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Optimal Journal- ACL Kadin

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by ACL Kadin, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. ACL Kadin

    ACL Kadin Gold

    Saw a Naturopath this last week and we are waiting for the right day in my cycle to run tests. Sigh. I'm not really impressed but trying to be neutral. Prickly skin is back. End is nigh. All that. I feel really dehydrated today.

    Sleep is feeling a little better. Actively dreaming (remembering some), feels deeper. Libido is returning a bit (might be the kinikis which the weather has been cooperating with a little more this week- mid 60s in the sun with a breeze- SPOILED). We have a winter lawn and it feels different, so much better laying in it than the dirt. I miss grass.

    Magnetico has been on the bed now for 24 days-ish. I've been keeping a jug of RO water outside in the sun just for fun to see if it helps. Been trying to breathe more deeply- I find I always 'focus' more on exhaling than on inhaling... and trying to change that.
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    keep going.....
  3. ACL Kadin

    ACL Kadin Gold

    I woke up with questions:

    1) Trying to piece together what was happening with me in the end of 2015 (Sept-Dec). We had moved to a high altitude town, Prescott AZ, from San Diego, CA. There are probably too many moving parts to acurately guess what was going on but by November I had lost the ability to orgasm. At the time, I thought it might have been a change in toothpaste (ie oral sex somehow 'numbing' due to the essential oils remaining in the mouth or potentially on hands). Having read what I know now there are a ton of other issues (hot baths, heaters, dimmer switches in the house, etc), but my husband also had a NOTE 3 for work and I'm wondering if anyone had tested that phone EMF wise. Obviously distance from antennaes etc also plays into it but I know my brothers current phone has an unreal spike (ie over limit randomly) in LF from the base so I was just curious if that might be another level of my WTF puzzle.

    2)Silicon Wafers- What proximity causes electron collapse in humans? Touching? Room? House? Maybe depends on size and amount? Do they have to be on/powered or is it the mere existence of them (ie are they powered from IR kinda like Pollacks alkaline battery info)?

    3)Bi-Phasic sleep- How can we judge if a mid-night wake up is a natural or cortisol spike? There have been a couple times in the last month that I was peaceful, but woke up and thought for a long time, eventually falling back asleep. I'm also wondering if I can judge my son's night nursing as part of this. I don't have a clock in my room so I don't know what time any of this actually happens, but if he wakes up, dream nurses, and then falls back asleep, that possibly isn't a cortisol spike but maybe just a natural waking?? Right track on that?

    4)Skin prickles- In my OP I mentioned I was having weird skin sensations- kinda pins and needles, kinda itchy, with an instinct to move/twitch like restless leg almost- and I mentioned it usually was between a place that is clothed in contact with another fabric (example hip skin with shorts on in contact with upholstered chair, bedding). The other day when I went out to lay in the sun on a towel on the dirt I got the same sensation in some places where my skin was touching the towel. The place I was laying gets the best sun and is best for monitoring children, but it is nearest the electrical pole so I decided to move over to the small patch of grass we have on the other side of the yard. A couple more prickles and then it stopped. So my thought was that the grass neutralized the electrostatic charge on the towel maybe? and maybe what I'm feeling while indoors (on my skin) is the static reacting between two fabrics (like when you pull two blankets apart and they spark at night)? And the reason it's worse inside for me is the nnEMF fields make the static build up worse? And that potentially this all has resurged because it has been more windy in the last week which usually also means it's more dry? How nuts am I? So then I read/listened to something (Im on OSF 6-7 and just listened to Jet Lag Webinar but I might have read it on a FB page or Pollacks book) that the dryer sheets have the build up of protons that neutralizes the static charge? And I'd test that but my husband has crazy skin reactions to dryer sheets. In the summer we line dry the clothes but in winter it takes too long. I've read in some environments grounding can be a bad choice due to electric currents (?) in the ground? So I need someone to put this all together for me. Am I/could I be getting a 'shock' from static? Is that the result of my own body voltage getting better/worse or a metal buildup or movement out/in of my fat stores? Is this a particular to something (mineral) in the ground in Phoenix like the gold/quartz question from the Jet Lag QA in Australia? And knowing nothing about the ground mineral contents of anything gulf coast how does one choose a relocation spot?

    The answer is just go live naked on a beach somewhere right? Spear fish and eat whatever grows there? Bring along someone who can play a violin carved from a tree in the 1600s and someone who can set your bones if you fall out of your coconut tree?

    I imagine the islands that 'you can't get power to' are cheaper? I'll have my share of funds in a couple months if anyone is with me.
  4. ACL Kadin

    ACL Kadin Gold

    Another question/thought:
    I dream a lot about people/events from high school (95-99 approximately the same time that people got pagers, phones, and computers in the house). If dreams are a process of memory/making connections/processing information would that indicate that having dreams from that time was the last time I was processing information ie before I was (more) brain damaged/gut damaged by the pill/my own cell phone/etc?
  5. ACL Kadin

    ACL Kadin Gold

    Lab results: (Access Labs)- Summarizing since I don't have our scanner set up. I'm a little confused (but not I guess) by my Vit D being that low considering how much time I spend in the sun. Wow.

    Complete Blood Count
    Red Blood Cells and Platelets were both enlarged, platelets were 146 (140-400)
    MCV 93 (85-90)
    MPV 13.9 H (7.5-11.6)

    Positive for Nitrites and Bacteria (symptomless UTI? I don't know what to make of this)

    BUN 16 (6-20)
    Creatinine 0.6 (.4-1.1)
    Ratio 26.7 H (7.3-21.7) I almost LOL'd
    CO2 21 L (25-30)

    A1C 5.2 (<5.7)

    Cholesterol Total 329 (<200)
    HDL 77 (>40)
    LDL 242 (<100)

    FT3 2.4 (>3 her reccomendtion)
    FT4 1.04 (>1 her reccomendation)
    TSH 1.620 (<1-2)

    Progesterone (Luteal) 8.11ng
    E1 27.3 (<200 pg)
    E2 83.9 pg
    DHEA 188.8 (60.9-337)
    T Total 22 (6-82)
    SHBG 111 (20-130)
    Free T .16 (.2-2.6)
    Bioavail T 4.0 (1-37)
    AM Cortisol (10 am test) 8.4 (6-18.4)

    Vit D 25-hydroxy 17 >30 (60-90 her recommendation)
  6. ACL Kadin

    ACL Kadin Gold

    So spending the last week or so going over the lab results I have and the 'plan' that the naturopath has for me has been a bit of an adventure. When I finally had a chance to really sit down and 'compare notes' and see the information I had I was pretty disappointed that a RBC Mag and HS CRP were left off the list. Those were the two that I had actually asked for. I'm pretty annoyed by that, obviously. I now feel like I'm trying to get somewhere and my car is at least now moving, Jack is my Google Maps giving me directions, but I've got massive bug splatter on my windshield preventing me from seeing the whole road. SO the journey into bio hacking begins with a lack-luster start.

    After reviewing the ND's Elimination diet and realizing I don't eat half the allowed foods I am doing basically the way I was eating before (kinda paleo/ post epi-paleo) but I cut eggs, dairy (sour cream/butter/occasional cheese), coffee, cacao nibs, kevita, all nightshades, any thing with sugar/sweetener and any water other than MV. I added some seeds (ND has a seed cycling program to coordinate with lunar menstrual regulation) and coconut oil for cooking and to my morning herbal tea (wasn't using CO bc of winter). I also am only eating produce grown locally (to farmers market we go). ND also has me cycling an Adrenal Herb supplement and Borage Oil that I felt ok with taking. ND also recommended a fish oil ( I just upped marine meat- now 1-2 times/day and I found a seaweed source), a B complex which is something I have reacted to in the past and I am not sure if I want to take- I might try it in a couple weeks, and of course the D3.

    D3 is something that makes me pretty uncomfortable- and my opinion of it always falls flat even in the super crunchy groups. At my son's 2 month appt I basically had a ped tell me my son would get ricketts unless I started giving him the drops (yes the same son that they told me to treat as a houseplant and not let in the sun for the first 6 months of his life, except an occasional sunny window....) and I thankfully, hadn't had to really confront those feelings again until now. However the timing just happened to be perfect for where I am in Webinar land (Sept/Oct 14), and my grand conclusion is I just don't have enough information to confidently put it in me. After listening to the Q&A from Oct 14 and Josh (?)'s question regarding how he perceives his UV/IR grounding/sun experience in Sedona I looked at my 23andme VDR (+/- on both taq and bsm) and CBS (no calls when ran thru Genetic genie)... and since I can't eat eggs per elim diet I need to find pork without sugar or any additives that I can't have. But then my other thought is... it's also the end of winter, and I of course wonder, have I already made progress since I started sitting in the sun more last year? I guess I have more info than I did before but it's not a lot of context.

    The other thing I'm going to try (not sure how long I can do this) is that for my dry skin I've always put on various nut/olive/coconut oils and I'm going to stop (as to not be considered insane), which means, back to zero showers (since my skin does the prickly thing still) but I think I can handle putting my legs in a faux ocean (sea salt and water and some mag sulph). I've also been doing clay/ACV scrubs to see if that helps. IDK. I'm gonna look gross but maybe it'll help. But then I just tell myself that maybe what I'd describe as alligator purse skin is really more like the water columns/foam swirls on the ocean surface (because as much as I loathe reading Pollack's book I try to make it relate to me).

    A few posts back I had had a minor freak out regarding actually moving to the gulf south (It was mid JK talking about 5g on planes and trying to figure out how my husband was going to visit us ever) and I had started to think maybe our next move was going to have to be next door or Sedona or Colorado (which is in his territory for work so at least we'd see him for sure every 6 weeks). But I kept thinking of how bad I did in Prescott (a stone's throw west of Sedona, not as cool looking, same elevation) and about hypoxia. Then I looked up the elevation of Granada, Spain ( I lived there my Junior year of college) which is about 2400', where I wasn't doing great either (although my diet was not ideal, i lived on the 4th floor, and even though we walked everywhere I was freezing and fully covered). Hmmm... maybe mountains are no bueno for me. Which makes me sad bc some of my fondest memories are times I spent camping or horseback riding in the mountains (a la Julian/ Cuyamaca). Oak spotted meadows are my nature jam. I don't mind a little pine in there either. Beaches make me a little anxious. But maybe that's a function of San Diego beaches being extremely populated.(?) I guess I'll have to find out.

    A couple weeks ago we did go with my husband to San Diego for a business trip and stayed by the beach so I was able to actually get in the water knee deep a few days in a row. There was also this weird moisture in the air called fog which was amazing. And I realized I was the person in shorts and a light sweater while the san diegans were bundled in their snow jackets because it was under 65 (that used to be me). The beach part was awesome. The hotel, which wasn't that big or in all that populated of an area considering, was a funstrating emf ride. It had a metal bed frame (2 queens) and there happened to be a water line or electrical line under one bed so I spent the first 30 minutes pushing the bed around the room to get a better read on the meter (LF 600/30 especially) and the next few nights wondering what the effects would be. I don't think we'll do that trip again, which is unfortunate since it was paid for.

    We had a new neighbor move into the house next to us. Almost simultaneously my SIL and I have both been getting headaches almost everyday in almost the same spots. I'm not seeing a giant spike in wifi, but it is slightly more, when I've measured. My SIL said she had also seen a couple cell towers being worked on so that could be it too. I need an EMF reader that connects to a computer and reads constantly so I can see if there is a pattern.

    Since last post I've read blogs to Sept 14, Marino's book, and re-read the Leptin Rx.
  7. ACL Kadin

    ACL Kadin Gold

    *fast forward two years* we sold our house in Phoenix and drove out to LA and are looking at houses

    Im going to post a question here since I can't in ask jack for some reason (yes I emailed)

    1)LA relocation question: area between Folsom and Bush ok (in general)? More specifically I'm considering a house Over 5 acres, surrounded by very tall trees, properties around it are also very large (i.e. Low pop density), 1.5 miles from 2 antennas, not in line of sight, it looks good on my meters. Just want to check if I am 'directionally accurate'. It feels a heck of a lot better than Phoenix did

    Story time: my car needs its own journal as it has 'EHS'. Symptoms: It's radio has not worked or shorts out soon after starting- probably like the Cadillac story. It most likely got this from being parked at PHX sky harbor (my husband used to travel for work and would park it there multiple days).
    When we returned from the open house in December (i.e. It had been parked in my garage for two weeks) the radio suddenly worked again for like a day (it healed!). But that was short lived and went back to not working. Fast forward to now: it's been working more frequently on our drive out here and while looking at houses. Times it doesn't work are sometimes obvious like if we filled up at a gas station that had a tower right there or if the house we are looking at has a security system or high wifi the radio won't even start when you turn the car on. But other times it'll literally fizzle or pop off at random points in the road and won't turn on again until it's been able to rest in a good environment. Surprising places it has worked we're from our hotel in Tucson next to the airport, most of Katy and Cypress (Texas) if you take side streets and not freeway. The times it has popped off I'm sometimes scrambling to see what it might have been (a big truck? Buried cables in the road?). It's not the most reliable tool but I guess i'm glad we never fixed it. I wish I just had a better way of knowing what it's triggers were.
  8. ACL Kadin

    ACL Kadin Gold

    Update on my car- for almost three weeks when I was in the outskirts of Katy Tx staying at my BILs my car radio worked, and then the day after the SpaceX rockets launched I started getting pops, fizzles and short outs. Elon- you owe me. SO we left again to the North shore of LA. Still looking in the sticks for a home. We are staying in an airbnb in way North Covington which actually measures pretty well and is on acxeage so there is grass to ground on and pines to huff. And the radio would work here too, and just short out on the way in to Covington... until today. I'm in the middle of 17 acres and barely get 3G... and yet we are having issues. Personally though, I can see improvements, especially after yesterdays rain. Skin is a better color and moisture level is back to where it was after our trip to Gulf Shores and prior to our stint in Katy.
    A curious thing happens in GS- I don't get heartburn. Not that I get it super often anyway, usually only from restaurants, but I honestly can eat anything I want from anywhere and not get heartburn. That has not been the case anywhere else...yet.
  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    May be a marginal level of stomach acidity.
    Heartburn happens when stomach content goes backward, up to the esophagus.
    That happens when stomah sphincter does not fully close.
    Closing or opening of that sphincter depends on ph level in stomach.
    Less acidity in the stomach opens sphincter.
    heartburn tells that stomach is too low in acid.
    Reason for stomach acid is not much about digestion.
    Reason for stomach acids is to kill anything unfriendly in delivered food.
    It is defense.
    One gets sick more often when defense is lowered.
    Betain Hydrochloride with pepsin may be used to increase stomach acidity.

  10. Novah

    Novah New Member


    Sounds like your car radio might be your greatest asset in figuring out good places to live and how the environment is or isn't changing over time - who woulda thought... blessing in disguise :)

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