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Nowhere to go but UP!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Hope2Learn, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    Hi there. :)

    I'm brand new. Here, and to "all of this".

    I came across a blog of Jack's when looking online for info on BHRT. Then found some things that fascinated my because they played into a particular interest of mine regarding magnetism/electricity in humans (which I may or may not talk about some other time, once I've better formulated my hypothesis).

    Then I began reading more blogs, some forum threads, listened to Hormones 101 with Dr. Tim, read more... realized that the past two days and nights I've even been dreaming about what I'm reading here, and waking early and eagerly to get back to reading. I decided that's a good enough reason to finally join the forum myself. But I've also read enough threads to know that one of the first things that is said to newcomers is, did you start a journel yet? Dr. Kruse needs context. :)

    SO, here I am.

    I will try to make this as concise as possible, but I'm afraid it's difficult to know what is or isn't relevant in order to give context... so I am including quite a bit. I don't even have any questions to ask specifically or anything right now, that's how much of a beginner I am here, but I love the idea of documenting my journey from day one here, which has already been full of fast food and baked goods, and seeing where I can take myself from here with the help of the great information and support available here for those who are willing to work for it.

    I. Personal and Family Details:

    A. Jennifer, 41 for a couple more weeks, 5'3", 135ish pounds. BMI 24.1 ... looks like I"m pushing "normal" at this point, because overweight starts at 25. ugh.

    1. Homemaker.

    2. Two AAS degrees - Bus. Info Management/Web Emphasis and Liberal Arts/Phil. of Religion Emphasis.

    3. Do not use alcohol or tobacco.

    B. Married for 21 years and counting; three kids ages 21, 19, and almost-12.

    1. First child - 1993 - 17 hours of back labor. I was 20. Breastfed 17 months. Developed severe post-partum depression and was put on any med you can think of over the next couple of years, some while nursing and some later.

    2. Second child - 1995 - vacuum extractor used after 7 hours of labor due to baby's heart rate dropping. I was 22. Bottle fed immediately after birth due to being on anti-depressants but stopped meds when he was 13 days old since he wasn't gaining weight on formula and they suggested I nurse instead since my milk had come in painfully well once more. Breastfed six months. He's always had far more ear infections etc than my oldest. If I had only known then...

    3. Third child - 2003 - Induced labor 3 weeks early due to me developing pre-eclampsia. I hemorraged after giving birth, when the doctor couldn't get thte placenta out and said it was breaking apart in her hands as she was pulling it out. After I woke we decided I would get my tubes tied as I had already been planning to do. I did this a couplf of months later, as I was anemic after birth. I was 30. Breastfed four years. Don't regret a moment of it.

    C. Two indoors shelter-adopted sister-kitties named Serena and Mittens, and an old blind diabetic Rat Terrier named Daisy.

    D. Live rurally in our own home on a small amount of acreage but with neighbors still very nearby.

    E. Very EMF sensitive, as is one of my children (19 year old) - we can HEAR TVs that are plugged in but not turned on, they squeal somehow. When the electricity goes out, before my husband turns the generator on, my whole body has a sense of un-buzzing. (Yet i don't feel "buzzy" normally. Just "un-buzzy" when NOT around electricity). Our whole area was out of power for 5 days when a tropical storm came through and it was the most peaceful time ever.

    (I have a sibling who we thought was missing for over 2 decades - Mom died without knowing he was alive - turned out he was depressed and going to walk off a cliff in California but instead just decided to camp one night, then that turned into more nights, then next thing you know he's lived all this time almost entirely off the land, in the woods, as a mountain man. He re-emerged randomly after ALL these years and one of my other siblings found him on facebook of all places where he had joined and made a page solely to say that he had been convined by some lady reporter out there in the Sierra Nevada mountains who he had acted as a guide for to write some of his memoirs so he did, and was self publishing and just wanted to make a page in case anyonoe wanted to know. My brother got ahold of him and said HEY yeah family would like to know, it's been over 20 years, and turns out now there's a couple of online documentaries about him and clips out there, so I've "seen" him ffor the first time since I was like 6 which was really cool. But I think he is a perfect example of what some people need to do, maybe what we ALL need to do but most of us just don't have the guts to do..? And I often think of him. He taught me when I was about 4 (he is 14years older than me) about going into the woods and walking and hugging trees and going barefoot and loving everything and above all getting SUN and loving fossils/rocks, etc.. )

    1. We have many TVs in the house, with associated cable boxes and vcrs and game systems.

    2. We have wi-fi in the house with many associated devices. This laptop has wi-fi internet AND a wireless mouse. I rarely am without my laptop. hrm...

    3. I do not have a smartphone. I have a dumbphone that I only use a few times a month, if that. It lives in my purse. House phone is cordless digital.

    II. Family Health History

    A. Mother died at age 69 after a stroke. She had congestive heart failure and emphesyma. She smoked cigarettes her entire adult life. She became diabetic. Her father was diabetic and died of a stroke fairly young. Her mother lived to be in her late 90s, always in good health. Her siblings are all alive and in good health.

    B. Father died at age 46 of a heart attack. One of his siblings later died of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy at the same age. (I have been gone over by a cardiologist and do not have HCM. I do have a septal atrial aneurysm (?) and some history of arrhythmia though.) Four of his other siblings all died of metastatic lung cancer that went to their livers and often pretty much everyplace else (and FAST, within a few months). One was genetically tested and markers were found for lung cancer. They also all grew up in a "radon house" whose levels were found to be tens or hundreds of times higher than allowed many years later. I'm sure both contributed. Two of his siblings are still alive today and in good overall health (I have more specifics but don't think they're necessary at this time).

    C. I have five older siblings, one has had two heart attacks.. he is 49 or 50. One died at age 52 due to liver cirrhosis from alcoholism. The other three are in good health. The oldest of those three has developed diabetes and has intraocular hypertension (or, is a "glaucoma suspect" in other words). He is about 57 or 58.

    3. My shortened, condensed, cliff-notes health history

    A. Birth through Marriage

    1. I was born a month early, my mom had pre-eclampsia and was in the hospital on bedrest for a couple of months before they took me as an emergency C-section. I was bottle fed. I was a toe-walker until I was a teenager and could start wearing shoes with low heels - I still toe-walk today when I'm barefooted, which is (and has always been) usually. Mom was told my Achilles tendon was a little too short, maybe due to being born early, and I should do gymnastics or ballet but I was a very shy child and did neither.

    2. Allergic to shellfish, definitely clams and scallops make my throat close. I have never, my entire life, had seafood in any form aside from one or two tuna sandwiches which made me react just like the shellfish does. I do not know why. I am not allergic to iodine - they have used it in IV contrast for CT scans several times and I have no issue with it. Something else is the issue. Seafood is absolutely not in my eating menu. I recently bought DHA because I thought I needed it but then realize I need to wait and do nothing until I get a baseline hormone panel done, hopefully *fingers crossed* on or shortly after the 16th.

    3. Allergic to benadryl, get huge hives.

    4. Lots of sinus infections and ear infections - dad died when I was 4, mom raised me as a single working mother with six children at home, me the youngest - she smoked and so did at least one or two if not three of my brothers most of the time I was growing up. It was always hazy inside.

    5. Went on birth control pills at age 16, stayed on ortho novum 777 until age 19, became pregnant while on the pill and taking an antibiotic at 19 and had oldest son at 20, as noted above. Always had bad cramps and irregular cycles until the pill - then was regular but still badly crampy.

    6. Age 18 had a lot of pain under one armpit/along-side one breast, had it checked, they said it was a calcium deposit or cyst or something like that and to avoid too much caffeine which I was told would aggravate it.

    (this is long enough, will continue in the next post)
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  2. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    B. Marriage (age 20) through Present (age almost-42)

    1. Had oldest in 1993, age 20. Went on assorted anti-depressants, and back on birth control pills. Might have been another kind (pretty sure it was).

    2. Had second in 1995, age 22. Details above. Eventually resumed anti-depressants and stayed on them through 2003. Went on depo-provera. Had shots consistently through 2002 approx then began having spotting and then bleeding after years of no periods on depo. Advised to go off depo. and let myself bleed it out and go on the pill instead. Later in 2002 began having bad pains in my abdomen and had an ultrasound and then followup transvaginal ultrasound and was found to have a big cyst that later had resolved. This scenario has repeated itself at least once more between the time my last child was born in 2003 and today (2009 and...). In November/December I had a CT done that showed pelvic congestion syndrome and more cysts. (I also have arthritis at C4 and 5,)

    3. In September 2006 I was woken in the middle of the night with terrible muscle spasms in my lower back that led to a walk-in clinic visit the next day, six weeks of physical therapy (twice), xrays, CT scans, eventually leading to findings of osteopenia and some lung hyperinflation, which led to a lung specialist who wanted to give me long-term inhaled steroids, which I declined to take.. no need to go into details here.

    4. In the following 2-3 years I began having a slew of issues that sent me to specialists and for tests from EMG, EEG, and EKGs to all the bloodwork yo ucan imagine including all autoimmune, lyme, lupus, hs-crp, you name it, neurologists, memory clinics, etc... I was having such fatigue and memory issues that I just couldn't BE, along with odd tingles here and there and numbness, issues with what my new-found rheumatologist called "reynauds" and wanted to give me norvasc for (no thanks, didn't get a good reason for it so declined it sweetly)... you name it.
    For about 6-9 months somewhere in there I suddenly lost a ton of weight and also had issues feeling like I was radiating heat out of my chest and back. I would sweat like you have no idea, put windows down when nobody else was hot, I felt like I was making my own humidity and would find it hard to breathe in the summer months while this was going on, while nobody else seemed phased. I told my doctor that my internal thermostat was broken. Dr had my brain MRI'd to look for MS.. my myelin is a-ok. Not MS. WTH?

    Have had more CBCs and complete metabolic panels done than you can count, and have access to some 65 medical test results on my online medical web portal that I can pull up any time (and will for another journal post). Began to feel like a hypochondriac and eventually my doctor asked if I wanted a psychiatrist. I declined and in a last ditch effort we agreed to try me on adderall 10mg daily starting Feb 2009 for the fatigue and shockingly it worked wonderfully for me, and also helped my depression quite a lot and increased my focus and ability to get stuff done again (not extended release though, I have drug hypersensitivity I"ve been told - just a little bit of something goes a LONG way with me).

    C. Present health situation

    1. Still on Adderall 10mg daily. I also take two regular strength ibuprofen every morning because of issues with chronic inflammation in my right hip and it really helps my stupid arthritic big toe (I hate the world "bunion"!!)

    2. No sex drive. None. Been like this for YEARS. Went to see my gyn/ladyparts doctor in 2009 and again twice since because of this. I got no real help but suggestions of counseling the first two times. The most recent time, a couple of years ago at about age 39 or 40, she finally addressed the issue sort of.. she said that I didn't have any obvious issues that she could legitimately offer me hormone testing / meds for since my periods were still regular at that time and I was having no other obvious issues.

    She offered to hook me up w/compounding pharmacy referral for hormone testing and BHRT at that time but didn't really tell me anything about it and offered me no literature or resources or anything, just said to call this phone number and ask for so-and-so, and tell her that my doctor sent me. It felt very hush-hush and like I was almost doing something illegal and I just wasn't comfortable with the vibe of the whole thing. Also, I was thinking that BHRT was automatically not okay for me since my mom had a stroke and dad had a heart attack.

    Now I've changed my mind, and at least want to get my stuff tested and see what is going on (and I'm so super antsy to get started NOW that it's hard not to just order a test kit myself, but my appointment is in two weeks so I probably can't actually get ahead by doing so at this point... or can I? The doctor will write the prescriptions for the compounding phamacy as soon as she gets my hormone test results, she told me that last time, and that the place would do saliva testing. I wonder if I can do the test myself in the meantime and have results ready for her?? I'm in NY, she's in PA..).

    I have an appointment with her for January 16, the day after my 42nd birthday. I'm hell-bent on getting BHRT. I've been a heartbeat away from divorce for so long now, my marriage can't handle this anymore. I'm a miserable b*tch, I can't stand mySELF, no wonder my husband is so upset with me. And I have no interest in sex, which upsets him to no end of course. And I want to care but don't and that just sucks.

    It's not at all how i was when we met or how I was up until maybe 2006 or so. Things seemed to start petering out at that point.

    Actually around then my breasts started shrinking too and when I was done breastfeeding in 2007 I had NO breast tissue at all. I had two empty sacks where they had been B cups prior, so I got breast implants to fill them back out. I decided that if my body already wasn't how it started, then it might as well be different how *I* want it to be, not how *it* wants to be. hrumph! Lots of people don't realize you're supposed to get them replaced every ten years or so - my tenth year will be 2020 and I will switch to smaller and saline at that point probably - they're silicone now, and a little too big for my taste in retrospect. None of my health issues have come on since getting them though, they were all prior. I'm not worried about them hurting me at this time. My focus is elsewhere - namely, on hormones and perhaps gut (though I'm perfectly regular, so that's good at least).

    And surely eating habits... I eat more fast food than home food, most of it is boxed or frozen, half of that is microwaved.... I don't know how I came to be like this. The difference between my upbringing and the way I raised my oldest two children and the way things have been since I had my youngest in 2003, and lost my mother the same year, is so huge. The older ones would've said their favorite meal was chicken breast and broccoli and rice, the youngest would say nuggets and fries. I'm deeply ashamed of this fact.

    My periods are no longer so regular - now they often appear after only two weeks, in full or in spotting form, and then also in the regular four weeks but in a much ligher spotting form as well... or perhaps not at all at that fourth week mark, but only again at six weeks as a new full period.... they also seem to drag out longer but be weaker most of the time, with the occasional gusher every third month or so. I become downright evil for the majority of my cycle, only pleasant the day before my period and the first couple days of it. The rest of the time I often wonder why I bother to exist, I am nothing but misery for all. I was such a happy person as a teen, and so full of lust and life. I miss that terribly.
  3. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    3. Diagnosed with early open-angle glaucoma (Early POAG) in August. I'm now taking Travatan Z prostaglandin analog drops, one per night in each eye. I am gettin the side effect of dark circles under and around the eyes, which is well documented and has to do with melanin I guess they said. I think I'm also getting the peri-ocular fat atrophy and if it continues to get worse I will switch drops, because i don't want my eyes falling backwards into my skull darnit! But my pressures were consistently up in th emid 20s (actually they were both at 29 last time) and my headaches were bad and my one eye was always blurry so I opted to begin drops now instead of later. But the glaucoma is one of the things that led me to find Jack. The other has to do with magnetism and energy and perhaps even light, but I will be keeping that to myself until another day. Not feeling much like stepping outside my relatively-safe little box of a blog here just yet.

    4. Also found a lump on my neck in August. It's an enlarged lymph node, I've spent the past few months with a hematologist/oncologist and had a lot of interesting blood work run (my CMV IGM and IGG were both 3x upper normal yet he said, after following up with a CMV DNA test, that it was negative after all .. EBV was equivocal both times.. ugh; leukemia and lymphoma panels (flow cytometry on my blood) and markers etc were all thankfully negative, I didn't get it biopsied despite the first guy wanting to take it out immediately, the second guy who ran all the tests and did more CT scans and whatnot said don't let anyone cut into me! Go back to him first, he'll keep me in good shape. He said I don't have lymphoma (lymph node/system cancer). But the lump is still there now all this time later. (This isn't my first time having issues with lymph nodes getting huge either.) This is basically a slow moving watch and wait situation I guess. I know a lot of people would've just had it removed and had pathology done on it to see what was going on in there but I really didn't want a big scar across my neck, and more than that I hate surgery!

    Probably also worth noting that I've had antibiotics upwards of 30+ times in my life that I can count probably. I get sinus infections yearly, have had antibiotics when I was bitten by a dog way back when, when I had a bad tooth and got dry socket, when I was bitten by my cat recently, you name it. I always get a yeast infection the second I go on most antibiotics so now they only use zithromax or else omnicef on me. My monistat gets called in in at least batches of 3 because one doesn't clear it anymore. I do eat lots of yogurt (greek) when on antibiotics but still. Happens every time now.

    5. My currently intolerable issues are bloated stomach, outer third of eyebrows long gone (I read this is a sign of something or other but forget what), occasional fuzziness growing over my upper lip and on my tops of my big toe (!!! GROSS!!!), new weight 'set point' seems to be 10 pounds higher than it used to be. Skin isn't elastic anymore, feels dry and wrinkley and papery. Hot flashes when trying to sleep every so often (and I say "trying to sleep" because despite never having caffeine after 3pm, usually not after 12pm, I still have had issues with sleep for a couple of years now off and on). Dark circles under my eyes for many years now, even before the glaucoma drops. Pretty sure this is all hormonal, probably peri-menopause. I'll be 42 next month, makes sense to me.

    *Worth Mentioning: we have well/septic water. Awhile back my husband had colitis and had to start his whole diet back from scratch after taking months to get over i and eventually having to use cipro to kill it since nothing else would work. We had the water tested to try to find how he got sick and foudn 14 kinds of total coliform bacteria. We got a UV filtration system installed since then. We use bottled/spring water for drinking and making coffee, but for cooking I use the tap water since we do have the filtration system so it should be fine, and usually that means it's getting heated to a high temp anyway.

    *There is no real cell service up here to speak of so I guess at least there are no cell towers anywhere nearby! (EDIT: antennasearch.com says one tower and 26 antennas within 4 miles)

    * I've had several CTs and MRIs and xrays in my life, and my mouth is full of metal fillings.

    Summary - I would rather not be on the Adderall for this terrible fatigue and mind-fog and memory issues. I would rather not lose my eyesight to glaucoma, and would rather not have to use the drops to achieve this. I would rather not eat like this nor feed my family like this. And for the love of all that is good in this life, PLEASE CAN I HAVE MY SEX DRIVE BACK!?? Really I would take or leave the rest.. and so would my husband.. if I could just nail this one thing, LOL. But no, I want to be HEALTHY too.

    Footnote: I am a creature of habit. Once I make a habit, it is very hard to break. This is bad - it is hard to break bad habits. This is also good - once I make new ones I tend to stick to them with a dizzying obsessive commitment. It's making the change and doing it in a manner that is consistent, so as to make it a habit/routine, that is difficult for me. So I tend to plan changes out ahead of time in great detail before implementation in order to have the best chance of making a routine and sticking to it without constant additions and adjustments. I hope this blog will serve to help me get that plan in place so that I can set it in motion.

    Well, I will have to take some time to formulate a follow up post with some labs and some things that I am thinking of doing for myself aside from seeing my ladyparts doc about BHRT on January 16, 2015. But wanted to get my foot in the door and say hi! Because New Years' Eve is a good time to set a plan in motion for a fresh start! :)
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  4. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    Some of my labs:

    Complete Blood Counts and Complete Metabolic Panels:

    I have many CBCs and CMPs going back to 2006 and as recent as November 26, 2014. Everything falls within normal ranges and mostly always has. I can post specifics if desired. (I also have had my ESR/Sed. rate done several times but it's pointless to post results here since it's a test for inflammation and obviously changes with circumstances.)

    Edited to add: My two most recent BUN: Creatinine ratios were 13.3:1 on 10/2014 and 15.6:1 on 11/2014.


    Everything has always fallen within the normal ranges. I've had the following tests run:
    TSH on 8/2007, 10/2007, 2/2009, and 8/2014. The normal range given is 0.32 - 5.00 ulu/mL. Mine were 1.61, 1.62, 1.53, and 2.03 on the dates shown..

    T3, Total on 8/2007. The normal range given is 80 - 200 ng/dl. Mine was 107.
    T3, Free on 1/2007. The normal range given is 230 - 420 pg/dl. Mine was 271.
    Free T4 on 8/2007. The normal range given is 0.71 - 1.85 ng/dl. Mine was 1.35.
    Total T4 on 2/2009. The normal range given is 4.5 - 12.0 ug/dl. Mine was 7.9.

    C-Reactive protein - normal range given is < 1.00 - on 11/2008 it was < 0.5, on 9/2009 it was 0.5, on 10/2014 it was High at 1.6. (I think my cardiologist tested my HS-CRP but can't find the paperwork for that right here, and it's not available online).

    Anti-Nuclear Antibody - negative on both 10/2007 and 9/2009.

    Rheumatoid Factor - normal range is < 15 Iu/ml. Mine was <9.8 on 10/2007 and <8.1 on 9/2009 (so, both negative).

    SSA & SSB (Sjogren's Syndrome) - negative on both 10/2007 and 9/2009.

    Lupus Anti-coagulant (Lupus/AS Antiphispholid Antibody) - a ratio of .80 - 1.15 is negative. Mine was .87 on 10/2007 and .98 on 9/2009 (so, both negative).

    Lyme Serum (Initial) - negative on 10/2007.

    LDH - normal range given is 313 - 618 u/L. Mine was 384 on 10/9/2014 and 401 on 11/26/2014.

    Alpha-1 Anti-trypsin - normal range is 83 - 199 mg/dl. Mine was 143 on 11/2006.

    IgE Serum (lung doctor was checking for athsma/allergy reasons) - <11 ku/L is normal, mine was 32 on 11/2006.

    RPR screen reflex titer (for lupus)- non-reactive/negative on 10/2007.

    Cardiolipin Antibody IgG, IgM, and IgA - all negative on 9/2009.

    Porphobilingen, quantitative 24 hour urine - negative on 7/2009.

    Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Antibody IgG - < .90 is negative. Mine was 3.3 - High/Positive on 10/2014.

    Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Antibody IgM - <.90 is negative. Mine was 3.9 - High/Positive on 10/2014.

    BUT - on follow testing on 11/2014 my CMV DNA plasma test was NEGATIVE and my hematologist/oncologist who had ordered them said they're not always as clearcut as other Ab IgG and IgM tests, and that it was probably actually negative all along.

    Epstein-Barr Virus Early Antibody IgG was equivocal on both 10/2014 and 11/2014 at 1.09 and 1.01. (< .90 is negative, >1.10 is positive, in between is equivocal). Note - I've never had chicken pox. I've had the vaccine three times though, as per my doctor's protocol.

    Hepatitis B and C tests done on 10/2014 were all negative.

    On 10/2014 and 11/2014 I also had comprehensive Differentials done as well as flow cytometry, both looking for lymphomas or leukemias. I have very detailed information from both that I am happy to share if needed. Things like natural killer cells and lymphocytes and whatnot are broken down and accounted for.

    I have never had any hormone testing done aside from thyroid stuff already mentioned above.

    EDITED TO ADD: apparently it's relevant that I have to pee as soon as I'm hit with cold, and also in the middle of the night at least twice per night. So there ya go.
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  5. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    I also want to use this journal to lay out a tentative plan of action.

    First off, since my sex drive is my number one goal right now above all else and at the quickest speed possible, I already made an appointment with my ladyparts doc (K. J.) for January 16th.

    Last time K.J. said she would refer me to the compounding pharmacy to meet with the pharmacist there and have a long detailed talk, then she would do saliva testing and send it out for processing. Last time I remember calling and they said it would be like 4 weeks before I could get in there, if I recall correctly. Then the testing would take a week or two I think she said. Then I would meet with J.K. again to get the results and recommendations (or was it the pharmacist? both?) and then she would write the Rx(s) for me to take back to the pharmacy. Then I guess that takes at least overnight if not longer for them to do their thing.

    That sounds like at least 2+ month long wait from today til first dose of BHRT. Which means there will be no change likely until we're pushing springtime, which means I won't even be hardly into the sex-drive part of my plan yet, and it'll already be time to implement the weight-loss part. So I better plan to get that started right now as well.

    Which means I shouldn't keep on wimping out on this CT thing. I hate cold. My hands and feet are cold all winter anyway, no matter what, as is the tip of my nose. I'll be numb for ages.

    Plus, silicone is an insulator. Like, they use it in cookware and stuff because it keeps hot hot and cold cold. My implants took like four months to stop being cold inside of me when I first got them in, I swear, LOL! I make a point to soak myself in really ultra hot water before getting out of the shower just so they hold the warmth because it's COLD in upstate NY! So to try to switch to cold is going to be brutal. But the chill will also stick with me, which I suppose is good.

    But yeah it's' funny how the most accessible, free, theoretically easiest step is by far the last thing I want to do right now!

    I used to end every shower with a cold water rinse and that was a habit that was hard to get into but was easy once I did. I don't know if I can do more than that in the winter though, and don't know if that alone would do any good...

    As for food, for ME, the most reasonable and doable first step, and one that will be huge, will be stopping all fast food and eating only what I make at home. If I also make a point to just shop the perimeter of the store, that basically limits me to proteins, produce, and dairy, which would be worlds healthier than where I'm at now. That alone is going to be a huge change and will take a lot of effort, so I suppose I better leave the food situation there for now. It will be hard enough to edit my love of pretzels before bed. The sodium/carb craving is something I've had my entire life.

    I drink a lot of coffee in the mornings, and diet soda during the day. I should probably switch out the soda for bottled water.

    I can't wait until the day when I read this again and think how silly and small and petty and simple and obvious these changes are.

    In my old life I never would've had to say these things.. but somewhere after turning 30, having my last child, getting my tubes tied, and losing my mother, I got lazy and careless and at the same time, constantly in a hurry to get someplace, where I would always be in a hurry to get home, where I would be in a hurry to get to bed to hurry and get up and hurry to do it all over again. It's funny in all that hurrying I'm actually stagnating and getting nowhere.

    I can easily go outside and ground in the morning. I don't but I can. But it's way too cold to do that for long THIS time of year. (Its a -2 windchill right now out there with snow on the ground. I go outside barefoot in snow in small doses but there's a difference between -2 and 22 or 32!) I'd need some kind of footwear with natural soles I guess.. ?

    Well... it's getting on towards midnight here on NYE2015, so I will end this sad yet humblingly honest journal post and go celebrate the moment with my youngest, then head to bed (much later than normal). Looking forward to turning these musings into action as quickly as possible.. I bought some DHEA and some DHA at Target not too long ago but I don't dare take either until I get some testing done in a couple of weeks to see where I'm really at. But if anyone does read this and thinks that I can do anything about hurrying this along, do let me know. And also if you have any thoughts on other things I can get without a prescription that I likely will need (but of course the labs will tell the tale)... many thanks, and Happy New Year!
  6. Penny

    Penny New Member

    maybe start with green smoothies to feed your gut flora? The pill annihilates your gut flora - then maybe you will find later on you are not so allergic to seafood... in fact, maybe with your amalgams, you can't handle the additional mercury in the seafood?

    A total guess on my part...

    I would get the Terry Wahls second edition book on an autoimmune diet - *lots* of greens to feed your flora and bone broths - stick a chicken in a pot and cover it with reverse osmosis water - avoid chlorine and flouride and white bread which has bromine - get a shaker of different seaweed flakes - and add some to your broths - drink lots of broth and eat fresh raw veggies - take probiotics or eat lots of cabbage -

    It sounds like you have a boatload of calcium efflux - which means calcium is sailing out of your cells and into the rest of your body - this is very bad and idicative of an s-load of EMF exposure - unplug your wifi router/cordless phones/put your tablets/cell phones in air plane mode - if the smart meter is near your bedroom, don't sleep there and by all means get rid of the smart meter -

    Vitamin k2 from the Life Extension foundation would be a great supplement for you to take along with some vitamin d - soaking in Epsom salts will also help - I also like to take magnesium malate in the afternoon and zinc in the morning -

    Your adrenals are blown which is why you have no sex drive - attempt to minimize the coffee or at least cut way back - add maca to your coffee -

    When your gut flora are better - this does not take long - start eating seafood - to see if you are truly allergic to something, rub a little on the inside of your wrist and see if you develop a weal/rash - if so, you are truly allergc - otherwise, your gut flora just need to adapt to the food... keep eating it -

    read this post by Jack:
    also read brain gut 16 - adrenal fatigue -

    You must drink a ton of ice cold reverse osmosis or spring water - no chlorine/flouride in it - also get a shower filter -

    Diet sodas have aspartate in them which bind to glutamate receptors which will kill your neurons and cause things like migraines and seizures - not to mention dehydration - I would start by drinking lots of good water that's cold... it's amazing what that alone will do for you...
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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Hope and welcome! Have you read thru the leptin reset?

    your day should look like this.....

    upon rising - go outside and look at the sun ....barefoot would be great and few clothes

    Have a BAB within 30 minutes of rising

    leave at least 4 hours between meals and before bed ..... absolutely no snacking.

    drink bottled water

    no fake lite

    do you have blue blocker glasses?

    You have way too much wifi in your house ......

    can you turn the power off to your bedroom at nite? how is your sleep???
    get all electronics out of the bedroom

    I order an ASI - saliva - from ZRT labs
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  8. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Hello and welcome! Great start on your journal and so much detail.

    The eyebrows thing is related to hypothyroidism. Your Free T3 may be "in range" but it is at the very low end.

    May I ask what type of health insurance you have? Call Genova Diagnostics and find out if your insurance qualifies for the "Patient Pay" option. For example, my BHRT doctor orders the Genova Complete Hormone test for me annually. It is a 24 hour urine collection and gives you a ton of info on your hormones. I have BC/BS for health insurance and my out-of-pocket cost is only about $150. It is a very expensive test without insurance.

    If your main goal right now is getting hormone testing, call a few compounding pharmacies in the area and ask them give you the names of some doctors that utilize BHRT testing and compounded hormones. This is what I did when I moved here 7 years ago. The pharmacists will be able to help in this.

    Word of mouth is another way to locate a good doctor. My current BHRT doctor was found here on the forum. Another member posted her experience and I contacted her for the doctor's name/phone number.

    Good luck and keep posting :)

    p.s. I actually had to fire one of my BHRT docs, before finding a really good one. The pharmacist she utilized had more knowledge about hormones than she did! Don't settle for mediocre...you want a good doctor.
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  9. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Hi Jennifer,
    Happy New Year and welcome. my advice would be to read up on the Leptin RX and then just do it. Don't think and tailor too much. You may be surprised as to who is doing the thinking...;) (hint "thoughts are endocrine secretions)
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  10. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    Hi, Penny, thank you for your reply! I'm going to reply to your post in sections to make it easier for me not to miss anything:

    I will have to look up "green smoothies" to get ideas for this. I do have a food processor and a blender so at least in theory this sounds doable! Re: the pill annihilating my gut flora - it's been 13 years since I was on the pill, I got my tubes tied 12 years ago and am not on birth control now. I'm not sure however what state my gut is in since I've never had any tests done, I only know that I am quite regular but have some issues (TMI ALERT!) with occasional constipation-type issues when my period comes. I've been told this is likely due to pelvic congestion syndrome, which I do have. Oh I also didn't mention the CONSTANT urination. What a hassle!

    This sounds very doable as well. (This book was just released two days ago so maybe it's a different one you're talking about? http://terrywahls.com/about-the-wahls-protocol/ )

    Question - when we had our water filtration system installed they said Reverse Osmosis would be best but it was VERY VERY expensive and our house doesn't have room for it, we'd have had to literally build onto our home to house the unit, so we went with a UV bulb based filtration system. I know RO would be the good way to go, but was the UV thing a BAD way to go? On the plus side - our spring water that we buy and use for drinking and for coffee-making is reverse osmosis spring water. I'm a big fan of greens and vegetables but do'nt get hardly any anymore.. my diet has slid due to laziness and no longer living within half an hour of a non-walmart grocery store. I will have to begin making the effort to drive out to Wegmans by the sound of it, at least until farm stands open up again this coming spring/summer.

    Except the probiotics.. when my husband was recovering from colitis he had to re-introduce foods to his diet one at a time, starting with only brown rice and boneless chicken breast and moving out from there. They also gave him tons of probiotics because he had killed everything in his gut during treatment, both good and bad. I tried one of the probiotics and became iller than I've probably ever been in my life. Just about passed out on teh floor, vomiting, shaking, heartbeat was all wacky, diarrhea immediately... it reminded me of a seafood exposure reaction but without the swollen tongue and closed throat. THAT is scary lemme tell you. I don't have an epi pen but my doctor offered me one ages ago.. I said nah, I just don't eat seafood.. but I'm starting to think perhaps I better get one if there's any chance of me experimenting at some point. I do think I should get an allergy test done by a doctor's office though if I'm going to risk killing myself (all in the name of making myself well)! Because its not just that I get sick, it's that my throat and tongue swell up and block my breathing, and we no longer live a few blocks from the ER like the last time I had a reaction.. now we're over half an hour away and I can't risk it.

    Dumb question - whats' a smart meter? You mean the electric meter that the electric guy comes to read before he bills us an insane amount of money each month? That is outside the house on the siding. It's almost as far from the bedroom as you can get, thankfully.

    I can easily put my cellphone on airplane mode before bed, and I do shut off my laptop completely. I can also turn off the desktop before bed which I don't do right now (it is in the room directly under our bedroom and has wifi.. there is also a wifi amplifier installed in the ceiling of the room directly under our bedroom, so essentially inside our bedroom floor... that cannot be shut off in such a simple manner and will require a bit more planning to get around).

    My daughter has a cellphone with wifi and a tablet with wifi, those are always left on and would/will take a little planning and effort and cooperation on her part to change that overnight (not saying I can't, just laying everything out here for myself more than anything to refer to later as I implement my plan).. my xbox in the living room has wifi but is never turned on. The printer has wifi and is always on, but I can turn that off at the same time I turn off the desktop at night though so that's easy... I have an old PDA from 2005 that sits in its dock next to my bed and has wifi though it can't actually connect anymore due to being such an old system.. but it tries if it's powered on, so I just leave it off.. hopefully the "off" electronics that have wifi won't be issues as long as they're off.

    I am sure you're right about the vitamins.. I have no problem taking vitamin supplements once I get all of my labs back.. I just don't want to alter ANYTHING until I get a baseline. I also have a daily multivitamin I'll start taking once I get those tests done.. I know I need everything right about now. My diet isn't helping me at all and neither is my environment. I like the idea of soaking in epsom salts. I believe I also read Jack stating somewhere that this may be helpful for dark circles under my eyes, though I am unsure how I would apply it.

    [note to self for future use - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_K ]

    [note to self re: lymphoma & Vitamin K, from above link - "A research shows that the risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma was decreased by 45 percent for the study participants who had the highest vitamin K levels compared to participants with the lowest levels of the vitamin."]

    Question - wikipedia says Warfarin is a Vitamin K antagonist. My mother had to be on warfarin/coumadin before her stroke but she still ended up having a stroke. So it would seem that my family health history would be AGAINST me taking Vitamin K. if my family health history shows need for Vitamin K antagonists... yes?

    I can look into maca and see what it is and what it does, etc, and plan to add that in once my labs are done - sounds easy enough! Question - re: my adrenals being blown - wouldn't my metabolilc panels and/or thyroid tests show this? (I know, newbie question.. but that's what I am!)

    [note to self - Maca - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lepidium_meyenii ]

    [note to self - from above link - "Darker-colored maca roots (red, purple, black) contain significant amounts of natural iodine that may avoid the growth of goiters resulting from consumption of the lighter-colored maca. Black maca is considered the strongest in energy and stamina-promoting properties, being both sweet and slightly bitter in taste."]

    Thank you for the links! I have read brain gut 16 - adrenal fatigue - before even signing up for the forum. I will read the other link in a bit here!

    I will begin switching out all of my non-coffee beverage choices for this spring water. Will bottled water say if it has chlorine/fluoride in it? What kind of shower filter, I mean what ALL should it say it filters out? Our well water has no chlorine or flouride already.

    I also use Sweet 'n Low in my coffee, I put two packets in each cup and probably drink about six cups every morning. Or wait, I think that's saccharine...? Thoughts?

    Thank you so very much for taking the time and effort to reply to me, it is such a nice feeling to know I'm not in this alone!
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  11. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    Ah, Caroline, thank you for replying! It is because of you laying this method out in some other threads I've read here that I already had the thought that I must make a daily schedule and write down the exact times for eating and sleeping and whatnot so that I can get that BAB in there (this will be tricky as I generally do not eat ANYTHING for several hours after waking) and make room for the four-hour breaks. I do not have blue blocker glasses but I would like some. I understand the orange lenses are good for people with glaucoma anyway so I will use them for dual purposes. What time of day is it best to wear them, or is it always? I usually see people refer to putting them on after dark if there is artificial light in their environment. My home is FULL of artificial light 24/7. Sunlight does not come into our home (the feng shui of this place is messed up I swear) at all at any point in the day so we always have lights on.. many many lights. *sigh*

    My sleep is poor. The past week I've had my husband out of the bedroom due to snoring from allergies and I've slept much better though so a lot of my sleep issues are from that. But still. I rarely get into deep enough sleep to dream and I usually wake unrested. I cannot turn the power off to our bedroom at night unfortunately for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we live where it's in teh negative degrees right now and no electricity means we will risk freezing pipes in the master bathroom overnight, at least this time of year.

    I will take a look at that saliva test. I am in NY and understand we have some restrictions here on things like this.. I often get confused about which restrictions are from insurance companies and which are laws, so sometimes I think I can't do something when in fact I can if I self pay. So I'm a little confused here on this. I will see what google tells me. Oh, and yes I've read the leptin reset twice now, but there is always more to gain from re-reading. Thank you again!
  12. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    Hi! Thank you for replying, and for reminding me that the eyebrow thing is thyroid related. I did notice that all of my thyroid numbers have tended to be on the very low end all this time. I wonder if my doctors have ever noticed that? I know my main doctor tends to not even notice anything that isn't flagged as high or low.. I've had to point out to him before when things are sitting right at the top or low number because he just doesn't seem to see it.

    My insurance is unfortunately state-funded and as such I'm lucky in many ways but unlucky in many. This endeavor may well be self-pay but we will see. But one thing I do know is that anything tbat I don't get pre-approved through them with a doctor's help is guaranteed to be denied.

    If I'm going to be paying out of pocket for most of this stuff anyhow I don't see the point in waiting on anything that I can possibly do on my own. This being the case I'm thinking that just ordering a saliva test online and doing it myself at home and sending it back in RIGHT NOW might help me get results in time to take with me on January 16. Then again perhaps I should just wait so that I don't order something she doesn't respect, or who knows what could happen.

    n life I try to remember to waste no time, but don't rush so much as to make stupid mistakes. I'm afraid that it would be a stupid mistake to order something willynilly right now. But the 16th is a world away! 1/24th of a year! hehe. So impatient.

    Since my doctor is a woman and she is the one who told me about BHRT and in fact recommended it to me and told me about the compounding pharmacy near her office, I have high hopes that she will be able to help me. If not, I shall fire her and seek out someone new through this forum's recommendations. :)
  13. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    Thanks Lahelada! I do need to open the Leptin RX up in another browser tab and get to work.

    But.. if thoughts are endocine secretions it sounds like the chemicals feed the thought, which is opposite of how I tend to think of it...

    My understanding/belief is that the thoughts can also influence the chemicals...

    positive thinking = positive energy, negative thinking = negative energy, and energy pulls "like energy" towards itself so ...

    well, I'll save all of that for another blog post. :)
  14. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    Re: the Leptin Rx - http://jackkruse.com/my-leptin-prescription/ - I am one of those people who can't get past the first paragraph because I need to have my reverse T3 tested and/or cortisol, because I don't fit the mold. And I don't know if my gyn lady can do that.. she's technically the nurse practitioner I think, though I"ve never seen the actual doctor though because she does all the pap tests and whatever herself. So I don't know if I go see my regular doc in the meantime and ask for these (he will order whatever I ask for, even hormone panels, but she has the best chance of getting THOSE paid for by insurance if anyone does), or how best to deal with finding out if I'm even Leptin Resistant. My doctor and nurse (general practitioner I mean, now) are very kind and generally very willing to refer me as requested as long as there is some medical basis. I've never had a problem before. I just need to know what to ask for and why, and I should be able to get blood drawn even later today if I want.
  15. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    I Would like to buy an EMF meter. I wanted one for a couple of years anyway for assorted reasons, now I have a great reason. Plus, the back part of our home is an addition we had put on a few years ago and I'm skeptical of how well the electric was installed. The front addition taht houses the room I'm in now, where the xbox is and where I spend most of my day, it was installed even more shoddily. I fear we have high readings from unshielded wires... any opinions on what brand/model/how much it should cost me for an EMF meter? Should I order online (I have amazon prime so can have it in two days) or can I get a good one at Home Depot or Lowes for a good price (or Harbor Freight would be awesome, they're affordable).. ? I would like to go out and get one today.
  16. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    When I was born, I was jaundiced and had to be under the lights with the little tiny eye patches on for awhile. Likewise, my oldest child had to stay behind in the hospital for six days due to his bilirubin count getting so high, we had to sign consent forms for a total body transfusion just in case it came to that (it did not). How does this type of light source affect the body, if at all? Is there EMF involved with this? Would there be lasting effects on the liver or other parts of the body from this light treatment? Hm. Things I will look into...
  17. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    oh dear.... http://jackkruse.com/emf-5-what-are-the-biologic-effects-of-emf/ ....

    "WWII brought us microwave radar for warfare. In 1947, Bell Telephone set up the first microwave phone relay between towers in Boston and NYC. The same year, TV was born and they also used microwaves for transmission. The 1980’s brought cellular communications. What has happened since 1990 is astounding for the planet and life. The first mile above the Earth is now filled with 2 million times the amount of EMF that we faced in 1900. You heard this in the EMF 1 video I posted. We can not truly know the problem largeness because the EPA was forced to stop measuring EMF over our country in 1979. In the USA, in 1979 there was no tech boom yet, but today there is. Today, our country leads the world in technology productivity and it is all based upon the quantum effects of electrons over a silicon wafer. It’s infrastructure, however, was being built in Stanford University, in California, and by the Dept. Of Defense. The Internet story can be researched elsewhere. It is now common knowledge. The results of its explosion however are going to be your new inconvenient truth. We have not had one survey of EMF since this time in this country."

    Um, my dad worked for IBM for the Dept. of Defense in the 50s, 60s, thru his death in Jan 1977, working as a programmer then eventually Senior Programmer, on developing RADAR and air traffic control, programming what might eventually be connected to modern day internet, etc. He aged prematurely.. he was 46 when he died of a heart attack but his hair had been completely white for 20 years already... don't think I want to connect the dots here just now. My brain says "Holy Aging telomeres, Batman!" but I'll just leave this here for now... and continue reading.
  18. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Welcome, Hope2Learn :)

    That is quite a story you shared here......... thank you so much for taking the time to do that :love:

    I can see it is all a bit overwhelming.. and so many changes to do... but I would just do step by step, cleaning up the diet, stop all junk food, bread sugar etc. sweeteners too (maybe you can change to stevia for a beginning?) For CT you can start take cold rinses after your hot shower? I still do that today and it feels great! Start with the feet, legs and arms.... and at the end shower cold all over. It want feel bad as you are nicely warm from the hot shower. Face dunks are easy to do too! Just start.... does not matter with how little.. and gradually increase it.
    Spending as much time outside in the daylight as you can every day (in the woods is best!) is huge too, as is using blue blockers/dimmed lights/candles in the evening. Those are pretty easy changes to do too :) and limiting EMF increasingly as you find out ways to do so. Looks like you are already on fire :) :) :) :) I love it :)
    Maybe you can start drinking soaked seaweed water? I love it... I drink it often. I buy raw dried seaweed and soak, drink the water, and in the end I mix the seaweeds to a smoothie and drink them too. Tastes great! Would really help if you cannot eat seafood yet. From seaweeds you get lots of iodine, DHA too.. and many things great for sex drive :) Just do not overdo it in the beginning, or you might get heart palps etc. (I have gotten that from too much seaweed...)
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  19. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    Hi Inger, before I even reply to your post I have funny story for you (at least I hope it's funny to you - it made me smile!)
    I checked my email a few minutes ago and saw an email that said I have a new reply to my journal from Inger. The very first thing that came to my mind was a little voice that said "Oh no she doesn't! No MHS for me!" LOL! It made me laugh out loud when I thought that. I admit I was pretty glad you didn't recommend them for me (yet... DUN DUN DUNNNN *scary music*)!

    I think that sounds like a good plan, except the white bread. That will be the last to go from the list as I ease into the changes. I'm an extreme carboholic, and sodium is my next favorite thing, then sugar. I will have my hands full with the rest at first so I think I will let bread be my beacon of hope for awhile, til I get the rest under control. :)

    Yes, I can do both of those starting yesterday (because I already did!). I used to do both but just got out of the habit somehow. I always believed that the warm water is good for opening your pores so you can exfoliate, and then a cold water rinse closes them back up to keep the dirt and oils out as much as possible. I read that Hugh Hefner says part of staying young, for him, is ice baths for his face each morning, and I thought good idea! And started that years ago. But like I said, I fell out of the habit. I never associated these two "small things" (ha!) with my health or sense of well-being until finding this website!

    This is so hard for me 2/3 of the year, at least, because of the terrible cold that I hate so much... (oh. hm. this argument is NOT going to work here, is it? *giggle*... *footstomp* Darn!) Can anyone recommend blue blockers that are good? Or are they all "created equal", in which case I will search Amazon and get the least expensive ones that use Prime.

    :D Thanks, I'm starting to love it, too! I have a goal again, and am forming a plan! That always feels wonderful!

    Hm. I can try this, and will definitely keep in mind about the heart palps. I guess if I stop taking in extra salt and eat a low sodium diet then my iodine intake will also lower which may well help offset the extra in the seaweed... unless it's the DHA that causes the palps in which case I thank you and can think of no other solution than to go slow, like you suggest. :)
  20. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    Home air cleaner/filter/ionizers ("negative ion generators").... by "ionizing" the air are they creating an "ionosphere" in the area which the air filter/ionizer is working? Or are they (hopefully) creating an opposite effect?

    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_ioniser ) ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ionization )

    If the earth's ionosphere doesn't let EMF out, then I would hate to think about a room with both wifi and an air cleaner/ionizer!

    ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ionosphere - the sections here on "winter anomoly" and "equatorial anomoly" seem to have some sort of correlation, coincidental or otherwise, with the regions described here - http://jackkruse.com/the-holy-trinity-ct-4/ ... I just cannot see the connection (yet) if there is one...)

    (I will keep looking for the answer online but will leave this here because I think it's an interesting thought process either way.)

    edit: I can barely understand this and have no idea of the validity of these claims or of the background of the author, but for a moment I will presume it's all good, and will quote this...

    ( http://web.archive.org/web/20131029121919/http://www.ce-mag.com/archive/02/11/mrstatic.html )

    "Are Ions Good for You?

    So far, the question posed in the title of this article has not really been answered. Instead, discussion has focused on some physical facts and has tried to quench some unfounded myths. Before trying to answer the question, it is important to look at what ions can actually do. Atmospheric ions consist of a nitrogen or oxygen molecule, a few water molecules, and an elementary charge. Human beings are constantly exposed to a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapor, so what difference would it make if there were also a positive or negative charge involved?

    People in industry, and especially those in the world of electronics, know what it means when a flow of ionized air is directed toward a charged insulator. If the flow is properly balanced, the charge on the insulator can be neutralized because the ions are able to give off their charge. It is the only way that a charged insulator can ever be neutralized.

    But what does this have to do with human beings? If a balanced flow of ionized air is directed toward an area of exposed skin, the positive and negative ions will be neutralized when plating out very close to each other, and the result may be some very weak currents on the outer layer of the skin. However, it is a completely different story if a unipolar (say negatively ionized) airflow is used instead. If the person is not grounded, the body will acquire a gradually increasing negative voltage until a discharge, usually a spark, takes place or until the unavoidable leakage current balances the ion current.

    The case becomes much more interesting if the person is grounded. Let us suppose that the person is placed on an insulative sheet and that a grounded wrist strap is attached to the right wrist. Now, if a unipolar (say negatively ionized) airflow is directed toward the person's exposed back, the ions will plate out on the skin and be neutralized, and their charge will run through the body to the wrist strap. If this process has an effect, it would not be because of the ions per se. The ions have only served as carriers of the charge to the body. So the questions are "can these currents have any effects?" and "what kind of paths do the currents follow?" "


    Hm.. so, we have a negative ion generator/air filter in our bedroom. I do not ground/wear a wrist strap/etc. So, what does it mean to experience this? :

    "the body will acquire a gradually increasing negative voltage until a discharge, usually a spark, takes place or until the unavoidable leakage current balances the ion current."

    That is probably what I am really asking. And then, how does EMF inter-mingle with this whole situation?
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