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On the Wagon..Off the Wagon...No More...This Time...Optimal!!!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by PaulaRichards, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    I've noticed that this feeling always comes with bloating for me. After a long long time, I've determined that for me, the bloating is not the CAUSE of the irritability, but they both seemed to be caused by the same thing, which is of course whatever I ate that I can't tolerate, but I'm not sure what the entire mechanism is from food to reactions.
  2. I hear you with the million supplements!! ;) Now that I don't eat processed food anymore, my kitchen cabinets are loaded with supplements!! And of course, it has to be way more expensive here in Canada. Lucky us!! ;) I got a way to order through amazom.com and pick it up in Vermont, I think it's gonna worth the drive, which isn't bad at all (1.5 hour).

    Good things the cravings are going away. It's crazy...One bag of popcorn and you feel it for days. It's poison!! Don't give your body poison anymore!! For me, the day following a binge/cheat is always the worst, being temped to do it all over again and go back to normal the next day...Last time it lasted 2 weeks!! Well done girl ;)

    I hope it's gonna go well with your doc! It will help you to get those BW done, that's for sure. I'm seeing mine if a few minutes and going for BW tomorrow morning.

    Have a nice day!!

  3. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    No kidding, great job! (Last spring I did "just one bite" and it lasted SIX WEEKS!!)
  4. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Where have the days gone? I didn't "fall of the wagon" but it's been a busy few days. I had the appt with the naturopath & then of course I have to research *everything* someone tells me or something I read! So, as expected, the naturopath & I had differing opinions on diet. It was 1.5 hour appt with her asking lots of questions. She said it "sounds" like I'm healthy! She works with a herbalist and wants to get me some individualized concoction. Mainly for sleep, liver & weight loss. I thought *whatever*, it can't hurt I guess, so I'll get those in a couple of weeks. She thinks I may have a dairy sensitivity, which I'm going to investigate because I burp, have occasional heartburn/indigestion and generally feel bloated a lot of the time. She did suggest I add magnesium, so I re-read the doc's blog and spent a couple days researching the best kind but of course had to order from the US because it's not available in Canada. I went with the Magnesium from Jigsaw Health. I hope it is a good one. I know Jack is now recommending the Neuro-Mag with L-Threonate but I have 4 bottles of the other one on it's way. In the meantime I picked up the Natural Calm Magnesium, which I read it good. If it helps with sleep and loosens the BM's I'll be happy!

    I've made an appt with my regular doc and will hopefully get lots of bloodwork ordered. That will be in a few weeks time.

    I eliminated dairy this morning so BAB was 3 eggs & bacon; no whey protein, which added a nice bit of protein. I'm hoping it's not going to negatively impact hunger and cravings. No HWC in coffee. Now BPC was CO, MCT, drop of stevia, coconut cream and a little cocoa.

    I have a follow-up with the naturopath although I really don't know why. She wants to look at my diet. When I mentioned the use of CO she said she likes CO and it's ok to replace other fats with it but not to add it! Too much saturated fat!!!! WHATEVER! I feel like I need to help her and bring her some of Dr. K's info. She's a lovely girl, seems so full of life. She's 37 and can barely walk from rheumatoid arthritis. She's now going to try a juicing diet for 6 months to see if that'll help her. While we were talking about me and the amount of protein I eat & how fruit sugars are good for you :confused: She said we shouldn't be eating to much protein because it leads to inflamation. This girl really needs Jack Kruse in her life! I'm going to compile some info for her; hopefully enough that will inspire her to look into all this!

    It's been less that 2 hours since BAB but I feel like I'm getting hungry! The whey protein added 25g to my BAB and it's filled the void for most of the day most times. I already eat eggs and sometimes can eat 1/2 lb of bacon but I always had the whey with it. My BAB's were close to 65g of protein. My brand has carbs @ 2g, fiber 1g, and 0g of sugar. Anyway, why am I even talking about it since it's dairy!!!!
  5. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Oh my dear I hear you on the popcorn. (am just catching up from the last few days)

    As to your Naturopath, sounds like she needs to pay YOU.

    OK I'm looking at your age on your post and wondering if you have even thought about perimenopause and/or menopause being the root of your issues? And no crying you're not old enough yet. I now know I went through all that starting in my LATE 20'S. Stress will do that to you.

    If I haven't recommended TS Wiley's "Sex, Lies & Menopause" or any of Dr. John R. Lee's books (starting with "What your Doctor may not tell you about menopause") then I do so now.

    I'm 65 and here's the reader's digest version of my hormonal life. Got an IUD when I was 27 and my periods went insane. Where before they had been a lovely normal 3 days modest flow tapering away to nothing over the next 2 days they became raging torrents for 24 hours with lots of cramping. It got worse. MUCH worse.

    And along with the worsening flood came sleep disturbances. They started with waking up in the middle of the night for 15 or 20 minutes every few months. Then it was 30 minutes to an hour every few weeks. Then every week. I finally started nuking a cup of milk to try and get back to sleep or playing solitaire on the computer until I got drowsy.

    My periods were so bad that I would go through an entire box of 30 industrial strength tampons in 24 hours. They got worse. I had to add a pad. I would wake up every hour on the hour (because the flood would ALWAYS start at bedtime) to change things. I had tampons stashed EVERYWHERE. And sleep? Forget it.

    15 years ago I finally got my OB/GYN to listen to me and he did an ultrasound whereupon he informed me I had a BIG uterus. Nuh uh .. I was told it was SMALL. Not anymore. His first thought, of course, was cancer but he refused to do anything else until I had a D&C. It was done Friday morning and by Friday NIGHT I was bleeding. AGAIN. Of course I was frightened but the nurse told me not to worry (hahahaha why do they always say that) and if it got worse (it was a minor flood so I guess that was OK) to call.

    Monday I called and told the doc to "take the damned thing out" because I had finally realized I had fibroids and THEY were what had been bleeding me dry for years. Actually I a kilo's worth of the damned things. Talk about estrogen dominance.

    ANYWAY I really do have a point here. For the next year I LITERALLY only slept for 2 hours every single night. I cannot believe I survived all that. Someone I "met" on the internet told me about Lee's book which I finally got after she told me the second time. THAT's when I started using OTC progesterone cream. The first night I used it I slept 8 hours.

    I stumbled along for the last 14 years using the OTC stuff but never feeling quite right. The creeping brain fog became a permanent state to the point I began to wonder if I had had a series of mini-strokes because I could NOT think, couldn't remember anything, didn't even know what day it was most of the time. Until last year when, through a series of happenstance, I stumbled onto the Wiley Protocol. I read the book, found a physician 400 miles away (the closest to me) and went on BHRT following a natural rhythm (the above Wiley Protocol).

    It has CHANGED. MY. LIFE. The first few months I was on the protocol were a period of adjustment. But I felt at times as if I could step out the door and just fly away I felt SO DARNED GOOD.

    I'm not saying it has cured all my ills. Jack's leptin Rx is helping with that as is the keto/paleo diet. It's getting better. I'm now sleeping like a rock for a solid 8 hours (unless my darling cats wake me too early. /sarcasm).

    I have a long ways to go yet but the BHRT applied as my body once produced it and in the amounts it produced when I was a healthy 20 year old have given me back SO much. I hope this very long post and all this TMI I've now put out in public are a help to you and others I see suffering.

    HORMONES. I now know first hand how much they do and control. And when you lose them, as I did, the results are devastating. Put them back the way nature intended and you're good to go. It's pretty basic. Mother Nature can be a real bitch and one thing she is adamant about is this ... reproduce or die. If your brain senses you've lost your ability to reproduce it starts shutting the machinery down. Put those hormones back and fool your brain and everything fires back up again.

    sure HTH.
  6. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    I read Darleen's post 2 hours ago but just stopped crying at the thought of menopause!!! Just kidding Darleen...your sarcastic humor rubs off on me!

    Seriously, thank you for sharing that!!! I mean it. That is quite a history!

    My mother was 37-38 when she hit menopause. The thought has crossed my mind. Especially the last couple of months. There have been times that I have never been so *hot* in all my life. The other morning I was getting ready for work & I could feel the heat building inside me. I was sweaty and couldn't wait to get out into the cold. I live in Eastern Canada and it is by no means warm here yet but I left the house with a short sleve blouse and drove 30 min to work & it was about 40 degrees. It has happened at the grocery store; I'm peeling off layers & can't get out of the store fast enough. Yes, I'm trying to cold-adapt but I don't think this is considered "a change in sweating patterns" but what do I know? :) I haven't had this happen at night, thankfully. There are times when I'll wake up and I have to change my clothes because they're so damp/wet but I never feel *hot* like I need to open a window.

    The part of your story that I strongly identify with is the brain fog, which most times I would caulk up to carbs or binges but over the last few years it has been getting worse. I've had family member tell stories about things we did and I have no recollection of it and I mean NO memory of it. It's not like I temporarily forgot about it...I literally don't remember. There are lots of times when I don't know what month it is, and I don't mean I'm off by a few days. Days when I ask myself a number of times "what day is it" and an hour later I'm wondering again! Anyway, you KNOW what I'm talking about!!! I have never questioned that this might actually be linked to menopause. And I have never heard of the books you mentioned!

    Soon as I finish this post I am going to see if there is an e-reader version of Wiley's book. I'm a "need to know NOW" type of person!!! So I guess hormone testing is a must!!!

    Again Darleen, a big Thank You for sharing this!!!
  7. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    This just made my day! I'm so glad that something I said just might help someone avoid all the cr*p I went through! ;) So thank you!
  8. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    I don't know where the weekend went! I have spent hours at this computer; spent hours reading about Magnesium a couple of days ago, which I started taking two nights ago before bed.

    Bought the e-reader version of "What your doctor may not tell you about menopause" (Thanks Darleen!) and Sex, Lies & Menopause will be next.

    I haven't been getting on the scale everyday but I felt "lighter" today so thought I'd hop on...nope...up another pound...really?!!! Yup...back up to 169 lbs!! Oh well! I have to go read!!!
  9. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    It is 1:00pm and I have been unusually tired ALL morning! I did stay up reading until 11:00pm but that wouldn't usually make me feel like this! SO TIRED! I took the Naturally Calm Magnesium Powder again last night & I'm wondering if that's causing me to feel like this??

    I caved and had some protein powder with bacon and 3 eggs this morning. It really helps to statisfy.

    I'm too tired to focus on writing anything else. Just have to get through the rest of this work day!
  10. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    I was unusually tired again when I woke with the alarm this morning. I felt like a rock; sort of like it was the soundest sleep I ever had but I couldn't pull myself out of it...sounds odd...I know! Thankfully the feeling as worn off & I'm definitely not as tired as yesterday.

    BAB - the usual - 3 eggs, butter, bacon (too much) and protein powder mixed with water & some MCT & BPC

    Lunch - nope...although I could probably eat that breakfast again...love the BAB!

    Supper - not well prepared for today so it'll likely be the box of salt & pepper wings home in the freezer.
  11. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Tired, sore, muscle aches...Blah,Blah, Blah! That's how I feel the last few days. I wish I could blame it on detox but since I haven't really done much CT I guess that's not the case! I feel like a walking mess of hormones, or at least I'm hoping there is some reasonable explanation for all this. If I didn't procrastinate I'd have labs done already. Another week or so before I see the doc. Patience is a virtue that I don't have!
  12. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Yup...another day of "Blah"! However, on a bright note, even with all the negativity & lackluster attitude, I haven't been having cravings or feeling the need to self-sabatoge with food. Yah!!!

    Another Yay!!! My UVEX glasses *just* arrived!!! Awe...the little things that excite me!
  13. Yay for the no-cravings!! ;) It's usualy when I feel blah that I want to reach for crap. I hope you'll feel better soon!! I'm sure you'll look fantastic with the glasses ;)
  14. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Well...went out last night and had a totally acceptable meal (12 oz tenderloin) but there was wine, wine & more wine. My first glass in 8months...so good...but OH MY HEAD! 3 glasses...what was I thinking! It didn't lead to any bad food choices so that was awesome.
  15. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Why do we always have to pay for just a little fun;) Good for you on having a nice evening.
  16. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Hehe...Oh, I sure paid!!! Still don't feel 100% even today. Although I am looking forward to getting on the scale tomorrow morning (I haven't been on in a while) because the wine sure had a laxative effect. Perhaps this borders on TMI, but I can't venture too far away from the bathroom, all day yesterday and again today! LOL...maybe that's what I needed!
  17. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Well, no change on the scale. I'm 171lbs! What would I be if I didn't have 2 days of diarhhea. I'm baffled by my body right now. Oh well..so goes the journey!

    Other than the wine on Friday everything has stayed the same. 65 gr BAB with BPC & usually don't eat these days until supper.

    Today, I decided to cut out the CO & other CO products and see if that makes a difference. Also thinking about adding Maca but am wondering if I should wait until I get my bloodwork & saliva testing done before I add any other supplements. IDK.
  18. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Why cut out the CO? (I understand the other coconut products)

    Could the wine be responsible for how you feel today? I think I'd feel horrible & bloat with just one glass of wine at this point in my life.
  19. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    I don’t know what to cut out! Coconut oil, coconut manna and the MCT oil are the only new addition to my diet since I started the leptin reset. I’m thinking *something* must be causing my weight to increase & is preventing me from losing. I almost feel heavier than the scale is even showing. I don’t want to cut out the CO but I’m at a loss! This WOE is not new to me. The BAB and No Snacking rule are new but nothing else about it is.

    In all seriousness, this is the most frustrated I’ve ever felt about my weight. I fully recognize and accept the fact that I don’t lose weight easily. My first attempt at low-carb, years ago, was my last “easy” weight loss. Ever since it’s been difficult and I get that but I’ve never gained or been this bloated on any of my attempts at low carb. I’ve grown out of 3 pairs of dress pants for work and my so-called “fat pants” are snug. My frustration level is showing. I’m impatient with my 12 yr old son who is such an awesome guy. Meanwhile he’s apologizing for being slow at homework, etc., & probably feeling bad about himself because of *my* mood! I need to get a grip!

    Yesterday was an “URGHHHH” type of day. Aside from the above mentioned frustrations I had to take DS to the doctor because his foot looked infected. He got a mat burn from judo last week and didn’t mention it to me for a couple of days so by this time it already looked “not good” & we started on the vitamin c & bathing it in Epson salts and coating it in tea tree oil but it was getting worse. Dr. said he needed antibiotics because it looked like cellulitis. IDK!

    I got home & hit the self-destruction button. Put some frozen fries in the oven, went to bathroom and cried because I *knew* what I was doing! Then told myself NO, don’t eat them. Made a protein shake. Then loaded the fries up with cheddar and ate them anyway. A while later when I was getting ready to go to the drug store my significant other (SO?) came home and knew there was something wrong when he looked at me and I started crying, my frustration level was at a 10. I felt rage inside of me. Thankfully he’s very supportive (may secretly think I’m crazy but he hides it pretty well J).

    Went to pick up the meds and figured I’d go get a sundae, since WTH! I probably would have but felt so bloated and something inside me didn’t want to add sugar to the mess and didn’t want to have to label this a binge so I didn’t! Knowing I’d have to come here and re-write the binge-free date has a positive effect.

    I’m up to 172 lbs this morning. For the most part my weight is, and has always been from my belly button to my ankles (except when I weighed 200 lbs and it was everywhere). Now it feels like it’s moving up & I’m getting the spare tire above my waist. I’ve never had this.

    Had BAB breakfast this morning, contemplated restricting calories for a brief moment of desperation but I know I can’t.

    Just came back from coffee break, where I always eat 2 eggs with lots of butter. Today…1 egg with a tea biscuit…a TEA BISCUIT! Now enter the mental chatter…WTH…gotta start leptin reset from day 1 tomorrow…what else do you want to eat today??????

    Sanity will prevail because I just don’t want to fight the sugar demon again. I don’t feel like battling the binge monster again either. The tea biscuit will turn to sugar of course but I can’t fuel the fire with something that actually tastes good (ice cream) & will surely lead to weeks of madness!
  20. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Alright, I definitely don't have all the answers, but a few thoughts...

    - probably lost a week or so with the tea biscuit, but not everything


    - Before that, go eat a big fat protein & fat meal right now!

    - It's okay. Don't blame yourself. Your weight, your cravings, and your mood are consequences of your physical status, not a sign that you suck.

    - It's probably the manna. Manna makes me bloat & makes me crave. CO does not. I think it's the coconut flesh that is the problem; oil doesn't seem to do it. I've seen a lot of other crave-rs have problems with coconut flesh and all things made from it, like manna, milk, etc.

    - Someone who knows your whole history needs to help you figure out what's causing the gain. I think there will be a clear answer to someone who knows the history and also has a broad knowledge of health (like Dr. Kruse), whether it's food intolerances, hormone imbalance, difficulty staying on plan (so needing a craving and/or emotional plan of attack), or something else.

    - Vit C megadosing for cellulitis! May take 20 or more gm per day. Topical CO & garlic, & internal CO & garlic, too.

    - Hang in there!!!

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