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Optimal is a choice: Kris' Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by kris90, May 11, 2017.

  1. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Hey all!

    Decided to start my own journal since I have some threads all over the place. Here's a little info about myself:

    -27 years old (at end of May)
    -Married to a wonderful woman, and have the most beautiful daughter who turns 3 this fall, and expecting baby #2 this fall (will find out the gender in a few weeks, but I'm predicting a boy)
    -Work for the federal gov as an IT Analyst, as does my wife as an Exec Assistant (full pension at 55, woot woot!)
    -Moved my family a year ago from Ottawa to just outside a growing town known as Kemptville. In Ottawa, we were in a densely populated community full of townhomes, tons of WIFI, a drugdealer as our neighbour on one side, and a weird family on the other side. It was a busy street, cars driving fast along the road, not good for my daughter to play, and very small property. New house is in an estate community. We built a bungalow on an acre of property, surrounded by trees. All our neighbours are close by and very friendly compared to the city, but the homes are spaced out. Our new street is the same size as our old street, but only about 12 homes versus probably 100+.
    -I have hardwired my home with Ethernet ports, so our WIFI is disabled. Friends complain when they come over and have to use their data, and I just give them shit that they shouldn't even be on their phones when visiting. Also, there is NO WIFI signals within range on my property. We can't pickup the neighbours signal because all the properties are well spaced out.
    -Our house has become our healing temple. We chose a 1 story bungalow, so we could sleep as close to ground level as possible. On a nice day, you can find us sunbathing on the deck, playing in the grass with my daughter on her playstructure, or trampoline. We also take our daughter on walks, and try to meet new people in our community. We like to enjoy a coffee and watch the sunrise on the weekends, and try to dine outside every evening in summer and watch the sunset while enjoying some red wine. We live life simple, eat good food, have lots of parties and bonfires in our backyard, etc. Moving about 40 mins out of the city has allowed us the isolation we need to avoid any drama in life, and give us some distance that make visits with family and friends enjoyable and never stressful.

    I am glad I set up this environment for my family. We try to spend as much time outdoors as possible since my wife and I both work desk jobs. We are blessed to have an amazing caregiver for our daughter who runs a home daycare in our area, and has a similar environment to us. The kids play outside very often and are always learning. I try to limit TV time for my daughter, but when we do allow it, we have taught her to wear her blue blockers. They are super cute lol!

    Work Environment/Day in my life:
    -I am an early riser, so usually up between 5:00 and 5:30 AM. I exercise in the AM (lift weights) before work 3x per week.
    -Upon rising, I usually walk outside (I have a door in my bedroom that leads right onto the deck) and do some stretching before my exercise. Depending on the time of year, sun may just be rising, so I be sure to gaze towards it.
    -After exercise (at home), I get ready for work, and head out just after 6:00 AM.
    -I always take the scenic route to work. This involves driving along countryside, beautiful trees, and along creeks and a river. I try to leave windows down to expose my eyes to the sun.
    -Get to work, and put my blue blockers on. I set up flux on my screen, and manually removed the blue light from my monitor.
    -At my desk, I turn on my redlight, and about 2 hours into my day, I turn on my 365 nm UV LED.
    -Also, I have set up a standing desk for myself.
    -I take a 15 min sun break midmorning to catch some UV light in my eyes and on my skin.
    -I get out everyday on my lunch no matter what, and try to take a good 45 min stroll in the sun.
    -I'm done work by 3:00 - 3:30 PM, and go straight home. I'll lay in the sun for about 30 mins or so, and then I start prepping dinner for my family.
    -Wife & Daughter get home just after 5:00 PM, and we eat.
    -Daughter goes to bed by 7:30 - 8:00 PM. Wife and I relax, spend some quality time, and go to bed by 9:30 PM usually. If it's a rainy day, we will sometimes watch some TV (blue blockers on of course), but we are usually outside on our deck or by the fire in summer.

    In my next post, I will give a background of my health, and my goals/focus in the coming months/years.
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  2. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Now a bit of background about my health:

    -Always in decent health, was a very active kid, love camping and the outdoors, played outside for hours a day throughout childhood.
    -Around my early teens, I got into gaming, isolated myself, and spent hours on the computer, in my virtual reality.
    -Developed some social anxiety from about 14-16 (most likely from my gaming environment, and lack of interaction and outdoor time).
    -Around 16/17, I snapped out of the gaming phase, got in with a great group of friends (whom I still keep in touch with many), and got out and enjoyed life. Partied, and had some fun adventurous times, dated a few girls, etc.
    -At 17, I started weight training, because I was always a skinny kid (5'8, 130 lbs when I started). Bulked up to 160 lbs and got strong.
    -Started taking weights more seriously, and learning about nutrition, and some muscle physiology. Engaged bodybuilding (non-competitive).
    -Realised I packed on some fat due to increased feeding in response to exercise, so went on very restrictive diets from 18-20 years old. Felt awful, hormonal, and lost muscle. Would bulk up to put on mass, cut down to lose the fat, and repeat. I wasn't getting anywhere with this, and started to obsess with my body image. I was always unsatisfied, and I had a low libido, and felt very blah from restrictive diets.
    -In my early 20s I started learning about AAS (anabolic/androgenic steroids) and decided to take the plunge.
    -Shot up testosterone, and popped some pills, and made ridiculous gains. Went from 180 lbs to 210 lbs, and then slimmed down to 195 lbs. I was strong as hell, benching and squatting 300+ lbs, and deadlifted 500 lbs. Also, my sense of wellbeing on testosterone was incredible. I had a positive outlook on life, felt very calm and confident, libido through the roof, and felt on top of the world. My wife (fiancé at the time) noticed a major change in me, and it made her happy to see me so happy. I also treated her like a queen being on testosterone, whereas before, I would just be so blah, and emotionless and kind of cold towards her.
    -After coming off the testosterone and running a "PCT" (post cycle therapy) I felt terrible, but realised that is how I felt before my AAS cycle. So I sucked it up for a few months, got some bloodwork, and my total T was on the low side: 12 nmol/L (ref: 7.6-31.4).
    -Continued to go on and off AAS, experimenting with different substances in addition to testosterone (between 2012 and end of 2013). After my wedding, I came off everything, and we started trying to conceive. After 5 months of no success, I got some bloodwork, and my T levels were even lower along with low LH/FSH. My family doctor at the time referred me to a Urologist, but it would take 3 months to get an appointment, so I got my hands on some pharma grade HCG, and decided to self-medicate. Within 3 weeks, my wife was pregnant, and today our daughter is 2.5 years old, and very healthy!
    -When I met my Urologist, he diagnosed me with Secondary Hypogonadism and prescribed me HCG monotherapy, and I played with my dose which got my levels to mid-range. After a few months, we tried to switch to Clomid, but I ended up crashing, so went back to HCG.
    -Fast forward to 2016, and after beginning to implement some of what is preached here (sun, CT, grounding, blue blockers, eliminating EMF), I was able to boost my T levels from midrange to the high end of the charts while lowering my dose of HCG. I was strong, lean, and felt probably the best in my life. At 160 lbs, 7% bodyfat, I had endless energy, and was eating whatever I wanted and effortlessly maintained a very lean physique (probably the best physique of my life). Funny thing is, I was no longer obsessed with my image, and yet I looked better than I ever had, even in my bodybuilding days. My mindset now was about feeling good, and being healthy and enjoying life.
    -Decided to try another restart in the fall of 2016, came off the HCG, switched to Clomid, and tried various dietary protocols with no success (T levels crashed). The last 8 months of trying to cure my hypogonadism is started to catch up with me, so I decided to go back to HCG monotherapy, give my mind and body a break, enjoy life with high T levels once again, and if I have any new ideas, perhaps come up with a new game plan. But until then, I want to focus on preparing for my new baby, and getting my energy levels back.
    Last edited: May 11, 2017
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  3. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    -Get T levels back to top of the range with HCG
    -Get my lifts back up: 225 lbs bench/250 lbs squat/400+ lbs deadlift
    -Bring back CT to my life (cold showers, maybe build a CT tub)
    -Learn about PPP and explore
    -Meet Jack & other members at Nourish Vermont event (June 3, 2017)

    -Rotate Day A/Day B, 3x per week
    Day A: Squats (3x5), Bench (3x5), Rows (3x5)
    Day B: Deadlifts (1x5), Military Press (3x5), Weighted Chins (3x5)

    For diet, I went ketotic for most of the winter, but the problem was I ate way too many PUFAs. I started learning about the health effects of high PUFA diets, and got into Ray Peat's way of eating: low PUFA, more sugar/fructose, and saturated fats. After a month, I had somewhat promising results on a blood test for T level, but I did not enjoy being a sugar burner (hungry every 2-3 hours), so I have been focusing on re-learning to fat burn. I got myself into ketosis in only 1.5 days starting this Tuesday (measured urinary ketones at 4 mmol/l) after quitting Ray Peat diet. New diet has been:

    Meal 1: Bulletproof Coffee (2 tbsp. butter/2 tbsp. coconut oil)
    Meal 2: Eggs, cheese, sardines, 3 tbsp. pureed coconut
    Meal 3: Meat (i.e. salmon, lamb, beef, shrimp), green veggies w/ butter, raw macadamia nuts, 90% dark chocolate

    I don't supplement really, I try to use the sun as my pharmacy. I've upped my non-fluoridated water intake to about 1 gallon, and sodium intake to 5g from pink Himalayan.

    My plan once I re-train my mitochondria to burn fat will be to do IF (18/6), skipping breakfast, and eating 1 small meal at noon, and 1 large meal before sunset, and add carbs back in. Something like: 50% Fat/30% Carbs/20% Protein. I had great results on that macro split in the past once I learned to fat burn.
  4. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Felt pretty good today. In the first 2-3 days of keto, I definitely felt a little lethargic and had some brain fog. I noticed a slow improvement yesterday, and even moreso today.

    Peed on a ketostick, and it was quite purple. In the 8 mmol/l range. I'm assuming ketones get quite high in the initial phases of ketosis, due to the kidneys excreting unused ketones? Most of my cells are probably still using glucose for energy, although my liver is producing ketones as an alternative, so I assume a transition is taking place, and once I am adapted to using ketones, I assume my urinary ketone level should decrease.

    This is pretty cool so far. I also assume I am wiping out any poor functioning mitochondria right now? And I'll soon have strong, fat burning mitochondria? I can't wait to have metabolic flexibility (i.e. able to burn glucose and fatty acids interchangeably) again like I once had!

    Also noticed I'm radiating heat! Maybe due to uncoupling after eating excess fat? I hear overfeeding on fat in the absence of insulin is what triggers uncoupling? Feels good, cuz I'm usually always cold. I am starting to crave CT now, and slowly adding it back. Life is good! :)
  5. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Morning folks!

    Completed my AM training.

    Warmup (Explosive Circuit):
    -2x5 Jump Squats
    -2x5 Dips
    -2x3 Chinups

    Major Lifts (Reverse Pyramid):
    Squats: 200x5, 185x6, 170x7
    Bench: 200x5, 185x6, 170x7
    Rows: 160x5, 145x6, 135x7

    Accessory Work (Shoulders):
    Lat Raises: 30x12, 25x10, 20x8 (dropsets)
    Reverse Flys: 20x12, 15x10, 10x8 (dropsets)

    I will probably drop reps on first set of major lifts to 3 starting next week. Reason being is I never lift to failure or fatigue, just trying to slowly strengthen my CNS, and fatigue is an issue for me with keto-adapting right now. I'm sure things will improve in the next few weeks as I adapt, and my HCG kicks in.

    Meals Planned:
    12 PM: Eggs, Sardines, Cheese, Sauerkraut
    5 PM: Prime rib, Onions, Seasonal veggies

    Might throw in some macadamia nuts and 90% dark chocolate in there somewhere as well.

    Water intake is about 1 gallon, and salt intake is around 5g. I think salt & water are ABSOLUTELY crucial on keto. I always ignored that in the past, and I think that's why I've had poor results.

    Today is a cloudy day, and possibly rain and again tomorrow :( so I will probably do some CT. Next week is going to be beautiful, warm and sunny :)
    Last edited: May 13, 2017
  6. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    So I conducted an experiment today.

    Since it was Mother's Day, and I am the chef in the household, I whipped up breakfast: bacon, eggs and sourdough french toast. Of course I had to have some french toast with maple syrup, and it was also a good opportunity for me to see how my body reacted, given that I had been in ketosis all week. I'd say I had about 60-75g of carbs. I took some measurements, and here is what happened:

    Blood Glucose: 3.2 mmol/l
    Urinary Ketones: 8 mmol/l

    Post-Breakfast (1 hour)
    Blood Glucose: 5.1 mmol/l
    Urinary Ketones: 1.5 mmol/l

    So I still had ketones in my urine, although the carbs brought them down pretty significantly. Now, about 5 hours later, I had a keto meal (some macadamia nuts, cheese and coconut oil). Then I took another measurement about 3 hours after that meal, just before my dinner:

    Blood Glucose: 4.4 mmol/l
    Urinary Ketones: 8 mmol/l

    So it's nice to know that some carbs here and there won't really knock me out of ketosis, and its quite easy for my body to bounce back after only 1 week of adapting. I would however prefer to add carbs to my dinner versus breakfast because:

    A) I never usually eat breakfast
    B) Stimulating glycolysis in the morning from carb sources drives hunger patterns throughout the morning. Hence why I ate a keto snack 5 hours post meal, when normally I could've easily fasted until dinner

    When I eat carbs with dinner, I find it's easy to go take advantage of sleep to fast, thus depleting glycogen, so I can get back into fat burning mode the following morning. I've always found if I start my day with carbs, I end my day with carbs, but if I end my day with carbs, I never need to start my day with carbs. That's just my N=1.
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  7. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    AM training done:

    Warmup (Explosive Circuit):
    -2x5 Jump Squats
    -2x5 Dips
    -2x3 Chinups

    Major Lifts (Reverse Pyramid):
    Military Press: 127.5x3, 107.5x5, 97.5x8
    Weighted Chinups: 40x3, 30x5, 20x8

    Accessory Work (Arms/Abs):
    1 Arm Tricep Extensions: 35x20, 35x10, 35x6 (very short rests)
    Bicep Curls: 25x20, 20x12, 15x8 (dropsets/no rests)
    Situps: 50

    Felt better doing my Reverse Pyramid sets starting at 3 reps. 3/5/8 feels pretty good! Doing a challenging set first after my warm up, but not enough reps to fatigue my muscles, and then a moderate set of 5, and a fast/explosive lighter set of 8. Looking forward to increasing my lifts everso steadily!

    Meals Planned:
    12 PM: Steak salad with mixed veggies, avocado, bacon and blue cheese
    5 PM: Lamb chops, mushrooms/onions/green beans (cooked in butter), dark chocolate
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  8. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Today is a rest day. I'm going to get out on my lunch to catch an hour or so of sunlight. When I get home, I'll probably tan nude in my backyard for 30 mins or so before making dinner. Hoping to dine outside tonight and watch the sunset. Tomorrow is going to very warm (35 C)! :)

    Meals Planned:
    12 PM:
    Lamb chops, mushrooms/onions (cooked in butter), 2 tbsp. of pureed coconut
    5 PM: Icelandic cod, veggies (cooked in butter), macadamia nuts, bulletproof chocolate

    Bulletproof chocolate is basically 1 tbsp. of butter & coconut oil melted with 2 squares of 90% chocolate. Mix it up, let cool in fridge for a couple hours, and eat. It is ketotic, delicious, and filling.
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  9. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Been a while since I posted. Things are going pretty well. I just got back from Niagara Falls this weekend on a family getaway. We all had a good time!

    Went off keto a little bit, but it felt good to eat some carbs after getting a great deal of sunlight over the weekend. It's taking a couple days to get back into ketosis, but at this point, I may be adding small amounts of carbs back soon anyways now that we are pretty well summer. My lifts are continuing to climb slowly. No surprise there since I'm slowly getting my strength back to baseline.

    Some exciting news today: found out we are having a boy! Very excited for the father/son relationship. It has always been a dream of mine to raise a proper young man! :) Looking forward to teaching him the quantum ways.

    I am super excited for the upcoming Nourish Vermont event! Can't wait to cease the opportunity to meet my hero, Dr. Jack Kruse! And of course some of the members here! It will be an honor, and a very energetic weekend!
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Congratulations on a boy.

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  11. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Just got back from Vermont this weekend, all I can say it WOW. Not only did I meet @Jack Kruse, but I spent a great deal of time with him. I had breakfast with him twice, and we lived like the sphinx yesterday finally getting some AM sun in Vermont. For those who have not yet met Jack, all I can say is anything you think you know about him in NO WAY compares to the person he actually is. He is the most genuine, caring, and coolest dude I've ever met! The thing about Jack that blows me away is how he makes time for everyone. He probably talked to 100s of people over the course of 48 hours, and he would NEVER dismiss anyone even though he was bombarded with curious minds. I would say I probably spent about 12 hours with Jack (or atleast in his presence) and of that I probably got 2 hours of his time, which is incredible when you think of it. Those few hours I got directly speaking to Jack, listening to him and having him listen to me were among the most valuable hours of my life.

    To sum up this experience in a sentence, I got the largest dopamine boost of my life. I also got to spent a good deal of time with @Matty_M and his friend Brian, the Quantum Thieves. These kids blew me away. At 17 years old, just finishing high school, they are so wise and so well informed. Both of them appear to be at a crossroad where I see a map of endless pathways for them to take, and there is no doubt in my mind, whatever they decide will lead to success. That is because these boys have higher dopamine than anyone of their age, and they have the ability to listen to their instincts, and can build time out of the sunlight they allow in their life. No one I know at that ripe age is able to do that. Not only does @Matty_M have high dopamine, but he also strives for even higher levels. He convinced me to take a dip in the lake on Saturday evening. The water must have been 40 F, and we both stood in the lake, submerged waist-down for probably 30 minutes, chilling (literally) in the moonlight, raising each other's dopamine as we had a very special, meaningful discussion about life. He was brave enough to fully submerge after about 30 minutes, as I chickened out, haha!

    From the amount of Jack's time I received, I felt the reassurance that the environment I have put myself in is about as optimal as it can be living at the 45th latitude. Jack confirmed that my optimal health is going to depend on an environment with lots of CT, epi-paleo, ketosis, fasting and getting as much damn sun as I can yield year-round whether it's 30 C and sunny, and I can be out naked, or -30 C out in the snow. As much as I would like to relocate closer to the equator, the best thing I can for myself is continue to live in the ancient pathway mentioned in CT 6 (my favorite blog): https://www.jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-6-the-ancient-pathway. Some biohacking ideas would be to build an infrared sauna, or fire-burning sauna and possible invest in a quantlet, as well as get down south every year. I am hoping to make a trip to Mexico for some more quantum fun this year! We shall see.

    Jack's presentation was absolutely DYNAMITE! It was awesome seeing him blow away the food gurus and really helped open everyone's eyes. Be sure to look for it on YouTube, as I know it was recorded. I saw it front row, first hand, but I can't wait to watch it again.

    My own personal takeaway is this: its easy to thrive when you hear Jack's message loud and clear. Here it is for myself in a nutshell at the 45th latitude:

    1) Get sun
    2) Less sun/lower quantum yield = more DHA and more CT
    3) Fasting and/or ketosis = stimulate autophagy, be a fat burner to feed electrons through Complex II of ETC, maximizing energy efficiency with minimal ROS

    It's literally that simple. Now I'll have more time because I don't have to worry about things that are more insignificant like calories, macros, vitamins, supplements, exercise, etc. I will exercise to move, and I will eat for the social aspect. Everything else I do will be about maximizing my energy, and recycling it, so I can hold it within my body and not lose it to my environment.
  12. Rubicon

    Rubicon Avoiding Equilibrium

    Nice summary and takeaways!

    My experience meeting Jack in Mexico January 2017 was very similar. Jack's in-person personality is very different compared to online. Since that time I've found his approach to life to be permanently contagious. Follow your antenna :)
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  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Why is Jack Different on line to the observer? Could the answer actually be due to how you sample me online?

    The answer is yes.

    If you do not believe this........It is directly tied to my Vermont talk and I will prove it to you at 2:3o PM on my Dr. Jack Kruse FB page today.

    Read it carefully and I bet Kris will understand this completely now because of what I said live in front of his retina with no blue light in between the message.
  14. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Forgot to mention. After giving Jack a big hug and parting ways yesterday morning, I couldn't help but shed some tears. I had a mix of emotions: the result of an incredibly energizing, life-changing, moving experience coupled with the thoughts of seeing my daughter and wife upon returning home, and even thinking about my unborn son.

    When I returned home, and my daughter awoken from her nap, as soon as I stepped foot in her bedroom, she broke down into tears, and jumped into my arms, and hugged me tighter than she has ever. I think there was a definite transfer of electrons in that moment. The energy I harnessed in Vermont was shared with my family.

    Today, I stopped at my mom's on my lunch to give her a copy of the Epi-Paleo Rx signed by @Jack Kruse . It made her day. I shared with her my experience, and we shared a couple tears of joy as well. I can't believe how moving this experience has been.

    I realised something about myself and it's that I have became such an introvert in my environment. And now I know the reason is I don't know any quantum folks in my area, so I get much more energy from within myself than anyone else. When I'm in large groups, I feel myself losing electrons. It all clicked when I heard Eileen McKusick speak and said to hangout with electron donors not electron stealers. I definitely hung out with electron donors this weekend in Vermont.
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  15. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    Kris your post is inspiring and thank you for sharing your experience and take aways. I also have become even more of an introvert beacause I have eliminated all the the electron vampires in my life. I have learned alot about myself in the process and aquired an important skill in the process. I am now much more confident being in my own skin and I now give zero fucks about what evreryone thinks about my odd habits when conecting back to nature. I just need to keep practicing qauntum health and set an example to others. Its a lonely road right now but I belive its a sacrifice that will pay off down the road. If your ever in the GTA or simcoe county area where im at I would be happy to share some photons and electrons with ya.
  16. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    @Sun Disciple that is a good attitude man. Not caring what others think to me, is a sign of high dopamine levels. As I kid I used to constantly fear what others thought of me. Now, it doesn't phase me in the least when others want to judge me and waste their energy over the strange things I do like wearing blue blockers, or standing barefoot on the ground. I get the last laugh because I am raising my dopamine, and clearing the fog between my brain and reality, while they are only thickening that fog and ignorance. Vermont was perfect, because I took the trip alone, and camped alone, which in itself was very energizing being an introvert myself. But the people I surrounded myself gave off electrons that I captured, and I'm pretty sure I also gave some electrons back in return. It is cool being able to thrive with others when I normally don't.

    For sure man, GTA is not far at all! And vice versa, if you ever head down the 401 eastbound towards the Kingston area, I'm not much further away. I'm always up for meeting with new people, especially those with similar values.
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  17. Inger

    Inger Silver

    awesome stuff Kris :) :)

    At the Kruse Cruise I felt exactly what you write... except I thought/felt Jack was the same I had read on the internet...lol I always got so good vibes from him from the very first time I read him, funny :)

    To be with electron donors is just something special.... :love:
    not too many of that sort today.. but they are out there :) and children gives me electrons for sure, they are a piece of heaven! My landlords daughter is 4 yo and she is in love with me...lol she comes over all the time! But I love it :love:
    I realize I function like a magnet for children these days...
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  18. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Thanks Inger!

    Yes children are very special and can teach us adults A LOT. They bring us to the present moment just as well as meditation. It saddens me when parents don't make time for the children and give them gadgets to keep busy. My daughter (and son when he enters this world) will always have parents who will engage them, guide them and teach them, and let them teach us.
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  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  20. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Nice blog post @Jack Kruse ! I got a mention from Matt, and I'm in one of the pics (the red tinted one with you kneeling) woot! :)

    Forgot to share with everyone, the one "health" issue I have faced in the last few years is my hypogonadism in which I am treated for with HCG (because I have low gonadotropins). Well I had a breakthrough discovery, and had the privilege of speaking to Jack about my idea. I did an experiment last winter and came off my meds which I had not done since 2014. Sure enough, my hormones crashed, but they did level out, albeit on the low end of the range for a young man of my age. I decided to focus my energy on how I felt versus what the paper said, and I was also fully cold-adapted, and ketotic all winter, eating a lot of seafood. Well 3 important people in my life (wife, mom and dad) could not believe how well I functioned with very little testosterone. My wife said "wow, I'm shocked that you crashed because I haven't noticed any changes in your mood, outlook on life, confidence, libido, or emotions." My mom questioned "how come you don't feel like shit and are never tired?" My dad flat-out did not believe my levels. He goes, "son, there is no way you have levels of an old man based on your muscle mass, low body fat and strength".

    After spending some time on another forum community dedicated to raising testosterone levels as high as possible, and following Ray Peat's advice, I decided to shift my dietary pattern to using sugar as my primary fuel, abandoning the fat burning, winter metabolism I had activated in me. After about 4 weeks of feeding off a lot of carbs/sugar, my testosterone level tripled. Now, the funny thing about this experience, is that once a fat burner, you always want to be a fat burner. So I told myself: fuck this, it's not worth it. To put myself back into the modern, sugar burning pathway after seeing the magic within the ancient pathway (again CT 6, favorite blog) was a huge eye opener (dopamine alert). If I can thrive in the ancient pathway, with low T levels (keep in mind, my wife and I conceived in January 2017 when my levels were low but I felt fine and was functioning optimally) then who the fuck cares? I truly believe that Jack is bang on about increasing receptor binding affinity, and creating a system that is suprasensitized to all hormone receptors in the body. In a bullet at the beginning of the CT 6 blog, Jack states "Do you need high hormone levels to have big muscles and great power?". I am living proof that we do not need high hormone levels.

    As mentioned, I had the privilege of talking to Jack about this, and I think when he saw me in real life, and heard my story, he did not doubt for a second that I am living proof that this ancient pathway exists. Being Canadian at the 45th latitude, I don't have a strong quantum yield, but that doesn't mean I can't thrive with lots of CT, epi-paleo keto, IF and capturing the little sun I do have. HCG, which is my hormone replacement that I've been prescribed since 2014 is really just a tool I've been using to biohack this environment and keep me in this pathway, and I didn't even realise it until now. I realised as long as I'm in this pathway, my T level does not matter, and I do not need HCG, although it is a great tool to incorporate realising now how it all ties in with the ancient pathway.

    With that said, I am proud to say, at 27 years old, I am free of ALL disease/illness. It turns out, I never even had a disease (hypogonadism) that I thought I had and was diagnosed with. As a young man with low dopamine (me a few years ago), seeing a piece of paper with low T levels gave me the perception that I was ill, when I was not. Therefore, my own thoughts and perception actually created an illness in me, and it wasn't until I was able to raise my dopamine high enough to clear the fog to see the reality that I reached my cure.
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