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One humanoid escapee, 1001001

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Theka, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Theka

    Theka Gold

    JanSz, thank you for the list of lamps. I will have to find their German equivalents.
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    After you figure out what European or German lights are equivalent to the lights I posted here:
    Please make a list that include
    internet link to the place where they can be bought

    post it here as a one complete list
    for easy reference
    and for possible use by others.

  3. Theka

    Theka Gold

    That is exactly the list I have been looking for for the past 2 years!
    My thought has been, 'first, do no harm' so I have opted for sun when I can get it and loads of candles otherwise.
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    That post sits there for a year or so.
    That thread contains posts on lighting and my thoughts and iterations for about 4 years.
    Consider perusing my posts on that thread.
    PG/E2 ratio??
    I post there ideas that are relatively complete wit the idea to keep all compact.
    I sometime revise my posts there.

    There is also another thread:
    Low Cortisol Levels
    My posts there are storage of things I came across and they caught my attention.

  5. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I suspect that this lamp (Osram Vitalux)(Price: $84.90)may be thought of as replacement for
    Red Sperti
    Sperti-Fiji-Table-Tanning-Lamp $ 319.00
    rather than
    Exo Terra Solar Glow 160W
    Exo Terra Solar-Glo High Intensity Self-Ballasted Uv/Heat Mercury Vapor Lamp
    Price: $30.44
    Not sure how good replacement that would be.
    Red Sperti I use 16-32min/day, every day, 365 days /year, unless I am outside on the sun.
    ExoTerra Solar Glow 160W works whole day, provides replacement sun light when I am indoor.
    From distance used there is not much of UV.
    Rather than estimates by D-minder app, I use blood testing to find my vit D level.
    Goal --->Vitamin D (25-Hydroxyvitamin D)(250nmol/L=100.16ng/mL)
    Up to twice of above is ok too.
    ExoTerra Solar Glow 160W
    was designed to provide (from very close distance, inches) full sunlight requirement for a (sensitive) lizard that normally lives in the dessert, similar to what is found in Arizona.
    In other thread, I assumed my condition, sitting at the desk, lamps 3-4 feet away.
    To replicate condition seen by lizard at least 4-6 of those lamps should be used.

    Product description
    300 WATT R40 OSRAM SUN LAMP - E27 BASE - 230 VOLTS - HIGH UV LIGHT BULB - PLEASE SEE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BELOW, THIS BULB REQUIRES 230 VOLT POWER SOURCE FOR OPTIMUM OPERATION - The Osram ULTRA-VITALUX lamp produces a mix of radiation very similar to that of natural sunlight and can have the same positive biological effects on the body as the sun. This blend of radiation is generated by a quartz discharge tube and a tungsten filament. The bulb is made of special glass which allows only that part of the output that is contained in natural sunlight to pass through. Some reported biological effects include: Tanning, regulating the vegetative nervous system, prevention of infectional diseases on account of bactericidal effects, reactivation of active substances, the development of vitamin D, regulation of calcium levels, improved blood circulation of the skin which becomes more elastic and smoother with a healthy suntan as cosmetic side-effect, and the treatment of acne.
    Radiation UVA 315-400nm after 1 hour: 13,6W
    Radiation UVB 280-315nm after 1 hour: 3W.

    Because of its sun-like radiation properties, Vitalux lamps are used in industrial material testing, particularly for testing materials and equipment in different environments, and for photo-chemical industrial processes like accelerating varnish hardening. PLEASE NOTE: Before using the lamp to treat medical conditions, consult your doctor about the most effective therapy. Considerable heat is produced. Operate this lamp only in suitable equipment. The Vitalux bulb operates at optimum levels with applicable fixture designed for 220-230 volt and 300 watt lamps, including a porcelain socket. Not for use in portable lamps, table lamps, or household recessed fixtures. Bulborama is not responsible for improper installation or incompatible fixture application usage. Protect the lamp against moisture and splashes. Lamp emits high-intensity UV radiation that can cause sunburn and conjunctivitis.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2017
  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/ieGeek-Growing-Hydroponic-Vegetables-Greenhouse/dp/B01FFOFI4I/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1498333109&sr=8-7&keywords=660 nm led red

    ieGeek 24W 12 LED Plant Grow Lights, Indoor Garden LED Growing Light Bulbs E27 (3 Blue LED & 9 Red LED) Hydroponic Lamp for Indoor Plants Flowers Growth Vegetables Greenhouse Organic

    【Professional Grow Lighting】- ieGeek 12 LED grow light has optimized the wavelength to help your plants get an extra boost in production, Blue (460-470nm, promote tall & leafy plant), Red (620-630nm, 640-660nm,

    Cover blue LED's with tape.

    Exo Terra PT2193 SolarGlo Mercury Vapour Lamp, 160 Watt


    International Shipping Information[​IMG][​IMG]
    We ship to all European Union countries, and most developed countries around the world. We ship many units to Australia and New Zealand during their winter season. If you're not sure about shipping availability to your country, then simply put an item into your shopping cart and 'proceed to checkout' (no obligation), then scroll down to the address box for "Country" and view the drop down list of countries we do ship to. If you don't see your country, you may send us an email inquiry for your location.

    International orders ship with US Postal Service Priority International.
    Current International shipping rate: $120.
    This international shipping fee includes shipping and insurance from us to you.
  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I am not able to locate anything in UK for 850nm

  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    Theka, say thank you to @Sean Waters


    [qu ote="Sean Waters, post: 217112, member: 19464"]UV Light

    1. Exoterra Solar Glo 160 W (JanSz posted above) ^^

    2. Osram ULTRA VITALUX 300 W

    Black Light

    1. CFL Blacklight

    2. LED 7W E27


    1. Philips R95

    2. Philips Infraphil
    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-In...e=UTF8&qid=1498485392&sr=8-1&keywords=philips infraphil


    1. Rough service (just means a bit less easy to blow/ brake - made for factories etc.)

    2. General Lamp Shade (GLS - this just means General incandescent light, at one point this was THE ONLY type of "standard" light and is hence called a GLS. Come in all different colours and shapes for decoration like pearls - the more basic the better for general lighting and health with these)

    I have a full document that I'm working on to do with Artificial "healthy" Lighting. I will upload and send if anyone wants it.

  11. Theka

    Theka Gold

    Can I use UK bulbs in Germany? I know US ones do not work. I have never tried UK ones.

    But although I know I have to deal with lights, it makes more sense to me to do that after we move. They just came and replaced the last meter on the radiaror in my son's room. I thought they were just reading them, but no, they are all now radio-transmitted. So while I was away, they installed 7 new sources of nnemf. I am living in a microwave oven. No wonder I can't get any better. Everything I do to help ends up pissing in the wind of the storm of new nnemf here. Our top priority is getting moved where we can control more. I won't get more sun but I'll get a whole lot less nnemf and blue light.

    Another thing I've been thinking about is creativity. What enables or drives one person create music, write or paint? There are different types of musical ability. My son wanted to learn the organ as a 5 yr old and when he started piano lessons, he flew threw them. He would master his new pieces by evening and his teacher said he only had 2 tempos, fast and faster! But when she tested him, he was not a composer. He has technical ability. I have always hated writing. In Sat honors classes (4th/5th grade), they offered creative writing and science----I chose microbiology and electronics!! I love to read but hate to write. What makes a Tolkien or CS Lewis? or Bach, Peter Gabriel or Louis Armstrong?
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  12. Theka

    Theka Gold

    I had an interesting experience over the weekend. Saturday morning, we were cleaning the apartment and my husband decided he'd turn the music on---my 432hz gets repetitive--so he was streaming a playlist and playing on the speaker, but he decided to try bluetooth rather than the cord. He was surprised at the sound quality plus it is better with the speaker high on a shelf. Well, he was mucking about in the kitchen and bitching about no one cleaning up properly. I was trying to stretch my legs out. The were extremely tight, spastic and painful. I remembered my grocery delivery had in their twisted logic decided when I ordered 3 lamb steaks, 2 slightly larger would be equivalent. I was ranting about this and grabbed my purse to go out to buy an additional steak. When I got down to the lobby, I couldn't share my rant with the concierge and when I was outside, I couldn't evenf feel mildly pissed about it! When I went back in the apartment, I told him to turn the fucking bluetooth off! and open the windows! As he walked over to his laptop, in front of the speaker, he could feel the bluetooth!

    So, since then, he has read the leaky gut prescription, started a little MB, and decided to change his schedule to get up earlier. He went outside in the morning with me too. It is much easier not being alone in this. I have been trying to drag the family up and out of the mess but a month ago, just gave up. I just wear my eye mask and blueblockers and get up for the sun.

    It is hard here. We have been making major decisions while away, in the sun. But follow through gets bogged down here. We decided to move while we were in Panama. We decided to make sure were take time to go to the sun when days are short here.

    My legs are still giving me grief, especially the left. The spasticity is bad, mostly flexor. I have pain deep in the center of the back of my left thigh. I have a standing wheelchair, so I am standing a lot to relieve that pain some. I am unable to ground much strapped into this thing and I suspect that is a factor.

    We are just waiting for a closing date for the place in Mihla. We will be downsizing in population too. Mihla only has a population of 2000. I am anxious to be where I can ground and control our lighting and nnemf. I hope this puts us in a good enough of a place to manage a few more years and keep Jan healthy. He is really having problems with gerd and sleep here. I think our allotment garden has saved us, but it isn't enough.
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  13. Theka

    Theka Gold

    It has been a few weeks---busy weeks. We're trying to get our house deal finalized. I have been thinking about one of the external Gewölbekellar (vaulted cellars). One is in the backyard and has a level entry in the hillside, like a hobbit house. It has been used for storage and is dry with a packed dirt floor and a stone arched ceiling. It would make a fabulous wine cellar, but I am thinking about cleaning it up and sleeping there. They ran electric there for a fridge years ago---prob after unification, but I have to look at it. What about using an infrared mat? Would that be good? I had been thinking about a magnetico but I think with the dirt floor, I can sleep grounded anyway. What do you guys think? It sounds almost cosy with infrared there. The door is above grade but 3 sides are earth-sheltered, but I haven't checked the temperature. What do you guys think?
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  14. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I think sleeping on the ground basically sheltered in the earth would be amazing for you - there was some study done where a bunch of people lived underground for awhile - many of them wanted to go back after they returned to their microwaved lives... just turn off the breaker to the electricity in there - maybe you could get a battery operated IR light - like they use for cameras-
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  15. Theka

    Theka Gold

    Well, it seems we've been sucker punched. We have a signed agreement and financing in place and just heard the sellers have decided to sell to someone else! I have been working on this for 6 months. Just shattered atm.
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sorry to hear this Theka
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  17. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Me too:(
  18. Theka

    Theka Gold

    So, once again September brought me a nagging cold that eventually turned into a raging frontal sinusitis in November so I stopped my supplements, basically D3, B2 and magnesium. My stiffness and spasticity are much less. I do not know what to think about this.

    I am looking into DDW. I am thinking of buying some DDW-25 and dosing it along the veterinary weight guidelines and otherwise drinking alpine spring water which I think ought to be better. I am taking MB too. I can't really see a way to get into the tropics for an extended period of time this year and Germany sun isn't doing it any time of the year. Although, one thing keeps popping up, many people say they can eat everything here without problems unlike in the USA. They figure there is something seriously different with the food--maybe GMO, maybe antibiotics or pesticides???? But I do think I can get back to Panama for a few weeks with Jan and talk things over again. If we can make decisions there sitting in the pool, we can follow through here, even if it is a hard slog. I wish we could manage Mexico but travel is so difficult in my condition.
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    When the sun drops at your latitude with your condition there is only one answer that matters.

    Anyone who thinks food can solve a quantum problem really needs to read a lot more. "It has long been reported that Scotland has among the highest rates of MS in the world, with environmental factors such as a lack of sunshine and genetics thought to be behind the greater prevalence."
    "The highest rates were also seen in other countries in northern hemisphere, including Canada at 291 cases per 100,000 people, Denmark at 227 and Sweden at 189."
    Is it just me that can see the obvious link? Quantum inquiry is fatal to "food certainty" in MS cases. http://www.scotsman.com/news/ms-10-000-scots-living-with-multiple-sclerosis-1-3121299
  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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