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Not So Silent Newbie

Discussion in 'Optimal Reset 2013' started by suzgaray, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Hello My name is Suzette and I am DEAF (proud to be!) and this is my first attempt to write a journal here. Even though I have Ph.D. and the first Hispanic Deaf to get it in USA, written English is NOT my primary first language. I much rather prefer ASL or what we call VLOG (video signing!). However, I decided to embarked on this journey and would like to try doing a written journal here. I guess I should apologize if my English written is not clear or doesn't follow proper grammar. I just want to be able to write my mind freely so if I don't make any sense oh well at least it beats talking to myself :).

    Where do I begin?? Hmmm, to keep a long story short. I am T2D, and was on 12 different meds for the past 15 years and I felt like I was getting sicker, more tired, and in pain all the time. I finally decided to do something about it because my healthcare was more interested in feeding me PILLS then helping me find a way to better health. I believe this is true for many of us who are Govt./medicare dependents. I think we are the "gennie pigs" for trying new meds and collecting data whether its successful or not they don't care. So with that in mind, I started the Paleo/Primal diet under Mark's Apple, then moved to Tim Ferriss 4 hour body, then moved to Dave's Asprey's Bulletproof diet. BF diet worked the best for me with BPC in the mornings and IF protocol following eating 2x a day be done before 8PM. After 9 months I lost my first 70lbs (I am obese about 150lbs overweight so almost half way there!) I must say that I did not follow my doctor's advise to continue those meds, I threw them all away and went cold turkey had BG so out of whack for awhile (200-300 mg) but after the horrible storm and sickness (the usual WD and symptoms of letting go of gluten, sugar, following low carbs, etc..., about 6 weeks I finally was able to breath and see the light at the end of the tunnel and I keep focus on that. My sugars are better (maybe not to norm, but at least workable for me!) averaging in 120-145 mg range, headaches, body pains, night sweats, fatigue, all were gone. I could now focus more on the diet and the new energy gave me the desire to work out, see it all was worth it. The only meds I DO take is Levirmer at bedtime because I have that critical Dawn phenomena effect where my fasting sugars are still too high in the mornings (140-160 mg) but after mid morning it drops below 120 mg. I believe after I get a better grip on my eating habits and lose more weight it will better. I finally found Dr. Kruse stuff by accident in the forum of Dave's Asprey website. I was curious to know who he was and what his views were. I immediately bought his book EPI-Leptin Rx book and read it several times and decided to give it a try which means eating BAB at least 50g of protein in the morning, continue to follow paleo diet but little or no starches, AND soon will embark on CT protocol in hopes this will be the right direction to move forward. I have been stuck and regained 10 lbs in the past 4 months (not bad considering what others who have similar backgrounds-wink!). Soooo, this is where I begin.

    Thanks for "listening" :).
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I always listen........tell me about your deafness. It may hold a clue to your issues. The Type 2 got me.......interested. When did you develop it and were you born deaf? If so was it a mother's viral load during pregnancy that did it? If so your metabolic syndrome and obesity all make sense.
  3. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    I was born Deaf with two possible gentic factors (sp?) My mother was exposed to Rubella during 1963 rubella epedemic?? AND deafness seems to be in my family DNA called the RH factor (absence of the cochlea??) there are 3 generations of deafness in my family. Due to Hispanic background all female members in my family after age 30 hit T2D and two males (uncles).

    Hope that helps?? :)
  4. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Today I ate my first 52g of protein and it was NOT easy (yuck!) but I assume it will get better. I wish to find some recipes for covering the BAB diet more easily? Dr. Kruse or anyone do you know if his new book on recipes has suggestions for covering 50g of protein?? I want to buy the book but I have so MANY Paleo diet books hard to determine if I need to buy this one?? Also I am looking into the CT I tried to dunk my face into the ice bowl and I got an instance Mirgrane Headache?? Yikes, soooooo I know I am severely LeptinR so I was wondering about the cold vest and compression shirt protocol?? I seem to do well with getting cold on my body first (lots of polar bear fat to keep me warm-wink!). I need to be careful about cold extremities in hands, feet due to diabetic neuropathy I already suffer from. However, it is nowhere near to what I was experiencing when I was on those awful statins!!!
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    That makes sense........Rubella is what I was betting on.......it explains perfectly well why you have the other problems. Rubella affliction at the time the temporal lobe and cochlea are growing are also tied to the exact same times the P 450 system is in the liver.......rubella cause massive losses of energy on the developing neocortex. Hearing develops adjacent to teeth gums jaw and gut on the somatosensory neocortex........so if you got rubella it means it affected the SQUID over the neocortex of the superior temporal lobe........this will affect thalamocortical pathways to and from your brain and your gut.......to give you T2D and obesity.......here is another irony.......Ammon's horn involved in acoustic pathways are the most energy intensive on the cortex......so when it is affected it will try to steal energy from adjacent areas.......and the adjacent areas in embryology would predict what happened to you........based upon my model of the quantum brain in EE5.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I am so glad you started a journal.....we can learn so much from you. Don't worry about your grammar or english etc.
    You are in great company! Dr. K doesn't give a hoot about that as you will see from reading his blogs! I am saying that in the nicest possible way :)

    Suzette - add more fat in for your BAB .... it is a lot easier than trying to stuff more protein down. Do you have a crock pot?
    Just throw a leg of lamb in the crockpot in the evening and there you have it....Breakfast! I always think more dinner for breakfast - but what ever makes you happy! Are you doing epi-paleo? altho a lot of us find that eating seafood for breakfast isn't filling enough. I usually eat a combo of fish and meat. Just have a tin of sardines and then bacon and eggs and a BPC or two.
  7. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Welcome, Suzette! Glad to have you here with us. We have someone else on the forum that has beaten the Dawn Phenomenon. CT was crucial for that.
  8. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    How can I find that person to determine what is the best way to start the CT? I like said before I attempted the face-dunk and I got an instant Migrane headache!! Can I go a step ahead and use the cold vest?? My body tolerates more cold than another parts (I have to be careful with extremities due to diabetic neuropathy).
  9. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Dr. Kruse,

    So am I doomed :-( is it possible to get optimal?? I refuse to give into the SAD, and my doctor's who believe I have to be on insulin for life!
  10. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Hi Caroline,

    Unfortunately, I do not tolerate meat fats well ( I barf!) so the only fats I seem to do well is MCT oils, avocado, bacon, grassfed beef, goat, elk, lamb, tallow, grassfed lard, etc... Can I continue to use these??
  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Suzgaray, welcome! I for sure know you are not doomed :love:. You are doing so well, so glad to have you here!
  12. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    So far in 3 days in :):

    Monday morning BG reading: 168mg Before bed: 148mg (I take 30 mg of Levirmer insulin at night)
    Tuesday morning BG reading: 157mg Before bed: 167 mg
    Wednesday morning BG reading: 147mg Before bed: 156 mg

    Measure of Deep sleep (from jawbone up device) + wear orange glasses two hours before bed + sleep with a mask (I MUST have a nightlight in room due to Deafness use the special dim blue nightlight from Bulletproof) + Earthing mat sleep directly on it naked! + still use CPAP machine :-( I have sleep Apnea.

    Monday sleep: 5.6 hours of deep sleep got up 3 times 12:00, 2:45, 5:45 AM for peeing
    Tuesday sleep: 5.8 hours of deep sleep got up 1:30, 3:25 AM for peeing
    Wednesday sleep: 6.2 hours of deep sleep got up 2:35 AM for pee!! (Yay, only once!!!! First time in a long time-whew!).

    Energy levels GOOD: I have a natural body clock and I normally awake up at 7:00 AM each morning my body seems to know when I need to get up??? I find this strange If I tell myself I have to get up at 6 or 7 or 8 AM I never have missed it!

    Pain levels Mild/Moderate: I use this to determine if I need to take more or less Magnesium at night how my body feels through night and first thing in the morning.
  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Except for MCT and avocado, all above have preponderance of omega6 no matter how organic or grass fed it is.

    Proteins come with fat.
    There are also separate fats.

    The idea is to divide fat sources into three categories.

    Souce of Omega 6
    Source of Omega 3
    Source of energy

    Without benefit of testing, the chances are that you (and most everybody else) have way too much of omega 6.

    I suggest that for the next six months you stay away from foods that contain lots of omega 6.
    Omega 6 is everywhere, it is very hard to avoid it, you will not be 100% successful, do not worry you will not starve via lack of omega 6.

    Additionally, unless found otherwise by testing, do not use fish oils or krill oils. They have unhealthy high levels of EPA.

    from salt sea waters


    Eating can food watch for any oils they come with, often it is oil with high omega 6 content, drain it out or get other brand.


    Last edited: Sep 25, 2013
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Suze! I am not exactly sure what you meant here....do you mean meat fat by itself? what about GF butter? It sounds like you eat a great selection anyway. Do you eat sardines? salmon? oysters?
  15. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Hi Caroline,

    Yes, I cannot eat meat that has lot of fat on it?? I only tolerate lean or ground meats only. So I add my good fats separately like eat whole avocado or add MCT oil/Coconut oils to coffee or cooking or eat lots of Kerrygold butter (unsalted) with meals or cooking, etc... I do not understand Janz?? It seems like people who respond to me talk "way over my head" in English so I am doing a lot of guessing what they mean??? I like crabs, octopus, and tuna which I eat at least once a week (wild caught only) so I need to up those more regularly?? Is that what she means?? I have bad alleregic reactions to other ones you mentioned. I can tolerate shrimp but hard to find "clean" ones most fish are very expensive so I avoid them most of the time. But, I do eat regular wild caught tuna from Whole foods???
  16. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Hi Janz,

    I am sorry I do not understand :-(. How do you stay away from omega 6?? What exactly am I looking for that would have omega 6 content?? I thought it was nuts, any seed oils, etc... so I avoid those already have done so for almost 2 years now??
  17. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Hi Jansz,

    Sorry I take that back about nuts. I DO eat raw macademic nuts a handle full for snack to avoid sugar cravings or eating something bad :).
  18. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Is Green Pasture Blue Ice fermented Raw Cod liver oil not any good?? Should I stop taking that?? Before I took it 2 years ago my Good HDL was like 16 then after taking this stuff it shot up over 38 (with no statins!!) which was shocking so my doctor says to keep taking that if not going to take her advice to take those awful statins?? I will have my Lipids profile retested next month so I can compare again.
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    This is getting way to complicated! I usually put butter on top of my hamburgers. So you need to try to eat seafood at least once a day if you can. Just baby steps here until you work it all out

    I eat lots of salmon - canned and fresh and sardines and mackerel. You just do what you can. What about scallops and mussels and calamari? Seafood is very expensive here so I do what I can.

    I was going to tell you this before.....what we eat is only 10% ....reduce your EMFexposure, avoid fake light, drink spring water, C/t and grounding are the most important things to do .....the other 90%

    So, you can see, while food - especially seafood, is important ....all the rest is way more important to control.

    dr. Kruse has always said " just do the best that you can do"

    I will write more later .....ask me more questions! I am at thebeack and it is so windy - I am totally getting sandblasted!
  20. suzgaray

    suzgaray New Member

    Hi Caroline,

    Whew, I was getting very discouraged :-( feel so overwhelmed reading everything here and that guy Dextry?? who cut the ice in the snow and went in was way over my head. Most of the people who I see or read their stories are either young, skinny, or in great shape? I don't see much of anything for those who are severely obese, T2D, and/or have a host of other health problems how are they doing on this site?? Hmmmm, so I guess if I AM doing the following:

    1. Eating a paleo/primal diet (be it Mark, Dave's, Kruse, protocols etc...) so long as I remove grains, sugar, starches, bad foods (to the best of my abilities), stick to low carb less 50g a day etc... work on getting my FBG below 120 mg on a steady regular basis (but aiming for that 80 mg below for optimal) AM I DOING OK??
    2. Use orange glasses 2 hours before bed, sleep with mask, use Earthing mat, take 800mg of Mag Malate to assist with sleep AM I DOING OK?
    3. Begin the CT process SLOWLY! to aid with T2D and further reducing FBG? AM I DOING OK??

    thats about all I can do for now :-(.

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