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No, Really, I'm in a tub of icewater and documenting on the interwebs. . by cavemam.

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    They love blondes, too!
  2. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    I bet they love anything female. Right?

  3. Don't go bustin my bubble! It's the one time in my life I felt like the A-list. I didn't buy my own food or drink the entire time I was there!
  4. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    It was all you, no question about it!
  5. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    I meant about the red hair thing. Of COURSE it was YOU! Silly woman! What red blooded man could possibly resist you (and that is not a sarcastic remark!).
  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Thanks Cavemam..lol Thats a brilliant idea.. I am not thinking it was only the read hair of yours though that made you attractive, but the whole amazing Cavemam package..lol just sayin.. :)

    Now.. I just have money enough for supporting myself with food so it is not really an option. hmmm.

    And I get enough male attention here too..lol Now I am in no hurry to find a new partner as long as I feel I need to heal more first, it is my first priority you see. I do went on a few dates and they were beautiful, I also stayed over night by one of them but I could not sleep well, it was waaay too warm in the room, it was in the city so it was way too loud if the window was open.. I just missed my own cold and dark bedroom too much.. And here I can take no male friends because of the rules of my parents. I am not going to question their rules, this is their house after all. I have no money for own appartement now, they are expensive here so I do am happy I can live here for free. Now, I will not stay here forever so that makes it much easier to handle, I know it is only for a while.

    Might do just good to be in a monastery for a while to cool down for this crazy girl anyways..lol Who knows!
  7. 207.2. No variation in body weight nor body fat %. With my history, one could consider that no gains ARE a success however.

    Probably the first time in my life I've been eating ad libitum without major gains.

    Stable for 2 months now.

    Health markers seem good. Need to test inflammation and some of the basics again, it's been 6 months - but I don't think I've got issues in those departments.

    The pattern I'm in now - I would say these are averages:

    IF 14 hrs a day

    Break Fast with Stab Proof Coffee (not quite bullet proof as I use raw butter/cream)

    Eat fat/protein at around hour 16-18.

    Fat tea a couple of hrs later

    Stab Proof Coffee or a latte with raw milk or yogurt/nuts/apple a couple of hrs later

    Dinner 3 hrs later with a protein and try to get some greens and veggies in, even if just a few bites. Also a few bites of ferments.

    All drinks contain 99% chocolate and most meals and I nibble it frequently.

    Fish, have totally backed off on that. Now probably 5X a week.

    Protein - along with my fish backing off, I'm finding my protein consumption has fallen as well. I'm doing lots of fat. The only food I desire is pork/bacon.

    Exercise - I've stopped. None, nada. Perhaps that's why protein desire is backing off?

    99% dark chocolate - I'm eating close to 600 kcal a day of this. When I look on paper, seems like I might be better off cutting that back and adding in more protein - but I'm not so sure as all my labs seem to be on the improving train, along with the fact that my weight is stable, my mind seems acute, and I'm in a pretty good mood. I snack on apples now and then when fixing for my son.

    For me, the goal is to be able to just eat and be healthy without spending hours thinking, weighing, counting calories or having to use one ounce of "try/discipline/focus" etc. I want it to be natural as I think THAT is key to cortisol and inflammation controlling moods.

    SO on one hand, I'm making progress there - on the other hand I would like to try to eat more of the healing foods ala Terry Wahls. I never seem to WANT to eat veggies etc. There is also the changing season factor - perhaps this is simply a change of season thing (although our days are in the 60-70's and sunny right now).

    I know I would like to cram in MOAR SHELLFISH.

    Is forcing it using discipline and will power a step forward or a step back? At this point IDK so I'm continuing on this road until I see a fork I want to take.

    For me, no difference in how I feel when I eat mostly seafood or minimal seafood. Wonder what this means. Thinking issues or biology flashlight?
  8. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Jeanie - I'm avidly following your high fat focus... using "Stabproof" coffee (I Love that)... I often wonder if I might benefit from a higher fat focus w/ some BPC version of IF....
  9. Being appreciative for the good is a great happiness maker. Right. Now I appreciate that I've got work that gets me out and about in world during the day, pays well, and allows me moments during work for this:


    That's me sitting in morning sun in 35 degrees waiting to meet a client.

  10. I started it, because the time between meals and bab did not work due to bypass. Now that I've been in this groove for a while it's totally working for me. Also, i think there is a set amount of absorption of fats that I can handle at any given time - so for me a smaller and steady supply of them . Of course I started metformin at the same time - could be a major confounder iin the appetite and cravings department.

    With the awesome epi paleo life you have going, I would totally shake things up and try something different!
  11. janagram

    janagram New Member

    love that hair!! For some reason I've been eating more fat and less protein too....? don't really know why...feeling a little bored by protein....fat is never boring!
  12. diane

    diane Gold

    I agree that maintaining for a 2 month period is a major WIN! Congrats!

    Funny - I've been craving protein lately and have been barely eating veggies. And then somedays I crave a lot of veggies. I too think I need to increase fat so have been doing the "fat tea" - CO in green tea. Coffee just makes me feel crappy, so it's a no-go right now. I eat a lot of seafood, but then I may go for a couple of days where I don't eat any. I really took it to heart when Dr. K said to go with your cravings - your body has an amazing way of speaking to you.

    Right now, my body is saying "wine please"! :)
  13. Endless

    Endless Guest

    My increase in fat has been from making a kind of 'fat fudge' with coconut oil, manna, cocoa powder and shredded coconut, with a bit of stevia. Very yummy!
  14. 210.2 Yikes.

    So, yesterdays 2 restaurant meals really show on the scale today! 3lbs overnight. I'm not surprised as I did have both lunch and dinner at restaurants with questionable sauces etc. The good news is it was all fish and veggies. Well, except for the 5 bites of warm oooey gooey chocolate cake with ice cream.

    Also, it was almost 8 when we got seated and ate. Soooooo today is a fat fast/steak day. It's an easy yet hellish day for it. . .

    I'm handling 2 extra boys for a sleepover AND we got twin kittens this afternoon and I had a crazy inspection for a buyer this a.m. It's one of those GO GO GO days. My husband just came home and I locked myself in my office to "work". This is me working, again.

    My scale better be in the 207's tomorrow! It just better.

    Also we had a little winter hit, it's snowy out and in the 30's and not sunny so it's a good day for fasting!
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I don't understand why restaurant meals do that to us - I mean - I do but I don't.....It is only fish and veggies after all. It must be the msg or whatever they are calling it these days - but sheeeeesh! good luck tomorrow.

  16. I think it's bad food quality, cooked in bad`oils, with all kinds of wheat/grains hidden. I usually don't do the sauces etc but there ya go. Also, in this instance had my cake and ate it too! And lastly, all those bad things just simply make it yummier and addictive so you eat more of it.
  17. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    I want kitten details! And pics!
  18. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I work as a waitress.. in 3 different restaurants at times. One big businessbuilding, Ericsson, one cozy traditional Czech restaurant and one old wonderful Finnish museum where are weddings and such organized but also a la carte with lokal foods.

    Now.. I can tell you I never go out in restaurants to eat, if it is not a ***** star place, because I see what happends in the kitchen and what the products are made of.. The places I work in are expencive too, and nice places. But guess what. It is so much fake products. No real cream at all, it is fake cream from vegetable oils. Do you really think the vanilla cream on your cake is from cream? No.. it is fake, with a long list of weird ingredients, I have checked it all. The "butter" what you get with the home made bread is fake butter... fake all along.

    I can tell you these products go not well with my body. I once got a really bad root infection in my molar years ago after eating out.. what I thought was healthy foods, guacamole, snails in butter.. Now I know better. It was all fake for sure.

    Only the most expensive restaurants still have genuine products. At least here in Finland. But I bet it is no different in USA.

    In Germany it was different. There you got always real unsalted butter with your bread. There is less fake products anyway. The use traditionally lard and such still. But here most people think they will fall dead when eating those...lol So low fat it is. Or at least vegetable fats.

    Thankfully there is a movement in the other direction too so if you really search you will find good products too! :) Like the raw organic goats milk I can get in Helsinki city. And Lambshearts and stuff. I just got a bag full of Elk organs from the supermarket, because I asked for it! Boah.. it was so big I barely got it to fit on my bike..huh. It felt kind of funny biking home with this heavy plastic bag full of bloody elch organs.. the bag was that kind of plastic one can see trough.

    They sell elk meat every fall during huntig season so I wondered if I could get the organs too.. But you need to ask, because no one else asks or want them. That is what they told me at least. I was the first one asking for these in his life so far.

    The older lady at the counter that helped me pack it told her mom always made lungs soup and stuff from organs.

    So if eating out I would ask them what the food is made of.

    If I eat out I always do that. And then I change the meny after what I think is healthy. I promise a good waitress loves to serve and she loves to fulfill your every wish (haha..the cooks might hate you coming with all those extra wishes but hey.. thats cooks. The guest are more important.. just give the cook a kiss on his cheek or a gentle hug and he will love you again.. ;)..).

    So just ask and you will recieve. :)
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Inger - I knew you were a kindred spirit! my intuition kicking in again ....yeah! I have wanted to ask for so long what you do

    My husband and I had a small restaurant /cafe for 35 years. we made everything from scratch daily - breads, soups etc. etc. - we were definitely in the minority - in fact the only one. in most restaurants food costs are the bottom line so whatever is cheapest is used [and prices are still high]. The catch is - not all customers appreciate the quality and aren't willing to pay for it. We had an extremely loyal following of wonderful customers but a small restaurant struggles with high food costs when trying to do things this way. For instance - it is much more expensive to make wonderful breads from scratch using real butter and great olive oils and and real cream etc. not to mention how labour intensive it is.

    We had amazing customers who appreciated this and others who would not pay $1.00 more. for most people, unfortunately, price is the bottom line. Could you imagine what kind of a team we could have made????
  20. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    Kittens, you say? I'm going to need to see these kittens. Pronto.

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