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Operation Sunrise Medicine: Kari's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Kari Dunlop, Apr 28, 2022.

  1. Thank you ALL for your support and insights. Reading your comments is like building a new 'soul'er callus :) My stumbling blocks will become stepping stones because you have been so kind and generous to share your experiences.

    @Loudy Cincotta - Thank you for the very touching and tender message. I'm so excited to hear more as you keep moving forward. A most excellent adventure it is!! And I know it doesn't feel that way all of the time. I do look forward to that hug :) A definite tissue warning for anyone else who has the good fortune of reading your post.

    I was hoping to actually galvanize and get to Mexico a bit sooner than later but the gal who I was going to meet up with is heading out of town for the summer so I'll just keep trusting and breathing my way towards the next baby step!

    @ND Hauf, @Laudy Cincotta @JanSz, @Ravi Sandhu, @caroline, @5G Canary, @EWO Again, thank you all so very much. It helps more than you know.
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  2. @caroline i love hearing about your adventures and daily acts of kindness........what a journey and what a life when you realise shifting your mindset and taking it all in your stride brings!

    Thanks, pretty impressed with you two doing what youre doing at your age and stage of life, inspiring and lots of lessons making my journey easier, thank you x

  3. @Kari Dunlop baby steps are wonderful - go you, you got it and i so look forward to following your journey also. We will cross paths i am sure of it, sending you lots of love to carry along your travels, x
  4. @5G Canary WOW! Reversing 6 autoimmune diseases and no longer suffering from EHS!!!! Congratulations! I read through your journal today. It really helped me to drop the straw that I'd been looking through at the sky with. That extra glimmer of hope and it's quantum impact has really struck me. And while I could only duck outside yesterday for 15 minutes for my BAN ritual, I really thought about your sage advice about honouring mother nature as part of Mother's Day. Definitely something I will keep top of mind for the next 364 days. "It is that easy". Thank you!
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  5. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Thank you! “It is easy”... I would love to say food, exercise, supplements or my hard work healed me but it didn’t work that way. It was the complete opposite. It wasn’t hard work at all... it was easy. First and most importantly you need to move to an optimal environment. In an optimal environment you should only see improvements in your health... if you don’t then it is still likely something in the environment. Next is the fun part- literally reconnecting with mother nature... following her rules.

    We are being brainwashed into believing this is fun and making life easier... living optimal!

    Entertainment or Entrainment?

    Enlightenment or Enslavement?


    I learned to open that prison door... it is that easy!
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It is so sad to see people we care about in their own prison ....a prison of their own making...

    and they just don't get it.....they have totally lost their freedom and they are okay with that.
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  7. So true @5G Canary and @caroline .... people don't know what they don't know but I'm already doing what I can to start planting some seeds. I'm already seeing that I'm less interested doing all the things that I was so addicted to....working long hours, checking emails (thinking the harder I work the more money I make, all of it being used to pay for labs, supplements, appointments, IVs, Rxs and so on) and also waaaaay too much tv. I've been too tired to do anything else but now I drag my behind outside to lie out on my balcony. Having been sick for 3 decades now, the tech addiction was the only way I felt connected to anyone and anything outside of my symptoms. I did a lotta living vicariously through other people.

    My 14 year old nephew is so addicted to his video games and now he's on antidepressants. Hurts my heart. The good news is that my sister is taking him to a local quantum biology practitioner.

    I'm starting to notice mother (nature)'s hunger percolate a little louder. She whispers more and more to me. Super subtle right now but definitely sensing the pull to want to spend more time outside.

    I'm also flirting with an new idea, a new belief that the more time I 'spend' in the sun/play/outdoors the more money I make. I'll keep you posted as to how that all goes!!!!

    I just got my ethernet installed so that's one thing off of my list :) Still sorting out a trip south but celebrating the baby steps in the mean time.

  8. @5G Canary so very relevant and so true, and once you open that door you realise how beautiful it is and that you had things around the wrong way, i believe we use these as coping mechanisms until we can no longer ignore symptoms or unrest within, i know i certainly did that and like @Kari Dunlop said, i believed it was how i stayed connected too, once i went to out and connected with mother nature i could clearly see how wrong my thinking was that actually the more time i spent outside and away from technology the more i really wasn't interested in it anymore.

    i now really only look at a few sites and emails in the morning and i only really skim over them and then don't really go back there, i get told off by everyone now that i don't answer my phone, i actually never take it off silent and its never around me, i carry it when i go out but don't even see the need to have it near, only checking at certain intervals (if i remember) just in case there is someone really trying to get through to me.

    @caroline watching young adults and kids is heartbreaking. My beautiful 26 year old son is so addicted to tech and is so blue light toxic and i cant get through to him, tech is his whole world, he is studying game design and thinks technology is magnificent, he thinks AI is amazing and has been working at events pre covid using VR tech which he loves .

    i try and keep connection with him and keep him engaged so if he needs help he can reach out but he wont listen to reason and thinks i am a crackpot that hates mainstream ways, he will however call when he's sick though and ask me for 'whatever hippie shit' i think he could use so whilst he won't admit my 'hippie shit' works he acknowledges it by asking when he is in need of it.

    He had covid about a month ago, sadly he is terrified of it and triple vaxxed, interestingly the only one of my three children like that and he called and asked if i could bring him any 'hippie shit' i thought might help him, so armed with my 'weird and wonderful' supplements, fresh juices, fresh fruit and vegetables, a pot of chicken noodle and vegetable soup, essential oils and herbal teas and anti virals, i delivered them to him with instructions and a few days later feeling so much better he was grateful but told me it was less severe because he had just had his booster shot!!! His fear of the virus broke my heart and knowing its driven by his lifestyle and addiction to social media had him believing in the mainstream narrative as opposed to what he should instinctively know was good for him.........so i hope many others with family addicted to technology can just keep lines of communication open and support their loved ones. My hope is one day he will see the light (literally) and cross over to the dark side with the rest of us who have done so before him.

    He has committed to coming to Mexico while we are there later this year and i do honestly believe being away from here and doing outdoorsy things and sightseeing with us sneakily getting him into the light and away from tech might help him to see how much better he will feel........fingers crossed!
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