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Not So Silent Newbie

Discussion in 'Optimal Reset 2013' started by suzgaray, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    On another note, I just bought lots of spring water and threw out my ice green ice teas I drink regularly from Trader Joes. So by drinking only spring water only I hope that will aid with something??
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Green tea is good......why did you throw them out?
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I can see that you are a worry wart! I understand completely that you want to do everything you can to help yourself.

    Please check out other journals. Lots of people here are dealing with some very tough issues. Have a look at Cartweight's journal and Mr Pinkies journal. Mr. Pinkies (Kate) has lost way over 100 pounds this past year and is dealing with autism.

    The really important points about the leptin reset are....tell me if I am boring you to tears - ok?

    Eat a BAB within thirty minutes of rising. We also need to have the oxytocin talk!

    Leave at least 4 hours between meals and before bed. Absolutely no snacking! If you are having coffee or tea - just black

    Drink spring water - lots

    Eat seafood as much as possible and lots of fat...

    Get outside and walk in the grass or dirt or ocean. (where are you btw). Lay under a tree


    Avoid fake light ..,.. When the sun sets - so should you

    What is your EMF exposure? Are you limiting/avoiding wifi? ...this maybe the most important thing for you.

    I am going to go back and re read what Dr. K. Said to you and get back to you....

    About C/T.....I put a bag of ice on my tummy when watching tv. I just fill a large Baggie with water and freeze.
    You can start by wearing a tight compression shirt and putting the ice on top. The compression shirt helps to collapse the fat cells.
    I now just wear a light t- shirt and then after awhile put the ice right on my tummy.

    But again - just do what you can for now. I promise that in a few weeks you will have it all down pat. And then it comes down to figuring out what works for you - what you Need to do for your own n=1

    Sorry - I was just trying to make it simpler and maybe I have confused you more?
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2013
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Suze ....I was going to ask you about your earthing mat. They can be a real problem and make things much worse for you.
    You plug it in? are your outlets grounded? you need to be sure of that. I don't know much about the mats but they can put you in the wrong field. You could PM nonchalant and ask her ....she knows a lot about magnetics and stuff.

    The most important thing is to check EMF's. do you use a microwave? [throw it away!] are you able to cut the power to your bedroom at night? Do you have a smart meter? Does your neighbour have a smart meter?

    Take everything out of your bedroom......no TV, no clock radio etc. and then cut the breaker. [you can leave the bed :) ]

    Is your computer wired in? get rid of wifi.....
  5. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Suz, sounds like you are doing splendid! Relax, most of us have had the luxury of adding the protocols one at a time,
    Since you are using the orange glasses, do you find yourself yawning after an hour or so of wearing them? If they are true blue blocking lenses, they really bring on the yawns quickly for me.
  6. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Because it was suggested that I only drink Spring water?? so not suppose to drink anything else right??
  7. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Yes, I checked the grounding in the plug and we have low EMF in the bedroom no TV, no clocks, but my blue nightlight I must-grin. I have now moved my iphone plug into the living room away from the bedroom. The earthing mat has helped me but if there is something better and similar would like to check into that??

    The only bad thing is we DO have wifi in the house for my special devices for the Deaf (flashing lights, Videophone, alarms for fire/carbon doixide. etc...) these things MUST be on at all times to alert me to danger or get assistance from police when if necessary.

    My partner will not allow me to throw away the microwave :-( the only thing that must stay.

    What is a smart meter? How can I learn more about that?
  8. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    I am going to cut and paste this list for daily reviewing till it becomes automatic :). THANKS!
  9. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Hi Nonchalant

    Can you give me some suggestions about the Earthing mat?? It is plugged in grounded and we have low EMF in the bedroom and it works for me for sleep (less restless) sooo wondering if there is something else better out there similar and not too costly??
  10. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Suz, would you be able to put a ground rod in the soil near your bedroom? Instead of grounding through your home's electrical system, an improvement would be to ground directly to the soil.
  11. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Ok, so where do I find one :)?? Is it expensive?
  12. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    This is the one I bought. I was surprised at the low cost. It is made of brass, with a copper layer on the outside. But it is 8 feet long, and quite difficult to pound into the ground. You may be able to find a shorter one somewhere. I absolutely love mine, the grounding sheet is so good for my back. The fact that the rod goes so deep means it gets down to the moist soil (an issue here in Texas) for better conduction. You would also have to buy a grounding rod clamp to attach the wire.

    I also tried grounding with a short metal tent stake, while on vacation. I wasn't impressed, but it is much easier to just push a short spike into the dirt.

    Last edited: Sep 26, 2013
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    you can have tea and coffee if it is appropriate for you ...green tea is good. Everything around here is about context!
  14. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Ok, so the next question is from my bedroom window to this grounding rod, do we have to build hole to connect the wires to my room and what about that "grounding sheet" you mentioned do I need that too?? Can you please explain we would like to do this before winter here soon in Wisconsin :).

  15. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Hi Caroline,

    the saying "everything here is about context?" not sure what that means-grin. However, I am doing well this past weekend I have done the following:

    1. Drank 2-3L of Spring water
    2. Added tuna, shrimp, and scallops to my diet (at least each day I ate one of them!).
    3. Walked or hiked 5 plus miles each day
    4. Did my first ever CT in the swimming pool!! Had my partner watch me to make sure I didn't have a heart attack or pass out, but the water temp in the pool today was 60 degrees (ok, I know its not 55 degrees, but still was a challenge!!) I was able to stay in it for 20 minutes and afterwards the following had happened:
    a. My skin felt great and soft!!!
    b. my BG before was 131 dropped to 118!
    c. All of my usual body pain either disappeared or I felt so "light" and calm
    d. decreased hunger/cravings was noticeable later in the evening???

    5. I lost 5lbs over the weekend!
    6. Started to wear orange glasses earlier in the evenings when the sun went down instead of 2 hours before bed.

    Hmmmm, so far good (though not perfect with sticking to Paleo 100% but not bad either). Tmw, Monday I will start doing CT 3x a week to see what noticeable differences it will make by the end of the week :). It will start to get cold at night 50 degrees or so. I will try the evening time to do CT and see if it further aids with sleep?? I still taking 800mg Mag Malate during the day and Mag Threonate & Melatonin 10mg before bed. Wondering if I should switch since I heard that Mag Threonate is for brain functioning and Mag malate might be better choice for nighttime to aid with sleep??

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :).
  16. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    We just attached a small wire to the grounding rod, made a small hole in our window screen, and ran the wire between the window and the sill. For the grounding sheet, you could use the Earthing pad you already have. I purchased material from lessemf.com.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I think you are doing just great! I am very proud of you. The pool sounds great and you will get used to it as the temp drops.

    "everything in context". Is one
    of JK's very favorite phrases. It doesn't matter what works for him or me or anyone else...yoy have to find your own n=1. So if you were to ask him "should I take more thyroid meds" how could he possibly answer you unless he was your Doc and could lay eyes on you and know all your labs?

    Dr.K always tells us ....we need to have a partner Doc to get to optimal health.

    Remember he is just the guy with the flashlight......he can't fix anyone....even his own family. He speaks about his wife on another thread about how he was 5 years into this before she jumped on board!

    Please keep asking questions and especially if you don't quite understand what we say.

    Congrats on the 5lbs ...and it seems C/T is already working its magic! If you ever feel like giving up always remember that you just have to start all over again.....Not worth it!! Always come here for support if needed.

    If you have a choice buy other than tuna....but don't worry about it just yet...once again .you are doing so well - trust what Dr. K is saying ...But continue to question everything including him. :)
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It might be a good idea to switch the mags around. Be careful doing C/T too late at night. You might not be able to warm up enough before bed and some people find it hard to sleep - while others sleep great. Once again - you need to find your own n=1. :)

    Why is your partner not C/T ing with you? Great oxytocin benefits!
  19. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    She too chicken ha lol. She is slowly doing Paleo with me but not the extreme that I am doing-grin. Many people think we are "crazy" or over our heads doing these biohacking stuff and/or Paleo in general is not taken very well be the general public. We know better, good thing I am Deaf no need to worry about what other's think or say, I am not gonna hear it anyways ha lol.
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Super great attitude ...I love it! I spoke of this before somewhere ...I was at the little farmer's market we have on Fridays and I was talking to the meat people. I asked for chicken liver and was some surprised when she told me they sell out really fast because there are so many people on a Paleo diet!

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