiny inkling about exposure to emf and my magnetico

    i need to do more reading about magnetism and will- i am fixing to upgrade from classic magnetico to super magnetico - i felt so convinced enough to act - but my brain can't quite explain why at least yet - i know i am not in some magnetico cult - i know there is science which backs this up but my understanding is lagging right now -

    my goal is to mitigate not make my life worse from the things i do
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2017
  19. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

    not taking labs at this time - what's taking a lot of time is just implementing the basics - light, water, magnetism

    now my co-workers will definitely think I'm wack (not really but they do ask me why i do some things ) - i am at the point i could say some things but it would be pearls before swine and i am not at the articulation phase of my healing - i need to go farther where what I'm doing is paying off more noticeably so that's what's getting noticed not the "behaviors" - ie taking my shoes off outside, experimentation with lighting in my cube, water posters/sun poster, wearing my jacket inside -always wearing long sleeves inside - wearing blue blockers inside etc...- fixing to add a water fountain (if i can get away with it)

    i continue to turn off my room at night - have succeeded in convincing my youngest to go along with this as well (i know i could mandate but i didn't) - they are very resistant as they "need" their fan, sleep music and access to their light - i run a cord from the bathroom to accommodate - yet, it's a start. They are currently using my Red Sperti - that was a real accomplishment to get them to agree to start it. I probably should relent and give vitamin D supplement instead of using the sperti primarily for them - their value was 27 ng/ml

    Just recently learned that the vitamin A issue and the brain is more than just taking the vitamin - especially is/was important for autistics - funnily, my youngest thinks being autistic is special and that they are fine just like they are and to a point I agree - but i say, "be a healthier autistic - what's wrong with that"- i am not saying something is "wrong" with you - but apparently that is the message they are receiving - I am working on myself in this matter.

    waiting for paperwork to return to analog electric meter - interesting conversation i had - Mike with electric provider emphasized he/they didn't need my permission to change the meter when they did (from analog to smart) - they own the equipment, they could do it at any time - what can you say after that :) except thank you for sending the paperwork-yep

    i wake up mostly on my own - hear the birds chirping and think well it must be such and such time - and I'm not far off - I feel rested and that's a good feeling.

    experiencing a resurgence of some noise in my ears - tinnitus?

    i am not doing CT at this time... After shower yes i put it to colder for a short period of time - i believe CT will really be a big help to me - hard to fit in with everything else I am responsible for.... waah waah

    working on building my fortitude with coming days (5G) - how do you do that? amongst other things - just keep on trucking...

    edit: another thing i have noticed - the amount of water i can drink is getting higher - meaning i am drinking more- i seem to need/want it more - i am having to buy way more! good thing i think
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2017
  20. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

    okay, since becoming more aware of how I had buried the sun based on listening/reading Jack's work- has not been long - less than a year - actually about 6 months since i started implementing this important part-getting more sun - not a great amount but definitely more - that means more am exposure - on sunny days exposing more of my body to the sun -

    about 6 months ago on September 29, 2016 I had an event at work that made me question and wonder about everything: i collapsed at work. Just sitting there doing my computer work/making my calls and suddently i felt my body was giving way but my mind stayed on... i got up and walked out in the aisle and told my closest co-worker "I think I need your help"......then i knew my body was falling so i let go and went with it and guided myself to the floor -i actually had little control but my mind was very aware... i said to myself as i was going down " is this what it feels like to die..." weird i know - what is weirder only one co-worker used their electrons to fan me thinking i was just light-headed and had fainted but this was something else which i will never understand or be able to explain ever- what is weirder about this situation is guess what my next thought was "oh my gosh I left some work open on my computer.... worker - bee complex i suppose. and the person i asked for help they "couldn't" do anything at that moment- they were in the middle of some work and had to close it first!!!! - what does that say about ....anyway... that is the reason I was looking for deeper answers . As it also turns out that is the same day my sister passed from this life - it was easy to think that the reason I collapsed is because my sister was fighting so hard to live and through the web of time reached out to me for last and final time - not rational i know - I still miss her so. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer but I feel she actually died from lack of sunlight, doing things that depleted her battery further and morphine poisoning - and in addition there was a cell tower on the next property over which i believe was the primary initial cause along with being a worker bee who worked long hours at a major defense contract company - under fake lights - but what ordinary person would believe that? She was 55yrs - too young in my book.

    when i do go to work I do wear long sleeves since i would under fluorescent lights- i am working on my work environment - placed posters of water, sunrise/sunset and have a red light - no UV though (working on how i can do this discretely) - want to add a small water fountain - wear my blue blockers - i have about 3 different pair for different times of the day

    started magnetico classic 11-2016 and upped to super queen 2-2017 - raised head of bed a few inches - weighted blanket - my sleep has improved tremendously - i do dream more but don't remember them and i don't really care because they are strange and emotional ei feeling of sadness, fear , being lost etc... trying to find something, keep something safe then loosing it... anyway more of that

    Previously had upped my water but now more discriminating in my water choices -and only drink one in the green glass bottle usa - also love the sparkling versions but i seem to get "puffy" when i drink those

    age= 57
    weight 180+ -(although i don't really know for sure) - i have recently noticed my clothes are slightly more loose - not a lot just a little - okay i actually just now weighed myself : 177 lbs thumbs up to me!

    biggest issues: stress (work), cholesterol, losing my eyebrows, dryish white spots appearing on my skin (forearms, some on my shins of all places-a large one which actually recently tanned over on my forearm), my cubical being on the 3rd floor (not something i can change easily at the moment) and low back discomfort (lessened), tinnitus (off/on), eating Braums ice creams bars at least once or twice near weekends at least 3 at a time - can't do 1 - i have to do 3

    my wins through time: more feeling of wellness, feeling stronger physically and mentally, no more panic attacks

    it almost seems like now that i'm doing more right I am seeing more stuff that is coming up/out wrong - don't get me wrong - i am a lot better than i was a year or two ago-its been gradual but noticeable small changes - in many ways i feel stronger both physically and mentally but think this is just going to get better with application of principals that i have become more acutely aware from reading JK information

    It looks as though i will have to rethink the CT thing - and actually do it - why do I not like getting wet/cold - just saying out loud - i do the warm shower/cool ending thing - was doing face dunks but haven't lately -

    see my labs below - since using only sun exposure and some use of sperti during coldest month my vitamin D went from 40ng/ml 46ng/ml - the winter here in TX was very mild - having more cloudy days these days

    "Have you read the getting started guides? the Leptin RX and the C/T RX......."
    probably the first couple of pages - of each - i need to partition a part of my brain and dedicate it to doing that very thing...

    getting sun while listening to various JK podcasts and then red light therapy and getting ready for work - i will have to work it in - while at work cell phones, books, cameras, fitbits have been banned with threat of possible termination - interesting, eh? (Clarification- not banning you having them- these items have to be stowed away from view - not able to be seen)- not on your desk in view, not able to access)

    and just recently (yesterday) watched documentary Take back your Power" on A prime - posted by fellow JK member - mind blown!

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