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No, Really, I'm in a tub of icewater and documenting on the interwebs. . by cavemam.

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Thought it might help motivate me on those days I just don't want to CT to look back and see if I can ID trends and things.

    43, Female

    Lowish carb paleo for 9 months total

    RX + CT since 3/10 2012

    2 weeks face dunks into icy water (32 degrees) working my way up to 20 mins. Continue 20 min face dunks a few times a week.

    did ice packs for a few weeks

    started baths.

    Started at as close to 50 degrees as possible. . this varied from 47-57 according to IF therm.

    After 1st webinar on 4/24 started adding in deep ct in tub at 32ish degrees. Not full submersion. Feet say NO THANKS! trying to stick them in more often and hope they acclimate.

    eat: lots of 99% chocolate, all meats, seafoods and limited veggies of the purest variety hand raised by maidens and all that. lots of CO oil. raw heavy cream. I do eat tomatoes and onions. not really counting grams of anything anymore.

    exercise: just long easy walks and being naturally active.
  2. Right now I'm in the 30-35 degree icy water on my 4th deep ct session. Last time was 45 mins and I thought it was too much. I was out of it and woozy and thought I over did it. Now I'm in here, it's easy. Easier than at 50 degrees. I can see it's going to be easy to "overdo" again.

    I decided to try for 45 mins, but I'm leaving my arms out so I can type and mess with the tunes.

    I pulled my lower legs out at 10 mins and noticed white spots. Cold urtica? Dunno. . they are starting to blend back in. Don't know what thats about.

    Struck again at how it doesn't feel cold. I am wondering what is more productive. Mid torso down to below knees at 32 degrees, or neck down at 50.

    I think I'll mix it up, alternate things. I am NOT a creature of habit. Hate routine.

    at 25 mins - ct playlist today:

    Red Solo Cup

    Defying Gravity

    Bad Romance - glee


    born to boogie



    down on the corner

    gangstas paradise

    I've been starting to shiver at 30ish mins. I can feel the shiver coming on, almost to 30 mins.
  3. [​IMG]

    My assistant preparing the water


    He was inspired to try it out. He stood in for about 10 seconds, tried to sit down and didn't quite make a full sit!
  4. I think if I complete another week of deep ct 3X I am going to get myself a set of airplay speakers so I can rock out.
  5. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    Gangsta's Paradise on your playlist made me LOL...:D

  6. Playa's gotta play!
  7. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    Nice going today!

    How much ice does it take to get the temp down to 32? I have a standard 1960s tub and today used about 25 pounds and the water got to 47. I'd like to try colder but wonder how much ice I'll need to lug home (and hopefully not scare my husband).
  8. ColdBren

    ColdBren New Member

    gangstas paradise...lol, i love that song too....that tubs looks so cold! Motivated me to get more ice in mine
  9. Today super busy. Going all day. 2 closings, 1 offer, and 2 clients with RE drama. Also hungry - I was hoping my optimal coffee and HAB would get me through to dinner, but no. I was a hungry all day. Could the busy-stress influence the hunger? had a few almonds and some dark chocolate and coffee for lunch. DC usually works on my hunger. Lots of running around. . . so glad I'm out and about when I work - not at a desk. Ate quite a big dinner, two stuffed peppers. Lately once I start eating dinner I usually satisfy pretty quickly. Also ate much later than I have in months. Have been trying to eat before 6p - but tonight finished about 7:15.

    Came home to fix me and the fam a nice paleo din of stuffed peppers - now I'm finally hitting the tub. I haven't had to do this late in the day for a while. . . so I hope I warm up quick enough to sleep! Last time I did it later I shivered crazy for hours and couldn't get to sleep. It's almost 8p, and I'm sitting down in cold tub to write this and catch up on paperwork and emails.

    I was not dreading the cold bath tonight - It was warmish today, and with the running around I was thinking "hey I can hop in this no probs". Water at 54 degrees, sitting in up to chest (ladies out), feet in. I know I need to sit back and try and get BAT area but it's hard to work on computer with arms and back in cold tub. This will have to do for today.

    I forgot to bring my blue blockers in! Drats. I have been putting them on at 8p. Usually in bed before 10, and asleep pretty quickly. I sleep about 8.5-9 hrs a night. No sleep issues here.

    water feels cold, but bearable. Feeling a little shivery. lately it's been about 30 mins before the major shivers start. I also forgot to drink a cold water and I did not take my bitter melon. Perhaps that's effecting TTS (time till shiver).

    My water comes out of the tap at about 54 right now. No ice tonight.

    At 35 mins now, shivery. About 6 mins ago I leaned back to get arms and upper back in - took my feet out. Don't want to get body too cold - I like my sleep!

    Update: Stayed for 45 mins, got up, watched Game of Thrones w/ Hubby then went to bed before 10p. I had trouble getting to sleep as I WAS shivery and cold. I was majorly covered up considering how warm it is! I couldn't face the blanketless and freezing concept. Just wanted sweet sleep!
  10. finnite@dccnet.com

    finnite@dccnet.com New Member

    lol Cavemam I am enjoying reading your journal, your schedule sounds like mine and I hear you on the getting stuff done while in the bath, there just isn`t enough time is there?
  11. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    I had the same thing last night. I really wanted to get up and put a pair of socks on, but I fought it.
  12. Sometimes I just don't do what I should. I curled up under 2 blankets and tried to get warm to sleep! Good for you to fight it. I am counting my blessings with my good sleep and I don't want to rock that boat!
  13. Ok, the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

    I had a 2 hr block between things today, I was going to do a real icy 32 degree bath. Things got moved around - spring has sprung in RE land, I can count on having zero control of my schedule until about November. The good/bad news is todays drama also moved around my morning tomorrow - so now I should have morning time to do the ice bath post breakfast.

    SO I did make it home to have lunch - after yesterdays hunger, and hunger lately I've decided maybe I'm not as LS as thought and I need to go back to BAB and 3 meals. For lunch:

    leftover eggs/stuffed pepper stuffing.

    6 really lovely scallops are sauteing right now.

    After eating I've got just enough time to do a 20 min face dunk on ice before I have to go on camera with dateline again this afternoon. I'm tight on time, so I hope the redness goes away! I'm also hoping I look refreshed and lovely after icing the wrinkles!

    After shoot it's my 6 yr olds Bday dinner with fam. We gave him a choice of places that are acceptable restaurants and already told him no desserts etc., that we don't do that anymore. There was lots of crying about the worst birthday and how mad he is. I then remember I forgot to schedule time to go get him a present. Feeling like mother of the year right now!

    So no CT other than face dunk today. Perhaps tomorrow a.m.!
  14. Decided I was not LS as I was wanting snacks and pretty hungry compared to the last 2-3 weeks. Perhaps I need more time on the RX.

    With that in mind, I started the day with a steak and optimal coffee and bitter melon in prep for CT.

    4 10# bags of ice plus epsom salt got the water down to about 30 degrees according to the infrared therm. Set up mobile work station above tub and plopped on in with an compression shirt above. au natural below. Full tummy, bitter melon, ice water.

    Once I made myself get in, I was quickly reminded that it just seems easier to go colder! I left my feet and hands out knee to mid-chest in. Tried putting feet in towards end, very uncomfortable. I think I may try to train feet more. When doing my 50 degree baths, I now put feet in.

    Pulse in minute one was about 70, temp 98.9 on lame infrared ear therm.

    At 10 mins pulse was 62. After warm shower after bath temp was 95.5.

    5 mins in, I realize how much faster time seems to go in the colder water. I was making a new playlist "CT 2". Then the nice calm started and I thought - I can do this all day. I tried pulling more leg out and leaning back and putting arms in (hands out).

    Never got to the computer, 40 mins passed with me completely occupied with playlist making on iphone. I do have just under 6K songs to choose from. I have down loaded every CD from back when THEY FIRST CAME OUT. Yes, that is how old I am. I was in college when CD's were invented. Love the icloud/match thing on idevices.

    I started to wonder if I was having some wierd mental confusion as I was starting to daydream about sitting in a dark room in the ice bath, with a fire in the background and mellowing into it. I never had the urge to go under water, so I'm sure I was fine.

    I started to really shiver at about 30 mins. Since I had to go to work about 1.5 hrs later I decided I had to make that enough. Plus I had lost muscle control in my hands so was having trouble working the iphone.

    Got out, danced around naked to warm up - waited as long as possible then had to take a shower. OH THE WARM WATER. I had to really talk myself out of that beautiful feeling. I cleaned up and got out, then was much colder than before I got in. I'm thinking the "feeling" of cold comes from inside, not skin so much.

    I had optimal coffee after bath.

    About 45 mins later, still fine motor control in hands was useless and I tried to have a call with a client and sounded really weird as I was majorly shivering at this point.

    about 1.5 hrs later I was over it, mostly recovered.

    Plans changed - so I would be able to actually fix a good lunch, had shrimps and some salmon. Filled quickly. Not that hungry once I started eating.

    Time to go work and earn all those "cheap" helpers like ice, supplements, bullet proof coffee, grass fed whatnots, dark chocolate and consultations! That was sarcasm in case you were confused. This is like crack, once you take that first free hit - you just go deeper and deeper.
  15. Tucker

    Tucker Silver


    Totally agree about it being easier in colder water. I had been doing CT in 40-45 degree water last week. Just yesterday did a CT session in 57 degree water and found it to be harder. I have got to get myself an ice machine so I can get the water down to 40 degrees.

    Love your sarcasm, it is so true!
  16. This is for 5/3

    steak for bfast

    Met with clients for contract, it was confrontational and stressful.

    Drove to Jtown to see client house

    Lunch: chopped bacon, asparagus and a hot dog all cooked together with some apple cider vinegar. wierd.

    did producing for afternoon.

    snacked in afternoon, dark chocolate and almonds. damn. My intention was to skip dinner and make that the last food of the day.

    Worked (filming) till almost 7, had grilled chicken and asparagus and 1.5 pieces of the evil almond bread fresh from oven. and some chocolate

    NO CT, was exceptionally crazy day. Worked whole time.

    I have noticed evening snacking seems combated. once done w dinner I don't go back in kitchen. Glasses go on at 8, bedtime usually 9-10.
  17. Nice relaxin day - waiting on emails and calls from all the busyness earlier in the week.

    I'm in the CT now! I only had two bags of ice, so I decided that would do. Temp only down to 42. still harder than 32. . .it's uncomfortable for longer. I'm trying to keep feet in. I'm not going to clock watch today - today I try to go until shivery. I'm going to change it up a little and cold tub until shivers start. . .and try to do it more than one time a day.

    I really should weigh myself and be more methodical in changes - but I am afraid of that damn scale! But I think I'm losing weight. . clothes getting bigger. . it's a slow progress. I sure look better too! Thats cool. I'll weigh before my next consultation.

    The reason to change it up is to spend more time in non-shivering-thermogenesis. According to doc with my BF% I shouldn't be really shivering, but I am. Don't know if that is good or what or a sign of something off. But I get bored easily so I'm a changin it up.

    Plus summer is here, it's been hot this week. So the current observations are results slow down in summer time (even if you ct, remain keto) so I'm thinking for summer I work on really making habits of all the good things, try to eat good veggies and seafood and CT train and get ready to do some MAJOR CT next winter and hopefully blast off more lbds.

    BAB, Steak and shrimp saute in CO. It was BIG fo shizzle. like 10 shrimp and 6-8 oz of ribeye.

    Lunch - I could have gone longer without, but wanted to eat for CT. Chopped grilled chicken in enchilada sauce with avocado and a sprinkle of cheddar.

    Din - haven't had yet, but hubby making fish, tomatoes and onion dish and some cabbage.

    I've got my Optimal Coffee ready for when I get out of Ct. but I'm really going to focus on not taking a bite till I sit down to actual dinner.

    Almost at 30 mins in 42 degrees and starting to shiver. Gonna get out - I will go buy some more ice and do this again later I think.

    CT playlist song I heard today that I really enjoyed: Leonard Cohen "I'm Your Man".

    In fact, just played it for 2nd time. DL it! it's sexy-sexy-time get your mojo on kinda song.

    UPDATE ON SHORTER CT - Since getting out when starting a shiver, it was so much easier to warm up and join the world. I went out side and worked in the sun for a bit and my parts felt it, but it wasn't the same uncomfortable feeling.

    I'm going to try to CT again tonight - getting out at shivering. Perhaps I can do CT before bed if I don't stay to the shivery point.

    Begs the questions: Whats better one long session with more shivering? or two short sessions.

    Suspect it depends on your goals. I'm operating on the theory that building bat by NST is best for moi. And, it's easier. . . can that be? No pain no gain?
  18. Ct second time! Got it down to 35. Going till shivers start - be good to see if it interferes w sleep.

    Putting partial arms in

    Tune right now: livin la vida loca

    Didnt take bitter Melon

    Ate about an hour ago.

    Noticible change in ladies. So not exactly where i wanted to shrink!
  19. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    In my experience, that's the first place to go...never where you think you need it the most.
  20. Lacking in posts lately because I've been on a 1 week CT pause because I have found a new paleo friendly doc we are seeing this week and I hope he will run some of the tests!

    Both myself and Husband are going - we are too excited. It's in south Denver (we live around Boulder) so it's a bit of a trek - but lets see what happens!

    The other thing I've started the last week - weighing daily. I've had a fear of scale, and I finally had to face that it was keeping me from accurately judging what was working and what wasn't. So it was hard the first few days, I didn't like seeing that damn number. Specially when it went up. But I'm hopefull with some of the tests and adjustments we can work things out and see some weight loss.

    On the other fronts, life is good - so much energy and good mood!

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