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Not So Silent Newbie

Discussion in 'Optimal Reset 2013' started by suzgaray, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    badgering, critizing, scolding, etc... will NOT help :). Just trying to do my best and keep moving forward! Also my partner is 64 old and much better shape than me! and I am 49 so not sure if you are older than her-grin. I did tell her though and she laughed was wondering what effect it would have on her, she shivers just watching me ha lol.
  2. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Just by looking at my daily meals it appears I am holding most of my carbs till dinner time!!! No wonder its been a roller coaster. I should have least amount of carbs at dinner right? at breakfast I don't have any real carbs mabye 2-3g with veggies in my scramble eggs?? and at lunch I eat mostly high fats (tuna, advocados ,oils, etc....) with about 15g carbs with coconut wraps, almond milk, a few other low carb foods, but not every lunch?? Hmmmm, this will be interesting to switch my carbs mostly at lunch and have the lowest carbs at dinner.
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Suze...... Are you having 50+ gr of protein for BAB. ... I wasn't sure....

    Please don't even think about calories....you need lots of fat and medium protein and just a small amount of carbs .....and no sugar....it will drive your cravings for more.....

    I was a lifetime binge eater ....the reset stops all that nonsense if you do it according to Jack's protocol.
    I am living proof.....

    And no - I guessing am not quite old enough to be your partner's mother......
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2013
  4. veelansu

    veelansu New Member

    You need to go re read the Leptin reset RX. No grain. So tortillas are a no no. The category of foods is very clear. Seafood, grass fed beef, duck, (minimal chicken) etc., carbs from veggies, no nightshades, no grain, no corn, no dairy if you find it affects you, and a few other nos. it's a really simple protocol.
  5. veelansu

    veelansu New Member

    Also, there should be no counting calories. Just count carbs and stay low. And maximize proteins and fats in the morning with the BAB. Dinner should be where your carbs are to confuse your brain and recreate the primal pathways. Once you are leptin sensitive, you change to max carbs in the morning. That's what I understood. If I'm wrong in any way, please someone jump in and correct me.

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