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Now Q10 has a powered study.

Discussion in 'Mitochondrial Rx' started by Jack Kruse, May 27, 2013.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Professor Mortensen said: "CoQ10 is the first medication to improve survival in chronic heart failure since ACE inhibitors and beta blockers more than a decade ago and should be added to standard heart failure therapy."
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    References: 1. Heart Failure Congress 2013 http://www.escardio.org/congresses/hf2013/Pages/welcome.aspx?hit=nav 2. SA Mortensen, A Kumar, P Dolliner, et al. The effect of coenzyme Q10 on morbidity and mortality in chronic heart failure. Results from the Q-SYMBIO study. Presented at Heart Failure Congress 2013 Final Programme Number 440. The full title of the Q-SYMBIO study is: "Coenzyme Q10 as adjunctive treatment of chronic heart failure: a randomised double blind multicentre trial with focus on changes in symptoms, biomarker status with BNP and long term outcome"
  4. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    An easily-readable article to forward on to others. Thanks!
  5. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    This thread comes quite in handy... today my dad visited his cardiologist. I explained to him many times how statins are not the answer to fight CVD, that cholesterol is life and that needs to be managed through lifestyle... and to tell his doc to reconsider the therapy... he asked her but she made no sense, she argued that statins not only work by lowering LDL but that their have other benefits that he needs. Yeah I'm aware that they are anti-inflammatory and reduce interferons but that can certainly be ruled out with proper diet and lifestyle, then you have good immune function plus the benefits of having natural LDL levels to fight diseases... but of course she's not dialed in this idea. Higher LDL than 140 is bad, period...

    The saddest thing is that my dad believes in me and I think he knows that I'm into the correct path, yet he is very troubled to fight and go agains his doc's RX... he would be medically left alone since he doesn't have a private insurance like me to go find a better one... Today I talked to him and explained how that strategy will lead to poor performance mitochondria, like cars, that will downgrade the ferrari in us into a thrased car... this idea has inspired a quick post on my blog. I've Ubiquinol at home for myself, I love to give advice but don't like to interfere with other people's decisions even if they're my parents but I think this time I'll push a little bit to get him starting using it.
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  6. caroline

    caroline New Member

    I think - as Dr. K. has said many times .... just tell your Dad to take the script from his Doc and put it in his pocket -
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  7. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    That's my opinion also and I told him.. in fact I've just had an epic 1h conversation with him about CVD, cancer, genetics and epigenetics... wow, I should have recorded it for my blog... it has been mindblowing even to me! It has been like a homework to tie many things I've been learning this last year. I'll only tell you that I explained genetics to him with an example of making a pie (he's a pastry cheff) and it has been crystal clear to him, and he's quite dense... to put it in a sensible way.

    Well, the thing is that he fully understand the message I'm telling him but he's afraid of departing with his doc, which is assigned by the National Health Service (here we call it 'Seguridad Social'), considering that he does not contemplate the possibility of getting a consult with a new one from our choice... that, of course, is his choice, and I'm fully aware that he might consider the change... I told him... he doesn't make a move foreward... I cannot push him further if he is not willing to. Fortunately, I notice every day asks me more questions and is getting more and more into the epi-paleo eating style. which at least is an improvement... I'd go deep into the RXs with him? Yes I would... but I can tell he would not follow must of them right now... but I think he might reconsider as things evolve... he's getting into it step by step...
    Last edited: May 8, 2014
  8. caroline

    caroline New Member

    my point was - is ..... why change Docs? his Doc doesn't have to know that he didn't fill the script....and just play with you for awhile ..... his loving and caring and very knwledgeable son
  9. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    We did the experiment, he dropped the statins for some time under my RX... he went up to total cholesterol 260, HDL 50, LDL 210, trigs 80... quite a nice profile, don't you think? But by doing that he got intro trouble with her doc when he had to bring back the labs to her.. as she is the one that orders the labs in the first place because we need someone to order and evaluate them... it's a catch 22... Now he's 140 TC... the doc is fine, and I'm pissed off because I know he's cutting back his natural sources of life with a damn pill.

    I know that the optimal move would be to find a more collaborative cardiologist that is skeptic of the diet heart hypothesis and has a more holistic and evolutive approach to health but he doesn't want to pay for it nor I'm sure that someone like this exists here in Barcelona... that is homework for me to do....
  10. Gracelind

    Gracelind New Member

    Hi Albert,
    Is your dad taking CoQ10 with the statin? Research shows that statins interfere with CoQ10 and that supplementing may help ward off the muscle pains and sometimes myopathy that some patients develop. Because of the muscle disease I have (myositis/myopathy) I know quite a few people online who developed pretty devasting polymyositis or dermatomyositis after taking statins. For some years the docs refused to acknowledge a connection until the evidence was overwhelming. The percentage of folks who take statins then develop myositis is relatively small for those people it's a major issue.

    If his doc hasn't put him on CoQ10 she's quite behind on that part of the research.

    My father was on lovastatin for years. Due to my mother's illness turning both their lives upside down we finally realized that the statin was affecting his brain and his thinking. He complained of being so confused all the time. When, with the doc's okay, we took him off, he stopped complaining about his thinking, though he still showed signs of mild dementia (he was 87). After a mild MI a different doc put him on simvastatin and the confusion flared again till he discontinued it.

    It's so hard watch those we love go down the wrong path, thinking they are doing the right thing.
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  11. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    I am sure that you can find a doc that will respond if you reason awith them as you do here.A lot of docs I think work from the principle "If all you got is a hammer ,eveeything looks like a nail" Bring them a new tool!
  12. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    @Gracelind I'm aware of that link, thank you very much for you insight!! Yesterday I told him to start with the Ubiquinol I have at home and he agreed, right now is a good move for him to do but @Lahelada is right, we should go find the right doctor to suit a better strategy, problem is that after all the things he went through and now he seems like he has beat them and feel 'overrall well', his perception of reality is that probably he can keep like this and make it to elderly hopefully without impact... well, I think that's what he wants to believe. I'm not like that, I try to analyse what the probable outcomes will be on the future based on the knowledge I can play with right now, and I see a different picture for him not based on my wishes.

    PD: You're right, knowing what many don't know and being not able to apply it to the ones you love because the force that leads the mass is stronger than any effort you might do, it's so upsetting... I guess there's some times when even if you know better you are not allowed to do better.

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