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OMAD orin looping

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Solidsilverteeth, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    I wrote a book called OMAD orin looping some years ago. Here are some ideas in brief

    Nothing has been taken away from my OMAD orin looping protocol over the years one meal a day and loop all orin produced while focusing on light and electro magnetism.

    My focus is really on light, water, magnetism and something often left out is joy. The Bible says a joyful heart is the best medicine. Focus on joy and being happy.

    Sunshine, I'm fanatical about watching the sunrise, then looking at the sun regularly right through to sunset. no blue lights, wear blue blockers no lights after sundown without wear blue blockers.

    Drink only Orin water, spend time in rivers or ocean or natural water for grounding and cold therapy, use low dueterium water if need to top up own water levels.

    Distill water several times, keep putting through again and again will deplete dieterium as will home freezing. You put your distilled water in the freezer over a few hours and pour out the parts not yet frozen this reduces deuterium, but only by small amounts. You would have to do it many of times to get anywhere worthwhile (maybe .5-2ppm difference per go around.) The good news is that every time you loop your orin its just the same as putting through a distiller getting cleaner and cleaner everytime. You are depleting dieterium and cleaning your own body's water every single time you loop it. You dump the toxins at the liver which get excreted, and your own body's water gets cleaner and higher quality every single loop.

    You want to arrange your life in such a way that you make the DDW right within your body.
    Ideally, do not spend any or much $$ on buying DDW (even if money is no object).
    You want the right type of water (in the right place)made by your own body.
    Even the best DDW if drank will not make it to the right place.
    If you make it within your matrix you get two benefits for the price of one.

    Then you want to loop this perfect water and get it cleaner and higher quality every time you loop it.

    Another way to improve your own water as well as getting as much sun as possible is through Magnetism grounding everyday, as much skin contact with the ground as possible. Minimise EMFs, sleep inside silver threaded faraday canopy to protect your cell while you sleep.

    With all that in mind Here is my updated omad orin looping protocol for the 2020s. These are the new protocols I have added to the omad orin looping routine.....

    1. Wake up at dawn and drink from the container of Orin by my bedside while still in bed. Then get up imediediately head outside to watch the sunrise. Wearing nothing but kiniki tan through shorts (which also are more effective for grounding) on some grass useually wet with dew. Then do 100 or more full life salutes. The full life salute is where your chest touches the ground and you lift your hands up as high as possible. Then push up, stand up stretch as high as possible as you jump up and then down to repeat. So your body has as much contact with 5he ground.

    Even do this throughout the year, don't worry on cold mornings you won't get frost bite in that short time even in the snow. It's very good for you. After 100 or more life salutes you build up a sweat, and your chest has had plenty of contact with the ground so afterwords I turn over and lay on my back looking up at the sky, or as near to the sun as possible while my heart beat is raised and I'm breathing huge lungs full of air.

    Even on cloudy days the light spectrum is still going to do the job with your circadian rhythms. This morning routine is so beneficial in multiple ways. Firstly you are gets the morning sun light spectrum in your eyes and on your skin which is so important. You are breathing fresh morning air into your lungs after being inside sleeping all night. Although we do leave windows open a jar all night. Then you are raising your pulse pumping blood and oxygen and you are deep breathing at the same time from the exertion.

    You are grounding your whole body to wet grass which is perfect conductivity. Perhaps most importantly you are starting the process of burning fat for energy which actually gives you more energy the rest of the day.

    2. Most mornings I do aged orin full body rub downs while outside looking towards the sun. All the time drinking from the container that I filled from the night before. I drink through my nose and wash my eyes nd era with it. Then use some to style my hair for the day. Afterwards using a spray bottle of colloidal silver, DMSO and a mixture of essential oils I rub this in all over my body which has now cooled down and my heart rate and breathing have returned to normal. I head back inside cleaning my bare feet very well before getting dressed for work.

    3. After this morning routine I'm useually ready for a good bowel movement. Everything from the one meal the night before. And I try to finish drinking anything left in the container if there is any. The first part of which may have already gone through you providing a top to bottom enema cleaning you right the way through. The bowels should then be absolutely empty and clean for the rest of the day.

    As a family we then consider a scriptural thought from the Bible and say a prayer together as the kids get ready for school and my wife and I get ready for work. We all head out about 8:15.

    4. Looping every few hours whenever the bladder is full. To start with you do taste a little of the aged orin, DMSO and essential oils that were absorbed through the skin. This will not take you out of a fasted state. As I'm a window cleaner I am outside most of the time taking in the Suns full light spectrum as it changes throughout the day. If you have to be inside for some reason much of the day then make sure you get outside as often as possible to look at the sun and breathing outside clean air. at least every hour for a few mins minimum which lets the Suns light spectrum set your circadian rhythms correctly.

    5. Have last loop around 4:30-4:40pm a good 20mins before your one hour eating window. Just before start the eating window do another 100 or more full life salutes outside wearing only shorts. All the way Same benefits as before but even more incredible to me fat burning as you have been fasting for 23hrs. Then at 5pm on the dot start sipping the one large smoothie chewing each mouthful mixing with essential saliva which is an important part of the digestive process. Then eat and enjoy the one plate meal, chewing and savouring every single mouthful.

    6. Rest to digest your one meal, sit around the dinner table talking about the big and small things in life. About the time the sun starts to go down spend some time outside again and do some sun gazing before it's gone for the day. This tells your body to start getting ready for sleep.

    7. Sit in empty bath with plug in and do another full body rubdown with aged orin. Using a red light therapy infrared sauna lamp. I do hot yoga and stretching routine while vigorously rubbing in aged orin. Also fill my goggles with aged orin and do orin pulling while doing the hot yoga. From then on keep wearing the goggles which are high quality blue and green light blocking glasses. You can test if they are any good by checking if you can still see any blue or green colours with them. These need to cover the sides as well so as to not let in any harmful lights. Wear these until you lay down to sleep and your circadian rhythms will not be interrupted and you will have very high quality sleep.

    8. Sleep inside a silver shield faraday canopy. This is made from silver threaded material which is the most electrically conductive material known to man. Also sleep on silver threaded sheets and pillow cases which are antibacterial and anti bedbug antimicrobial. The silver has to be completely touching all around you with no gaps. So after both of you getting inside you tuck the canopy in under the mattress making sure no gaps. This creates a safe area inside that no harmful EMFs can penatrate. 5g, wifi, Bluetooth and any other harmful EMFs can't damage your cells at this most important time while your body rests and regenerates.

    9. Dry fast for 12 out of every 24hrs. So after 6pm finishing your one meal do not consume anything no looping anymore. Instead start to fill your container ready to drink tomorrow morning.


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