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Nicotine gum biohack - UBI 17

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by Lahelada, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. nikita

    nikita New Member

    Anyone experiencing hick ups with N gum.Also is it a bad idea to chew it just before sleeping.i am getting great dreams when i chew it right before sleep.
  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Nikita, how often are you chewing the gum? When do you get the hick ups? If during the day, you can go outside to let the sun cure them. Only takes a couple minutes.
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  3. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    I am back on the nicotine gum,sporadically with a mini dose of 1/2 mg. Nothing earth shaking to report, a slight mood lift nothing else.
  4. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    Not much new to report. Still smashing 8mgs a day. Have found that chewing slower helps with lightheadedness / weakness.

    Can anyone confirm nicotine can act as a substitute for morning meal to yolk circadian cycle with digestion?
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Nicotine has dramatic effect on cytochrome 1 tunneling of electrons:

    Random thought of the week that should stun you: Half the bestselling drugs in the US target the product of a circadian gene yet pharma ignores chronobiology...........share it your fellow MD's, famil, friends and your patients.

    • For example take the best selling drugs, the statins, do they target circadian cycles?
    • Yep. How?
    • They increase the distance, in angstroms, between the respiratory proteins...........for every increase of 1 Angstrom the rate of quantum tunneling of electrons drops ten fold. Do you think that drop has no effect on bio-energenics in a cell? This is why statins cause cognitive delay and metabolic syndrome. They increase the distance electrons must travel via tunneling. Tiny shifts in your thinking, and even smaller changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your results. This is why this happen biophysically. People need to know this data. They also need to know that supplementing ubiquinol is highly beneficial for statin patients because it shortens the distance between the same proteins to lower the energy barrier for quantum tunneling of electrons. Nicotine shortens the respiratory chain............
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Why are summer time high fat diets not a great thing to do chronically across all seasons? High fat diets force the use of mitochondria because they are oxidative powerhouses. But what if your mitochondria functionally suck? If that is the case you must first optimize the things a mitochondria uses to recycle. That is O2 and UV light collection to maintain NAD+ levels at cytochrome 1. What does that mean if you have real bad mito-nuclear coaptation and a poor redox? What does it mean for good coaptation? High carbohydrate diets provide more energy by fermentation, without causing humans actually needing to use their badly functioning mitochondria. Bacteria tend to like this situation. Where are bacteria in you? How to do bacteria and your mitonuclear coapatation work together? Here is another clue: those with mitochondrial diseases who have "adopted, used, and advocated" long term ketogenic diets have been known to collapse into coma because their damaged mitochondria can't provide enough energy needed for a conscious state. They actually cannot function neurologically without help from fermentation. Environmentally broken Paleo advocates use and advocate carbs for that reason. Environmentally broken LCHF folks just get sicker as time evolves because they cannot replace DHA fast enough to offset their environment they allow their mitochondria to face. Some might begin to advocate temporary nicotine use when they are completely stalled and spinning their wheels.........Why might nicotine work? What other cofactors would make nicotine work even better? Nicotine works best with good O2 consumption and strong natural sunlight. Most nicotine users smoke so they never see the optimized effect of nicotine because of co-morbid lung disease from smoking. Most people who are sick rarely go out in the sun because their doctors or their beliefs keep them ignorant of basic physics. So how might nicotine work when O2 and UV light are optimized? Nicotine slightly increases glucose levels to give a small superoxide pulse to make new mitochondria and dig yourself out of the hole called mitochondria senescence. You cannot get the superoxide pulse without the O2 or the UV exposure. Did you know that DHA in your RBC's in skin arterioles 7-10 AM allows you to absorb even more UV light? If you're anemic, hypoxic, or diabetic, your fighting an uphill battle but you can reverse it if you get the details correct. Few people have that discipline. Some of us do. That is why we share what we have learned. All people as they age, they acquire this same kind of mito-nuclear coaptation dysfunction.......the major difference in an older person is the timescale of the decline is slower and results in diseases of aging instead of the neolithic disease today's modern humans get 20-40 years old.
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    SEASONAL change is built into the great blueprint.........FOR a reason. You just got the reason above^^^^. It is called Mitophagy.

    Summertime carbs offer high energy photons to aid mitogenesis and turnover. When energies are high ubiquitination and turnover are possible. This is the role of summer. It is a growth season to prep the system for harder times. The oxidation is offset by higher vitamin D levels at this time (UVB).

    • When you alter nature's native seasonal energies with beliefs of society's cultural standards, the shit hits the fan for your mitochondria. See Ubi 6 = Jimmy Moore
      Details matter.......not dietary dogma.
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  8. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    So nicotine should be a summer only thing due to UV light?
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sean you're killing me.............Why do you ask this.........is it not clear? What did I say nicotine does above. It slightly raises glucose because it is stimulated by blue light. Is this not what summertime foods do too? You have got to start reading carefully and tying concepts together.......if you can't and you're eating seafood.......you must move to a new location in the environment. It is clear something is amiss with your thought process. I've noticed it is significantly worse lately with what you keep asking and tripping over. Your thinking is too linear and not in parallel. Too concrete and not conceptual.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2015
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  10. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    Sorry. I guess I need to do less posting and more reading.
  11. nikita

    nikita New Member

    i am chewing the gum a couple of times a day and i always get the hick ups.
    i read all the JK blogs(get print outs) and try to understand them,but can't put all the things together always.

    i live in mumbai where we have good sunlight throughout the year and great fresh caught seafood.i eat lots of shrimps,shellfish and crabs.i buy fresh seafood three times a week.
    i am getting good am sunlight and also complete darkness after sunset.we stay indoors in red led lights for good 1 hour before sleep.no wifi or cellphone use either.my sleep in very good.(we sleep on the floor)
    i tried the butyuke method for my breathing issues which seemed to help initially but i still don't breath well and always have to take deep breaths to feel better.
    overall i am feeling much better since i incorporated all the advise here on the blog.
    but can't seem to fix my breathing issue.
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  12. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Hi Nikita :)

    Ubi 10 has a nugget about hiccoughs.

    " Hiccoughs don’t occur because you’re scared or stressed. It is due to altered nitrogen and oxygen coupling in your diaphragm, causing myoclonus of the the muscle. The more stress you have from your environment (positive charge) the longer the effect sticks around. It is a deep sign you are “light mismatched” on the nitrogen side of the equation."

    When I started with nicotine gum I would sometimes hiccough, but it would only be one usually, sometimes 2. So it was a sign that I am still "light mismatched" but not as badly as if I was hiccoughing for longer. Now I don't usually hiccough when I chew the gum, (so I think I'm moving forward) but if I do its now a sign to change the environment my mitochondria are sensing at this moment in time. (Get outside for some light and oxygen, breathe .......). I find it a pretty useful tool for the mitochondria to tell me what they need ..... :cool:
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  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    but you live in Mumbai.......horrible nnEMF cesspool because of all the technology based there. Hiccoughs were covered in blog you must have missed it. Same mechanism of action as a fib........which also has a thread on here.
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  14. nikita

    nikita New Member

    Thanks a lot for replying Dr Kruse.I never miss any of your blog post. Like you said it in some thread knowing everything is useless if u don't know How to use the information.
    My main issue now is breathing difficulty.
    I always have a feeling of air hunger.
    don't know where to shine the flash light.

  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    breathing and Mumbai are not idealized for one another.........lots of atmospheric pollution = pseudohypoxia = low NAD+

    The Synonyms of Sickness:

    Pseudohypoxia = low O2 = Low NAD+/NADH ratio = NAD+ drops in people with blue light exposure = elevated ubiquitin rates = low levels of electrons = electron density in tissues is a function of the DHA concentrations = low EZ size in cell water = dehydration = higher positive charges (protons) in proteins making them less hydrophilic = low intracellular pH = low redox potential = cell and mitochondrial swelling (cyto c release) = lowered magnetic and electric fields in mitochondria = lowered O2 levels because it is paramagnetic = low ATP levels = poor ability to breath = craving carbohydrates = offload mitochondrial work = support fermentation and not oxidation of fats = more protons = more blood levels of CO2 = decrease drive to breath = starving for air = diaphragm myoclonus = hiccoughs = altered serotonin and dopamine levels in the frontal lobes = poor decisions= NT release tied to calcium efflux = calcium controls voltage gated channels, NMDA, and glutamate excitotoxicity= low DC electric current = low tissue DHA = altered perceptions of reality of why this happens while you struggle to breath.
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  16. freesia

    freesia Old Member

  17. freesia

    freesia Old Member

  18. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I wonder why if I get too much nicotine I get heart palps... but the go away with magnesium oil on the skin..........
    It is funny :)
    I can tolerate a lot of nicotine when I do the magnesium oil thing! Without.... not so much... but still several grams/day with no ill effects so far
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  19. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I have never got hiccups tho.. or a lump in my throat either
  20. Valerie

    Valerie Gold

    Flew to Denver this week (high altitude). Just over the last couple of years I have noticed altitude affects when flying and staying in the Denver area (previously none). Despite drinking lots of good water on this trip woke up the first morning in the hotel with headache. Immediately got 2 mg of nicotine gum and did some deep breathing for oxygen. Headache gone in about 10 minutes.
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