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Optimal is a choice: Kris' Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by kris90, May 11, 2017.

  1. drezy

    drezy New Member

  2. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    How about building your own cenote? Hard to tell how ‘real’ this is, but fascinating nonetheless.

  3. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    If you can find some real raw unpasteurised honey then you have found a Real treasure.

    My father has 150 colonies, and never heat treats above 40 degrees. This is just enough to stop crystallisation but not enough to kill goodness.

    He never filters at all, yes there may be some bee legs and things in, but this is the good stuff, even bee venom is extremely good for you.

    Even the best honey in the world is 95% sugar, but it's the other 5% that is soooo good for you.

    But if it's heat treated and filtered then the goodness is mostly gone.
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  4. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    ya i have no problem finding raw unpasturised in my area. the problem is that its all contaminated by the bees visiting local farms. neonicanoids and glyphosate.
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  5. kris90

    kris90 New Member

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  6. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Kind of a cool biohack I'll share:

    Since Vermont, I've been focusing more on getting out and being social with people. This has required me to be out in more blue light (especially in the evening) and EMF, eating and drinking beyond sunset and also just eating a lot more calories than usual and running on less sleep.

    During these situations, I focus all my energy and attention on embracing and cherishing the moments and the laughs with good company while completely ignoring the environmental stressors I'm faced with. I have also been practicing mastering my breathing, especially in these situations and creating a sense of calmness.

    Note: I'm still waking up seeing the sunrise, spending hours in the sun in my Kiniki, wearing my blue blockers, and swimming in my pool (CT), and on days I stay in, I go to bed just past sunset.

    What have I found? I have been happier, enjoying life more, more easy going and less uptight, more fun to be around (so I've been told), being more present, more patient, less desire/cravings for food, and I've lost about 3 lbs.
  7. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    The key is to keep the circadian rhythm up and don't stress no matter what happens. Thank for sharing bro. I am experiencing the same. Keep it up!!
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  8. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Coincidentally my main focus has been on relationships for the past few months in my health journey, so of course I'm loving that Jack has shifted his focus to this as well. Things happen for a reason I guess!

    I really enjoyed the first blog in the new series. Here are some of my own insights:

    People mistaken my good traits for bad. I am extremely passionate and encourage people to do good for themselves. I appear too intense and overwhelming to most people which pushes them away especially when they do not have a clear view of my intentions. I want the world to “wake up” to reality and face the truth so we can make it a better place for us now and future generations (i.e. for our kids).

    The “low dopamine” people don’t seem to care and want to continue down their paths of destruction. They can’t handle the truth and don’t want to hear or know it. They can’t stand to face the fact that their lifestyle is destroying them. They will never see what I see or believe it until they raise their own dopamine. This requires AM sunlight, CT, spending ALONE time in nature and limiting blue light and EMF, which no one wants to do.

    When your dopamine is low, you make poor choices, and you need more excitement and chase “highs” in your life. Drinking excessive coffee, or alcohol or taking other drugs like weed or opiates is a strong sign of low dopamine. Partying irresponsibly and doing things to CLOUD your own reality and mask pain is another sign, and unfortunately, this just leads to even lower levels of dopamine overtime. The less time you spend sober and with your ownself discovering who you are in nature, the longer it will take to get to a better place and understand your purpose in this life.

    Even when your environment is good, being around people who are blue lit toxic or have low dopamine and try to defy their own reality will directly impact your own wellbeing and cloud your judgment because these people steal your dopamine. If you are around kids all day long who have low dopamine because their parents environment is toxic, they will steal your dopamine. This will DULL your senses and emotions and make you crave excitement or substances in attempt to bring you up and cope. It is simply a vicious circle. The only way out is to spend time in NATURE alone, and protect yourself from blue light, EMF and toxic people, even though you may have a hard time saying no to them.

    If you become one of these low dopamine people, you will also hurt those around you such as your spouse, kids, co-workers, friends and any other loved ones. You MUST take care of YOU first in order to have a positive impact on someone else’s life. That is the illusion of being selfless; you must be selfish first in order to give the best version of YOU to those you love and care about, otherwise they will suffer, and you will blame yourself for it. On the contrary, if people react poorly to your “bad energy”, you will perceive them as bad people and want to distance yourself from them, when in reality, they are good people with good intentions but were affected negatively by your bad energy and low dopamine status. You CANNOT blame others for their reactions, but you can choose to become resilient to them.

    When our dopamine and redox is low, we do not act or react appropriately no matter what. We will continue to put the blame on others for our own hurt when in this low dopamine state and this causes resentment which is nothing but a false emotion of blame toward another when in reality, every feeling an emotion comes from our OWN reaction to our environment and the people around us.

    When our dopamine and redox is high, we choose to not become hurt by others, because we recognize our true self and good intentions. None of us our bad people, but in a low dopamine state, our paranoia increases, and when we feel hurt by others, we view their intentions as negative.

    When we truly love someone, it is because we established a deep connection with them at one time that was and is real. Especially when you meet someone in nature, face to face where you can sample their energy and connect deeply with their soul. As time goes on, if redox and dopamine levels go down due to a poor environment, the love never truly goes away, but poor judgment and hurt can overcome the relationship. Again, we act and react poorly when our dopamine status is low, and we aren’t truly ourselves. This creates a massive problem with love, because love does not go away easy, despite harsh words or actions being committed against one another, because that love is TRUE and everlasting. But things will never improve in this low dopamine state, because one is not acting in their true self, the person the other fell in love with. As a result, we continue to allow us to hurt each other, and technically the best thing to do in that situation is to separate, the TRUE love is still there, and although the bond gets weaker with this collateral damage, it still remains even by a thread.

    Separating is a plausible solution, but it is also the easy way out, and you can never escape love. So while it may end the stress and hurt, the real solution is to rebuild the redox and bring dopamine levels back up. This requires strategic lifestyle changes as mentioned above. It means being in nature, avoiding unnatural environments and eliminating toxic people from your life, no matter how close your connection is with them. Most people are not willing to do this, but it’s the only true way to save a marriage.

    Most of us focus on outer appearances first and foremost when it comes to finding a mate, and this is because our society is shallow. I believe this is tied to dopamine status. With low dopamine, we perceive people from the outside primarily. When our dopamine status is high, we are able to read the energies and frequencies within our mate’s soul, and if those frequencies resonate with us, we establish a deep connection and become entangled in true love. This connection is required to make a relationship last. If the relationship is built on the premise of outer appearance, it is an artificial force of attraction with no true meaning. These relationships will not last, because our true self is within our soul or the invisible energy within our bodies and not our physical bodies themselves.

    We can never improve our health if we are surrounded by others with low dopamine and low redox especially our partner. Low dopamine individuals as mentioned will use “quick fixes” to function and get by which only exasperates the problem. This will lead them down an unhealthy path, and if you associate yourself with this type of person, they will drag you down the path and reverse your progress toward optimal health.

    The life I once lived as an ill, low dopamine man consisted of using alcohol, drugs and late night partying with friends to cope. Once I learned the correct way to improve my dopamine status, I maintained that path. I cannot have a partner who continues down the path that kept me ill. I must be selfish and keep on my own path, because it is the only path to sustainable health and happiness. Anything that gets in the way of my path will immediately cause me to react poorly to defend myself. This will give others the perception that I am selfish and careless, when in reality, I am simply protecting my dopamine status. We are the protectors of our OWN health and happiness. No one can control that in YOU. You have to own up to that responsibility and stop blaming others for your own unhappiness. If you do not love yourself, you will never FEEL loved from others. It is no one elses fault.

    In order to discovery yourself and truly love yourself, you must spend time alone, in nature. Going on an overnight camping trip by yourself without using substances gives you the benefit of raising your own dopamine, and learning a lot about yourself. When you rely on yourself and no one else even for a brief 24 hour period, you learn to appreciate the things you can do for YOU. You are forced to entertain yourself. You are forced to take care of yourself and fend for yourself. You are forced to survive on your own in nature. You are forced to think good thoughts. You are forced to provide yourself happiness. You are forced to think about who you truly are and what your purpose is. You are forced to love yourself. Once you get to this state, you will know everything you have to offer your loved ones, and bring them the best version of YOU!

    Refusing to give yourself this opportunity of a lifetime will result in continuing to mask your own pain and hurt and this will blind you to your own reality and leave you confused about who you are and what you have to offer this world. This will frustrate you, and you will take it out on others who do not deserve it.

    You are responsible for your own decisions and that includes your own feelings. If you react poorly to someone’s words or actions, it was still YOUR choice. You can choose to let words of daggers hurt you, or you can become strong enough to overcome them. The best way to do this is to know and love your true self, then you can choose to disbelieve what others say. This requires a high dopamine status.

    You cannot choose your parents or family. But you can choose your friends. Despite what you may think, you can also choose to cut ties with a family member who is toxic. Give them time and space for them to find their ownself, and once they do, you will find your tolerance to them improves.

    It is better to seek friends and relationships with individuals who have found themselves as you will be able to have that true connection. If you have not yet found your ownself, you need to spend more time alone to do so first before you seek lasting friendships or relationships.

    The last paragraph I wrote above applies to this statement as well.

    Again a low dopamine state would cause us to feel stuck in an emotion and this creates toxicity in any relationship. When we recover our redox and dopamine levels, we begin to think better and act appropriately allowing us to side step these emotional traps, especially dealing with resentment.

    The energy you give out tends to be the energy that finds you. This is why women who are insecure and “doll” themselves up are only masking their true identity. This negative energy is sensed by a man of similar low dopamine status who also has insecurities and tends to treat women as objects, because they are stuck in the “attraction” = love paradigm. With low dopamine, they are unable to dig deeper for that connection of the soul and this causes inappropriate behavior. An example of this is sex without meaning. Anyone can have sex, but the true connection is one that is quite deep and most low dopamine individuals can never experience that deep connection.

    As mentioned, your level of maturity and intelligence will depend upon who you can attract. If you are in a low dopamine state, you will only attract others of the same level and this will only bring you down further, or prevent you from personal growth. And unfortunately, others who would have the potential to bring you up will not be attracted to you, because they must protect their own dopamine status. The solution again is to connect with yourself in nature to raise your dopamine and level of self awareness. Personal growth can only come from yourself, and this will be required of you to attract the best mate.
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  9. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    So well thought out Kris. Having just moved and knowing no one here we are very isolated as a family. Working on our redoxes and basking in the dopamine. It will be new and interesting to see how we make new friends in this place.
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  10. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    It's tough for sure. There's very few friends I actually get anything out of from being around. I've learned to be OK with that. As long as I have my family (wife and 2 children).

    The problem becomes when we are 100% onboard, but our spouse does not protect their own dopamine status from others. It can shift the entire dynamic. It's very sobering to know the truth about our world today, and for me it's easy and I'm all in, but I understand how difficult it is to face that reality for most people.
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  11. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    You mentioned in the other thread: "But maybe I simply need to work on having the ability to give time and space while still being committed?"

    There's so many factors right? I will terminate relationships that are destructive and abusive, but if the other person is destructive to themselves and I can hold my own boundaries to give time and space and still be there if they choose to come back to me then I can still be committed. The commitment looks different in each situation. Commitment to a current (lost) friendship of mine is that I don't burn the bridge and am willing to receive true friendship if that person ever really wants it again. I can't make that person well or make them want the beauty and intimacy of friendship. It makes me sad that they are in such a crappy place, but it doesn't affect ME like it would if I was low redox/low dope. I'm still me doing what I've always done and ready and willing to engage (in healthy relationships.) And in turn, a friendship of mine that was difficult from the beginning when we were introduced 4 years ago has recently THRIVED and I wouldn't have wanted to miss that for the world. It took a lot of practice along the way of me doing what I need to do for me and taking space when I needed it, but I set the best example for my friend and she is so grateful. People are my jam, gathering people is my jam... we're not all made that way, but I can't and shouldn't deny that part of me. So then a lot depends on how you are made and what your calling is.

    As for spouses... I find it hardest when they don't protect their own dopamine status from themselves! But then... his n=1 is not mine and his journey is not mine even though we entangle. The byproduct of our recent decision to move our family is that he has a job that enables him to soak up more sun and he's committed to helping me get well. It's a continual process here.
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  12. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    For sure! I'm having an easy time with friends. They know I'm always here for them, but it's very easy for me to give them space and focus on improving my ownself.

    Spouses is a whole different ballgame. I feel the blue light/EMF toxicity from others, so if a spouse chooses not to make wise choices in their own outings, I feel directly impacted as if I was exposed to the same damaging frequencies. I feel my own melanopsin/retinol bond being broken and melatonin being destroyed, and then I become the person I know I am NOT truly. Spouses are supposed to bring out the best in us, or atleast have a neutral affect. We should be able to be the best we can be based on our own decisions and ability to use nature to raise redox and dopamine status, but if a spouse is negatively affecting our ability to do so, to me, it does not feel worth it. Whether they are our soulmate or not. So I'd like to be able to give time and space, but the problem is if I'm being indirectly zapped because of a spouse making unwise choices in their environmental exposures, substance usage and circle of 6, I can't help but feel trapped...
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I feel so heartbroken for everyone here who is struggling with these issues. I am incredibly lucky to have had an extremely supportive and loving and kind DH. He supported me 150% and I guess, upon looking back, he always put me first - as I did with him.

    I can fully understand when Jack says we have to love ourself first - before someone else can.

    After my DH passed I was in a black hole for awhile ......but I did climb out of it and got me lots of sun and sand and sea. I think it probably took me about 18 months to become fully functioning and become a whole person again. It is definitely baby steps to move forward.

    But, of course, I had jackkruse.com! I took on board everything Jack said and I did eventually blossom.

    I can't imagine being with someone who isn't fully supportive. It would be soul destroying.

    Our job, as I see it, Is to strive to reach OUR full potential and live our life to the max. Another person, who joins our circle of six has to want all that for themselves and for us too. I could not be with someone who wouldn't strive to be their very best and who doesn't support me to be my very best.

    My relationship now is so intense and so full of love and we are committed to being the best we can be for ourselves and each other.

    There are fireworks tho!

    Marriage is not an easy gig .....but I do think both people have to be on the same page.....at least most of the time.
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  14. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    I had a spiritual awakening and want to share some thoughts:

    Stress is not technically real. Our thoughts, fears and worries create the reality we get. All information we read is bullshit. It's based on manmade beliefs. The only information that is accurate is what comes from nature. Research is no longer a necessity in my books. The answers seek us from the Universe not the other way around. We just need a connection.

    I moved away from the diet, exercise and supplements paradigm a long time ago but unfortunately I was trapped in a different paradigm with strict rules to live by. There is no toxicity or evil. Just false beliefs that manifest as those negative forces. If we focus on positivity there is no stress.

    When you shine light into a dark room, you light up the room. But you cannot shine darkness on light.

    I have learned a lot here and am forever grateful for the message to reconnect to nature. I always have and always will. But unfortunately, this paradigm has also created fear, anxiety and obsession. The deeper I go down this path, I begin to realise I am isolating myself. I will end up giving up my family, loved ones, friends, hobbies and other joys of life for the fear that I will lose energy, when the reality is that we are all ONE in this Universe. What you believe is the reality you get. If you think blue light and EMF will destroy you, they will. But if you can allow yourself to oscillate at a higher vibration, you can overcome any perceived "evil". Energy balances stress. Stress is something we create. We are all good. Every decision you make has a positive outcome. In society we choose to create our own negativity.

    As I feel myself oscillating at a higher vibration, I began to make some changes and seek joy in life. I went to a concert at night without my blue blocking glasses. I focused on energizing myself with the vibrations of the sound and the lyrics that resonate with me, and the energy and joy of the people around me. I had no issues with sleep, headaches, mood, energy, etc. I chose to become immune to this false stress. Instead I chose to experience joy and a sense of community. I watched the people around me sing and dance and admired their beautiful souls. Normally I would think they are all idiots being under blue light at night drinking beer and eating pizza. But that OLD ME was unhappy and miserable, and the people at the concert were happy and fulfilled.

    Our illnesses are created by our fears. If we cannot let go of our fears, we disrupt energy flow, and this alters E=mc2 and this is how disease manifests. The word disease is really just dis-ease and nothing else. If we create a fear of blue light and EMF, then we will become ill when exposed to that environment.

    The world is not coming to an end. We are simply losing are connection to the Universe. We think we are alone, but we are really all ONE. Our thoughts and feelings, fears and anxieties are transmitted to the Universe and reflected back at us. If we perceive the world as evil, we will experience a world of evil. If we perceive the world as a beautiful loving place, we will experience beauty and love. Everyone around us and everything we perceive is a direct reflection of what energy we put out. This is why you attract what you emit.

    Our species is not dying, we are simply unawakened. This is creating a false reality. Things are not what they seem because of our beliefs. We constantly seek the truth, but only the truth can seek us. We need to give up control and obsession of knowing. Again, we are receivers of information and our life is simply a mirror.

    We are all perfect. Every choice we make is right. Life will recalibrate itself no matter what road you choose, like a GPS when you choose to ignore the instructions. We have the freedom to do what we feel. We often feel what we believe and this is why we choose suffering most of the time. This is why the world is ill at large scale.
  15. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Do we really need to sleep 8 hours a night? Do we need blackout curtains and complete darkness at night? Or is this a belief we create? Do we live in fear at night of exposure to light? Why do we create this belief? The stars and moon shine every night. There is NO darkness.

    Last night I took a piss at 2:30 AM outside. I got up, walked out my bedroom door onto my deck, down the steps and connected with Mother Earth. I stood for a few minutes and looked up at the sky. A beautiful starry night looked down upon me. Energy and information traveled from multiple dimensions to my body and the strengthened magnetic field of the Earth increased my download speed.

    The other night I set up camp in my backyard. I sat by the fire until about 11:30 PM, and laid in my tent on the ground under the stars and moonlight all night. I didn't sleep much, but I didn't need to. I love the night time energy. Animals are active at night. They don't always sleep. And sometimes they sleep during the day. They live their life based on intuition and the messages they receive from the Universe. There is no such thing as a paradigm or health protocols. They just live. Here's to the beginning of my life.
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  16. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Vermont 2019 planted the seed for me, but my fears quickly took over and created a tarp blocking my reality just like my blue blockers have blocked colors in my life.

    Vermont 2019 taught me that community is the #1 aspect for optimal health. Beth Lambert is on a mission to wake the people up to help our children and future generations, but we need to work as a TEAM. It does not matter what diet you think is optimal, supplements or any other belief, it simply matters that we ALL want to achieve success and share our love and support! Jason Prall demonstrated that all supercentenarians embraced their sense of community. Whether they were out all night partying with family and friends at festivals, or connecting to nature through gardening, they knew how to get energy from their environment. They did not read into the news and all the "bad" shit happening. Zach Bush taught us that a cancer cell is the most isolated/lonely type of cell in our body. It is essentially an energy vampire and lacks love and belonging. We need to show all our cells love and re-establish a sense of community at the cellular level.

    Zach told us we are all beautiful and perfect. There is NOTHING wrong with ANY of us. None of the speakers in Vermont have their OWN tribes. There is no exclusive access or initiation to become apart of the mission to improve human health and wellness. Everyone is welcome. This is accurate because we are all ONE in this Universe. All of our energy is the same. We need to be careful with our obsession over our beliefs. It's no different than religion. It disrupts the connection we have with one another and the Universe.

    I learned this recently when I realised how much connection I needed to nature via sunlight, grounding, and CT to feel my best. As soon as I disconnected and went back to society, I lost energy quickly. My battery was discharged. So I had a choice: fuck everyone and live in isolation like a tree and be connected 100% to nature (like a laptop with no battery that has to be plugged in to the outlet), or learn to hold my charge by seeking love and energy indirectly from nature through people and community. I went with the latter and now I choose the life I want to live. The reason I got so drained from people is because my beliefs were different than 99% of the people. I did not fit in. I was constantly judging others for "poor choices" they make and "low dopamine". Well I learned there is NO SUCH THING as a poor choice. Your life is built by your choices. I don't regret my choices in the past, so why would I choose to judge my own choices of the future or the ones others' choose? Instead, I am choosing to embrace my environment. When kids are running around my house screaming and making messes, I will become a kid and mimic them. When it's calm, quiet and peaceful, I will relax and be still. Life gives you subtle hints and messages. Crazy kids running and screaming are not blue lit toxic. They are teaching us how to remove the stick from our ass as adults and relearn to live and have fun in the present moment.

    Worrying about our relationships, finances, blue light, EMF and evil in the world creates the SAME stress. Learning to love and be free eliminates all the stress. This is my new path. Live like a flower. Adapt to the environment. Do not resist. Do not seek to escape. Be aware.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2019
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  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Keep going Kris.
    I watched the people around me sing and dance and admired their beautiful souls. Normally I would think they are all idiots being under blue light at night drinking beer and eating pizza. But that OLD ME was unhappy and miserable, and the people at the concert were happy and fulfilled.
    So I had a choice: fuck everyone and live in isolation like a tree and be connected 100% to nature (like a laptop with no battery that has to be plugged in to the outlet), or learn to hold my charge by seeking love and energy indirectly from nature through people and community.
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  18. Cindy Domitrovits

    Cindy Domitrovits Gold Member

  19. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    I have been thinking on your post from Aug 24, but could never put my thoughts into words so I never responded. I love what you are sharing and how you explain your thinking. I'm currently enjoying a respite from community at large, but intentionally getting into it in my new place. In the end, if loving others required me to "give up" the things I am doing for myself I would. So much is gained by pouring into other people and loving on them. In moving, I'm learning to hone my skills on my own family and make sure I am actually loving them well first. It feels good and right. I will never regret pouring into them no matter what happens with my own health. There is plenty of room for "me" and "us"... when you're in community that honors and respects one another then we can do it all even if we each do things differently. I have wonderful beautiful friends who gave up time, energy and money to help me move to Florida because they accept that I need to do it. They love me where I am at.
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  20. Cindy Domitrovits

    Cindy Domitrovits Gold Member

    Wow, Im so proud to call you my son, we have both come so far in our journey and everything you say above regarding your awakening just connects us all the more. When you choose to live in fear, you will get sick. There is no fear. Trust in yourself and your intuition and the Universe always delivers. We all have the power to tune into the energy of love and the inner vision of light. We are always pushing to make things happen rather than allowing things to attract naturally. The Universe does not respond well to fear based beliefs and frantic energy, it vibrates at a positive frequency. In order to co-create with it, your energy must align with that frequency. When you are living in a fear based mindset, you go into a comatose state. All these false perceptions deny you of the power you truly have but have forgotten. I'm so happy we are both ditching all the news media and fear based shit that everyone seems to e focusing on. The veil has been lifted and we are living life to the fullest. I now understand why I had to workout like I did for all those years everyday for hours at a time. I could not hold my energy. I'm holding my energy and always rising my vibration to a higher level now. It is so incredible to reach this state of mind and be able to truly enjoy the present moment and always be mindful. Life is so good and we are all LOVE!!!! Thank you Kris90 for all you have taught me.
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