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No, Really, I'm in a tub of icewater and documenting on the interwebs. . by cavemam.

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. No bear eating now - just planning ahead to add to the pantry post apocalypse. Rotted meat needs some company.

    In farm country - just came across little place w local pastured pork stuffs. Cheap! I am cursing the hcg and lack of dry ice.
  2. The view during lunch

  3. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Maybe I didn't read far enough back, so I apologize if said this already, but are you vacationing in SD? If so, what parts? And, welcome to SoDak and all it entails! :)
  4. Family reunion in ND, but spent a few days in SD on the way up!

    At family place now - beautiful day out - but all kids in basement playing video games. Banquet in place is all American 4th of July fare - the sights and smells are tough. Perhaps I should have timed the hcg round better.

    Lots of docs in the family - and its so hard to keep my mouth shut. Must lead by example and only inform when they ask for it.

    Watching the overweight kids chow down on spaghetti and chips etc. I need a bark collar for myself.
  5. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Tough to keep your mouth shut when you see people eating poorly around you. Stay strong on hcg protocol! It's tough when traveling, but it sounds like you planned well for it while you're gone. Enjoy your trip!
  6. Vacation is taking a toll on my willpower stores. I can't wait to get back to my house where I can distract with productivity and not stand in front of all kinds of foods I am not eating. Its started to sour my enjoyment of being around others. Also we wussed out and let my son eat with the other kids so he wasn't a complete outcast. He so wanted to fit in and play and be with his cousins - and as an only child, this is one of the few opportunities he gets to socialize with family kids.

    I can also tell all the very kind and well meaning relatives are getting a little sick of our sneakily trying not to eat. My husband is a good seasonal paleo eater - and he isnt touching any of it either.

    Cornered by grandma this morning wanting to know what they can fix that we will eat - how can one say to gramma and the others slaving over dinner that "yea, thats meat but it's factory meat and we don't eat it." They are making chicken for dinner just so we have something to eat - Husband is going to take one for the team, but I'm sticking to my HCG guns.

    On a fun note - I founf some precooked cocktail shrimp and the good foil packs of crab!!!! Excited as I made these practical meat/spinach balls that are dry and godawful to choke down. I was gonna cry if i had to keep eating those. So much for the bland food theory.

    I can't get away with saying some excuse like "medication" as the docs would be all over that. This is such a gracious, kind, and truly giving family (my husbands, not mine) - I hate looking like the stuck up crazy wife.

    I can skip a dose tomorrow and I think I will, Last week that was the best day yet as far as hunger went.
  7. Husband and I both did a consult with Jack with our 23andme result. . .so awesome. This was totally worth the consult and cost of the tests. I found out some great things and some thing I'm not exactly thrilled about. But knowing what ties to me specifically is going to make keeping on the right path easier.

    Will write more on consult experience section - but woah. How fortunate are we to have access to something like this? Instead of whining today I am going to count my blessings.
  8. ok, Back from Vacation. Whew.

    All I can say, is I won't be taking a vacation while on HCG again. What a drag! Kinda goes to that question of "quality of life". Eating epi paleo with family is do-able for me, but not eating at all while around all the family events and sitting there drinking black coffee while husband and son eat at restaurants is not pleasant. The outcast was strong.

    I did not stray from the protocol once! Yay for me, I'm nothing if not able to diligently complete the task at hand!

    Weighed this a.m., so I'm on day 25 and I'm down a net 20 lbds or an average of .8 lbds a day. I'm assuming the remaining days will go slower so it seems likely I will land at the .5-.75 lbds a day average. I'm going to go to 40 days then stop injections.

    I still don't think an everyday weigh is good for me, I will probably go nuts at the ups and stalls.

    I'm really glad I got my eating on track and in order (and ed conquered) BEFORE doing this. Since I'm not done with the round, nor stabalized (JK says he wouldn't be suprised if I had issues with that considering my situation). . .you can take my advice with a grain of salt
  9. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Thanks for stopping by and giving me a different side of the story. I know part of my problem comes from 2 things: First, he always remembers his mother's, father's & brother. Me, that's another story. My ex was the same way. Family, yes - me, no. Makes me wonder. Now if neither didn't remember family I wouldn't feel so bad. Second: My hormones (or lack thereof) really affect me. I can tell how things are as they go up and down. This year I gave up and didn't let it ruin my day at least but I'm sure my hormones were at a better place too. I basically told him I give up and it doesn't matter anymore. I thought I could at least look at it as I don't have to worry about his and stress over "what do I get him routine." I will be reading what you said many times to help it sink in. I do appreciate the feedback so always feel free.

    Did you say you were doing the Djugan thing or looking into it? Curious what your thoughts are. From my last consult with Jack on Friday, I have to find a GOOD bio doc. I have looked into Djugan but really didn't want to shell out that much money.
  10. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Just catching up ... love the bear pic but honestly? sound advice from the local Game & Fish guy when the mountain lion was on our deck ... lions you talk nasty to and they'll run away. Bears? Be soft spoken, pleasant, polite and sloooowwwwwwly back away.

    Wildlife is great. As long as it stays out in the wild and out of my backyard.

    Sorry about the stress from your family reunion. My hubby's family knows me enough to ask what I'm currently doing (code for "ok, what crazy assed diet are you doing NOW?") and they pretty much respect it.

    I just tell people, I don't/can't eat "that." and now they pretty much leave me alone.

    Had I been in YOUR shoes I might have said something along the lines of "You know that looks really good but my DOCTOR has told me to avoid that for the time being." When pressed by the family of docs I would have simply said, you know it's just too complicated to get into and I'm here to have FUN not rehash medical and or health issues."

    But that's ME. Don't know if it would have been helpful in YOUR situation or not. sometimes just changing the subject is useful.

    Glad you're back home safe and sound! And I'm thrilled to hear your consult with the 23andme info was very helpful. I'm saving up to get that test run and for a consult with Jack myself.

    ETA: I hear bear meat is really greasy and strong tasting. I'll stick to antelope, deer, buffalo and elk, TYVM.
  11. Feeling so tip-top today! No hunger, and I worked out in the new garden about 3 hrs this a.m.

    I took a warmish (I really wanted cold!) magnesium heavy bath . . . and body comp is for sure changing. I was crawling with wrinkly abdomen skin and my tummy floated up in a completely different way. I must figure out this topical DHEA thing! I'm happy to say I have some major loose and saggy skin.

  12. Or carry firearms! Yehaaaaw!
  13. HCG update: yesterday was fascinating. I got into some kind of crazy groove. I spent about 4 hrs in the a.m. laboring in the garden, moving bricks around and accomplished some heavy duty work. I was worried about this, because I didn't want to work out TOO much and throw the hcg stuff.

    BUT the entire time I was on a smooth and easy energy path, zero hunger or thoughts of food, zero thirst! I realized about 2.5 hrs in that I had not really drank anything that day yet was working pretty hard. I felt like I was in such a fat burning groove. I was working and my body was providing the fuel. I didn't experience fatigue or tiredness at any point the rest of the day either. Loved it.

    After finishing, I took a long epsom salt bath. A little sore today - but it's a very mild all over sore. Considering how much shoveling,digging, planting and HL I was doing this is kinda neat.

    I'm interested to see if my body compensates by being hungrier today.

  14. HCG Groove is going. Did too much physical labor on Sunday and my muscles in legs are S O R E. I'm thinking not enough protein to heal properly? Now I feel I have an excuse to ask the Caveman to do my nefarious bidding.

    I am on day 29 tomorrow. I could quit if I wanted. I do not, now I'm trying to eek every last lost little lbd out.

    Something I'm pondering today. I read through most of the post on here, and I hear from so many that have symptoms on how they feel. I am finding it a little strange that I don't. I'm talking about my state of being right before starting the hcg.

    Pulse around 60-65 rhr

    Blood Pressure 90/60

    No digestive issues that I can tell. I can eat all foods in any quantity and never have issues. No probs with fats or chocolate or coffee or nightshades for that matter. On the very rare times I had some grains, no digestive issues what so ever.

    Energy/productivity super duper

    Sanity/Mood/demeanor - super duper and amazingly sane. No emotional ups or down - generally happy and handling life as it comes.

    HSCRP - .09 (Jack says should be below 1)

    Sleep - awesome. I do mind the light cycles with lights out and orange glasses and sleeping 2 hrs after sunset.

    SOOOOOOOO - So much seems right. I keep reading about all the ladies with hormonal upheaval and how they feel - and I got none of that bad mojo.

    Only problems with me are fat storage (still got it!) and my cheeks get a little red because I quit using sunscreen. I must remember more hats!

    At what point does one let go of a size or look? For me, LOOKS = MONEY - I simply make more money the better looking I am. I get more referrals and when I meet people and talk business they respond better when I look better.

    I am hoping to find SOMETHING in the hormone panel that I can fix - but what if I don't

    Right now I am indeed smelling the roses. Literally, I got some classic english rose with that rose scent and I'm sitting by it and sniffin!
  15. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Are you becoming LS by chance? You sound like you have a lot of the signs.
  16. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    So Cavemam, you're doing a round of hcg? How's it going ... are you doing strict protocol? sounds like you've added in CT as well.

    I finally got my order, just need the big mixing syringe and I'm good to go. I plan on doing a 21 day round. PERIOD. That much of the protocol I'm going to follow. But I'm thinking of eating more protein, no bread sticks and no fruit.
  17. shrimp for dinner last night, shrimp for bfast this a.m.

    went to buy some (gasp) short shorts for hanging outside in the sun in my fab new outdoor space. This is the first year I've actually worn shorts EVER. Seems the wiser I get, the more I just don't give a flip about all the things not normal about how I look.

    So, on a whim, went to the regular ladies section (not the "womens" which is code for fat) and picked up some 18's, 16's and just for giggles a normal ol XL in running shorts.

    16's all loose, and the XL running shorts are a little baggy.

    W T F!

    Don't know my weight, but I think I may be at an all time low. I have one pair of "skinny jeans" that I tried yesterday (size 14) and could barely get the buttoned. I must have been able to wear them at some point, otherwise they wouldn't be washed. So - I've got two more weeks, I hope they fit by that time!

    NEXT UP ON THE LIST OF THINGS TO DO: Ski. I've never gone skiing because my calf's are ginormous and I'm afraid of the humiliation of them not fitting into boots (I can't wear footwear boots), and then I wear a size 12 and the humiliation of asking for THAT. I have to do it anyways as I will NOT deprive my child of fun activities because I might be embarrassed.

    Now I can pull out my 23andME and say "ARE YOU DISCRIMINATING AGAINST NEANDERTHALS?"
  18. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    What a great feeling to go shopping and be surprised about your size! Yay! And, great you are going to take your kids skiing! !!!
  19. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Lol, Cavemam, I got the opposite problem with the ski boots.... if the boot size fits I can still pull out my foot!! We're not one size fits all or one shape fits all.

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