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Not So Silent Newbie

Discussion in 'Optimal Reset 2013' started by suzgaray, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  2. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    I have read it again and again and again. Its just so disheartening and frustrating. No wonder so many people give up and there is 60 million people who are T2D or on the brink of becoming one. The bottom line is if you can't stick with 50g or less of carbs a day, eat at BAB within 30 mins of waking, and/or even stick to CT at least 3x week, its pretty much a doomed process for achieving optimal health. Maybe I have to rethink what I am doing here and WHY if it's worth it for me?? No one in my family has lived past 67 years of age (all have scummed to T2D related diseases, etc....) so maybe it's wishful thinking I can break this cycle and be first to live a bit longer?? I am 48 years old got about 15-20 years left??? Being neurologically Deaf through genetic factors adds even more fuel to the fire too reading your blog. Hmmmm, not so sure anymore. Been fighting this for 2 years now lost 70lbs need to lose another 100 lbs just to get off diabetes roller coaster.
  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Hold on, we all are rooting for you.

    Last edited: Oct 1, 2013
  4. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Bravo and well said JanSz!

    suzgaray - please don't give up. JanSz is right...we are all rooting for you and would like to help if we can. It is a longer journey for some but it is well-worth it.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Please don't be disheartened .... a lot of people here have made amazing progress - but it can take awhile. Remember - you didn't get broken overnite so give this process time to work ...it isn't a linear journey......

    You are already seeing the positive benefits of C/T .......hang in there! It is daunting - but it is doable and we will support you.

    Break it down a little....

    How hard is a BAB? you get to eat bacon and eggs.... or a roast leg of lamb for breakfast and have a BPC

    50 gr. of carbs or less .... just saute some greens or mushrooms in butter or CO

    C/T - you said you enjoyed being in the pool ..that is really good for now and, actually it is great because the water temp will drop and you will become accustomed to it. Get your partner to put on some compression gear [if they need it] and get in with you.

    I don't mean to minimise your feelings in any way - but if you want to get better you need to do better. This has been the case for all of us. We need to have absolute and 100% commitment on this journey .....we don't get a do over.

    This doesn't mean that we don't slip up sometimes and lose focus ...of course we do ......but we all want a happy and healthier life and it takes our head in the right space to get there....and we have this amazing guy with his flashlight :)

    You are a very intelligent woman and you deserve so much credit for all that you have achieved ....don't stop now..your future is only as bright as you want to make it. You are the limiting factor....
  6. veelansu

    veelansu New Member

    I'm not deaf but I found you just have to stop listening to the naysayers. I don't care what is said, just how i feel and this way of living feels good. And yes to having a doctor to partner with, it may take some long conversations and telling them, sometimes showing them proof (such as labs, my cholesterol went from 349 to 191 in the short time I've been on this, how can he argue with that?), but it gets easier to have discussions and good treatments for the things that are out of balance, like hormones or thyroid in my case. Love reading your journal.
  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    On average it is easier to have this type of conversations with Osteopath than with MD.
    Specially when MD is endocrinologist (and knows everything).

  8. MsYo

    MsYo Silver

    Yes, please hang on!! Keep your thoughts positive and FOCUS. You are doing awesome. The first time I tried to do the LR (2012) I gained weight and abandoned the LR (hormonal issues) but I kept researching and making small changes. This week I am back on the LR and already losing weight. The BAB was an issue (in my head) until I adjusted my thinking. Now I look forward to daily improvements. CT is next on the list. Just hang in there........ BELIEVE.....
  9. veelansu

    veelansu New Member

    JanSz, completely agree. My doctor is not an MD. :). They all failed me except one lone GYN back in NY from 2002-2006 who would listen to me and treated me based on symptoms but he (and I) just did not know enough. From 2006-2012, i stuggled to find a doctor who would listen. Today, I am armed with much more information, live in San Diego where there are naturopaths and osteopaths who are much more open minded. We have to be so proactive with our own health these days.
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Remember to always question everything......and don't settle......stolen quote from JK .....;)
  11. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Hi Caroline,

    I just received my CT body vest and infarred thermo device, and bitter melon supplements. The question I have is rather embarrassing. Will there be any potential harmful effects with such coldness against breast?? I just want to make sure I am not going to do something wrong :). I didn't have any problems with dipping into the pool in my compression shirt even though my breast and chest was extremely cold.
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Suze.....I am so glad to see you back. :). I have no idea as to the answer to your question ....maybe someone else will have thoughts. Never feel embarrassed by anything here - we generally let it all hang out!

    When you have time - read the oxytocin thread or the sex thread in the cave....forum members contributed some amazing things that helped all of us. Also, there is a really lovely thread that Dr. k. Started ....say something about the one you love..

    Re - your question .....I suppose if you wanted to reduce breast size .....but I never noticed any difference - and I wouldn't mind being smaller......

    You are wearing a T- shirt aren't you? Is this one of Eric's vests? You want your skin to turn pink .....definitely not white!

    I hope you are doing well........
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    What is an infrared thermal device?
  14. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    The non-contact infrared thermometer?? I think your suppose to use it to test temp of water through objects?? I just got it and I have no idea how to use it ha lol. My partner will teach me when have time.
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    oh ...okay......It is so great that you have an involved partner ......is she doing any of this with you?
  16. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Not really :-( she is more a kind of the linear thinking person and thinks I am nuts doing all this biohacking and paleo stuff :). But she supports me 110% and wants me to succeed so she take care of the foods, supplies, etc... whatever I need and even watches me while I freeze in the pool to make sure I don't have a heart attack ha.
  17. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    The next big battle is how to get a better grip of my night time eating (mainly dinner). Even though I do well for BAB and lunch time, I fall apart at dinner time meaning I can't seem to stick with paleo consistently enough to keep carbs under 50g a day or eat something like one taco or have one flour tortilla that blows my insulin out of whack at night time. I gotta get a better grip still struggling with it. Any suggestions??
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Personally - I would cut way, way back on carbs. If I were to eat one tortilla - I would probably have 12! well - not any more because I wouldn't have even one. That is what is driving your cravings. Don't think of carbs in those terms. Only have some sauteed kale or mushrooms or a little bit of tomato or cucumber. Maybe reread the epi paleo Rx again ...has your partner read it? I know it is hard when there is someone else who isn't eating epi paleo. But - it would be good if she would do it to - she wants to live a long healthy life too - no?

    your dinner should just be some seafood/steak and maybe a bit of salad - or even bacon and eggs ...forget the fancy stuff. I do way better if I eat very simply and I love it that way - don't always have to think about food.

    I always have some raw meat dry curing in the fridge and bacon and pate that I make and cans of salmon in the pantry.
    etc. - and I often throw a leg of lamb in the crockpot .....and don't forget about bone broth....

    Then I buy fresh salmon and shrimp etc. and just mix and match.

    You could make sushi using cauliflower rice.....did you tell us before that you have lots of paleo cookbooks or am I not remembering that right?

    Did you see the recipe for the seafood stew in the recipe section?
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Your partner shouldn't be watching you in the pool freezing.....she should be in there freezing too ...and tell her I said so! ;)

    I am likely old enuf to be her mother .... so she has to listen to me .....those are the rules - I didn't make them up!
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2013
  20. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    I agree with you Caroline: I just sat down and started to back track with what I am eating and doing at dinner time here is my mark up for the past 4 days (this week!):


    Cals on the average range from 624-815
    Carbs on the average range from 30-50g
    Sugars on the average range from 4-8g
    Protiens on the average range from 36-49g

    On the average caloric intake per a day is:

    Cals- 1600-2200
    Total Fats- 42.9 g about 66% of my daily calories

    Ok, so I am not perfect so thinking what CAN I do more to reduce without falling off the wagon or depriving myself entirely (remember I have made huge strides in the past 2 years with being diabetic and reducing my carbs from average of 300g per a day to more than half and reduced complete sugar intake from 46g to 12g per a day-grin). I am thinking I should shoot to reduce carbs to at least half so that it stays at least under 60-70g and reduce my sugars to below 10g??? Let's see what efffect it has on my insulin swings and cravings. Any suggestions here?

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