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Operating in the new paradigm

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Swen, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Swen

    Swen New Member

    So, the last few days I have been wading through the CT blog 1-6 so far and a few forum threads - especially the one discussing the ozone donut hole that affects AUS. The CT stuff is something I had missed since April when I set out to reset leptin and get proper sunlight exposure while drinking quality spring water and eating seafood. I had always been planning to circle back to the CT stuff, but was not able to until now. I was floored that CT should and would turbo-charge all the good stuff I have been feeling and doing this summer. I was beginning to dread my near-future in the depths of winter with little sunlight; but now I can embrace the frigid cold here instead.

    The most general thing I am taking away from the CT blogs is that cold adaptation changes the rules of the game of life. So, how many of these rules remain to be re-examined in this unique frame of reference that we now have? During my dive into the donut hole aussie thread, one rule that occurred to me for re-examination is if ocean water (the great re-structurer of water) is potable, perhaps, for a cold-adapted person. Have we just assumed that we require fresh water because it is warm-adapted dogma that we have never tested in a cold-adapted environment? I wonder how much water a cold-adapted human that is burning so much fat (like a camel) actually needs. If salt water dehydrates us by pulling water out of the cells, as our warm-adapted dogma says it does, then could a fat burning CT machine replace that water in the cell via mitochondria ? Could it be the high deuterium (155ppm in ocean water I think) in a warm-adapted human is killing us and not the salinity? What would a bio-hack test of this question look like? How could we measure what the effects of gradual salinity exposure would do to the cold-adapted person?

    I don't recall at this very moment if Jack ever broke down his stance of 1-2 gals of water per day vs Dr Boros drinking a liter of ddw per day while making sure he gets plenty of fat for the mitochondria to make their water. I also now wonder if Boros' and Collins' work with dd needs to be re-examined in a cold-adapted context. I would guess it is not mere coincidence that the lowest levels of deuterium are found/made/sourced in cold temperatures, rather than just high elevation.

    Although I doubt he is cold-adapted, Loren Lockman has said that he drinks only a liter of water every month for his physiology presumably devoid of toxins; and that he thinks he gets most of his water from the structured water in the (whole) veggies and fruits he eats. He says that proper hydration, which is at least 4l of water for a toxic person is necessary to drive the de-tox pathways in a prolonged fast. Perhaps the CT protocol needs to require more water (quality and quantity) to be assimilated for those having de-tox issues. AUS water might be a special problem in this context. I wonder how a prolonged water fast would work as a pre-cursor to cold-adaptation to aid and abet the shedding of toxins from fat. Maybe melding the 2 protocols is another magic bullet - adapting to cold during extended fasting, at least for an obese person like me with plenty of fat to burn. If water is going to be so problematic to source the best, it would behoove us to guarantee what our optimal cold paradigm actually, literally requires.
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Jack ever broke down his stance of 1-2 gals of water per day vs Dr. Boros drinking a liter of ddw per day

    structured water in the (whole) veggies and fruits

    sometimes water is called dead or alive
    sometimes water memory is discussed
    Since Jack's days at MDA (MarksDailyApple) and latter on on this board, number of times I was referring to my two months long hack (in 2008) where I got rid of my diabetes mostly drinking green juices eating cabbage and bacon. Jack was always, consistently, against that practice.
    I think of vegetables or even fruit juice as live water.
    There may be a benefit in being exposed to live water even if it contains a larger deuterium load.
    Immediately this has to follow with statement, that we are talking about juice quantities of Boros type, small. Small volume of juice, small amount of undesirable deuterium.

    Supposedly, live water, if need be, can cross the cellular membrane and be a part of the cytosol.
    Supposedly, dead water is not able to do that and heads down straight to kidneys and out.
    The other idea of drinking less water is sort of similar to the idea of artificial light being hurtful and messing up Circadian rhythm.
    These days people are not exercising thirst-ADH interaction.
    They drink, thirsty or not because they planned to finish up 2 gallons of water.

    That messes up diuretic hormone behavior.
    This prevents the additional 2-3 liters of matrix water from being synthesized.

    At rest, the human body makes 7437 liters of metabolic water.
    That results in 1358kWh energy that is used by the organism to run life.
    It is not small, especially when the person on a sunny day gets 0.4kWh directly from the sun.

    The additional 2-3 liters of matrix water may seem inconsequential when compared to 7437 liters that matrix already produce,
    but comparing it to daily 2500 calories from food may show benefit.
    2500/(1000*860)=0.0029kWh from food daily

    1kg water=1 liter it contains 2/(16+2)=0.111 kg hydrogen
    because one would not drink 2 liters of water forcing mitochondria to come up with that amount of water; it would also come with heat of burning (which is additional healing energy).
    When one kg of hydrogen is burned, it releases 33920kcal/kg
    burning 0.222 kg hydrogen gives of
    0.222*33920=7530.24kcal=7530240calories----->compare that with 2500calories from food daily

    From this point of view, it may well be beneficial to drink only as much as (well trained) thirst would indicate.

    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
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  3. Swen

    Swen New Member

    I have been wondering, since I was initially exposed to the idea of structured water and drinking ddw, why we would need to drink ddw when more sunlight on the mitochondria and the blood vessels will widen the EZ from whatever water we drink.

    I just was able to access Jack's NV 2018 talk where he jumps on the topic of deuterium and UVc light after Boros presented. IF we need deuterium to make UVc from UVa, in the right places as Jack says, then why do we want to severely deplete deut as Boros would advocate? I think that this speaks to a spin on the idea I posted above that Boros and COllins' work needs to be re-examined in the context of sunlight and/or cold.

    I also wonder how we can drink "structured water" when it seems to only be structured next to a hydrophilic surface and the ez grows in size in the presence of IR sunlight. I would think water transitions to dead pretty quickly to lose its liquid crystalline structure. So, I see no difference (with what has been presented anywhere) between ingesting "live vs dead" water that is shortly enlivened once again when it gets into our bloodstream and circulates to our mitochondria.

    Your conversion between cal to kcal seems unnecessary if I recall correctly that "calories we eat" are actually kcals. That would put your math at 2.9kwh of energy made by a 2500 cal diet per day. Now I am off to verify whether I remember that right.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
  4. Swen

    Swen New Member

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