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One humanoid escapee, 1001001

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Theka, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Theka

    Theka Gold

    We are waiting for the bank, not at all patiently. We have so many plans and ideas for this place. It is so unique, being built on a hillside. It is a though one arrives at the basement, the front door opens to steps to the 2nd floor. The back door, however, opens level to the wooded hillside! There is about a meter of level 'patio'. There is an unheated storage room beside the door----oddly enough it has a concrete floor, with a metal hatch that opens to the dirt below!! I think we can make that space into a infrared sauna/salt room. The bathroom is really small (4 sq meters), so I have to make it a wet room and take the tub out to make it work as an accessible bath. I am really excited to try and make us an optimal retreat from the world. I wish I could walk. I would camp in the 'smurf' house barn while we worked on it. The smurf house is a half-timbered former stall with an earthen floor in the front yard that has been painted blue.

    I finally have my dental surgery on Thursday. I hope it makes a noticeable difference. I was surprised to find many of my ms symtoms improved last week when I gave in and took antibiotics for a bladder infection. Many are slowly resurfacing. I really wonder what is infection and what is environment. I believe the only way to really find out is to get to Mexico.
  2. Theka

    Theka Gold

    Well, we have a meniscus issue now. Jan had a mri of his knee and was diagnosed with a small radial meniscus tear. The orthopedist has recommended surgery to smooth it followed by pt. He has been using ice packs on it and generally babying it and doing pretty well. Surgery sounds drastic, especially as they want general anesthesia. Is surgery really needed? What could he do to avoid it?
  3. Theka

    Theka Gold

    20 days later and we have bank approval! Now to see how quickly we can get a closing date! This is crazy fast for Germany! I am looking forward to having a place we can mod to our needs. It is solidly built, newer roof but the interior is pretty much 1910-40. Pop. is 2600---but the majority live in 2 newer developments and the geography doesn't allow more to build near us. It is built above an earth-sheltered barn. I am very excited to try some of my building hack ideas!
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  4. Theka

    Theka Gold

    Today the realtor called us--they have accepted our offer! She asked when we wanted sign closing papers and was shocked when we said, 'tomorrow'! So we have an appointment in a week---very fast for Germany! We want to give notice here at the end of the month and move quickly. So we shall see how quickly we can jump through the various hoops to take possession and do the essentials to move in. I've had to shift gears away from the blogs to get this done. Jan accepted his new job offer the end of May, right before Vermont. By mid June, we had narrowed our house options and looked at the best option, then got financing arranged and negotiated the sale price. We are trying to take advantage of the local geography and 200 year old building techniques to make our refuge in Germany.
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  5. Theka

    Theka Gold

    we bought the 'Hearts-Ease' today.......drove down yesterday and stayed in a simple hotel nearby----new, wood construction, no wifi in the rooms but with a/c. We both slept really well and both noticed less joint pain.

    Back in Frankfurt now and it is so hot. I dunk my head often and stick ice packs in my clothes, even to sleep. Tomorrow is supposed to be 37C, that is 98.6F. I will be outside early in the garden, but it isn't cooling off much nights. I think a/c is a good thing, just to have an opportunity to really cool down. It would be easier if I could get my body in cold water. We have planned a wet-room shower at Hearts-Ease.
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  6. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Woohoo!!! Congratulations!!!
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    98.6F is a good thing.

    CHIRAL HEAT EFFECT ALERT: Repeated exposure to heat therapy for 6 days increased biomarkers of mitochondrial biogenesis, increased mitochondrial function by 28%, and boosted heat shock protein 70 by 45% in healthy volunteers. Black swans know the sun is the best source of "heat therapy" https://www.physiology.org/doi/10.1152/japplphysiol.00383.2018

    And it was 101 F here today and I spent 5 hours in the sun. Just sayin'
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  8. Theka

    Theka Gold

    how do I deal with not sweating----in Panama, I sat in the pool for 5 hours in strong sun with no problems. When we spent the night with a/c, I was fine being out in the sun intermittently the next day until I had been home in the hot apt for 1.5 hours, then I could tell I was overheating. I'm sitting with an ice pack on my stomach now and I sleep with one. I could work in the garden for an hour this morning from 8-9, then the sun was too strong. Now despite cold alpine water and head/face dunks, I can't cool down. When I get overheated, my muscles turn to mush---not sure whether it is muscle or the neural signals. I know I think and feel like a slug. Sweating has been a problem for a while. I love being in the sun and it usually feels really good.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    not sweating = bad mitochondria in apocrine sweat glands on skin = mitochondria that can't make water = melanopsin skin problem = 50th latitude is not a game changer

    all laid out easy to get the chain of data. All the pieces fit.
  10. Theka

    Theka Gold

    50N isn't our goal, this is a step in a better place. We can't leave Germany now, but we don't need to live in a high-rise in Frankfurt! This is north of the Black Forest (48lat), 30km nw of Stuttgart in a village of 2600---2 newer suburban developments comprise most of the population. We will be in the old part, on a dead end street across from a stream with a steep hillside (Tobel 469m) behind us. Jan will have to commute but he can relax at home in a better environment. It is small at the moment, about 700 sqft but I have plans to add a lot of sq footage by converting and finishing existing space which should give us a good exit strategy when we are able to retire to the sun.

    that study referred to repeated 2hr exposure to the heat-----what were their conditions the other 22h? When I can cool down, I can easily be in the sun for an hour and with cooling opportunities, I could do longer with supervision. I am just unconvinced that 24/7 in 30+ is comparable.
  11. Theka

    Theka Gold

    I am so anxious to move. I know that it is still Germany and only 180km south, but up here, everything wrong with me is 'due to ms and to be expected'. It is just a weird coincidence that Jan increasingly has similar pain and complaints---that is obviously due to aging and arthritis! I want to know what getting out of the 17th floor in Frankfurt will do for us. I want to continue this experiment in a cenote. I was invited to join mensa in high school, so I figure I ought to be able to function even with a brain like swiss cheese so I am choosing not to multi-task now to get the important stuff done during the long light cycles. #onestepatatime
  12. Theka

    Theka Gold

    We have been in our house for 2 weeks now. Jan's painful joints and gerd-ish issues are gone. He totally believes all the nnemf stuff now! I feel like all of my cells have just relaxed! The constant buzzing, tingling humming sensations are gone. My legs feel stronger and I can stand better, spasticity is greatly reduced. This is with no therapy drugs, supplements or exercises, just being here. Of course the actual move was an utter nightmare and the renovations are not done, not even begun---we are living in antique conditions, but it is all good. We just 'feel' better.
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  13. Theka

    Theka Gold

    Four and a half months here, still living very simply while waiting for to get our improvements done. We are replacing the corrugated roofing in the rear with a green roof. The big challenge is getting the floor even and level. It was actually built sloped for no good reason. Once the floor is done, we can do our bathroom. The existing bathroom is barely functional; the toilet requiring buckets of water and a plunger and having a wood fired hot water heater for the tub. But we hear the stream across the street and there are loads of birds in the trees in the back. The Tobel is 439m and directly behind us. We named it Hearts-Ease and it is.
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  14. Theka

    Theka Gold

    I have lost a good friend. She was in her 60s and had struggled with primary progressive ms for years, but I really don't think that killed her. She lived in Eastern Washington, first in the mountains, then on a farm closer to town as she needed more help, then in the Fall, they finally moved into town. She actually had taught in a one-room schoolhouse for years and worked in forestry. She grew her own food and gathered mushrooms and herbs. In December, she broke her femur whilst transferring. It was a nasty break and required surgery and a large metal plate and loads of screws to repair. She was in sub-acute rehab and progressing well when they took her to the ER. This is how her family described it.

    "Yesterday morning (1/27/2019) She was taken from her rehab facility in Wenatchee to the ER due to painful muscle spasms. While at the ER she began experiencing seizures. After seizures meds were administered and she was still experiencing seizures the decision was made to transport her to a facility with a more specialized neurological department. It was decided she would be transported to Sacred Heart in Spokane. Flying was not an option due to extremely foggy conditions blanketing most of Eastern Washington. Ground transport it was. She is currently in a medically induced coma because EEG results show she is continuing to experience seizure activity internally even with sedation and seizure medications. She will be kept in this medically induced coma until they can get the seizures stopped entirely. An MRI which was done earlier this evening will hopefully shed some light on the cause of the seizures.
    Jan 29, 2019 As we start Day #3 Connie is still in a medically induced coma. Last night’s MRI showed all negative results. It had been hoped that the MRI would be beneficial in isolating the cause of the seizures. The doctors upped Connie’s seizure meds again last night attempting to give her brain a night’s rest. That was marginally successful. The seizure activity wasn’t quite as strong or as frequent thanks to the increased meds, however, it still didn’t stop them entirely.
    Now we wait. Along with the continued sedation and seizure meds they continue to treat her UTI. The list of possible reasons she initially started seizing is long and all possibilities are being considered.
    Jan 30, 2019 Doctors have decided to attempt weaning her off the sedation meds today. It will be a very very slow wean so they can monitor how she handles it and watch for seizure activity. They started at 8 a.m. this morning and will lower her sedation meds a small amount every 3 hours. If this can continue with no negative effects they believe she will be somewhat conscious in about 2 days.
    Everything else remains the same. She is on 3 seizure meds and will stay on those as they attempt bringing her slowly out of the medically induced coma. They also continue to treat her UTI.
    Feb 1, 2019 As we welcome the first day of February we are starting Day #6 in Sacred Heart ICU. Today we are in Cardiac ICU instead of Neurological ICU. She had a little problem with her heart last night. We were called to come back to the hospital around 9 p.m. because She was experiencing irregular heart rhythm. She was immediately zapped once with the paddles which got her heart into rhythm again. As soon as her rhythm was stable she was taken to the cath lab to check her arteries for possible blood clots. Results showed her arteries are clear and no clots. Good news!! Her EKG results were also good. More good news!
    Her cardiac specialists believe the irregular rhythm may have been caused by one of her seizure meds so that med has now been removed. She remains on two seizure meds which will hopefully keep further seizures at bay. She has not regained consciousness yet but that is not unexpected. We have been told it will take 24-48 hours and possibly more for her to regain some degree of consciousness.
    Feb 2, 2019 Connie had a good day yesterday and a good night last night with no new issues. Unfortunately that record didn't hold as we start into Day #7. While the nurse and doctor were both in her room this morning she went into Atrial fibrillation which caused her BP to immediately plummet. After being shocked 3 times her heart rhythm is now marginally stable. Still not back into a "normal" rhythm but better than where she was a couple hours ago. Meds are being administered to bring her heart rate down, try to control the A fib and regulate her blood pressure. In addition to all the heart issues she now is, again, running a temperature so tests are being performed in an attempt to locate any possible infection which may be causing the temperature. The UTI she was formally battling is resolved and tests for that were negative yesterday so at least we know that is not the cause of this new temperature.
    Feb 3, 2019 It has now been a full week since Connie arrived here in Spokane. The good news today is that she had a quiet night with no new issues. She remains unconscious. She remains on two seizure meds, a med to stabilize her heart rhythm and diuretics for the fluid retention. Her low grade temp of yesterday resolved itself so no need for antibiotics.
    Feb 6, 2019 Yesterday she took a step back when her seizures resumed. She had been down to two seizure meds for several days after the seizures were initially brought under control. Unfortunately, she was only seizure free for a little over 48 hours. When the seizures resumed two more seizure meds were added back in bringing her back up to a total of 4 seizure meds being administered around the clock. Needless to say this is not a good sign.
    Feb 7, 2019 As day #12 comes to a close I unfortunately do not have any good news to report. The deterioration continues as her seizures are only able to be controlled with strong IV meds.
    With deep sadness, we must announce that she died at 4:38 (Feb. 8th, 2019). For two weeks we've hoped and prayed that excellent medical care together with her strong will, would successfully bring her out of the coma.

    This is the second such death recently. An uncle fell and broke his hip around New Years, he went into the hospital and came through the surgery fine. Then they found that he needed a pacemaker and he didn't come through that surgery well and within a few days, he died. This was in Germany and he was in his 80s but it seems to me that despite modern medicine being so good for trauma, the consequences are getting higher especially for the elderly.

    My neighbor was widowed in October. She had cancer surgery in August and her husband was in a nursing home while she was in the hospital. When she came home, he had developed pneumonia and was hospitalized. She brought him home and within a day, he died peacefully. He was unusual in that he was born and died in the same house. That doesn't happen much anymore. He was very unhappy in the nursing home and later the hospital.

    I wonder how these lives would have ended without medical care.
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  15. Theka

    Theka Gold

    I've been thinking about things a lot here. We feel good here. My current mitohack is a trifecta of ms gym, light hygiene and guided meditations. The basis is Jack Kruse; sunrise, light hygiene, and nnemf mitigation. Dr Joe Dispenza for the meditation. He talks about epigenetics and measurable changes in the brain and heart as well as stuff like cortisol levels and telemere length following meditations. If those kinds of quantifiable changes happen, it sounds like some of the 'environment' is being changed in the mind, so I ignore the woo. The ms gym and Trevor Wicken talks neuroplasticity and neural pathways and 'movement meds'. I just need longer days to fit it all in!

    This winter for the first time, despite being stuck here since the move, I am doing better. It is March and I feel better. I am stronger. My legs are working a little now and starting to feel like legs and feet. I am sure it would be infinitely more if I were able to have my skin in the strong Panama sun again, but I need to be able to manage alone to have more options. I suspect my D levels have dropped. My fingernails are my canary and I've cracked a nail. That never happened in Panama. We had planned to go to Mexico this past winter but the move and new job happened and getting out of the high-rise in Frankfurt was the priority.
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  16. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Theka, I am so happy for you! That you finally have a healthy silent place to live.... now you can start to heal :) Soon summer is here and you can start grounded nude tanning from morning to evening and you will get so much better :) :)
    in fact, I am sure you will soon walk again! :) :)
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  17. Theka

    Theka Gold

    I've been thinking about things and I just want to say, that I really don't give a fuck about the mechanism. I have read so much for so long and it is just lost opportunity cost. Back in the early days, 2002 or 3, I found an abstract of a pharma investor report. I wish I had saved a screen shot. It told me all I needed to know about the DMDs for ms and I never drank that kool-aide. I also found an old paper about ms incidence in Israel after WW2. It prompted us to move to Panama in the hopes of protecting our boys. No one ever said ms could be stopped,let alone reversed, so we moved for the kids. Everybody opposed our decision to move and it cost a lot of money as well. It is bittersweet to know that we actually were in the right place, sort of. We needed to be more rural there too. Panama city has too many lights and now they are all 6500K cfl. With all of the street lights, it was never really dark at night, but I didn't know that it mattered. Still, we usually saw the sunrise, because it was at 6am and the kids had to get to school, but not intentionally. We did build a solar callus, but again, not with intention and not enough and I spent my last year there working inside on a computer as a virtual receptionist all day. When we had to move for work, we didn't want to leave the sun. We applied to jobs from Qatar, India, Texas....but finally had to take Germany, because Germany would take us. Immigration is a bitch.

    When I first heard Jack on an online conference in June 2015, I was flabbergasted. I listened again with my hubby and started reading more. By July I wanted to try, and I started 1 August. It was a great month but I lost it as Fall progressed. By the time I got to meet Jack, I could no longer manage independently and then it no longer matters if you get it or not. We applied to the States but without a Greencard or a Sponsor, that was a no-go. I did get to Panama again for 2 months in 2017 with my son as he was in between schools. I felt great in the sun in the pool, but he had to lift me in. Then we tried to move to Mihla for lower costs and less people and that fell through. This was when I made my Quantum End playlist on youtube, mostly 432hz. I don't think anybody noticed it but I was only sticking around to take care of my cats. I avoid doctors and had still heard about how great a suprapubic catheter works and other wonderful interventions and had decided to opt out. It was impossible in that environment.

    Finally, now we can have a refuge and a job here, but it has all taken too much time and it is still in Germany. It isn't enough, but maybe it will do for a few years. I do have a vision for it but I have a tired cheerleader, ground down from years of expensive, futile crushed hopes---the true opportunity cost. Now, I get it, but no one gives a damn. I would have given anything to have an advocate in my corner. Maybe I have saved a few others. Maybe.

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  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Are you drinking (straight) Qlarivia (only)?

  19. Theka

    Theka Gold

    No, Adenholzener, from the Alps. I have been thinking about ordering more water from Hungary---shipping is such a bitch though. I hope that once we are truly past winter, it might cost a bit less. I don't think Qlarivia is in Germany.
  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I suggest that you review all threads that are discussing DDW.
    You are missing a lot of available information.

    Qlarivia is available everywhere where shipping companies deliver and e-mail, phone or snail mail operates.

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