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One humanoid escapee, 1001001

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Theka, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Theka

    Theka Gold

    I've been reading and listening and sinking further into data overload here. Here is my epic part one. Starting with a personal history, I was born in 1963 in San Diego--normal natural childbirth, breastfed but a fussier baby than my 4 younger sibs. No early vaccines or antibiotics. We moved to Pittsburgh (Lat 40) when I was 4 and I grew up there. I had Rubella as a toddler, later chicken pox and then walking mono as a teen and recurrent mystery abdominal pains as a preteen, but other than a mouthful of amalgams was pretty healthy. I spent a lot of time walking in the woods and reading. I discovered Tae KwonDo in High School and lived to work out.
    I married a German guy and moved to Germany in 1987, had a healthy, home-birth baby in 1990. We generally ate a high-carb diet and followed that effing food pyramid, except while I was pregnant, I was reading Adele Davis and eating lots of liver--even for breakfast. We settled in MeckPom (Lat 54) and I complained about swollen sore spots on my fingers that we attributed to doing dishes outside in cold weather. My finger nails also became painfully thin. I fantasized about vacations in the sun and I had a few bladder urgency complaints that gyno thought were normal for a mom. We moved back to Pittsburgh in 1997 and I had a 2nd healthy baby, another quick, natural home-birth. About 9 months later, I had a bout of optic neuritus which resolved without any treatment or mention of demyelinization. We moved into a big old barn of a house in the city and I developed a real estate investment business. In 2002, I 'sprained' my ankle although looking back, I my leg would simply turn to jelly and I'd fall. I would have to sit on the ground and wait until my leg felt like a leg again to stand. I thought it was a residual problem from the sprain but I'm not so sure now. I also had 2 minor car accidents--neither my fault, but both were head-on collisions, one with airbags deployed. I had chiropractic care afterwards, neck and back were fine but my left hand was partly numb. Eventually a spinal MRI showed white spots and I got a diagnosis of ms. I started on LDN (lowdose naltrexone) and various supplements. From that point, it has been a slow steady decline.

    My maternal grandmother had ms with that followed a very similar progression. Interestingly, her doctor eventually told her that if she wanted any QOL, she needed to move away from Pittsburgh. I also know she seldom ate fish. My mother learned to cook fish in California, but we didn't eat it often, even as fishsticks, unless we had bass that we caught. Although we bought into the margarine health scam, we ate a lot of organic and gardened.

    When we realized that the big old stairmaster of a house we lived in would not work and I had read studies showing that children relocating to lower latitudes prior to puberty took on the lower risk ratio for ms of the native population. So we moved to Panama(Lat 9) and learned Spanish. My husband was an IT bootcamp trainer, so he would fly to teach the classes. I had my amalgams and root canals removed in 2006. I still progressed, although oddly enough, the heat and humidity didn't bother me despite not sweating. I also didn't sunburn and my fingernails grew long and strong. I could spend 2-3 hours in the pool at noon with no consequences and without becoming super dark. When the economy tanked we eventually, after a global jobsearch, had to return to Germany (Lat 40) in March 2011. We moved into an apartment on the 17th floor in the outskirts of Frakfurt. We have a small garden plot next door and a park a block away. We look outside at green trees. In April, I noticed my nails were splitting and breaking and started supplementing vitamin D3. I was using a rollator but moving rather well. I was treated for ccsvi in Brooklyn, opening up several significant venous stenoses but not really improving any symptoms. By November, I started thinking about Terry Wahls and eating more kale. I tried her protocol (only version 1 at that time) and ate more liver, hearts and raw meat---and gained weight, clothes did not fit. I tried tmj/jaw alignment treatment and initially felt stronger, could walk further and stand longer. It also affected my bladder function some. In 2013, I felt good enough to plan a 2 week family holiday in Greece--and I learned some basic Greek). We drove to northern Greece, stopping only to see the Tesla museum in Belgrade. I mostly managed with my rollator and a walker in normal accommodations----no one had to carry me. I even got part way into the ruins at Philippi in the blistering hot sun! Last year, I rapidly lost ground. My muscles became weak and I could barely shuffle with the rollator. I was prescribed 65mg nature-thyroid and cortisol and iron. Cogfog also was significant. An ultrasound showed ijv blockages and a totally blocked renal vein (nutcracker phenomenon). We went back to Brooklyn and had my rijv ballooned, the left was totally blocked and couldn't be opened even with a rendezvous procedure. 2 stents were placed in my renal vein. We think the mystery ab pains in childhood could be attributed to the nutcracker.

    So, now I can think again and have interest in doing things. My mobility still sucks as does my bladder, although it has been worse, it still isn't anywhere normal. I was running out of ideas in April and decided to try the candida protocol (Ann Boroch) because it is helping some people. The heat seems to bother me now. I still do not sweat but if I am in the sun too long, I just can't move. Cold weather has been difficult for years. I had raynauds phenomenon for years too. I just seem to be cold intolerant and recently heat intolerant too. (yay me) The candida protocol just didn't resonate with me although I figured it couldn't hurt--esp losing sugar and gluten. By June, I had read a lot more and David Perlmutter's Brainmaker seemed to make sense. I started eating fresh sauerkraut-onion salad with a kefir dressing to get cheap pre, probiotics. This felt good. He promoted the Future of Healing Conference and I was diligently listening and taking notes, when I heard Jack. Then I listened to him again with my 18 yr old son, then again with my husband. Eureka! I can safely say I really don't understand very much but I'm trying. We're Greek Orthodox and don't eat meat the first 2 weeks of August, so I figured that was a very easy time to try and eat lots of DHA. Currently, I can't really cook anymore. My left hand is useless and mobility is very limited. I usually plan more food on the weekends but very simple stuff week days. We've been making salmon or tuna spreads and seafood salad. My pants are a bit looser at the waist now. I wasn't ever overweight but the distribution wasn't cool. I've never had a weight problem or a shape problem and I really don't like it. I am not an elastic waist-mom jeans kind of person. I started getting up at sunrise. I wish I had written down the date, but about the 1st or 2nd week of August. I can only sit in front of the open window looking east, but it feels good. I am working on finding a property on the ground for us to move. It is a hard sell since we all love the view and everything is bloody expensive. But we rent here and so I'm looking for an investment property where we could live on the ground and have some rental income. It would be so much easier if I were mobile. We are going to look at a complex Monday with a 150 yr old house and a barn. I have been wearing amber glasses once the sun goes down and getting to bed by 11pm. I've ordered a cold facial mask to try and start some CT. CT is a real challenge for me. I have terrible uncontrolled reflex-like movements if I am splashed by hot or cold. I tried a 'cold' foot bath during a recent heat wave (39C) and just to get my feet into the cold tapwater was awful. I couldn't do it myself. The weak dead legs suddenly get a mind of their own! My husband finally just forced one foot at a time in and held them in until the shock was over and I felt nothing. I seldom get a shower as it isn't accessible(one of the good reasons to move!), but any shocking water splash causes a massive spastic response. If I am not holding on securely, I'll fall. I only sleep with a sheet most of the year although I like to have my neck and shoulders covered. In winter, I use a summer-weight quilt---often only over my shoulders and neck with a sheet for the rest of me.. We keep the windows open. It seems recently that my legs, below the knee are bothered by being covered by anything. If I shave my legs, the slightest stubble is almost painful, but if I don't the hair also bothers me. It is a damned if I do, damned if I don't. I don't sense temperature well there, but as the cold foot bath showed, I obviously still sense something. I just listened to a podcast with Jack on CT and there was a bit about T Wahls, ms and being ready for CT. Is there a point where CT is easier? Any way to ease into it without being able to get into a bath? Lately the brakes on the rollator aren't holding well enough for me to get my head in the sink to wash my hair, let alone dunk my face. My balance sucks. I feel good sitting in a chair. When I move, it all goes to hell.

    Another little puzzle piece is my hair loss issue---handfuls every day along with super thin static-y almost singed looking arm hairs and thin uneven leg hair growth. Recently, I have about 10cm of normal hair above my left wrist, where the hair lays down normally. I've figured the hair was an indicator of screwed up hormones and once they get sorted, the hair will also improve. My hair is also almost all grey-white. I started to use henna in 2013 to make it thicker. I've been pretty good at coping mechanisms, but not so good at finding solutions. Right now, I'm seeing the sun in the morning and avoiding blue light in the evening and eating DHA every day. It is often 12-16C in the early morning and I sit in that cool air---when DH says it is too cold! I figure at least, I can try and acclimate to cooler temps w/o lots of 'appropriate' clothes. We've also been turning off our wifi at night, although there is plenty around us and a cell mast above.

    Well, enough of the epic part one.
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    CT can be made easier with water dives of with isolation tanks for people with MS or POTS. But you must have someone with you at all times if you are this bad.
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  3. Theka

    Theka Gold

    Isolation tanks sound like something that might be available at a special clinic? Complicated. Not to whine, but that sounds incredibly beyond remotely possible. It also sounds horrifically miserable given my cold intolerance---thanks, but childbirth sounds easier. But personal feelings aside, I have no idea where to find that kind of tank. What else would it be used for?

    If I can figure out how to get my face in cold water, maybe an ice pack on my neck, would that at least be enough of a start to be noticeable? If I could do that myself?? Maybe we could try and follow it with having my son put me in a tub in shorts and slowly add cold water. He is strong enough to lift me that way. He works out with a group of eastern Europeans! We have tried so much and spent so much money and I've gotten worse regardless. I don't have much family support with this yet. DH has switched to starting work at 7 and getting up early with me and once school starts, my son will have to get up early. I think part of the problem is that the environment is affecting my husband too. He is 51, ex-military, but way too tired and irritable and somewhat overweight with sleep apnea (in my unqualified opinion). He started a new job 9 months ago and is still scrambling. He is frankly skeptical. My sons are both grown although one still is at school and living at home. (the product of changing countries/languages). This is why I'm looking for any kind of quantifiable progress. I do the shopping online, so I am trying to change overall dietary choices more epi-paleo. But everything would change radically if they could see progress in me. It doesn't help that I move best in the morning when no one is home. By 6-7pm, my legs are shit. It gets better in an hour or two. I don't understand it, but it is really bad timing. Are there any baby steps I can do myself until I can get them onboard? I studied persuasion and propaganda, so I will eventually convince them! It just sucks to be so dependent.
  4. Theka

    Theka Gold

    Celebrating my birthday today with Peruvian ceviche to be followed with mini-heart and liver anticuchos. Diet is an easy target. I am still struggling to wrap my head around the idea of 'a disease of light'. How in the hell am I supposed to fix that? I've been starting the day at dawn, wearing uv glasses and I just got a cold facial mask. It doesn't seem to stay cold very long. I put my hands and wrists in cold water every time I pass the sink. It seems so little and I'm a mess. I needed to find this 10 years ago. Do I still even have a chance?

    We are having a last blast of summer this weekend with temps in the 90s. It does make CT much more enticing! It is just much harder to sleep when it doesn't cool down much at night.
  5. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Hi Theka and a big...... Welcome :D
    Many Happy returns for Saturday:):):):):)

    I'm not much good at predicting the future:rolleyes: but finding this place certainly is going to help you in your quest for regaining your health.
    There is heaps of reading and research for sure:eek: but how about start with JK's book The Epi Paleo Rx.
    We have another member from New Zealand with the same diagnosis as you and she made progress.....not sure that she actually has a journal but iirc, she found that CT was key to her progress, along with heaps of seafood..........calling @freesia :)
    So good you have started a journal. allows for lots of tips and suggestions from members to come your way :cool:
    Keep strong!
  6. Theka

    Theka Gold

    Thank you for the encouragement Jude I need all the help that I can get! I do have the Epi Paleo Rx book and have read it....more than once!

    It has been so hot here. They said a cold front would change things last night, but I still can't get it below 26C. Last night I put an ice pack on my gut for about 10 min before bed. Today it is still warm and also humid and I feel hot. My legs are crap, my digestion feels off and I have a headache. Can it be from the cold? I've already soaked my hands a few times and as soon as I dry them, they are warm again. Should I lay the ice packs somewhere else? Or is this actually a good sign? Usually I move pretty well until 7pm and then it just goes to hell for a couple hours.
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  7. nicld

    nicld Gold

    It only becomes hopeless when you are dead, until then keep trying. Working up to CT takes time and every little bit helps. I started CT in the summer when it was hot and man it helped. Try the ice packs on the head. I find that it helps when my head feels like it is on fire.

    If you can, read the book The Healing Sun. It is a great book about the healing effects of the sun, when to do it and how long. From what I read, someone in your situation need to be careful about using the sun and work up gradually but that is explained in the book.

    Good luck
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  8. Theka

    Theka Gold

    I'll try head instead. The sun seems to feel great for about 10min, then I am suddenly too hot and a total waste product. In Panama, I would stay half in the water.
  9. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I will try to find the spot in the book that said really sick patients need to be very careful about sun exposure and need to work themselves up.

    Cold AM sun is the best. It is why the heliotherapy clinics up in the mountains or by the cold seas were so healing back at the turn of the century.
  10. Theka

    Theka Gold

    Today, I just feel overheated, feverish, although the house is no longer sweltering. I laid down with ice on my head, which felt good while it was there (about 30min). Within 10 minutes of stopping, my legs were shit again. I can't find anything on reactions to ct. Is this normal or have I come down with something? I feel wretched but the big issue is the crap legs. I need to be able to manage a few steps to the bathroom and standing is a problem atm.
  11. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Have you managed to integrate much epi paleo into your daily diet?
    Found eating 2 tins sardines daily for 2 weeks really helped me recover some health issues....ie tons of DHA. Lots of folk hit seafood in a big way during their recovery period. JK says he ate oysters( best source of electrons) non stop for iirc 3 mths!

    What kind of water are you drinking?
    How are you managing your blue light exposure ie with computer, mobile etc?
  12. Theka

    Theka Gold

    Jude, I'm eating lachs, canned tuna or salmon, frutti de mare salad and ceviche when we can, but definitely seafood/fish for breakfast every day and lunch and dinner often as well. Haven't found oysters yet, not even in a can. My water is bottled fizzy local spring water which has potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, sulfate and hydrogencarbonate. I got uv glasses to wear in the evening. I'm sure there are still nnEMFs to deal with---can't afford a magnetico yet.

    Yesterday got progressively worse. I had a headache, so I figured I'd try an ice pack on my head. It felt good and I had it on for at least 30min. I skipped dinner because I didn't feel well and by 7pm, my legs weren't working. I went to bed around 9pm and slept until 2am when I had to pee. My legs wouldn't get me across the hall, so my DH pushed me but then as I tried to stand, I fell and my son had to lift me to the toilet. This morning hasn't been better. I still feel too warm and legs still aren't holding---actually all muscles seem weak. This is worrisome because my son starts school on Monday. I have to be able to manage the basics here alone.

    Can this be from the CT? How can I take it slower? I started with my hands/wrists under cold water and that seemed fine. This is discouraging.
  13. Theka

    Theka Gold

    I've just been sitting in front of an open east window every morning to get sun. Weather has turned to lower 70s, so it is much more comfortable now.
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  14. Jude

    Jude Gold

    You have implemented stacks and have obviously done heaps of reading...well done.
    I'm sorry I have no answers for you:( but just keep hanging in there cause all this does work:) Lots of folk experience a lag between starting protocols and noticing improvements and some do take longer than others:confused:
    .Somewhere in the past, in one of the many JK webinairs for members iirc he said Terry Wahl also used somekind of electrical stimulation. ? Tens?
    A quick way to up electrons. Extra electrons is what you need for sure.

    Dexter from here also has designed a homemade system designed to deliver more electrons....will try to find a link.I know he definitely posted a photo of himself using his system on the website noted below. This is a good website for keen members who want to delve deeper and has great info, you can join..............

    The sticky post first up has the most comprehensive links.
    Are these what you have?
    Most cost-effective blue-blocking glasses → http://amzn.to/1AwgMw2.
    Need the version that fits over glasses? → http://amzn.to/1FUWfDF
  15. Theka

    Theka Gold

    I've just been reading CT6 and one of the comments caught my eye, about CT and detox of heavy metals. Jack said the cold liberates them like nuts! I have been tested, years back for mercury and came out surprisingly ok----surprisingly because I grew up with a mouth full of amalgams. I was sure mercury was my problem. Now I wonder whether my baby attempt at CT released toxins that were not detected before. Could this be behind my sudden crap legs? I don't think I will try again until I can make it to the toilet alone again. (I am still doing my hands/wrists because I still feel too hot)
  16. Theka

    Theka Gold

    Terry Wahls used EMS and I bought a unit but haven't been real successful implementing it beyond the bladder, which hasn't made any real difference. She had a professional show her how to use it.

    I try and read everything but it blurs and I really don't understand most of what Jack writes. It is a total paradigm shift.

    Interesting about the electric device. Last year, I tried a device. You put your feet on it. I've also played with a violet wand, which did help my DH with a dental issue. I just like to know what these devices are doing. I also tried some earthing wrist band---def not a good mix with a macbook air.
  17. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Welcome Theka! :)
    Well.. I think there is no way you can heal in that environment you are now.. you really need to move....... I would make that my first task.. and throw all my energy into that one if I were you....

    You cant get well in the same environment you got ill.... how many times has Jack said this......
  18. Theka

    Theka Gold

    I am sure we have to move again----actually we already have moved twice since I got ill. I am trying to get us on the ground in our own (single family) place but this will take some planning.
  19. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Here is Dexter!

    Grabbingelectrons from my battery charger, my stainless steel electrodes, my MgSO4 and my water....Putting hands in the water increases the DC electrical current several fold...nice tingling feeling. As one increases the MgSO4 concentration, up goes the electrical tingling. Less than 1/4 cup MgSO4 is what I use in each tub. Also if you have any nicks or cuts on your feet or hands, the electrical sensation is magnified many, many times to the point it hurts...but I find I can mitigate that feeling by redipping the cut foot several times until the hurt tingle goes away. My every other day electrocution by battery charger. LOL

    Some folks had questions about charging my electrons with a battery charger. Perhaps this photo will clear up some things. Epsom salts dissolved in both tubs one that has a positive stainless steel electrode and the other tub has a negative stainless steel electrode and the current goes in my body from the positive side up into my body and out the negative side...completing the circuit. Mitochondria battery boost


    one that has a positive stainless steel electrode and the other tub has a negative stainless steel electrode and the current goes in my body from the positive side up into my body and out the negative side...completing the circuit. Mitochondria battery boost
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  20. Theka

    Theka Gold

    Thanks Jude! I'll have my electrician-son read it.

    Last night, my DH brought me an icepack in bed to ice my left foot/ankle, it has been swollen since the 1st heatwave this summer. Massage, compression socks, elevation, exercise and soaking in cold magnesium chloride foot bath haven't helped. He noticed that my always cold hands were cool-to-warm right after having them in cold water! He is watching me for changes. I couldn't really feel the cold on my foot. I fell asleep with it---not a good sleep, woke 2x went to pee, right leg spastic, and oddly I felt strange in my abdomen where I had iced Monday. This morning, my foot was still swollen but legs weren't so stiff and I generally felt good. I sat in the open window to watch the sunrise. We noticed my gut was flatter! This evening he took his yellow safety glasses to drive and asked if they would help with that light I'm always talking about! Dinner was mixed seafood salad. Maybe there is slow progress!
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