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Non Soy Source for phosphatidylcholine?

Discussion in 'The Epi-Paleo Diet' started by persistence, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. persistence

    persistence New Member

    I have a problem digesting soy. Is there a non-soy (sunflower?) source for phospholipids such as phosphatidylcholine?
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  2. Kristi Lambert

    Kristi Lambert New Member

  3. persistence

    persistence New Member

    Nonono!!! Placing a phospholipid into a fat base DISABLES ITS BIOAVAILABILITY!!!! This is one of the biggest scams in nutrition. The large industrial seed companies all convinced the regulators to allow them to take their engineered lecithin formulas and put 30% phospholipids into those and then call the resulting goo a "phosphatidylcholine". But it isn't bioavailable! It's just lecithin. Yes, it contains phospholipids, but your body cannot incorporate them into cell structure because of how they were packaged. They conveniently forget to tell you that on the product label. To my thinking, it is an obscene violation of consumer trust.

    Here is a great video, and I am pointing you into the part of the video that explains how this scam works:

    If you want bioavailable phospholipids, you need to buy a product where those have been extracted out of the lecithin, and packaged alone, not in a fat base. BodyBio makes a great one, but theirs is from soy. I found this one on Amazon that looks good from sunflower lecithin:

  4. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Pure Encapsulations has a phosphatidylserine that is sunflower derived, but as for a choline supplement….why not eat eggs and sardines?
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  5. Kristi Lambert

    Kristi Lambert New Member

    Thanks so much for the info, SeaHorse, now I know what to put into my frittata tomorrow :)
  6. persistence

    persistence New Member

    To be clear, we don't want the choline. We want phosphatidylcholine, which is directly used to build cell membranes.

    If you are fighting a metabolic disease that attacks cell membrane structure, there aren't enough hours in a day to eat all of the whole foods needed to supply enough bioavailable phospholipids.

    I have noticed that most all encompassing phospholipids include just three out of the four on the label and leave out phosphatidylserine. Then you see other supplements that offer just phosphatidylserine. Any idea why no one puts it all together in one supplement?
  7. Kristi Lambert

    Kristi Lambert New Member

  8. persistence

    persistence New Member

    This is soy lecithin, not isolated phospholipids. It's all there in the ingredients list:

    Each 1 teaspoon (3.3 grams) serving contains:
    • Soy Lecithin 3,333 mg
    • Phosphatidyl Choline 1,333 mg

    The phosphatidylcholine in this product will not be bioavailable to reconstruct cell membranes because of this packaging.
  9. Kristi Lambert

    Kristi Lambert New Member

    Thanks for the 411, I just happened to see this link and thought it might be worth investigation because it listed the phosphatidylcholine and because they said they remove the soy. Thanks for pointing out that it needs to be isolated phospholipids. Please let us know if you find something in the proper form as I for one would love to learn - I am a newbie that can't read Chinese but knows she needs to eat Chinese :)
  10. persistence

    persistence New Member

    I'm trying out this one:


    Wow, this stuff is expensive though. It's no wonder why the seed industry wants to scam people with cheap lecithin.

    I'm going to guess that the reason these products - properly packaged - are so expensive is that they need to be in a liposomal shell to be delivered into the cell. That's a tougher manufacturing process. Liposomal Vitamin C, Liposomal Glutathione, etc are all similarly expensive products.
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  11. Kristi Lambert

    Kristi Lambert New Member

    Thanks so much, I will check it out. LOL, I have been trying to make my own liposomal Vit C with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and it's a pain in the buttocks. :)
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  12. karliin brooks

    karliin brooks New Member

  13. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

  14. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray Martha Ray, New Member

    Thanks for the Phospholipid info..... I'm flying blind on that subject.

    I spent a very long time replying only to lose my post - poo! Don't you just hate that when it happens... JanSz would approve though it cut off a zillion unnecessary words.

    Thanks for mentioning Optimal PC by Seeking Health ,,,,will check out as I really like Dr. Ben Lynch and I've been happy with his Dirty Genes book and the products I purchased from them.

    ....can remember I shared that I have taken Lekithos sunflower Lecithin in the past and lately was taking 'Soy' PhosChol by Nutrasal (may not be agreeing with me something flaring my eczema) also wondered about about Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Phospholipids https://www.vitacost.com/nordic-naturals-omega-3-phospholipids

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  15. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray Martha Ray, New Member

    *A friend told me that both Pure Encapsulation's Soy-free, GMO-free, sunflower-derived phosphatidylcholine and Carlson Cod Liver Oil are helping her greatly with her histamine intolerance. My husband and I had both been taking PhosChol which is Soy derived and it may not be agreeing with me rashes dry itchy eczema like rashes and dry skin. Unknown but I usually avoid soy products because I have had reactions from them in the past.

    Wondering if the Seeking Health Product worked for you?
    Optimal PC | 8 Ounces | Provides 5,200 mg of Blended Phospholipids (Phosphatidycholine, Phophatidylethalnolamine, and Phosphatidylinositol) | Non-Soy | Non-Gmo | Free of Common Allergens | Only PC Complex Of Its Kind! | Seeking Health.

    I need help spring and fall for histamine intolerance. Also if someone knows a trusted vendor to buy the Pure Encapsulation's product please let me know. I usually buy from Wellevate or Vitacost but not finding it from them.
    I used to use Lekithos but my husband's functional cardiologist said food sources have been proven harmful he recommends PhosChol also expensive.

    Lekithos.com | Lekithos® - Official Site | Lecithin, Plant ...
    LEKITHOS ® - MORE TH AN JUST SUNFLOWER LECITHIN. Over the years, Lekithos has evolved from a lecithin company to one of the leading plant based innovators in the marketplace. Today our assortment includes eleven different single ingredient organic plant proteins, seven kinds of organic nutritional oils and four ready-to-cook organic meals (www.sunflowerfamily.us), besides various types of ..

    Like I have mentioned before I am not knowledgeable about Phospholipids. *My friends good results perked my interest again.

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