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Omega 3 supplementation

Discussion in 'The Epi-Paleo Diet' started by Clabbergirl, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl New Member

    I'd love to hear from folks here about what brands/types of oils they're using to get their Omega 3s into their diet. I understand foods are the best form of nutrition, but I'm asking about supplementation at this point.

    I'm looking at the most bang for my buck - fish oil in capsule or liquid (liquid seems easier when given the amounts needed to ingest to reduce inflammation from 4 decades of a CW diet). I've swallowed fish oil capsules by the handful and then switched to cod liver oil with an omega 3 of 1.4g/tsp. A few tsps and I'm done - much preferred. But then I've run across oils and brands that boast 2-3/omega 3s per serving, etc. Some have even resorted to buying bulk pet food salmon oil (not sure I can take that palatability yet).

    I'm getting overwhelmed with the choices. I'm willing to spend a little $ to get a good quality product, but my goal is to get the most Omega 3s with the least amount of capsules/spoonfuls. Go with a good fish oil with high omega 3 concentration (and expense), or will cod liver oil suffice? Any brand recommendations?
  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I've gone w/the Jarrow Formulas Balanced EPA-DHA... when compared to some of the bigger name brands like nordic naturals - its a better deal and has a better EPA-DHA ratio...

    Dex and Quelson have use human grade fish oils that you can buy at natural/holistic pet stores and have had good success..
  3. Dextery

    Dextery New Member

    I would suggest you start with a 12 oz bottle of Life Line human grade Salmon Oil but sold into the Pet Food market. A 1 gal bottle frt prepaid is $75 but see if you can find it locally for a small amount first to see if you can take the taste. Just tastes like fish to me but I can eat most anything. One person said they use cold green tea as a chaser after each tablespoon. I take 3-4 Tablespoons a day. My ratio is 2.3 to 1 Dr. K says you do want some omega 6 in your diet because he could never operate on people. Omega 6 has clotting properties.

    http://www.wildalaskansalmonoil.com/contact.html If you buy the gallon, call Ted direct

    Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

    Our fish oil contains ONLY pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. Each 4650 mg teaspoon provides approximately 1395 mg of total omega-3 fatty acids, including 558 mg of EPA and 651 mg of DHA. In addition, laboratory analysis reveals an amazing 32 distinct additional fatty acid molecules you're unlikely to find in highly processed "purified" or "de-scented" alternatives.

    There are 768 teaspoons/

    256 tablespoons in one gallon for $75
  4. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl New Member

    The Jarrow has 600mg Omega 3, which means I'd need to take nearly 7 capsules a day to get the 4.2g of omega 3s I'm currently getting with 3 tsp of cod liver oil. I'm trying to straighten out my 6/3 ratio. Is the total amount of Omega 3s less important than the EPA/DHA balance?
  5. Big Bobcat

    Big Bobcat New Member


    Thanks for the advice. I got the salmon oil you right about and started in on 4-5 tablespoons/day, about 2 days ago. Last night.....oops, I got the runs...and it was horrible.

    Better today.

    Without knowing my numbers, any estimate on how long before my ratio could be in the right range? What has been your experience? For me, 40 years of SAD, with the past year of paleo. I'm really hoping it gets there soon, because I have NOT cold adapted yet, after starting right in in the middle of Feb. I'm tired of being cold all the time on this, and I'm hoping that getting the ratio right will make the difference.

    Also, once your ratio is in the right place, do you continue to take that much fish oil or do you taper back to something a lot smaller.

    thanks from Big Sky Country.
  6. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl New Member

    What's been your experience with this as far as taste and ease of getting it down? I've been able to take cod liver oil (albeit flavored) without any problems. I'm afraid the salmon oil is going to taste/feel horrible and am putting off that option out of fear.
  7. blindpig

    blindpig New Member


    I just started taking this a few days ago after seeing Dexter writing about it for so long. I had been taking CLO and having no problem with that taste at all. The salmon oil, well, it tastes like oily salmon, and I won't lie and say I'm enjoying it. But unless you have a really sensitive gag reflex, i can't imagine that you wouldn't be able to get it down. I am taking two regular size teaspoons full twice a day and so far no potty problems. I am willing to choke down a lot in the name of health, but if this stuff was too nasty I would not do it. I say give it a try! Just close your eyes and do it! (Do get a small quantity at first...I bought a half gallon, but I'm sharing with a dog and a bunch of cats, and may share with the chickens, too. Maybe DH, too, if he gets on board with the rest of the program!)
  8. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    I like Carlson's fish oil. The taste is very mild and comes in in lemon or orange flavor. It's sold at room temperature but needs to be refrigerated after opening. I prefer oil over capsules because your nose will help you know if oil has gone bad.
  9. MonteD

    MonteD New Member

  10. Dextery

    Dextery New Member

    You can get the Carlson's on line for about $25 for 16 oz. My local health food store has it for $47 for 16 oz. It does taste better than the raw salmon oil but is much more expensive. I suspose one could flavor the Pure Line Salmon oil with lemon extract. I will buy a small lemon extract and try it and report back.
  11. Dextery

    Dextery New Member

    I did not know my O6/O3 ratio before starting on Pure Line Salmon Oil but had it tested after two months of 5 tablespoons a day and the ratio was 2.3 to 1. Just remember that you do not want to overwhelm the omega 6 as it assists in the clotting mechanism of the body. I have backed down to 3 tablespoons a day now for maintenance.

    The fact that you got the runs indicates leaky gut and leptin resistance. You need to marry the Leptin reset protocol with the leaky gut prescription along with the cold thermogenesis protocol. This will turn you into a fat burning machine instead of a carb/surgar burning machine. It takes the digestive system time to convert over.

    Stay with it and you will be surprised at how well you will feel.

    Got married in Missoula 41 years ago.
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  12. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    It is me that chases it with cold (ice cold!) green tea. One tablespoon of oil, a big swig of tea. It goes down easy and I'm done with 4-5 T in under 30 seconds!
  13. Big Bobcat

    Big Bobcat New Member



    I am on the Leptin reset (started at the same time as CT, about middle of Feb). I will look into the Leaky Gut protocol...I hadn't thought about that.

    Another question - last night I had to miss dinner and miss my after dinner CT. Late yesterday afternoon, I started to feel warm....very warm. I hadn't felt this warm without external heat in a long time. My hands were "burning". Could this be a sign that my pilot light is turning on? I have been doing dinner and after dinner CT since middle of Feb, and this was the first real day that I missed it. Is this a good sign? Should I keep on keeping on, or shift to something different.

    Thanks again for your help. Missoula is a great town, but as you can probably tell from my username, I'm partial to the school in Bozeman. GO CATS :)
  14. Dextery

    Dextery New Member

    Yup, you are starting to see the results of CT with your fire being turned on. Stay with it. Get out in the weather with running shorts and shoes to do an early morning CT also. Dr K says CT is additive so do as much as you can.

    As I enter this, Bozeman temp is 47F and feels like 42F at 7:30am Arizona time. Go for it.

    Did a MS degree at Bozeman a long time ago.
  15. JoeBranca

    JoeBranca Silver

    Any idea on the rough shelf life of the gallon of salmon oil, if refrigerated? If one were to do only 1 TBsp / day it could get finished before going bad?
  16. Dextery

    Dextery New Member

    The 1 gallon costs $75 freight free.

    There are 256 tablespoons in one gallon. They do have half gallons for around $50 http://www.ebay.com/itm/FRESH-Wild-Alaskan-Salmon-Oil-Omega3-DHA-pet-1-2-gallon-/120628238083?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c1600d703

    This is their Ebay store. Call them direct and save them the ebay commission. They will do the same deal.

    My gallon lasted around 2 months in the fridge and I never detected it going bad. And that is the reason I like buying the fresh product. One can smell, taste, look at the salmon oil to determine if it has gone rancid...unlike the product than is encapsulated in the gel tabs.
  17. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    Jan (of the monster MDA thread) posted this on the CT 6 recent blog comments. I'd be interested in thoughts from you Dex et al:

    What is the O6/O3 ratio is a good question.

    Using dr Kruse advice, I went to horses mouth on that topic, dr Patricia Kane

    What I found there is very helpful to me,


    at the same time highly disturbing.

    For years I was managing actively my Fatty Acids (with help of professionals),

    and was doing it wrong way.

    If what I found there is correct, then most people who are using

    fish oils, krill oils, EPA/DHA pills are doing it all wrong,

    and ass backward.

    It was said there that

    supplementing EPA/DHA is only half way right,

    which (when you know better way) means that it is all wrong.


    EPA/DHA (may) have its place in therapy, in small doses,

    only as finishing touches, guided by test results, otherwise do not use it.

    Q.What actually is meant when by Omega6/Omega3 ratio?

    A.Omega6=ALA, Omega3=LA


    That ratio is optimal when is 4:1

    On a cheap, Hemp Oil is 3.8:1

    Going first class BodyBio (own by dr Kane) makes 4:1 blend


    Omega6 can easily be suppressed by excess of Omega3

    Omega3 is not suppressed by excess of Omega6

    Supplementing by EPA/DHA creates at least two problems.

    Suppresses Omega6

    Suppresses ALA

    suppressed Omega6 is missing (super important and highly misunderstood) AA Arachidonic Acid

    ALA is not only used as material to produce EPA & DHA but, in this case more importantly,

    ALA gives its own benefits (if is present)

    Also mathematics of O6/O3 ratio are totally distorted.

    Dr Kruse is saying that optimal ratio O6/O3 is 4:1 but good range is (2:1) to (6:1)

    In this context, I am assuming that he is after ratio of totals.

    (Total Omega6)=(LA+GLA+DGLA+DTA+Eicosadienoic)

    (Total Omega3)=(ALA+EPA+DPA+DHA)


    What happened in my case

    Analysis done at Genova)

    (Total Omega6)/(Total Omega3)=2.8(3.4-9.4)

    LA/ALA=(12.1/0.1)=121 not even close to desired 4

    All this with help of “professionals”

    Note that Genova have different O6/O3 range

    I am hoping to get some enlightenment from dr Kruse on this.

    Right now I am thinking winter/summer, hibernation/(active life) is affecting those numbers.


    dr Kane is dealing with warm people,

    lets hear from dr Kruse what cold does to all this.


    What to do:

    There is a procedure that describes the process.

    Practically it is.

    Drop all fish, krill, EPA/DHA supplementation.

    Supplement either with correct oil (4:1) from BodyBio or Hemp oil.

    Protection of (vital)(AA) is achieved by use of Evening Primrose Oil (GLA).

    Couple blood analysis, every 3 months, plus dose corrections could bring all this process to a close to perfect



    I have made notes to myself here:


  18. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    he also said that there are important typos that he can't edit fyi
  19. Dextery

    Dextery New Member

    Regarding supplementation with Omega 3s:

    I respect JanZ's research into Dr Patricia Kane's work and Dr Kruse has praised her work. He has encouraged Jan to go to the conference she is heading up in NJ in April.

    Dr Kane is marketing an oil that she says is the perfect oil to bring the O6/O3 ratio to 4 to 1. It is made from cold pressed flax seeds and cold pressed sunflower oil.

    My question is did our ancient pathways utilize these oils to get us through a million years? We do know that part of the ancient pathway utilized omega 3s from the sea...fish and kelp...but not plant omega products until much later.

    Recently, Dr K has encouraged the consumption of seafood and seaweed along with cold thermogenesis. But I have seen Dr K downplay the use of flaxseed oil.

    I guess you can consume flax and sunflower oil....but the real question is should you?

    The writings of Dr Kane's husband offers a lot of proof that the 4:1 ratio is critical: http://www.bodybio.com/BodyBio/docs/BodyBioBulletin-4to1Oil.pdf

    I don't pretend to understand it all. And the anecdotal stories of assistance with Lyme, schizophrenia, CFS, MS, MD, Autism are impressive.

    However, if one eats sufficient seafood and seaweed...or eats fresh wild salmon oil as I do...is this better than the seed oils that are blended together to 4:1?

    How much of a mismatch is consuming these seed oils with our ancient pathways in pursuit of the optimal 4:1 omega 6/omega3 ratio?

    Remember Dr K has said that if it weren't for Omega 6 FA, he could not operate on patients because there would be no clotting agent. And our ancesters would not have survived without Omega 6s.

    For those that need a link to the Salmon Oil I take: http://www.ebay.com/itm/FRESH-Wild-Alaskan-Salmon-Oil-Omega3-DHA-pet-1-2-gallon?item=120628238083&cmd=ViewItem&_trksid=p5197.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D1%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D7112681576122795935

    Scroll down to see the analysis of EPA and DHA Omega 3s.

    And as Jan said, Dr Kane is operating in a warm adapted population. If one becomes cold adapted and you have lengthened your telomeres, does Dr Kane's work apply?
  20. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    Thanks, Dex. MamaGrok raised the same question re: the pathways of use re: flax and sunflower oil. What you say makes sense.

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