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nnEMF management

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by Yowanas, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Yowanas

    Yowanas New Member

    nnEMF effects management for those of us who can't change zipcodes yet

    First identifying nnEMF effects. Per Becker, emf induces a stress response, read cortisol. So, I teach in an electronics lab with wifi repeaters, cell phone emitters, and dozens of computers and blue light insanity. I go into the lab calm and relaxed. Then one day I noticed coming out that I am totally stressed. But it was a good day. Congrats, my boy, you are your own builtin trifield meter.

    So now i have a measure for emf overload, how do I reduce it. First i was hungry for chocolate, good chocolate (Mg). Hmmmm, smart body. Calcium channel blocker. Then add gaia adrenal health combination, and dried adrenals. Sit on 30 gauss magnetico for the evening and hug my heartmath Hrv sensor. Read more printouts of my favorite QED blogs. System calms down and blood pressure improves.

    Please springtime return. Need sun and grounding.

    Destin Beach anyone? After Christmas day? Camping, oysters and quantlet talks?

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