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Non-Specific T-Wave Abnormality

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Alison N, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Alison N

    Alison N Gold

    Jack, what do you think some of the causes of this are? I had an EKG in 2014 that showed normal and the one I got yesterday showed non specific t-wave abnormality. The T axis had a value of 1.

    I've been reading about it but it seems pretty multi factorial... I'm wondering what changes you see in patients with developing cardiac issues?... What's one of the first signs to look for in regards to cardiomyopathy? What does this abnormality signify to you? I'm getting an echo done and a holter monitor for weird electrical sensations over the past three weeks.. but its concerning and my stress doesn't help.

    For some context, I've never had any issues with my heart other than.. some episodes of on/off ectopic beats over the past two years. I had one EKG per year that showed them to be normal.... A lot of green tea or yerba or coffee may have contributed. Upping magnesium sometimes helped but over the course of the last month, the sensations have changed. they are like lightning bolt sensations.. which could be coming from degeneration in my cervical spine, but also shortness of breath. Sometimes I wake up in the night, sweating.. my pulse is at 140 and it feels heavy to breathe. Some strange left arm pain as well.

    Only about 8% of patients with ACS present with normal ECGs, but many others are labeled initially as having only “nonspecific” T-wave changes. This study’s findings suggest that we consider T-wave abnormalities as markers of ischemic heart disease and that the deeper the inversion, the higher the risk. When T-wave abnormalities are not known to be preexisting, they should be considered as new ECG changes, and patients should be admitted to a hospital or ED observation unit accordingly.

    Thank you for any input!
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Most causes of heart electrical abnormalities are related to the environment you choose.
  3. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

    Hi Alison,
    So sorry for your suffering. Agree with Jack re ENVIRONMENT.
    Where are the Smart Meters for your apartment and for the building you live in?
    Could they be triggers for you?
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    T waves for me speak to mitochondrial heteroplasmy expansion for some reason.
  5. Alison N

    Alison N Gold

    Perhaps you are right, Jack. My first sign was the ectopics (which started out as rare). The past 6 months, however, I've gotten the electric like-symptoms. I've tested the electric fields at work. They are low EXCEPT 10 feet from where I sit.. then they go high. I generally try to sit where those fields drop off.. but it's against a wall on the third floor. I can't take an accurate body voltage meter so I don't know how much I'm picking up other then measuring the fields directly. The RF are about the same as my apartment, not super high, not super low. I feel BETTER at home though.. not perfect, but better than work. The CFL bulbs above me and their flicker don't help. I do know this is harming me and I'm working on getting out of there as quickly as I can without going homeless in the process.

    In regards to heteroplasmy, how can I determine HOW these EMF's are altering my heart function. My echo showed "trace / physiological regurgitation" in the mitral, pulmonic and tricuspid valve. No aortic issue. This and the t-wave abnormality. I've read about connections to protozoa infections and african sleeping sickness causing problems. I came back from SE Asia and it was 2-3 weeks after that these issues returned. Flicker causing parasitic problems? I'm taking Ivermectin, but I see I must leave this job ASAP. Level of health is definitely related to how much money you have.
  6. Alison N

    Alison N Gold

    Funny you mention that - I haven't been able to find the smart meters in this place and no one has gotten back with me yet about my inquiry. It's time to follow up again.

    In my last apartment .. where I discovered I had mold/lyme issues.. I had to leave. I've never felt so bad in my life - turned out there were SIX SMART METERS on the wall right under where my couch sat. At that time in my life, I didn't understand anything about EMFs, so I've had a sharp learning curve. In retrospect, it all makes so much sense. So far nothing is visible to me and I don't feel like I felt there. I've reduced every field that I can control .. but it's just not good enough.
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  7. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

    You might try calling the utility companies who provide your service.
    Here are the #'s for PGE and NW Nat. Gas:
    503 228-6322 PGE
    800 422-4012 NWNG

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